Technology Use

Technology Use
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April 25, 2000
May 15, 2012
May, 2017
This administrative procedure describes access to technology and sets out rules of conduct for
technology and Internet use in Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board is committed to providing a culture of collective
responsibility for high levels of student achievement and well-being. As educators and support
staff, we recognize that we live in an age of collaboration and innovation. We also recognize our
responsibility to prepare students for life beyond secondary school, and for jobs and careers that
may not currently exist. Accordingly, Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board will
provide students and employees with access to technological resources to develop and promote
global digital citizenship.
Network— District local and wide area networks, as well as external regional and global
Technology – District and personal computer hardware and software, peripherals, devices and
other technological tools used to support instruction, administration and operations.
User— Any student, employee, Board member, volunteer, or community member or group who
uses technology (as defined above) or Internet services.
3.1 Students in Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board have access to the Internet
for educational purposes. Educating students on the effective use of the Internet provides
access to a vast amount of learning material. Providing age appropriate Internet filtering
helps to protect against access to inappropriate material. Every effort to provide a safe
learning environment will be made, however, due to the changing nature of the Internet,
users may inadvertently obtain access to information that may be considered to be
inappropriate, obscene, abusive, offensive, harassing, illegal, or to counsel illegal activities.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
4.1 The senior information and technology services officer will coordinate and maintain the
provision of network and Internet access within schools and administrative buildings.
4.2 The principal or designate is responsible to ensure that users obey the Rules of Conduct
defined in Section 5: Rules of Conduct.
4.3 Supervisors, including principals, shall consult with the appropriate superintendent if they
have questions about appropriate technology or Internet use not covered in this procedure.
4.4 Penalties for not adhering to these procedures may include temporary or permanent
withdrawal of the user’s technology and Internet privileges, up to and including suspension
from school.
4.5 Upon registration at school, parents/guardians, or the student, if over age 18, will be
informed that the learning environment may include access to Internet resources.
A network account will be provided to each user. The following Rules of Conduct apply to
each user.
5.1 It is a privilege to use technology, as defined in this procedure, and to have a network
5.2 The user is responsible for his/her network account and for any use made of that account.
The user must not allow another person to use his/her account under any circumstances.
5.3 The user must keep his/her password confidential and will report to his/her teacher,
supervisor or school principal if he/she suspects another person has access to his/her
network account.
5.4 The user will access the network only for district sponsored educational and administrative
purposes which may include academic exchanges, special projects, support services,
curriculum and professional development activities.
5.5 The user is responsible for the information sent electronically from his/her account whether
sent as private email, public posting, or on the World Wide Web, and must meet the
standards for any similar, non-electronic communication.
5.6 The user will not engage in any activity which undermines the operation of the network,
including but not restricted to the following:
5.6.1 interference with the functioning of a school network, the district connection, or any
other network that can be accessed through the Internet;
5.6.2 causing a disruption in any services available through the network or Internet;
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
5.6.3 the use of unlicensed software and/or use of licensed software in excess of
licensing agreements;
5.6.4 using the computer system while access privileges are suspended or revoked;
5.6.5 attempting to gain unauthorized access to any computer system, network, data,
resources, programs, or system privileges;
5.6.6 attempting to find or exploit any gaps in system security on a school network and
the district network. If the user notices any other weaknesses or suspects anyone
of tampering with system security, the user must notify the teacher, principal or
supervisor immediately.
5.6.7 using his/her account or the network to access, create or distribute information
(video, audio, images, text, etc.) which is obscene, harassing, threatening, racist,
inflammatory, malicious, fraudulent, libellous or unprofessional. The user’s account
will not be used for any activity that may be considered unethical, immoral, or illegal.
(Refer to Administrative Procedure 145: Board and School Codes of Conduct,
Section 5: Standards of Behaviour).
5.6.8 decrypting (decoding) any encrypted material for which the user does not have
authorization; and
5.6.9 intentionally seeking information about, browsing, obtaining copies of or modifying
files, passwords or data belonging to other people, regardless of the location.
5.7 The director of education, or designate, reserves the right to suspend or remove the user’s
account if the user contravenes these Rules of Conduct.
6.1 The director of education, or designate, reserves the right to filter unsolicited email (spam)
and Internet sites deemed inappropriate.
6.2 Every effort will be made to host electronic information on district servers and school/district
sponsored collaborative learning environments (Twitter school\class account, YouTube
school\class channel, etc.) with consideration for staff and student privacy. Schools that are
considering using external collaborative learning environments need to consult with their
superintendent prior to proceeding. All electronic information hosted in these learning
environments would be subject to Section 5: Rules of Conduct.
6.3 Email links for employees or students must point to district email accounts only. District
accounts should be used for educational and work related use. Personal use should be
directed to personal accounts
7.1 Classrooms may be provided with technology in the form of mobile devices. These devices
offer portability of use by employees and students for work- and school-related activities.
Additional care and understanding of how the devices should be handled, used and stored
is required.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
7.2 The following pertains to the use and safekeeping of classroom resource mobile devices by
students or employees:
7.2.1 No personal or confidential information should be stored on these devices.
7.2.2 Any files saves to this device should be transferred to a district network storage
area while logged in at school or work. The device is not backed up, whereas
network storage is backed up nightly.
7.2.3 Software on the device will be updated throughout the year. Schools will be given
advance notice of this occurring.
7.2.4 The device will be used by students and employees. Information and Technology
Services has implemented security functionality on devices that need authentication
to isolate users from one another. Even so, each user must remember that the
device will be shared.
7.2.5 As a portable unit, the device is more susceptible to theft. Therefore, additional
care must be taken to safeguard the device to prevent an information breach.
7.3 Classroom resource mobile devices are property of Hastings and Prince Edward District
School Board and do not belong to any one individual.
7.4 Classroom resource mobile devices are intended for use outside the school setting, such as
taken home by an employee to do report cards or used during a school sponsored event.
While outside the school setting these devices are to be used only by the specific employee
or student with the permission of the teacher.
7.5 Only school or district-approved software/applications are to be installed. Personal software
licensed is not permitted.
7.6 Any damage or loss that occurs to a classroom resource mobile device that has been
removed from a school is the responsibility of the school. This includes making changes to
the device that renders it inoperable.
7.7 If a mobile device goes missing, the user must notify the principal immediately in order to
activate breach procedures.
7.8 Classroom resource mobile devices have a finite battery life. Planning for charging and
access to an AC power outlet must be considered. Charging routines should be established
for consistent use.
7.9 Where at all possible, classroom resource mobile devices should be stored in a secure
location when not in use.
7.10 Due to the size, shape and weight of classroom resource mobile devices, the device must
be handled with care. Attention is required when packing, transporting and using them.
7.11 Wireless networks are widely available within and outside the school. Users who connect to
multiple wireless networks must take care to ensure that HPEDSB wireless network
information is not removed.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
The use of technology, including devices with digital imagery and cellular capability, must
be used in an appropriate manner that respects the privacy and dignity of others. Such
technology must not be used in areas where there is an expectation of privacy, such as in
washrooms or change rooms.
8.2 Unless it is a school-sanctioned activity, users must not take photographs, videos or audio
recordings of a person or persons on school property, at school events/activities during
school hours unless prior approval of the person(s) and principal or designate has been
received in writing.
8.3 Failure to obey Section 8: Protecting Personal Privacy will be dealt with according to school
procedures, administrative procedures and/or the police protocol.
9.1 Students and employees are responsible for safe-keeping their personal electronic devices.
The school or administrative office is not responsible in the event of loss, damage or theft.
9.2 If a student fails to abide by the rules of conduct outlined in this procedure, the electronic
device may be confiscated and returned to the parent or guardian, or to an adult student
after the instructional day, or as appropriate to the circumstances.
10.1 Every effort will be made to ensure the privacy of a user’s information. However, all
information that is sent, received and created using the district network is subject to
examination, if deemed appropriate, by the director of education or designate.
10.2 Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board does not accept any responsibility for the
use or misuse of information acquired by any user accessing the Internet using technology,
as defined in this procedure, nor any situations, issues or litigation that may arise from
unauthorized use or contravention of any of Section 5: Rules of Conduct.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
Appendix A - Responsible Use of Technology Agreement
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Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
Appendix A
Responsible Use of Technology Agreement
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) believes
technology can be a powerful tool to enhance learning. While there are potential
issues associated with technology use, the benefits far outweigh these issues.
HPEDSB offers a safe and secure district-wide network accessible through use
of personal wireless devices and district-owned wired and wireless devices.
Therefore, this Responsible Use of Technology Agreement applies to both.
Student, employee and community interaction with technology can contribute
positively to school learning environments. An individual’s use of technology
inside or outside the school or administrative office that degrades or defames
their peers, colleagues, community members or the district, is unacceptable.
HPEDSB uses a web filter to safeguard individuals from inappropriate content,
and provides education and supervision to ensure students understand and
comply with the safe, legal and responsible use of technology and the
information accessed by its use.
The following are expectations for the Responsible Use of Technology
1. Respect and protect yourself
a) I will take responsibility for my actions when posting/viewing information,
images and videos online.
b) I will not reveal personal information, such as my age, address or phone
number, or those of other individual(s), with any online service or person.
(students only)
c) I will not access other user accounts.
d) I will obey school and Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
2. Respect and protect others
a) I will not use technology to degrade or defame others.
b) I will obtain permission of the individual(s) involved and a school staff
member before photographing, videoing, publishing, sending or displaying
information about someone else.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
c) I will obtain permission from individual(s) when sharing commonly created
electronic data.
d) I will not forward inappropriate information, images and videos or
3. Respect and protect intellectual property
a) I will respect Canadian copyright laws.
b) I understand the importance of correct citation and will use it accordingly.
c) I will only download, save or install either full or portions of any software,
music, movies, images, in accordance with Canadian copyright laws.
4. Respect and protect property
a) I will take full responsibility for, and respectfully use, any technology
available to me at school or work.
b) I will use network bandwidth, file storage space and printers reasonably
and responsibly.
c) I will report abuse of technology (to a staff member).
d) I will report security or network problems (to a staff member).
5. Use of personal electronic devices
Students and employees may bring their own personal electronic devices to
school or work for learning/teaching purposes. The following conditions apply to
the use of any personal electronic devices, in addition to those mentioned above.
a) I realize that by using my device on the school network, it can be
monitored and my activities can be traced back to me.
b) I will not plug any devices capable of broadcasting or sharing private
access into the school or district network. For example wireless routers or
game consoles. I understand that such devices are not permitted under
any circumstance.
c) I will turn off all peer-to-peer software or web-hosting services on my
device, such as music/video/file-sharing, while connected to the school or
district network.
d) As a student and while in class, I will use my personal electronic device
only with the teacher’s expressed permission.
e) As a student, I understand that I may use my personal electronic device in
many/sanctioned areas of the school as long as I adhere to the
expectations of this agreement, the school rules, and that I contribute to
an atmosphere that supports class work and individual study.
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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Technology Use
Administrative Procedure 147
f) I understand that the security, care, connectivity and maintenance of my
personal electronic device is my responsibility. For example
troubleshooting, repair or connectivity to the wireless network.
g) I understand that the school is not responsible for the loss, theft or
damage of my personal electronic device. I am fully responsible for my
property while it is at school or work.
h) I understand that the principal or designate, and the senior information
and technology services officer may involve a third party to access my
personal electronic device if there are reasonable grounds to believe that
a breach of school or district procedures has occurred.
i) I agree that by failing to abide by this agreement, I may:
o lose my access to Internet and technology privileges;
o lose my device; and
o face disciplinary action as per school and district procedures.
j) I agree to obey Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Procedure 147: Technology Use.
I have read, understand and accept the expectations and conditions of this
agreement and will use the school and district wireless networks as described
Parent information item: not an agreement unless agreed electronically, or
Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board
Administrative Procedures Manual
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