CVSL M267 N1

CVSL M267 N1
User Guide
Basic knowledge
you mobile phone in good using condition, plw read this mmul
caefully before you use it.
This mobile is the perfect production of posonality design md delicate
craftsmmship, having flom line figue, comfortable touch feel, perfst
combination of cotrvenient hmd miting function md kor?ad, colorftrl touch
sqeen, dulcet ring tones, cartoon incoming call icols, huge mmage functiol of
files, frehionable camera and video futrction, long time voice record
To keep
fluction,MP3,&{P4 playes, supports MMS,WAP. We ile sue ou watches mobile
will bring convenience md fun to you work md life.
l.2Safery notice
you phone is lost or theft, pleaw notice telecom to be using of this phone
md SIM ctrd. (This function needs the support of tretwo*), which cm avoid
economic loss mued by imimtirg calls
*To avoid misusage of yow phone, please take safety measwe, such re Setting
SIM card md PIN No.
Setting phone PIN
1.3Safety alert md notice
Please do not use you mobile phone watch when you tre driving.If have to dial,
please use hand free accessories, Plmse remember, it is illegal in some coutdes
m baving call when driving.
Mobile phone my cause interfererce to ndio devices, using phone on plane is
illegal md dagerous, please make swe keep your phone power offduing flight.
Power offwithin dmgerous area
At gas station, oil digghg plmt, chemical plant or explosiotr spot, pleue abide by
relevmt law or rules, md powu off you phone.
Abide by special regulations
Abide by special regulation, md keep you phone power ofat phone taboo places
or my place may causc interference or dmger (such as hospital)
Any phone may have talk quality interference by mdio wave.
The mobile phone watch must be installed md rointained by professiomls;
mautiorired installing md repairing my cause dmger, and will lead to free
maintenmce service.
Only use the fittings md battery apprcved by supplieN
Use properly
Emergency caU
Make sue you phone is power on md at seryice, input emergency -calt NO, (such
o 112 md othem), dial to call, tell you position aod make a brief of status, ad
please do not temimte conve$ation without pemission.
Note: As my other mobiles, for the rereon of network or sigMl tresfer status
may trot spport all the functios of this mlrile- CqEia m-ork may even nol
support I 12 emergmcy calls. So you @ Dot depeod 6 [email protected] mobilc totallv when
there is important [email protected], (such c oediel 6rs aid)_ pleree contact
local netwo* supplier for idomatioD md ch{k.
L4Battery using
{l)You.need_ to completely charge the baftery beforc w,for a new pioduct, it,s
better that.chilge the batiery to 14 hous at begiming times, rc thjbattery cm
achieve full perfommce.
(2) Wha you charge the battery the mobile watch wi[ have a little fwer, but it is
installed tempemture protection to conaol the chmge of tempemtm md the
charge, usually you need chage for 4 hous.
the battery volm is too low, the soeen wi[ show.,etectricity low''to
rcmind for chege.
Notice: the battery's functions ( such m stedby time and talk time) is different
when working due to operation fashion md network system
1.5 Using notice
You mobile watch is nice design and delicate cnftsruship, it should be
prctected ctrefirlly. The fotlowing suggestions will help you machine swe you
well for mroy years.
(l)Don't touch screen with sharp objects md keep screen clea. Never ue the
product when it is dmaged. It is nomal if the screen startup slowly mder low
you mobile waLh other parts md fittings beyond the rach ofchildren.
(3) Plo6e note: you must ayoid to spatter water into the mobil€
watch or on its
body , if it happen , ad not work , it is not covercd in the standard wmmry
Keep the product dry, keep away from rain, moisture
liquid whicb
contaio co[osive matten, ifthe mobile is wetted, pt€6e tako out batiery
md reput
it in afler complete drying.
(4) Do not use or store the product at dusty plrces in order to avoid
its parts be
(5)Do not put the prodrct at hot places.High temperature wil shorten
the life of
electronic ciicuit boad.
(6) Do not put the product at cold ptaces, otheMise tle mobile will have
md dmge electronic circuit bo[d.
(7) Do not thrcw, b€at or vibBte you mobile which will dmge the
circuil boild ed structure.
(8) Do not use conosive chemical prcduct, clemser or [email protected] to clea
the wahh
mobile. Please dip little suds with a soft towel to cleil.
(9) If you product or ecessories could not work, pleoe send to professional
sepices station, Profcssionals there will provide mintain swice for you.
l>picnre inductim
li$il Intemet Signal
Lock key is opm
U Lock kev rs close
E etm
m4issed call
On /
offbutton 2: OK key 3: USB interface 4: Touch Screm 5: Cmen 6: Back
muk(point to cmera is tum on,30 degree is tum off) 7: Back
*lHavinc SMS orMMS tulI
cover mowhead
cover contraposition
(2) Middle 4ea indicate messages, indication and other input contmt, including
nmbers. words md dymmic icons.
(3) Bottom ilea hs two divisions: two icons md four function icons.
2> Key pad
Power key: Press this key to tum on or tum off the mobile watch,
standby mode by prcssing this key uder the tumiog-on status.
Rehm to the
OK Guppage @downpage
Confimation key: perfom the words at dom left on screm bottom line.
4> Dial call
3>Screen includes three parts:
Touch E!tr0icon with touch petr at standby status ,then show the nmber simulate
keypad, use touch pen to prcss nmber, key in aea no. and t€ll No., then press
The top rcw shows a vdiety of icons, said received signal stetrgth md battery
status ofremaining power, etc..
key to dial call, press On-o-ff key or press Cmcel on th€ screen to md
key-to alry6-
"On+trkey" to s{ry a €ll.
"Otr+trkef io refire a call
Press "Option" to '?aw, stop, new call, phone
mute/restor€, double
muic multi
mauge, voice
rc on.
instucts cment flieriDg [email protected] Use touah screm. The crcor instucts cwent
entering location. Use touch screen to mite witching wititrg ilea, the pause once
6> Itrput swiich
This mobile support hand wite, spelt, nmber, English, capital English input md
could be ued in editing phonebook, message, memo, file magemmt, greetings
md other file editing.
Input icon
Aftor etrter into editing windows (include editilg phonebook,
memo), the icons
ud could be ued in all kinds ofwords input fiDction,
Click ABC to switch capital English whm input English
Need to asertain the type impofting chmcter before takhg notes by oneself
impoiting checteN fist, come point note to ascertain the chtracteF type b€ing
goitrg to import Chinese chmctet English md figure in screen. The cmor
ae following:
Spell input: 'llf"
Nmber: "123"
English capital: "ABC"
imported to
English: "abs"
(2J Hmd wriks input
Hmdffiite input in m
will demonstate the Chinese chancter result that the automation
choice distinguishes, rea display all chooses a Chines€ chmcter md ia waititrg
for the selections checter You need to use the chdacter miying at if the screen
demonstrates fault, cm choose according to waiting for selections chaacter aea
replace. Mobile telephone supports lmy times Chinese chmcter to associate a
function, stlike a sqeen aftu hitting the target all choosing a chmcter , meeting
demonstrate socond chilactes being able to be composed of often-used words
with the fi$t chmcters. Direct point stdl(es strond [email protected], is ok to be
queen sqeen
cmor position.
(3) Spell inputChoose '?in" md press
imporlatrt input of this mobile, this mobile also take
advmtage of words identity technology,
input Chinese, English md
icon |
. the simulate keypad
on Screen.
Cm use phonetic trmscription method to import a Chinese
will show
chmcts.According to
what is needed mteritrg charoter phonetic trascriptiot order,point note simulates
the corespondhg keyboard middle tettq, tho lettff or letter combination being
appm in
phoaotic hmcriptioD display ea, the corespoading
Chinese chilacter appem to.choose chaBcler am in waiting. Find the what be
needed a Chinere chaacter display go qwen, touch scM pqr point note is a
chmcter's hm, cmnt cNor [email protected] get6 along in being a [email protected]'s tum to
wilt be imported to importing a fence. Phonetic trascription is imlrcrhd holding
oul dsociathg a fiuction.
(4) Nmber iryut
"123" @d press the
nmber sign,
icon | , thon
nuber ed
be up lo
out the battery
md ftrlly chuge for
three time, that coutd make
banery in best using condition.
Banery irdication:
You watch mobile cm inspect md show battery status, you could see battery
volme from left up screen. Ald the screen will show "electricity low".
Using USB charger fimction:
One end of USB @mected to computer, ad other end to slot of watah mobile,
When charging, the icon in bauery will show the cheging status util the battery
,theo simulate soeen
Use travel chdger
Battery cm be charged by tavel charget comect charger adaptq with slot on the
mobile md the plugs of charger with corect powq socket., the icon in batlery
will show the chmging status utit the battery is firll. And stop chmging whetr
English input
icon |
show the simulate kelpad md
input at loseft.
Choose'?bs" or "ABC" md press tho
lhat the battery
complete charyitrg.
shown on screen, use touch pen
to input Engtish letter or word. Click ABC
to switch Capital status.
7> Battery chuging
The watoh mobile cm be charyed completely at
three times after use up, so
ln the standby mode by entoring the left bufton (monu)to @ter the menu interfa$,
the screen shows the status oficon. Light point will enter the relevmt icon menu.
1> Ephone book
The storage capacity oftelephone numbers depmds on SIM cards. The telephone
numbere of ce11 phones md SIM memory can be ued as a unified telephone
directory inquiry Each record could perfom the following opemtions according
to the "Option".
Browse: browse all the telephone content.
Edit edit this telephone nmber
Copy: copies ofthe records will be replicated from mobile phone to SIM card, or
SIM copy to the phone records; the records copy io cell phone fiom mobile
records, or copying ofrecords on the SIM to SIM crd.
Move: Ifthe record keeps in the ce11 phone, the mobile opemtoN
records to the SIM, contility, move to their SIM ctrd.
will submit
Seech Entry
fiuction is availabte in the telephone directory by name alphabet sequencing.
Use ofthe function, you cm seach the directory oftelephone numbers you need.
"Input nm€s" or futt-spelling of the ,mes to investigate the importation of
fust nme, chilge its input method "imporiatiotr nme,, a little screen int€rface
beneath the "ABC" or "abs" or "fif".
Choose "Seach" out of telephone direction to meet the requiremeots of all the
records. Visit by or mder the direction ofrecords with the touch pm, then press
confmation key could be crucial for dialup catt.
Chinese chtracteE and Chinese chaacten can be imported or full-spelling
(2) Add New Enny
This function is to add a oew telephone directory records, could be added to the
cell phone or SIM cad as follows:
Touch '"Io phone", imported lmes at fust, light spots .Edit,, to enter the nmes
of pictrue editing, importing nmes lightly choose ,,option,:..Dooe,,, then select or
imprted under the direction of infomation item: telephone nmb€N, home
nme, e-mail, phone, fax, birthday, Key or right direction for
diuotize filrn links, rings chosen, the groups set up ells, ifyou entry mos light
spots 'tleil" remove to last import. To eliminate all inpu! press .,clea,' for a
while, md ctick'OK'r to complete alt procedue.
to be
telephone, compmy
(3) Copy all
This function could affect the interactiv€ copy betweetr phone book ad SIM.
Note; If the phone book md SIM cad hare the diferent volme, copy will follow
the small
volme phonebmk.
Aff€r settirg, a photo of the percon who is calling will apled on tha watch
(4) Delete
4il4 ifdelete for one time,
will need; this also could delele records ore by ooe.
This functim will delete phoue book in phone or SlM
password ofphone
(5) Catler group
This firnction could set five goup nmes, incomiag rall ringbonq incming call
pictures, md incoming call movie md goup nmb6.
(6) Exta nmber
This fiuction could st tho phone No., Swice No. md emqgency No..,
(7) Se$ings
Memory status: Display used volme md total volme of phonebook, md SIM
cud phouebook.
Prefered stomger Settiog storc position of new nmbers, chmse acquiescmce
statu to slM or phooe.
Fields: When add new trmber to phone, ple6e choose the cotrtot, include fmity
No., compmy rm€, mail, mmpmy tett, fu, birthday, icon, video, ringtone, md
calt-in group. Click 'Of' or "On" to choos contmt. Click "Done'L "Yes" to
(9) Caller ringbone
You cm set a special ringboae for some one call, so that you cm know who is
(1) rilrite Messge
(2) In box: press "option" to choose the following step you tred:
Reply: to rcply you message
Call Sender: call the sender
Foruad: send the MMS to otheB
Delete: delete chosetr SMS
Copy to pho[e (SIM cad): Copy the articte text messages to mobile phone or
SIM card.
Move to mobile phone (SIM cud): Mobile article or short message to the mobile
phone STM
complete setting.
Detete al1; delete all text messages inbox
My trma ca!d: 6dit my nmo crd md send my qme cad.
(8) Caller
All: All copy is stored in the SIM card or mobile phone short m€sage.
Moye all: Mobile all storcd itr the SIM cild or mobile phooe short messge.
of nmber: & text message which extreled all the telephone nmbers
cild or mdbile phone.
saved to the SlM
URL: short message using the link.
use the phone
(3) Outbox
This menu could l€t you execute, stoie
md send SMS, you cm do
the statu6 report succoss, whethff or not to suppod this functionality
and network operatore
Resend: send the SMS again
Edit: edit tle content ofSMs
Delete: delete chosen SMS
Copy to phone: copy the SMS io the phone
Move to photre: move the SMS to the phone
Delete all; d€tete all SMS in outbox
All copy is stored in the SIM cdd or mobile phone short message.
Move all: Mobile all stored in the SIM card or mobile phone short message.
The use of nmbec a text messag€ which extracted all the telephone nmbem
sved to the SIM cud or mobile phone.
Use nuber: use the pbone numbq.
Use URL: short message using the link.
Copy Alt:
(4) Templates
You cm use the templates to shorten
Profile settings: to storc or modiff the infomation needed to smd a short message
center nmbet or from the network opemtor to obtain the nmber
The state of settings: to set the report md respond to the path infomation, restart
inlbrution report ro be obtaiued from the short message cmter to send a text
you time for sending
Memory Status: See the SIM card and mobile phone short message stored in the
percentage of the total capacity, the specific caprcity is based on the coDtent of
text messages md cell phone SIM cads md watch their om ciicmstances.
Store location: Set Short Message Outbox default stonge locatiorl select the SIM
crd or mobile phone
Prefened Storage: to choose where you wmt to st Store the message, phone or
SIM cdd.
2> MMS
phone could send
receive MMS (Multimedia
MMS, you cm send pictues, soud md kxt contained in the
news. When sending MMS infomation, the recipient must use you om MMS
function ofphone. You cm check the aews.
(l) Writing
witing message, then input infomation.
To: sening the mobile No. or emil of receiver.
Cc: setting copy mobile no. or mail
BCC: setting.the mobile no. or email a confidential.
Subject: setting MMS subject
Edit conteut edit MMS content, user can add word, pictm, voics md affix.
b. When input the infomation, click "Done" to enter next step.
Send only: send the edited MMS
Save md send: storo in outbox md send.
Save to dralls: Store MMS in outbox md send
Send options: setting the MMS sending option
Exit: exit the MMS editing md show the question if you wmt to store
(2) Inbox
This menu allows you to read MMS, choose one to enter the following:
View: read MMS
Prolrerties: see tle sendeg topic, date md volme.
a. Choose
Reply: mswer message.
Reply all: ffiwtr to all people in "sender" 'teceiver" "Cc"
Fovmd: send the MMS to othe6
Delete: delete choused
Delete all: deleto all.MMS from iDput
Use details: use the nmber in MMS
(3),Outbox r,
This menu could let yiro execute, store md snd MMS, you cm do re follows:
View: check tho conteDt of MMS
Forurd; send ttre choused MMS to oth6
Deletc: delete choured MMS
Delete all: delete all MMS in oulbox
Properties: See the mdel topic, date md volme.
Use demils: use the nmber in l\dIS
(4) Dratu
Show atl MMS in draft md you can do the following:
View: check the content of MMS
Send: rend chowed MMS
Delete all: delete all choused MMS in draft box
Properties: seeffe sendeq topic, date md volue
Use demils: se the nubq in MMS.
(5) MMS seftings
Compose: setting edit mode, automatic sign
Send: setting the valid date
sending retum, reading rctwn,
priority and
You cm read the
interual time rod sending time.
setting monymity of smdq, recoive
volme md
Setting voice box No. md mesmging, whetr you get voice mail, the [email protected]
supplier will send notice to you mobile, md you ca input two goup of voice
box no..
In message menu, press confmtion k€y to choose "voice mailbox'; md press
"OK" b mten
Edit: input or amend no...
Comect to voice: you cm listetr to voice message with this fiuction.
4> Broadcut Mesuge
The seryice allows you to receive the t€xt of a vdiety of infomatiotr, such
weather conditions or traffic infomation. Tho oponitrg ofthe wodd's few networlq
md relevmt infomation requested advisory network opeBtos.
at 20 recently under this
cqlfimation key to choose
a telephone
"Option" on the rccorditrg interface, then you ca opemte as follows:
Smd SMS: edit md send SMS.
Sod MMS: edit MMS md rnd.
Check read the contents of the telephone rccords.
Delete: delete the records from the missed calls list.
Saye to phbne book: save nmbers to SIM cud or mobile phone.
Dial: dial nuber.
Edit: edit phone no. and store to SIM or mobile.
Smd message; send message to ey ore directly.
Send MMS: smd MMS to ay one directly.
(2) Dialled ell
With this function, you could visit last 20 dialed calls, aftq choosing a dialed
call, you cm operut€ smd messages md MMS, delete , save, dial md edit. Please
refer to "Missed calls".
(3) Recei!ed calls
With this function, you could visit last 20 received calls, after choositrg a rcceived
call, you cil operat€ send messages md MMS, delete, save, dial md edit. Please
refer to "Missed calls".
Swer profile : setting collocates of intemet.
Memory status: s€e the MMS sionge status
3> Voice
mised calls
Access to this function md pless
Retrieve: Setting the intomet, Rome intemet, reading report md smding report.
I Activate: stalt this mod€.
(4) Delcte recont calls
With this furction, you could delete the records of missed calls, diated call and
received ca[[ one by one, or delete all by a time.
(5) Call time
With this fimction, you could read the records of call time, total send' md total
received md opente the reset all time.
L6t call time: check the last talk time.
Total senl check talk time ofthe diated ca[[
2. I
(6) Call cost
Single: only once ring
set the
call cost here with the p6sword.
(7) SMS Counter
You cm chok how many messages you have sent md rcceived here.
(8) GPRS Couter
You cm check how much GPRS you have ued here.
(9) Auto quick
4> ftettings
To make by touch-screetr calibntion accuacy
(21 User Profiles
2.1.2 Customize Tone setup: include power on, power
message tone,
cm choose the pres€t mnges, also can choose the self-ringing.
2. I . I .2 Volume: include ringbone md keystone.
2. l.1.3 Alen type:
md vibra./ring after vibn Ring rpye
Rep€at: continue ring
Ascending: the ring volume is louder and louder Exhatone
Wming: need alert to note.
Enor: note ring when there is something wrcng.
Cmp on: when seach intemet will ring.
Comtrt: whm get comected will ring.
2. l.1.6 Answer mode
Any key: choose mdom key ro mswer
2.2 Meeting mode
Please refer to "General mode".
md keypad. Usere
3.3 Lmguge
2.3 Outdoor mode
Please refer
to "Geneml mode".
Show altemative language menu, choose English md simplified Chinese. Selected
2.4 Indoor mode
Please refer to
infomation md advice menu would be chmged.
Insalled editorial default input melhod.
3.4.1 Multitap ABC
3.4.2 Multitap abc
the lmguage,
"Genqal mode".
2.5 Headset mode
Insert earphone enter into earphone mode; pleme refer to "general mode". lfyou
choose automatic option of mswer call automatically.
2.6 Bluetooth mods
Please refq to "Geneml mode". Using [email protected] to enter into Bluetooth mode
3.4.3 Nmeric
3.4.4 Sm Pinyin
3.5 Display
(3) Phone serup
Wallpaper: [email protected] photo provide for 4 sites to choose, user cm domload
3.1 Time ud date
* Set home city: 77 cities in the world cm be settled up.
* Sel time: Set time. date md daylight savirg.
* set daie @d time : Set 12124 hou system , press dir€ctior
ofpicture md screm time. The safety net will be
md [email protected] s€t up waiting time, the fimt site
selection saf€ty tret pictures, In addition to the mobile pictures, usere catr
dotraiload to their om pictures 6 safety net; for GIF picturc fomat.
Power on display: system prcvide fou pictures for uer , user cm domload
opened for the
key to complote.
groups timing function md rhe setting up of mobile phole
sudom time, the use of machine timer switch,
start must frst set up its opening. Then installod option switched on or tmed off,
setup last time.
switched on th€ automatic
Screen saver: The establishment
3.2 Schedule power or,/off
There were
pictues from intemet..
Power off display: systarn provide
pictures from
pictures for user, uso cm domload
Main menue style: matrix style.
Dsplay date and time: when power on, the date md time
nmbeB. Cell phorc to the factory default state system default.
be showed on
omer nmber: when power on, the tell No. will be showed on screen.
Display opemtor nme: when power on, nme of net supplier will be showed on
Time tlT,e: set six B?es time display
3.6 Greeriog Text
set as power
Auto update of date md time
Cm set m power on/ofi this function should be supplied by net opqator.
3.8 Flight mode
Set up nomal mode or flight modo. Set up for flight mode, without signals, the
telephone md not phoned sending md receiving short messages.
3.10 LCD settings
Seftiog LCD backlighr rime
(4) Call setup
4.1 Caller
md bright.
Network opemtore cm choose the system defaulg hidden nmbere md delivery
4.2 Call waiting
St rt: start call waiting function, cell phone will be linked to the net works. Pause,
the tretwork witl respond, you send a message to coDfm the opeBtiotr. If
lamched a call waiting function if people call you on the pbone whm the phone
network will provide you with cautioo. Displayed on the screen while another
caller's telephooe nmber.
Power off: if cmcel this fimction, when someone call you during yow
converstion, net will not note you.
Seuch: for inquiries to the cwent staie ofnetwork
4.1 Call divert
The network will be atlowed to enter the telephone seruice you rweived
designated mother csll phone. Instatled into the phone, cell options exchmge,
rccording to the "Ok" to access to the functiotr.
The uconditional trosfer functlon: when opened, all incoming phone calls to
nmberc on the trmsfer Choose o1rcn or closed, cell phones will be lirked to the
networks, pase, md the network responded to the results ofthis opemtion.
Unable to be contacted when the trmfq functions: opening, when uablo to
comect incomitrg calls to nubere on the trmsfer Choose open or closed, cell
phone will be linked to the networks, pause, md the networks responded to the
results of this opention.
4.4 Call
to the ha$fer of functions, if incoming calls within the specified
delay time, no one uswered. Then onto transfa nmbers. Choose open or closed,
cell phones will be linted to the networks, pause md the network rcsponded to the
resuls of tbis opemtion.
Call restricts the use ofnetwork seNice functions, allowing you to call rcstrictions.
Set up this function, the need for network operatore to prcvide limited network
passwords. If the password is incorect, wong to suggest iofomation. Needed in
the selected option, the option to continue or start closing, cell phoues will
prohibit the importation ofpassword then cell phones md networ*itrg, pause, the
network will respond and the rcsults ofthis operution.
Dial restrictions
Tmsfer fiuction when busy: when opened, entcr the phone nmber on the cell
tmsfer Choose open or closed, cell phone will be linked to
phone is too busy to
the networks, pause, ed the network responded to be the results ofthis opemtion.
Note: the above fou switching opemtion:
Opening: Admission reopened after switching numbem.
Closing: the abolition of thc aansfer function.
hquiries: a network for the trasfer of fimctions to the cment state. Cell phooe
will be linked to the netwo*s, the netwo*s respond after a short md the results
of this inquiry
All data relay calls: the need for the support network operato$ cm hmsfer all
dau calls.
The trmsfer fiuction for the abolition ofall: the abolition ofthe tmsfer functiotr,
which is to transfer function, which is to trmsfer all functions ro the cancellation.
The choice of fimctions, cell phones will be linked to the networks, pause, md the
network responded to the results ofthis opention.
All calls: when starts this fuaction, cm not dial ca1ls.
Intematioml calls: when start this restrictions, ca trot dial intemtional call.
Intemational: when siad this function, only call in foreign comtries or to their
local telephone (the coutry wherc network supplier locat€)
Forbid incoming calls
calls: when starts this futrction, can not rcceive calls.
R€strictiom on roming calls start: whm you use the phone outside attribution
seryices, could not longer receive telephone.
Note: thes€ two types
ofFohibited opemtion:
Opening: after opening the importation of prchibited passwords.
Closing function: the abolition ofthe restrictions.
lnquiries: for a limited function to the ment stat€ of the tretwork. Cell phone will
be linked to the
rctwo*s, the networks respond after
a short
md the results ofthis
conversatiorq the screen
will show call time, choose closed not to show talk time.
4.8 Auto rcdials
Cmcel rcstriction:
Cruel restriction md these [email protected] the restdction passwords of network supplierChmge pmswords
Opm or close [email protected] re-dial, choose open, in rcsponse to the dial-up
This function
ue for
chmge rctriction pcswotds, the previous password is
needed to input.
tlrc other side did trot, over time, would be automatically re-dial cett
of up to 10 times the nubq in this period, usere
cu call my other telephone, to end automatic reallmation. As long s the key cm
be cmcelled.
phode. Automatic rcallocation
4.5 Lioe
Cm switch line between tine I md line 2,the acquiescence in line l.
Ifchoose line 2, whether m dial is related to netwo* supplier
4.9 Closed user
4.6 Call time reminder
impofation of contents serial tightty.
The functioD cm be rode to us6 indicat€ fiat the eud of the phone in ordq to
save the chuges. Suggest options for the STla ofalosed sootr or cycle, the closre
will be set up to suggest the soud; installed whenever the need for the
importation ofreference 1-3000secotrds, and the specific time suggested that the
time, will automatically ring for a cell phone; installed 6 palt ofa cycle, in the
30-60 mges to choose between values, the phone. Erch whole minute prior to the
mival of this time will automatically ring for a cell phone.
4.7 Call time display
Open or close talk time display, oftiolrofn talk time display, in a telephone
Lightly click "identified", the list ofgroups showed that "additional" input group
nmes light spots "optioa" or detected choice "@mpleted", the further
you blacldist hue(5) Neuork setup
With this fimction, you can set up the aetwork you weted automatically or
You cm set
mmually when your mobile is under roming status. But you only could choose
the network you ued after the valid roming agreemflt between the networks
you belong to with the other network you wmt to use,
(6) Secuity setup
The functions associated with the safe use ofmobile phones md installed option.
replacament SIM cads
6.1 Socuity setup
6.1.1 SIM
Ple6e input PIN, you cm set up if itrputtitrg corectly. If setting SIM cad 6 stafi,
you must input PIN pusword every day for start mobile. Three ercr for irput,
you will ok for input PUK (posonal ulocking code).PUK code is used md
chmged the locked PIN code, please aontact with the network opemtos if the
PUK code is not provided or lost.
6.1.2 Fixed dial
Ifyou SM cud had tlis fiuction, you cm dial nose ulimitedly, when start this
firnction, cmot dial the nose on fxed call list. Settings up this function needs
PIN2, this function needs the support of itrtemot.
6.1.3 Bred dial
Ifyow SIM cud had this function, you cm dial Nose uirlimitedly, when start this
function, cu trot dial the nose on fixed call list. Setting up this fi.mction needs
PIN2, this function nreds the support ofint€met.
6. I .4 Chmge password
With this functioq could chage PIN, PIN2 md phone password.
6.2 Phone lock
The function cm be used for lcking/ulocking. opmate opened or closed when
the walkie-talkie pdsword lock, when the walkie-talkie was locked,
will be switched on imported mobile phone pcswords, 4
ro 8 digit pNsword lor the mobile phone.
Auto Ke)?ad lock
The fiuctions cm be cmied out uitrg the rell phone kelpad tocking/ulocking
opention, automatic keyboud
60seconds,5minutes, the time did not
lock time:
have my
provision in the opeBtion will
automatically lock the keybord. Keyboad [email protected] acquiescence to state relatiotrs.
locked by ulocked dial buttotr md
Default detected by rapid then
clicked icon.
Choge password
With this function could chmge PIN, PIN2
(7) Restorc
phone posword.
Please input pGsword
rcquire4 click "OK' for restoring.
5> Efr\[ultimedia
I Calendil
Usqs cm rccess md editor of the Memormdm of events specified date. Choice
of catenda lightly clicks 'Option" for the following functions:
View task Today editor m check tie sme day or memorials cm be installed
5. I.
to remhd useN. Please refer to spoific opentioN do list,,.
go to the designatod address or date of the memomdm of editing
tbe day's events.
Jmp to date:
5.1.2 To do list
You can write what you oeed to do on a special day
the system will rtrtrind
This mobile has hye alm clocks for usen; usos cm set up according to its om
If the alm clock mopened screen showed no signs
elock, open
display sigro& up on sqeen , lightly click,.edit,to etrter installed alm clock
"On or off,.
cm read the multimedia file from memory crd uder this mmu; you also do
ofthe choice
set 1-10 minutes
choice vibra
chmk, re-nmed, copy, delete etc.
P1e6e refer to .elevmt option in "shoficut
you wanted: once, every day, the definition
ofday or a few days a week.
(2) Fite
Choose the way
Browsing every city time zone in the mp of world md displaying corespold
time ad date of city in the soeen below, click "Option" into the "on or of' of
"Daylight saving time for foreign city".
5.1.6 E-bmk reader
With this function, you cm read the text with fiT foma! you also ro seach,
skip, add bookmak, acc€ss or delete bookmulq swikh for full swm, etc.
some operatiom for choused file, such
Please use touch pen to choose
Click "Done" to complete, choice ifsave.
5. I .4 Calculator
Mobile user could use this flDction to calculate increasing, decreuing, riding, in
lmage viewer
With this function, you cm choose one picture to do some operations such m
check, send to wallpaper, scrcetr svet power on display, phonebook, SMS,
Bluetooth, renmed, delete, etc. whether the operation is successf.rl or not depetrd
on the size
\4deo Recoider
Enter into Video Rccorder, the interface is uder cmcorder status, Press "Option"
the absofuing options, inctude to player, cmcordo setting, video
effect setting, stonge, r€storc dofault.
After.setting, p.rr f,IJ e1
6 start or pause cmcorder, after that, press
"Stop" to lmish md save the ourent video.
(6) Video player
With this function, you cm pick up the shofi what you like to display, also could
do oporations as delete, etc.
Ple6e refer to relevmt option in "shodcut function',
Souder REcorder
The support of two
phone, md AMR audio fomts: WAV fomt h6 long
recording time. Uses cm s€[email protected] functions from the setup option for recording
fomat. Also [email protected] of the convemtion, of stored in the mobile phone memory
cards; when the choice was originally listed cell phone recordings, click
" choice"
"Rom Jem 1997-2000,recording,brcad€st added (only for AMR
forot), reme delete, deleted atl of the qeation md opention of trmsmission.
l.Insert the earphole and tum on the ndio,you
adjust different ftequoncy
2.In the setting,there ae:frequency list hmd import,auio serch md sotting.
6>& Network Senices
(1) Infomation ftom the sewer
(2) Biuetooth
6.2.1 Power
Switch on, then make Bluetooth into be working status.
6.2.2 lnquiry Audio Device
Seuch other Bluetooth equipment, finish seaching the new Bluetooth
equipment, md choose the one you would like to lfuk.
6.2.3 My Device
My equipment is that all equipment which hu been comected to this mobile
6.2.4 Active Device
Equipment that is beitrg used.
6.2.5 Settings
Display alt detailed infomation ofthis setting.
The function ofthe cell phone, you can browse the Intemet, you have to provide
some way for cell phone access to the Intemet. Once it is activated in a mer
you cm staxt brcwsing.
6.3.1 Front page: th€ fust page can be stoered on a copy ofthe address, when using
WAP browsing mode the tust visit to the ftont page.
6.3.2 Bookmak you cm bookrilk stored itr the mobile phone's
mmory website
bookmdks. Choose a bookmak item, according to tlle "Option' enter
into the following menu:
Got: \4sit the website has beetr choseB to set bookmeks.
Edit: edit choused bookmtrk.
Delete: delele choused
uwr nmes md passwords, lines, pattems ad speed, netwolk domain.
ry.Phone book
The mbile watch cm store 500 phone rmbq, SIM cfid store depmds on the
number of telephone nmber for stomge capacity.The telephone trmbqs of csll
phoaes md SIM memory cm be used m a mified telephone directory
inquiries.Each nme cm be stored in the rcrespondilg thre mobile.telephone
nuber For each recbrd,rccording to the "choie", cm perfom the following
Delete al[: delete alt bookmtrks
Add new bookmak input topic md add to set a new booknuk.
6.3.3 Recent pages: you cm browse history website, you cm browse history
6.3.4 Input adress; input website @d comect to intemet
6.3.5 Servic€ inbor The boxes re receiving the infomtio! witl be stored in
implmted WAP seryice boxes. Service Provides Association iaitiative to send
irfomation to you WAP mobile hmdsets.
l> tP
This fiuction used to wt up accout
provided by the Mmufrcturere.
GSM data transmission: the option
Edit MES md seod.
3> SmdMMS*
Edit lvlMS md seod
4> Browse:
6.3.6 Sening
IP has bem set up dial-up (call set up the "IP dial) automatically insert in eacb
other's IP prefix numbere for IP call .Otheryise, the general call.
Browse all the telephone content'
inforutior; rccout infomation
be iNtalled include:
is already
[email protected] oubers,
Edit this trmber md
Delete this
Copies of the remrds witl be replicated to . SIM cild in mobile watch or SIM
copy to the mobile watch records.
the record
SIM crd;
m{bile watcb, the operation w.ill submit the records to the
move the records iq SIM caxd to mobile watch.
in the
who Touch sm
the watch mobile found abtromal, please restore to originalqettings, md read
the following method, if the problem ca not resolved, please @ntact &[q or
$ignal weak
the watch mobile foud abnomal, ple6e restore to original spttings, aad read
the following metho4 if the prcblem cm not resolved, ple6e @ntact soller ,or
Contact widi.retwotk suoolier
Strt,( card
hc feulmq Wim S[vI crd with clmn
Sipal weak rca, srch
c high building or
bemeDt ,the signal ts
The line wilt be
cmrmed at high
seruice pemon.
SIM and
Simplo fault eliminate
have no
SIM csrd dampe
Refq to hrNse i
Wrotrs settitrs
React slowly
to the network suppliq
for usmg
Refer to 7> Copy
Solve methorl
No seryice or you have
Cm trdt comect to no [email protected] for this
Signat weak
Power on
go,to sigoal good
No elechicitu
Avoid qsing1qotile at high dasity
cetlirg.nengd. .
Chaue battery
Cu rct
have a call
oot comect to
Start dial
Out of GSM
[email protected]
Ce rct
sIM card inefncifll
Charys tromtandud
Touch bad[ess
forbiddm dial sttiog
Cnnhct wilh oetwort
swi€ @
to notwork
to stsoBs simal
voltage confomity with
charga special for this watch
fittings, Fittings include carphone md micrcphme for speakcr
Fittings itrstsuction
uso USB data wire
wiE, Whm the walgh mobite is powu off, you
to comect with watch mobilo to wiDdows system PC md sve files'
USB data wire to aomst wa&h
Whm thc watph mobile is 1rcwer on, you cm
USB data
mobile md PC, md @ start up charging fimction. If it is Powor ofr
USS data
wire cm be ured
U disk.
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