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220V / 230V / 240V
Server and
Performance power protection
for servers and networks
Complete Power Protection
Reliability—Availability—Manageability: The three essential requirements when choosing power protection for your systems.
Reliability—The UPS design consistently delivers dependable performance through a combination of form,
function and features. Your hardware is protected and your system life extended through features like
full-time multi-stage surge suppression and noise filtering, network-grade line conditioning, proactive notification of problems and automatic shutdown during extended outages.
Availability—The UPS provides reliable power minimizing downtime. Availability increases
when: the unit can operate through a greater range of input voltage; the batteries are easily
accessible and user-serviceable and the unit provides information concerning problems and
automatically takes action to keep systems available. Availability is increased by adding accessories which enhance network performance by rebooting hung devices, initiating shutdowns
in the event of abnormal environmental conditions and provides notification of these actions.
Manageability—The UPS’s control and status are available both in-band and out-of-band,
allowing as much control as desired. The degree of manageability is directly related to users’
customized parameters and notifications, through hardware and software features.
Manageability is critical to the overall performance of the network and attached equipment.
Requiring Reliability, Availability and Manageability ensures that your power protection
solution is dependable, accessible and flexible, minimizing downtime, saving time and money and increasing overall customer satisfaction.
Line-interactive design delivers unmatched performance
and reliability
Innovative line-interactive design uses the DC to AC power inverter “in
reverse,” like a battery charger, during normal operation providing
greater performance and efficiency.
Sine-wave output
APC Smart-UPS sine-wave output provides assurance of compatibility
with all loads.
(Does not apply to SU420INET/SU620INET models)
Network-grade line conditioning prevents glitches
Full time EMI/RFI filters prevent line noise from causing data errors.
Smart-UPS meets Novell and Microsoft’s approval for network protection, without the need for additional external conditioners.
Lightning and surge protection shields hardware
When measured via ANSI/IEEE 587 Category “A” and “B” tests, the
suppression performance of the APC Smart-UPS is superior to virtually
all separate surge suppressors.
Pre-failure diagnostics
Smart-UPS continuously monitors its health and proactively informs you
of the results via Web, SNMP, E-mail or paging.
Automatic self-test
All APC Smart-UPS initiate a self-test at power-on and every 2 weeks, at the
push of a button, or pre-determined times using software. This ensures that
you will be alerted to degraded batteries before they wear out.
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Graceful, unattended shutdown
In the event of an extended power outage, an APC Smart-UPS will interface with PowerChute plus via the serial port to perform automatic safe
shutdown of the attached system. Power failures can occur at night, on
weekends, or while the system administrator is out of the building,
which makes automatic safe shutdown critical. Smart-UPS provides
extensive unattended safe shutdown of many operating systems when
the UPS runs out of battery power, including Microsoft Windows 95/98,
Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, SCO Unix, Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera,
and TurboLinux (other OSs available separately). By using PowerChute
plus software you can manage and diagnose power problems.
•Safely shutdown a single server via serial cable
The Smart-UPS communications port provides the coordination of
a safe shutdown with most popular operating systems by
Microsoft, Novell, HP, IBM, Sun, SCO, Linux, and others.
• Safely shut down multiple servers via serial cable
APC has several solutions to shut down multiple servers. The
2-Port Interface Expander Card (AP9607) provides two additional ports. The 8-Port Interface Expander (AP9207) provides a total
of eight ports and can be daisy-chained to provide 15 ports. Both
accessories facilitate graceful system shutdown via dependable
hardwire connections and allow advanced UPS management.
The units are ideal for “server farms” or multiple operating
system environments.
•Safely shutdown multiple servers via network connection
APC PowerChute network shutdown software communicates
across the network with Smart-UPS equipped with APC
Web/SNMP card to provide reliable, graceful unattended shutdown of multiple computer systems over the network.
Prevent Downtime
Automatic Voltage Regulation
AVR Boost automatically corrects brownout conditions
Predict failures
Allows you to work through brownouts without unnecessary battery drain.
AVR Boost automatically steps up low voltage to safe output levels.
By periodically conducting self-tests and other diagnostics, Smart-UPS can
warn you of failures before they happen. For example, Smart-UPS will
proactively notify you 6-8 weeks in advance of a battery replacement.
AVR Trim automatically corrects overvoltage conditions
Allows you to work through overvoltages without unnecessary battery drain.
AVR Trim automatically steps down high voltage to safe output levels.
Deliver diagnostic data
Smart-UPS constantly monitors its health and delivers the results via
Web, SNMP, E-mail, or paging.
Computer protected with APC Smart-UPS
corrects incoming
power to normal AC
Normal AC
Normal AC
Runs indefinitely
without draining battery
Take Action
The built-in SmartSlot bay gives Smart-UPS the ability to take necessary
actions to reboot “hung” devices, giving you availability when you
need it most.
•Reboot hung servers and networking equipment remotely using
modem (out-of-band) with the Out-of-Band Management card (AP9608).
•Reboot hung servers via Web, SNMP, or Telnet (in band) using
the Web/SNMP Management card (AP9606 or AP9603).
Intelligent Battery Management
•Reboot hung servers and networking equipment in and out-ofband using the MasterSwitch Plus (AP9255 or AP9225EXP).
CellGuard means longer battery life
Improved reliability results from a precision battery charging system,
and automatic true-load battery tests. Redundant overcharge protection
contributes to longer battery life. AVR Boost and AVR Trim regulate
under- and overvoltages without switching to battery.
Battery Replacement Warning prevents downtime
APC Smart-UPS battery changing system
is microprocessor controlled to precisely
charge batteries in less time than legacy
UPS systems. This makes your system
available more quickly for subsequent
power disturbances.
Typical UPS battery recharge
time of 8-16 hours
Faster Recharge Time
APC Smart-UPS cut battery
recharge time by 75%
APC Smart-UPS battery
recharge time of 2-3 hours
APC Smart-UPS automatically performs a
self-test every two weeks. This ensures
you will be alerted to degraded batteries
before they wear out. Through software, or
the push of a button, you may perform selftests anytime.
Accessories Increase Availability
By adding APC accessory cards into the built-in SmartSlot™, you can monitor
power conditions and take action. The addition of the accessory cards
increases overall system availability by proactively notifying you of conditions
that could affect uptime. (Accessories sold separately and detailed on p. 15.)
Redundant Switch
Redundant Switch continuously monitors two AC circuits and automatically switches from the primary to the redundant power source,
increasing overall system availability. (See p. 16 for more information.)
ProtectNet increases the availability of your systems by protecting your
wiring and cabling from “back-door” surges and spikes, which cause
system downtime and equipment damage.
The 60 second, user friendly, hot-swappable
battery replacement system
Saves the time and expense of returning
the UPS to the factory for battery service,
and allows safe and easy replacement of
batteries while your system is up and running. Replacement battery kits ship in a
reusable box for convenient return of
exhausted batteries to a recycling center
or to APC.
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Informative LED Display
provides status at a glance
Instantly assess the status of your power and
the APC Smart-UPS without even pushing a
button. Bar meters and status indicators are
simple to use and easy to understand. Visible
and audible alarms alert you to fault conditions.
*These features are not available on the SU420
INET/620INET models.
Audible alarms alert you to changes in operating environment and battery conditions.
Some alarms are software configurable and
most can also be suppressed or delayed to
eliminate nuisance alarms.
Load, Power and Volt Meters keep you
in control
The Load Meter* prevents you from exceeding UPS capacity. The Volt Meter* reports
utility line voltage and battery capacity, allowing you to gauge how much time you have
before batteries are depleted. An alarm
sounds when batteries are low, allowing you
time to save data and shutdown the system.
a Load Display*- Shows the power being
g Overload LED- LED lights and alarm
AVR Trim LED*- LED lights when the UPS is
b correcting a high utility voltage condition.
h On-Battery LED- LED lights and alarm
drawn by the load and prevents you
from exceeding capacity.
On-line LED- LED lights when the UPS
c is supplying utility power to the
AVR Boost LED*- LED lights when the
d UPS is correcting a low utility voltage
On/Test Button- Turns on the UPS and
e activates the UPS self-test and utility
line voltage displays.
sounds when the load connected to
the UPS exceeds capacity.
sounds when the UPS is supplying
battery power to the load.
i Replace Battery LED- LED lights and
alarm sounds when the UPS battery
is nearly dead and must be
replaced (typically within 30 days .)
j Battery Charge/Line Voltage Display*Displays both present battery charge
as a percentage of battery capacity
and utility line voltage. Alarm sounds
upon low battery condition.
Off Button- Turns off the UPS and the
f load. Specifically designed to prevent
accidental shutdowns.
*These features are not available on
the SU420INET/620INET models.
APC Interactive Assistant
This Web-empowered technology enables
administrators to complete a variety of tasks
via APC’s Web site, including troubleshooting
potential problems and proactively updating
their UPS power management features within
PowerChute. It gives the user a link back to
APC to aid in diagnosing/ordering/replacing a
bad battery, provides upgrade information, and
assists the user with warranty registration.
APC Interactive Assistant also presents custom-tailored information to the user based
upon variables such as their UPS model and
the version of PowerChute running.
PowerChute plus power management software included
Meets the demands of high performance networks and enhances the reliability and manageability
of network and web servers.
Browser Manageable
The Smart-UPS is easily manageable through standard browsers on local computers, networked computers or remote systems. (Requires PowerChute Web Device Manager running on a Windows NT/2000
web server on your network. See www.apcc.com for a free download.)
E-mail and Pager Alerts
APC Smart-UPS E-mails and/or pages you via PowerChute plus alerting you of power problems
and allowing you to respond in order to maximise uptime.
Integrates with Server and Enterprise Management
All Smart-UPS are shipped with support for Dell Network/Node Manager, Compaq Insight Manager
(Windows NT and Novell NetWare), HP TopTools and IBM NetFinity, and plug-ins for HP Openview, CA
Unicenter, and Tivoli Netview.
Built-in SmartSlot gives you the customisable performance you need
APC Smart-UPS are equipped with a built-in SmartSlot* allowing you to implement various UPS
Accessory cards to customise and enhance the management of your APC Smart-UPS. APC’s
series of UPS accessories plug directly into the back of your UPS. When an APC accessory is
installed in your UPS, it becomes an integral part of the unit, drawing power from the UPS even
when the UPS is in “sleep mode.” Optional accessories allow you to remotely reboot individual
devices, monitor ambient temperature and humidity and work with Emergency Power-Off (EPO)
systems. (Accessories detailed on page 15)
(*Option not available on SU420INET/SU620INET models)
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Includes PowerChute® plus software for advanced UPS power
management and diagnostics
APC Smart-UPS ship with APC’s PowerChute® plus UPS power management and diagnostic software to provide network administrators with useful UPS information and flexibility in configuring UPS reaction to power
events. By tailoring each UPS to the network environment you can significantly enhance network performance and reliability. Use your APC Smart-UPS in conjunction with PowerChute plus for optimal, custom
protection. In addition to extensive unattended system shutdown, you get UPS testing/status, remote
UPS management and environmental/ power monitoring. (PowerChute plus support for Novell NetWare,
Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Windows for Workgroups, SCO Unix, Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera
and TurboLinux included. PowerChute plus for use with other operating systems sold separately. (Visit our
web site at www.apc.com for more information).
APC’s PowerChute plus includes an SNMP Agent (Windows NT and NetWare included with Smart-UPS) and offers
integration with Compaq Insight Manager (Windows NT and NetWare only), IBM Netfinity and HP TopTools.
Events Handling allows administrators to plan for and control
crisis situations
Users can customize the APC Smart-UPS’ reaction to all power events. For each possible
power event the user has the option of choosing up to seven items from a list of possible
UPS actions. Actions include: Log Event, Notify
Administrator, Notify Users, Shut Down Server,
Run Command File, Page and Send E-Mail.
Customizing UPS actions allows you to plan for
and control crisis situations before they cause
downtime or threaten data.
Software configurable features
Customize the operation of an APC SmartUPS to your environment and needs. With
PowerChute plus software, as well as the
Web/SNMP Management Card, you can
adjust eleven operating parameters. Settings
are stored in the APC Smart-UPS’ permanent
memory (EEPROM). The following parameters
are adjustable:
protect sensitive equipment, or higher to conserve battery during extended high line voltage
Sensitivity to line noise may be adjusted for
fuel powered AC generator applications.
Self test
The APC Smart-UPS automatically performs a
self-test every two weeks, ensuring proactive
detection of a weakening battery. Users can
opt for weekly testing, testing at start-up only
or no automatic self-test.
The audible alarm may be suppressed or
delayed to eliminate alarms.
Shutdown delay
The delay between when the shutdown
signal is sent from the CPU to UPS and
when the UPS shuts down can be adjusted
for special applications.
Turn-on delay
Users may assign any 8 character settings to
assist in UPS identification. For example, UPS
ID may be server name or UPS location.
Allows multiple APC Smart-UPS on the same
power grid or circuit to stagger or sequence
their return from shutdown once the utility
line returns.
Low transfer
Low transfer voltage may be moved downward to extend brownout range, or upward to
protect sensitive equipment.
High transfer
Low battery capacity
The low battery warning may be moved from
2 minutes up to 10 minutes before battery
exhaustion. This allows plenty of time for safe
shutdown of complex applications.
High transfer voltage may be moved lower to
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Minimum battery capacity
When utility line returns after a shutdown,
Smart-UPS can ensure that the batteries first
recharge to allow for subsequent safe shutdown of file servers and CPUs. For telecom or
hub applications APC Smart-UPS can be set
to reboot immediately.
PowerChute plus features
PowerChute Web Device Manager
PowerChute Web Device Manager allows UPS monitoring via a Web Browser. Users have access to their Web
server UPS information from anywhere on the Internet
or Intranet. It is no longer necessary for the administrator to be logged into the network in order to monitor the
UPS/power information.
Microsoft BackOffice Compatible
APC’s PowerChute® plus earned Microsoft’s approval
for use with BackOffice. PowerChute plus functions
properly in the BackOffice environment and avoids conflicts with Microsoft Windows NT.
Schedule UPS self-tests and shutdowns
Use PowerChute plus to schedule unattended UPS self-
UPS self test- Unattended
scheduled self- tests warns of
faulty UPS or weak battery.
b Min./Max. power line voltagee
Useful in determining power
c UPS temperature*- Monitoring
for proper UPS temperature to
extend battery life.
d Battery runtime- Minutes of
battery time left for system use
and subsequent outages.
e Utility line voltage- Power
quality display for fast problem
f % UPS load- Load capacity
display to ensure correct
UPS load.
*Not available on SU420NET/620NET models
Look across the LAN at any APC Smart-UPS from your workstation and check important data such as UPS operation, power line status and environmental conditions using the real-time graphical display of UPS/power status.
SNMP compatibility for enterprise UPS power management
SNMP Ready for Servers
The APC Smart-UPS series supports the Simple
Network Management Protocol (SNMP) via
APC’s PowerNet SNMP family of products.
PowerNet SNMP products deliver warnings regarding power events and UPS status to any
Network Management Station whether the
UPS is located 20 feet away or 2000 miles away.
APC’s SNMP Agent, included with
PowerChute plus, allows you to monitor and
control the APC UPSs along your entire network data path.
This same worldwide power management
capability for Smart-UPS protecting servers
or inter-networking equipment is available via
(sold separately).
USB Compatible
tests, server shutdowns, and UPS runtime calibrations.
SmartScheduling™ (not available for all operating systems) provides a more powerful and easier to use interface for scheduling these actions.
DMI Compliant
PowerChute plus is now manageable via the DMI protocol permitting seamless integration with DMI-based
server management packages such as Intel’s LANDesk
Server Manager.
The new APC Smart-UPS 1000 and 1500 are
compatible with Windows 2000's built-in USB
and serial UPS support out-of-the-box.
Additionally, full PowerChute plus compatibility
is obtained via either of the built-in ports (USB
or serial). As a charter member of the USB
Implementers Forum, APC played a significant role in defining USB-specifications for
power devices.
PowerNet® SNMP Manager maximizes your
management capabilities by presenting all UPS
information in an intuitive graphical display. (Sold
separately. Visit our web site at www.apcc.com
for more information.)
Application Shutdown
In the event of a power outage, PowerChute plus will
save open files and gracefully closes open applications.
Applications supported include Microsoft Office,
PerfectOffice and Lotus SmartSuite.
Lotus Notes server shutdown is
included with PowerChute plus for
each platform Lotus Notes supports.
Certification by operating system and
application vendors
Since APC UPS software is tested and certified for operating systems such as Microsoft Windows NT, Novell
Netware, IBM OS/2, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX and SCO
Unixware, you are ensured of operating system vendor support, as well as compatible operation with APC software.
All trademarks are the property of their owners
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Smart-UPS® Tower Series
Smart-UPS 1000
and 1500
Superior design, high volume manufacturing and
now USB compatible
continuous quality enhancement allow APC
Smart-UPS to feature unsurpassed reliability.
XIOtech Partners with APC to Provide High Availability Storage Solutions
XIOtech manufactures a centralised, intelligent shared
storage subsystem touted by industry experts as ‘SAN
(storage area networking) in a box’. We call it the
Magnitude and it is capable of processing speeds in
excess of 90,000 I/Os a second, which is 10 times faster
than traditional enterprise RAID systems. Customers who
purchase these products require rapid and continuous
access to data.
Data access is critical to our customers. Our customers
look to us to solve any challenges that might cause them
to lose access to their data, including data path failure,
drive failure, corrupt data tables, user error, adding storage,
zero-backup window and power problems. We can’t
assume anything. We recognise that a corporation’s data is
the lifeblood of the company. Losing data means losing
crucial competitive advantage.
Since power problems are one of the leading causes of
downtime, we decided from the beginning to include the
Smart-UPS 5000
for high-powered
and multi-server
APC Smart-UPS® 2200 as part of the
standard configuration of our
Magnitude product. As an awardwinning REDI (Remarkable Efficient
Device I/O) Storage Architecture
device, the Magnitude allows users
to connect their most critical systems to a high-availability, centralised
storage sub-system. We
users accessing multiple terabytes
of data from NT and NetWare servers.
Dan McCormick
Today, as many as eight Intel servers can all share the
same storage. In fact, this quarter we will announce
connectivity support for hundreds of servers connected to
the same storage subsystem, all powered by the APC
Smart-UPS. We have installations in large financial organisations,
pre-press companies, education, government, and hospitals,
and they all rely on APC.
Smart-UPS 3000
and 2200 for minicomputers, multiple
servers and telecom
equipment (SU3000
has expandable
runtime via 1 SU48BP
battery pack)
Director of Product
ships with
Smart-UPS 1500
and 1000 for departmental
servers and UNIX systems
700 for work
servers and
Smart-UPS 620
and 420 for
LAN office
servers and
office servers
PowerChute plus
software for
Windows NT/2000,
Novell NetWare,
Windows 95/98,
SCO Unixware,
SCO OpenServer,
and Linux. Includes
PowerNet SNMP
Agent Plug-in for
Compaq Insight
Manager, HP
TopTools, and IBM
NetFinity Manager
(Windows NT and
NetWare platforms.)
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Management Peripherals for Smart-UPS
Customise your power
protection solution with
UPS Accessories* from APC
Management Card
Reboot hung servers
via Web, SNMP, or Telnet
From your Network Management Station you
may use the 10Base-T Ethernet Web/SNMP
Management Card (AP9606) and/or Token
Ring (AP9603) SNMP Card. Perform remote
UPS shutdown, reboot, and other management
and diagnostic functions.
Integrate smoke or halon alarms,
telephone switches and other dry
contact closures
Safely shutdown up to three servers
The 2-Port Interface Expander Card (AP9607)
provides two additional ports to facilitate
graceful system shutdown via dependable
hardwire connections and allows advanced
UPS management. The unit is ideal for “server
farms” or multiple operating system
environments, since all three servers can be
running different OSs.
Shutdown multiple servers from one UPS
Connect up to 8 completely OS-independent
servers to a single UPS with Share-UPS™
(AP9207) 8-Port interface expander (15 servers
with 2 Share-UPS). Share-UPS integrates with
PowerChute plus software. Each server runs its
own copy of PowerChute plus software, for
monitoring and power management of the UPS.
Monitor temperature, humidity and
rack security
Extended UPS monitoring
MasterSwitch™ remote reboot device
The MasterSwitch (AP9210i) network power
controller can easily reboot remote servers,
internetworking equipment, or banks of
modems to prevent on-site service calls. The
perfect complement to your High Availability
solution, MasterSwitch gives you power
distribution and complete, remote control of
eight independent power channels to put an
end to the frustration of locked-up servers
and wasted management time.
APC Remote
Power-off Device
Add security to your UPS system with the
Relay I/O Card (AP9610).
Smoke alarms and halon alarms can also be
Monitoring Card (AP9612TH) through the
PowerChute plus, PowerNet SNMP or the
Out-of-band Management Card interface.
The alarm switch kit (AP9513) is designed to
monitor and notify users (when used in conjunction with AP9612TH and the NetShelter®
rack enclosure) if the NetShelter door has
been breached.
APC MasterSwitch
Power Controller
Share-UPS 8 port
interface expander
Integrate multiple accessories
The Triple Expansion Chassis (AP9604) is an
external, 1U, 19” rack-mountable device that
allows integration of additional UPS slot
accessories with a Smart-UPS, Matrix, or
Symmetra Power Array. Triple Expansion
Chassis can be used in a rack environment
or as a stand-alone device that allows you to
add up to three (3) slot cards to UPSs that
have an existing slot already in use.
The Isolated Serial Extension Cable (ISEC) is
designed to provide bulletproof monitoring of
an APC UPS for extended distances up to100
meters (AP9825).
Remote Power-off Device
The APC Remote Power-off Device (RPO)
allows data center managers to turn off APC
UPS output with a remote switch. When used
in conjunction with an Emergency Power-Off
(EPO) system, the RPO can turn off equipment
in an emergency. (AP9830)
Card (AP9608)
Relay I/O Card
Expansion Chassis
Card (AP9607)
Monitoring Card
Isolated Serial
Extension Cable
Reboot hung servers and networking
equipment remotely via modem
The Out-of-band Management Card (AP9608)
provides complete UPS information, paging on
power problems and remote safe reboot of
servers via user supplied modem.
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(*Note: APC accessory cards are designed to
work with APC UPS products that have a
SmartSlot bay. The SU420INET and SU620INET
products do not have a SmartSlot bay.)
Global Service Programs
Installation Service
Quick-Start plan
Highest level of service combines Start-up Service and next business
day On-site support service
• 24 x 7 telephone technical support with 1 hour response
• 1 year extension (#WQSPX1-T_) or 3 year warranty extension (#WQSPX3-T_)
Start-up service
Part Number (#WISTL-T_)
APC-certified quality engineer verifies proper wiring of APC hardware
Start up unit and perform comprehensive diagnosis and self-tests
Attach appropriate loads to your APC UPS
Includes all parts, labor and travel expenses
Train your support staff on the proper use of the unit
Maintenance Service
On-site support service
• Next business day on-site repair service
• Power Plan extended warranty
1 year extension (#WSVNDX1-T_) or 3 year extension (#WSVNDX3-T_)
• Includes all parts, internal batteries (delivered next business day)
labor and travel expenses
• 24 x 7 telephone technical support with 1 hour response
Power Plan extended warranty
• Extends product’s standard warranty by 1 year (#WXTDX1-T_) or 3 years
• All parts and internal batteries are covered, all delivered to your site by
next business day
• Shipping, to and from APC, is paid by APC
• 24 x 7 telephone technical support with 1 hour response
All service program pricing levels are based on product “T” level - please refer to product specification
pages for the correct “T” level of your product. Your APC representative can provide comprehensive
pricing and program specifications.
132 Fairgrounds Road
W. Kingston , RI 02892
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