GENERAL - Furnish and install a complete grinder pump system consisting of: ______ (qty)
Myers ________________ (model number) submersible grinder pumps and SRAX-33WG liftout rail systems, valves, controls, access cover(s) and all other appurtenances to make a complete system. The lift-out rail systems shall be of non-sparking design and shall be UL listed for
Class 1, Group D explosion-proof service.
COMPONENTS - Each lift-out rail system shall consist of a ductile iron discharge base, brass
faced pump attaching and sealing plate, brass pump guide plate, and cast iron elbow. All
exposed nuts, bolts, and fasteners shall be of 300 series stainless steel. No fabricated steel
parts shall be used.
ELBOW - Discharge elbow shall be 3" x 3". Elbow shall bolt onto base and have standard 125
lb. flanges.
SEALING - A sealing plate shall be attached to the pump. A simple downward sliding motion
of the pump and guide plate on the guide rails shall cause the unit to be automatically connected and sealed to the base. The open face of the sealing plate shall have dovetailed groove
machined into the face to hold a sealing "O" ring. The "O" ring shall provide a leakproof seal at
all operating pressures.
GUIDE RAILS - Two rail pipes shall be used to guide the pump from the surface to the discharge base connection. The guide rails shall be 1½" Schedule 40 _____galvanized or
_____stainless steel pipe. The weight of the pump shall bear solely on the discharge base and
not on the guide rails. Rail systems which require the pump to be supported by legs which
might interfere with the flow of solids into the pump suction will not be considered equal. The
guide rail shall be firmly attached to the access hatch frame. Systems deeper than 21 feet shall
use an intermediate guide for each 21 feet of wetwell depth.
LIFTING CHAIN - An adequate length of _____galvanized or _____stainless steel lifting chain
shall be supplied for removing the pump. The chain shall be of sufficient length and shall
include an adequate number of lifting rings for easy removal.
K3511 6/94
DISCHARGE PIPING - Schedule 80 PVC discharge piping shall connect to the stationary
discharge base lift assembly and terminate at a 2" NPT discharge flange mounted on the basin
at the height shown in the plans.
SHUT OFF VALVE - A PVC true union ball type shut off valve with Teflon® seats shall be
furnished as an integral part of the internal pipe assembly. If the discharge depth is more than
2 feet from the surface an extension handle shall be supplied.
INLET FITTING - A one-piece inlet fitting for _____" _____SCH 40 or _____ SDR 35 plastic
pipe shall be shipped loose for field installation as required by the installation.
JUNCTION BOX - The junction box shall be constructed of aluminum with an "O" ring sealed
cover to provide a water tight seal. An adequate number of sealing-type cord grips shall be
supplied for incoming pump and level control cords. The cord grips shall be plated steel and
shall make an effective seal around the wire jacket. The cord grips shall be threaded directly
into tapped mating holes in the junction box body to provide an effective seal.
The junction box shall have a cast-in conduit of adequate size to accommodate the number of
wires required for pump and level control operation. A method for sealing the incoming wires
shall be supplied so that condensation from the conduit or groundwater will not enter the
junction box enclosure. The sealing method shall be offered as a kit containing all necessary
material required for an effective in field seal. The interior of the enclosure shall be of adequate size to accommodate the wires and connections for pump and level control operation.
The wires running between the control panel and the junction box shall be color-coded and
fastened to the pump and level controls by means of adequately sized and insulated twist lock
or crimp connectors.
LEVEL CONTROLS - Pump on, off and alarm levels shall be controlled by three (3) mercury
tube float switches. Switches shall consist of a mercury tube switch sealed in a corrosionresistant polypropylene housing with a minimum of 18 gauge, 2-wire, SJOW/A jacketed cable.
The cable shall be of sufficient length to reach the junction box with no splices. The level
controls shall be suspended from a stainless steel bracket so that adjustment or replacement
may be done without the use of any tools. Level controls shall be UL/CSA listed.
K3572 10/01
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