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Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess
Wireless LAN Family
The Next Generation of Wireless LAN Connectivity
Network managers today
are faced with three major
IT trends that they must
address: mobility, security,
and convergence.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Mobility is driven by users through technologies such as wireless LANs, cellular phones
and VPNs to conduct business in the office, on the road and at home.
Network security has become increasingly important in the age of Internet
worms, viruses, and spyware. Information assets need to be protected against
unauthorized disclosure, alternation, or destruction. Security has also taken on
increased importance with the introduction of new government regulations
related to privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of financial results.
A converged network of data and voice offers an organization significant
financial benefits along with richer enterprise communications.
All three trends intersect at the edge of the network –
the point where users connect to enterprise services.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniAccess Mobile Edge System (OAWMES) enables a new type of edge for the enterprise
network – the mobile edge. The mobile edge allows users
and devices to connect over the air and across any
network, to securely gain access to enterprise resources. It
is a new layer in the network that logically sits on top of
existing fixed networks and fulfills the requirements of
security, mobility and convergence without requiring
major upgrades to the existing network. The mobile edge
is architected to securely work over existing IP network
facilities, and extends across both private enterprise
networks as well as the public Internet.
The mobile edge by definition supports true
devices, by definition, do not connect to the
mobility where users can seamlessly and securely
network through a fixed port. For this reason,
roam across multiple locations. In addition, it
the network must identify every user and device
delivers voice convergence through multimedia
that joins the network. Once this identity is
mobile devices and voice over wireless LAN
known, custom security policies may be applied
(VoWLAN) handsets with high quality and
to the network so that only access appropriate
reliability. This eliminates the significant expense
to the business needs of the user or device is
of adding powered VoIP ports to the fixed edge.
provided. This drastically improves network
Further, the mobile edge is built on the notion
security by eliminating excess privilege on the
of identity-based security. Mobile users and
network while providing identity-based auditing.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
The natural long-term evolution of
the enterprise network edge is to
become predominately mobile. When
this happens, a radical transformation
of enterprise network economics will
be realized when the costs of the
cabling infrastructure and operational
expense of moves, adds and changes
are eliminated.
The mobile edge, by drastically reducing networking costs, runs directly counter to the
needs of the incumbent vendors. The “incumbent’s dilemma” develops whenever major
turning points in technology develop – the incumbent cannot grow the business by
offering a solution that allows a customer to spend less.
The mobile edge is not based on this incumbent’s
dilemma. It is an evolutionary new architecture that
delivers mobility, security and convergence for
today’s networks and builds on a vision where the
enterprise network will ultimately have far fewer
ports than today.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
T h e P ro d u c t s
Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Edge System consists of four components:
Alcatel-Lucent’s AOS-W system software which provides all the
intelligence for the mobile edge.
Mobility controllers which are centralized service delivery platforms
for the mobile edge.
Controlled access points (APs) which tunnel wired and wireless user
traffic to mobility controllers over the LAN, WAN and the Internet.
The Alcatel-Lucent Mobility Management System (OAW-MMS)
provides a purpose-built network management system optimized for
mobility. The OAW-MMS resides on a dedicated appliance extending
the benefits of AOS-W integrated management across multiple
mobility controllers.
A l c a t e l - L u c e n t ’s A O S - W S y s t e m S o f t w a re
Providing unified services to power the mobile edge, AOS-W is a
comprehensive suite of system software for Alcatel-Lucent controllers and
access points. AOS-W uniquely integrates services of security, mobility,
application-awareness, management and RF-tuning together to deliver
the most secure and reliable anywhere, anytime access for enterprise
users. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is also lowered by unifying these
services in software that run on the same hardware used to provide
wireless LAN access – Alcatel-Lucent controllers and access points, so no
extra server or specialty hardware is required. Furthermore, AOS-W is
purpose built to add wireless LAN access on an existing wired network.
AOS-W includes innovative technologies to enable non disruptive, low
cost integration with existing networks.
6 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
The Alcatel-Lucent difference
Enterprise-wide mobility with user profile roaming and remote-access provisions
Better-than-wired security with a per-user firewall
Low TCO with single unified system for security services
Voice and data convergence support with application-aware access
Simplified management with a single point of control for all controllers and access points
Easy to design and install with adaptive radio management (ARM) for self-configuring WLANs
Over-the-air reliability with a self-tuning RF footprint
Enterprise-grade reliability with fully redundant architecture
Centralized Wi-Fi Switching
With central coordination, users
N+1 Redundancy
With AOS-W, installing and running
can roam within and across IP
Built-in redundancy mechanisms
a wireless LAN becomes simple.
domains without loosing their
enable highest uptimes and fast
Controllers become the single point
connection or impacting
recovery, in the event of unforeseen
of configuration, management,
application performance – low
equipment or network outages.
security (one point of entry) and
loss handoffs.
Policy based access
troubleshooting for all access points
Guests or non-employee
centralized services include analysis
Automatic Radio
Management (ARM)
tools, location tracking and more.
Over-the-air reliability is improved
“internet-only” and time/location
with built-in RF smarts called ARM
bound access policies.
and wireless users. Additional
connectivity is made possible with
Sophisticated Authentication
and Encryption
that automatically calibrates access
points for optimal coverage and
Voice over Wi-Fi Services
Enterprise users can be secured
channel usage, detects and
Converged voice and data
with one or more options of
corrects and coverage holes or RF
networks are supported with built-
standards security mechanisms
interference, performs multi-band RF
in voice classification and QoS
including 802.11i security.
scanning and load-balances traffic.
mechanisms as well as other voice
services such as call admission
Mobility Services
control (CAC) and load balancing.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 7
O p t i o n a l s o f t w a re m o d u l e s
Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection: AOS-W gives administrators a single point of control
from which to locate and shut down rogue APs, identify and thwart malicious attacks
and impersonations. AOS-W includes the following optional software modules:
Policy Enforcement
Firewall module
Wireless LAN access is made more
Wireless Intrusion
Protection module
The new network edge (i.e., the
secure than wired LAN access with
wireless edge) is protected against
per-user or per-group policies
malicious attacks to the wireless
through an integrated ICSA certified
LAN (such as denial of service,
stateful firewall. Security policies are
client and AP impersonation, and
centrally defined and follow users as
man-in-the middle attacks) and
they move across the enterprise
also vulnerabilities in the network
connecting to different Alcatel-
from accidental backdoors in the
Lucent access points and controllers.
wireless LAN (such as rogue APs
Policies are enforced dynamically,
and ad-hoc networks).
taking into account a variety of
metrics such as user location, time-
Client Integrity Module
of-day, device type, authentication
The wired and wireless network is
method and others.
protected against infection from
malware such as viruses and worms
VPN Server module
on clients with client integrity
External and discrete VPN
enforcement capabilities. The Client
concentrators are no longer
Integrity Module integrates software
needed. AOS-W has integrated
from Symantec™ for host integrity,
support for a variety of virtual
virtual desktop with file and cache
private network implementations
cleaner and safe guest access with
including both client termination as
protection against ‘zero-day’ threats.
well as site-to-site VPNs.
Furthermore, hardware acceleration
provides LAN-speed VPN
connectivity. Supported VPN
protocols include L2TP/ IPSec,
8 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
External Services
Interface module
xSec module
Remote AP module
Military-grade security for wireless
Extend corporate-like WLAN access
Extend existing network and
and wired LAN access is possible
to telecommuters and remote
application services such as anti-
with FIPS 140-2 certified, xSec
offices without requiring
virus, network intrusion detection,
security. AOS-W can terminate
sophisticated network infrastructure
content filtering, usage auditing,
xSec client sessions with link-layer
or even an Alcatel-Lucent controller
load balancing and health checking
256-bit AES-CBC encryption and
at these remote locations. Alcatel-
to the mobile network.
complete header obscuration for
Lucent’s centrally secured and
highly sensitive environments. The
managed remote-APs come with
The ESI module interacts with
xSec module also enables the
site-to-site VPN and split-VPN
existing network services either
encryption of trunk ports between
capability to securely and cost-
through an API or by selectively
multiple Alcatel-Lucent mobility
effectively provide corporate
redirecting traffic, based on policy,
controllers – based on the same
wireless functionality at any location
to devices providing inline network
strong encryption standard.
with an Internet connection.
services. ESI exposes multiple
application programming interfaces
including an XML-based usercontrol API for external
management of mobile users, an
API based on RFC 3576 for
RADIUS-based dynamic
authorization, and a control API
based on industry-standard Syslog.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 9
A l c a t e l - L u c e n t M o b i l i t y C o n t ro l l e r s :
The intelligence behind the mobile edge
Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniAccess Mobility Controllers completely
change how mobile networks are deployed and managed.
In a mobile network, users can be anywhere, at office, on the road and even at home.
Securing these mobile users and maintaining their access privileges while providing reliable
wireless-tone is the core capability of mobility controllers. Alcatel-Lucent mobility controllers
enable a mobility overlay, known as the mobile edge, which creates an envelope of secure
mobile services around each user.
Enabling secure mobile services requires a combination of network elements
and RF intelligence. Until now, enterprises have been forced to perform this
integration with limited success. Alcatel-Lucent offers the only mobile security
ROI of mobility
system with an integrated ICSA certified stateful firewall and hardware-based
encryption. All Alcatel-Lucent mobility controllers combine powerful packet
“Enterprises deploy mobility
processing with 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet switching, stateful LAN-speed
to enhance knowledge
firewall, VPN termination, wireless intrusion protection, AAA, client integrity,
worker productivity but often
captive portal and advanced RF management within a single network device.
are slow to realize the gains
Alcatel-Lucent mobility controllers provide enterprises with complete control
due to complexities of adding
over the mobile environment.
wireless to existing
infrastructure. New security
All Alcatel-Lucent mobility controllers integrate non-disruptively into any
components, existing network
existing L2/L3 wired network with no logical or physical re-configuration of
re-configuration and
the underlying transport infrastructure required. As a result, administrators
management costs quickly
are freed from the costly and time-consuming process of managing individual
add up.
components of a mobile network and hundreds of individual APs and realize
the ROI of mobility much faster than competing solutions. Further, as new
Alcatel-Lucent’s unique
mobile services added, they are easily implemented at the central controller
integrated overlay approach is
and propagated throughout the enterprise.
designed to simplify mobility
and solve these issues.”
Brad Noblet
Dartmouth College
10 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Deployment Scenarios and Applicable Platforms
Alcatel-Lucent mobility controllers are one of
industry’s highest performing and most scalable
enterprise mobility platform. The product family
includes a complete line of centrally managed
modular and dedicated mobility controller
systems, supporting everything from home
offices and branch offices to regional
headquarters and campus environments.
Alcatel-Lucent’s flagship product, the modular Alcatel-Lucent
OmniAccess 6000 (OAW-6000) is the most scalable mobility controller
on the market. The four-slot OAW-6000 mobility controller delivers a
high performing enterprise mobility platform. The Alcatel-Lucent
OmniAccess 6000 supports up to eight Gbps of clear / 7.2 Gbps
encrypted throughput, up to 72 10/100BaseT ports, over 8,000
simultaneous users and up to 512 access points.
OmniAccess 6000
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 4324 (OAW-4324) mobility controller is
equipped with 24 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports and two Gigabit
Ethernet (GBIC) uplinks. The OAW-4324 supports up to 48 APs and up
to 768 simultaneous users. Designed for regional headquarters or
dense office deployments, the OmniAccess 4324 delivers up to 400
Mbps of encrypted throughput.
OmniAccess 4324
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Designed for remote office applications, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess
4308 (OAW-4308) mobility controller supports up to 16 APs and
hundreds of simultaneous users. The OAW-4308 comes equipped with
eight 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports and one 10/100/1000Base-T or one
Gigabit Ethernet uplink. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 4308 delivers
OmniAccess 4308
up to 200 Mbps of encrypted throughput.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 4302 is designed for branch office,
retail store and small business applications and can be easily deployed
as a single box mobile connectivity solution, centrally managed from
the corporate headquarters or in a data center.
OmniAccess 4302
Alcatel-Lucent remote AP software module enables any Alcatel-Lucent
access point to be securely and easily connected from a remote
location to an Alcatel-Lucent mobility controller across the Internet. It
is ideal for home office telecommuters and mobile executives.
Remote APS
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Mobility Controller
OmniAccess 4302
OmniAccess 4308
OmniAccess 4324
OmniAccess 6000
Max access points
Max 10/100BaseT ports
Max Gigabit Ethernet
Form factor
Encrypted throughput
Max users
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 13
Access Points
Alcatel-Lucent dependent access points (APs) when connected to an IP network will
automatically discover an Alcatel-Lucent mobility controller, configure themselves, and begin
operation. The mobility controller is responsible for downloading software images, configuring,
and coordinating all dependent APs. APs continuously scan the RF environment, supplying
information used by the mobility controller to optimize radio coverage and provide wireless
intrusion prevention (WIP) without having to deploy a separate sensor network.
Alcatel-Lucent’s dependent AP architecture coupled with radio planning optimization and
workspace deployment options (e.g., desk, jack mount) greatly reduce WLAN deployment costs.
IT staff can place APs, all of which support power-over-Ethernet (i.e., PoE), in employee cubicles
leveraging existing Ethernet cabling. Alcatel-Lucent’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
automatically determines the optimal RF settings eliminating the need for expensive site surveys.
The chart below demonstrates how Alcatel-Lucent delivers a 60% reduction in AP equipment /
installation costs in a workspace deployment in a cubicle office space environment.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Access Point 70 (OAW-AP70) and 65 (OAW-AP65) dual radio APs
provide access to 802.11g and 802.11a clients simultaneously. Dual radio deployments provide
flexibility in choosing wireless client devices. In addition, these APs can perform wireless intrusion
prevention (WIP) in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Access Point 61 (OAW-AP61) and 60 (OAW-AP60) are single
radio, multi-band 802.11a or b/g APs designed for deployments where all client devices are
mandated to operate in a single band (e.g., 2.4 or 5Ghz). These APs are available at a lower
price than dual radio offerings.
Challenging RF environments (e.g., warehouses, hospitals, retail stores) require the flexibility to
choose from different antenna options. The OAW-AP70 and OAW-AP60 have antenna connectors
that are used to attach the optimal antenna.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Access Points 70/65/61/60 have the plenum rating required for
mounting above the ceiling tile. For deployments flush with the ceiling tile, the OAW-AP65 is
an attractive option.
14 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess AP
Wireless LAN Family
Deployments in the workspace (e.g., on desks) can be an effective way to reduce installation
costs in the enterprise office. The OAW-AP65 and OAW-AP61 are ideal for this scenario. Through
a partnership with Ortronics, the Alcatel-Lucent is able to offer an AP, the “Wi-Jack”, which can
be mounted directly in an Ethernet wall outlet.
While all AP models support “Remote Access Point” functionality, the Alcatel-Lucent OAW-AP65’s
small form factor makes it an ideal solution for the telecommuter to take home and on the road.
The Alcatel-Lucent OAW-AP80 is designed for deployment outdoors and for bridging applications
(e.g., connecting different buildings in the same campus).
Indoor Access Points (APs)
Outdoor APs
Single radio
Dual radio
Dual mode (AP and
sensor) operation
Wireless bridging
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 15
Centralized Network Management
Alcatel-Lucent enables management of mobile networks without requiring a dedicated network
management appliance. Comprehensive network planning, configuration, and monitoring are all
achieved with either a single mobility controller or a dedicated mobility management system
(MMS). In both cases, the management interface is presented to clients as an intuitive graphical
user interface (GUI). To extend management capabilities further, either system can be used with
existing NMS systems and best of breed management tools.
Dependent AP:
Mobility controller automatically detects and configures APs.
Adaptive Radio Management:
No RF site survey required
Integrated wireless intrusion prevention:
No separate sensor network required
WLAN industry’s only multi-function AP:
APs can function as AP, WIP sensor, or both simultaneously
60% reduction to AP equipment/ installation cost
Wide range of APs
16 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Extensive management capabilities are built in to the base AOS-W, which comes bundled with
every Alcatel-Lucent Mobility Controller. With AOS-W, a single Mobility Controller offers a local
point of aggregation and management for an entire Alcatel-Lucent network. With integrated
management, the configuration of one mobility controller is automatically replicated to other
controllers throughout the network.
Alcatel-Lucent APs obtain their software image and configuration through a single master
Mobility Controller. AOS-W integrated management provides the following capabilities:
Single Point of Reference
Single reference to track users and client devices, identify rogue devices, plan
new deployments, enable troubleshooting of client issues, and visualize RF
coverage patterns.
Scalable, Network-wide Management
Automatic discover and management of large networks with up to hundreds of
mobility controllers and thousands of APs and users.
Real-time RF Awareness
View real-time RF coverage, automate calibration of power levels and channels, and
perform location tracking of wireless devices User-centric Control – Expedite problem
resolution with rapid scope and visualization of objects related to any network user.
Open architecture for integrating best-of-breed location and analysis tools via an
open XML/SOAP API, allowing secure 3rd party access to current and historical data.
The Mobility Management System (MMS) provides a purpose-built network management system
optimized for mobility. The MMS resides on a dedicated appliance offering the same benefits of
AOS-W integrated management with the following added capabilities:
Dedicated Mobility Management
A standalone system optimized for mobile networks running converged applications.
Rolled-up Display
Dashboard tool provides a consolidated database view of the entire mobility system.
Long-term Storage
Perform historical analysis on archived network statistics and usage data.
Scheduled Reporting
Versatile scheduling engine will run reports, locate stations, and email reports at
scheduled intervals.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 17
Alcatel-Lucent Mobility Management System
software can be deployed on a PC platform or
optionally purchased as a robust, hardened network
appliance system. The MMS consists of five targeted
Java-based client-server applications that can be run
individually or together:
Instantaneously assess the health of the mobility infrastructure, streamlining
troubleshooting efforts. Dashboard provides rolled up displays of fault management
information or detailed information on specific clients or APs.
RF Live
RF Live offers real-time visualization of the RF environment for pre-deployment
planning or troubleshooting a production network. Signal strength and
interference are displayed in the context of floor plans using coverage contours
and colored heat maps.
Monitor offers live graphing of network activity. By selecting any object, live graphs
of the selected data can be created for enhanced visualization.
RF Locate
Track and locate any observed Wi-Fi device within range of the Alcatel-Lucent
mobility infrastructure. Devices that can be easily located include PDAs, rogue
APs/clients, VoWLAN phones, laptops, Wi-Fi asset management tags, and more.
Understand WLAN network health, usage trending and capacity planning with
comprehensive reporting. Reports can be scheduled to run at configurable time
intervals and sent via email or displayed on the GUI.
18 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
The Applications
The mobile edge is an enabling technology for new applications that can deliver increased
productivity, cost savings, security improvements, and faster access to information that ultimately
leads to better decision making. The mobile edge enables several major applications in the areas
of mobility, security, and convergence.
Guest Access
Provides controlled Internet access, both wired and wireless, to authorized visitors while keeping
the internal network secure.
Internal WLAN Hotspots
Wireless LAN access for employee and visitor convenience in strategic locations such as conference
rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, and auditoriums.
Enterprise-wide WLAN
Pervasive, highly-available, high-performance wireless LAN access throughout an entire enterprise
building, campus, or extended enterprise.
Comprehensive Management
Flexible management options with integrated or dedicated systems
Single point of reference and control for the entire mobile network
Extensive fault management and network monitoring capabilities
Automated site survey and real-time RF coverage views
Extensible management architecture for integration with third party location and network
analysis partners
Remote/Branch Office Access
Secure extensions of the mobile edge to remote and branch offices using the Internet or enterprise
WAN as transport.
Small Office, Home Office, and Road Warrior Access
Extends the mobile edge anywhere a user travels through portable, personal remote access points.
Secure Mobility for Legacy WLANs
Extends the life of existing wireless LAN deployments through enhanced security, roaming, and
Location Tracking
Uses an enterprise-wide WLAN deployment to provide precise location tracking of any Wi-Fi
device in the facility.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 19
Identity-based Security
Enhances security by identifying the business role of the user and then allowing only network
access appropriate to that role.
WLAN Intrusion Prevention
Prevents radio-based security breaches by identifying threats to the network from attackers and
uncontrolled wireless devices.
Endpoint Integrity
Ensures a defined level of client security, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, or personal firewall
software is present before network access is granted.
External Security Services
Integrates best-of-breed security appliances, such as anti-virus, content filtering, and IDS as interior
network services that are client independent.
L2 Security for Wired LANs
Delivers mobile edge solutions such as encryption, mobility, and identity-based security to
legacy wired LANs.
20 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
Telephony Solutions
Provides the cost advantages of voice over IP with the mobility benefits of cellular voice.
Voice Instant Messaging
Enables hands-free voice communication through an innovative new class of voice instant
messaging devices, enhanced with proximity sensing.
Converged Mobile Devices
Delivers quality of service and access control to unified communications messaging devices
integrating multi-media services such as voice, data, email, and fax.
Fixed-mobile Convergence
Unifies public and private voice networks by providing seamless handoffs between networks for
dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi voice devices.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 21
T h e A l c a t e l - L u c e n t D i ff e re n c e
Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile edge architecture provides superior features and benefits to competing
wired and wireless LAN solutions. With Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile edge solution, enterprises can
transform the network into a competitive advantage through a highly mobilized workforce with
instant access to information. At the same time, the reduced infrastructure costs, increased
security, and increased flexibility provide a powerful economic advantage.
1. Identity-based security to protect the network and mobile users
The mobile edge is, by definition, mobile. On the mobile edge any user can appear in any place at
any time, so the network must recognize the user or device by identity. Identity-based security
solves security problems by applying rules to people rather than to ports on the network, only
permitting access appropriate to the business role of the user.
2. Non-disruptive integration into existing networks
The mobile edge must be cost-effective in order to enjoy widespread adoption. Deployment of the
mobile edge cannot force large scale upgrades or changes to the existing infrastructure, nor can it
force network downtime. The mobile edge must integrate into existing management tools, security
monitoring systems, and auditing procedures.
3. Secure convergence for mobile VoIP and data services
The mobile edge must be multi-service. On the mobile edge, voice is a critical service. Voice over
wireless LAN (VoWLAN) provides all the mobility benefits of cellular with the cost savings of VoIP
and does not require expensive power upgrades to wiring closets. Newer dual-mode voice handsets
operate over the enterprise wireless LAN wherever it is available, and over the public cellular
network everywhere else, providing true cost effective voice mobility to users.
4. Adaptive radio management for self-configuring WLANs
The mobile edge requires adaptive control of the air. Radio frequency (RF) transmission is an
inherent part of wireless, and one with which many network administrators are not familiar. The
goal of any wireless deployment is to provide the required coverage while guaranteeing maximum
performance. With the pervasive nature of wireless on the mobile edge, RF tuning cannot be a
manual task that the network administrator must perform. RF management must be entirely
automatic, reliable, and adaptable.
22 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
5. Remote extensions for instant enterprise hotspots
The mobile edge moves with the user. Users move outside the walls of the enterprise facility, yet still need access to
enterprise voice and data networks. Left to their own devices, users will create their own version of the mobile edge
wherever they need to – using DSL or cable connections at home, using open wireless networks at public hotspots,
plugging into Ethernet jacks in hotel rooms, or connecting over public wireless networks such as GSM or EVDO. To
avoid the support and security problems caused by this approach, the mobile edge must extend on-demand
enterprise voice and data connectivity over the Internet to create secure personal hotspots wherever users need to
work. These hotspots move with the user, but control and configuration remains with the network administrator.
6. Enterprise-grade scalability, reliability and performance
The mobile edge must be dependable. To realize the full benefits of the mobile edge, it must provide predictable,
consistent performance and high reliability. The system should gracefully recover from all component failures with
no network outage noticeable to the user. Performance should meet all requirements of mobile applications, and
should remain high even in challenging RF environments. Finally, the mobile edge should grow with the enterprise
without requiring additional people to manage it.
7. Open mobility platform for application development and integration
The mobile edge is a business-enabler. New mobile applications will create business opportunities and enhance
existing ones, creating competitive advantages for users of the technology. Applications such as voice, location
tracking, and sensor networks are the first purely mobile applications and more are being developed as mobile
networks become more prevalent. In addition to mobile applications, new services are continually being developed
for security, such as network-based spyware blocking, and convergence, such as fixed-mobile handoff and
emergency call location tracking. The mobile edge must be flexible, extensible, and open to application
development by best-of-breed vendors.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family 23
Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Wireless LAN Family
The Next Generation of Wireless LAN Connectivity
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