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Conference Projectors
High-Brightness DLP® Picture Quality Plus 3D Image
Compatibility — Ideal Projectors for Large and Mid-sized
Business Venues and Education Situations
3D Picture
High-Quality Picture
6,300 ANSI Lumen*1 (XGPH80XN)/5,600 ANSI Lumen*1 (XGPH80WN)
High Brightness with Unique Dual-Lamp System
3D Ready
Make sure your projector is ready to be used for new 3D content.
Incorporating DLP® Link™ technology, the projector captivates
audiences with breathtaking 3D imagery.
With Sharp’s advanced DLP® Optical Engine and dual 280 W high-brightness lamps,
the projectors achieve a high brightness of 6,300 ANSI lumens*1 for the XGPH80XN and
5,600 ANSI lumens*1 for the XGPH80WN, delivering excellent uniformity for bright clear
images in large highly lit rooms.
4-Mode Single/Dual Lamp Switchover
Choose the lamp arrangement to suit your needs. With dual-lamp projection, the XGPH80XN
delivers high-luminance pictures in a huge room: 6,300 ANSI lumens*1 in Normal mode and
5,175 ANSI lumens*1 in Eco mode. Even single-lamp projection provides sufficient brightness
for mid-size to large rooms: 3,150 ANSI lumens*1 in Normal mode and 2,585 ANSI lumens*1
in Eco mode. Single-lamp use also lessens lamp replacement frequency. Plus, even if one
lamp burns out, projection performance can be maintained by using the other lamp
without interruption.
Requirements for Viewing 3D
1) Source device that supports the field sequential format.
• Refer to the Compatibility Chart on the back page for information on supported signals.
• 3D formats other than field sequential, such as formats used for Blu-ray 3D and DVD
prepackaged media, are not compatible with these projectors (as of March 2011).
2) 3D LCD shutter glasses that support the *DLP® Link™ system
* A picture simultaneously projected from more than two projectors may not appear 3D.
* Contact your nearest Sharp authorized projector dealer for purchasing details.
* For additional information about the DLP® Link™, visit:
6,300 ANSI lumen*1 image with two lamps (XGPH80XN)
*1 To be announced.
3,150 ANSI lumen*1 with single lamp (XGPH80XN)
Cutting Edge DLP® Technology
DLP® System
DLP® Chip
The XGPH80XN and XGPH80WN use a DLP®
system for the display device that controls
the DLP® chip, which contains many
thousands of micromirrors on the silicon
chip, reflecting light to display images.
Projection Lens
Relay Lens
Colour Wheel
Projection Lamp
BrilliantColor™ Technology with Optional Six-Segment
Colour Wheel*4
The standard colour wheel can be easily replaced by the user with an optional Six-Segment
Colour Wheel to enjoy BrilliantColor™. BrilliantColor™ technology improves picture brilliance
particularly for intermediate colours, providing natural, detailed images. Sharp has also
developed a 2x Speed Colour Wheel with six colour segments including yellow, cyan, red,
green, blue, and magenta. With unique colour-matching
technology and these six colour combinations, images
can be reproduced with highly realistic colours.
Long-Life High-Performance DLP® Chip
DLP® chip formation with finely structured mirrors provides stable performance and delivers
high-quality pictures for longer periods. The DLP® chip in the XGPH80XN/XGPH80WN
achieves a lifetime of 20,000 hours.*2
Also, because there is no burn-in or remaining afterimage, the projectors are ideal for still
picture projection such as for guidance board applications and projecting CAD images.
*2 The lifespan is measured at the surrounding temperature of 25°C. This is a reference value and is not guaranteed.
2100:1*3 High Contrast with Dynamic Black™
for Big-Screen Projection
The DLP® optical system prevents light leakage compared with LCD projection and provides
sharper blacks in black parts and a high contrast ratio of 2100:1.*3
*3 To be announced.
Dynamic Black™ Technology
Dynamic Black™ technology dramatically improves black levels, providing incredible details in dark
scenes with no noise and no loss of brightness.
4-segment colour wheel
(red, blue, green, white)
6-segment colour wheel
(red, blue, green,
yellow, cyan, magenta)*4
Sealed Optics
The optical mechanism of DLP® system projectors is sealed in its structure, preventing dust,
dirt and smoke from entering core parts of the optics to a much greater degree than with
LCD projectors.
Flexible Installation System
Powered Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shift Control
Lens Shift Control
The powered lens shift control mechanism enables easy horizontal and vertical lens shift positioning
whether from a remote control or the projector operation panel to get the best viewing picture when
the projector is mounted on a shelf or the ceiling.
Five Interchangeable Lenses
The XGPH80XN and XGPH80WN may be used with five optional interchangeable lenses to meet
a wide variety of applications and projection situations. The lenses cover projection distances
from 1.6 m to 16.9 m for the XGPH80XN and 1.7 m to 17.9 m for the XGPH80WN with a 100”
screen and projection of a screen from 40” to 500”. Choose the one which best suits your
projection conditions such as the room size, projection distance and projected picture size.
Quick Lens Change
The lens can be easily and quickly removed from the front of the projector.*5
*5 Do not attempt to change the lens when the projector is installed hanging from the ceiling. Injury may occur if the lens
cover or lens falls.
Quick release system provides easy lens change
* with standard lens
Vertical Shift
10 : 0
Horizontal Shift
Lens Shift Adjustable Range
Horizontal range: ±10%
Vertical range: +50% to the upper side except for
the ANPH808EX
The adjustable range has limitations even within the ranges
shown above.
The image can be adjusted as shown in the diagram.
: Areas on which the image is masked with a shadow
while using the lens shift function.
H : Height of the image
W : Width of the image
(X) : The position of the image when the vertical position
of the image is centred and the horizontal position
is the lowest.
Top position mark
6.5 : 3.5
3.5 : 6.5
Shift Range
H X 50%
W X 10% W X 10%
Shift Range
W X 10% W X 10%
Anti-Theft Screw
For added security, an anti-theft screw is supplied to secure the lens more tightly.
Sharp’s Unique Network System
Web Browser Control
Web browser control enables remote access and management of the projector by utilizing built-in firmware without the need for additional special software.
Remote Access for Control and Adjustment
Projector control functions, including power on, input select,
volume, and AV mute, can be controlled and adjusted by a
computer even in another room.
Diagnosis and Auto Email Alert
Room B
Room A
Email is automatically sent to appointed addresses when
detecting an error message, such as the lamp going out,
unusual heating or cooling fan breakdown.
Management PC
CAUTION received!
Maintenance Service Provider
PJLink™ Capability
Control System Compatibility
The XGPH80XN and XGPH80WN are compatible with devices that support PJLink™, enabling
systems to be easily built for centralized management and operation using a controller. For
additional information about the PJLink™, visit
The XGPH80XN and XGPH80WN provide superior compatibility with various
control systems such as Crestron, AMX and Extron.
Presentation Convenience
Low Fan Noise (Eco + Quiet mode)
Presentation Support Tools
The intelligent multiple-fan control system eliminates annoying sound during presentations
and meetings.
(3D Mode, Freeze, AV Mute)
Wide Range of Connection Terminals
Remote Control with PowerPoint® Control
Slides displayed using presentation software such as PowerPoint® can be easily moved
forward and backward.
These projectors are equipped with a wide variety of
AV/PC terminals including HDCP compliant DVI terminals
to meet the needs of digital content.
Other Outstanding Features
Direct Power Off Function
The Direct Power Off Function provides convenience for a variety of applications by keeping
the cooling fan operating even after the power supply has been turned off. This lets users
immediately unplug the projector and take it from the location because there is no need to wait
for the projector to cool down. Along with Direct Power Off, the Auto Restart also helps control
the power simultaneously for multiple projectors by using the room’s primary power switch.
Video Noise Reduction
Reduces picture blur and provides clear pictures.
Helps to provide a high-quality image.
• High-Speed Auto Response Adjust (ARA)
• Easy-to-Use Pull-Down Menu GUI (Graphical User Interface): 15 languages selectable
• High-Quality Video Circuits (3D Y/C Separation Digital Comb Filter, Noise Reduction,
Colour Transient and Y Delay, Colour Temperature Adjustment)
• Auto Search
• Image Capture
• Keypad Lock
• Security Lock
• Easy-Carry Handle
• 12 V Trigger Terminal
• Full-Function Remote Control
Dimensions (Units: mm)
Top View
Back View
8 49/64 (222.5)
8 49/64 (222.5)
4 59/64 (125) 4 59/64 (125)
4 /64 (106.5)
1 3/16 (30)
8 15/32 (215)
5 29/64
7 41/64 (194)
3 7/16 (87) 4 13/64 (106.5)
3 29/32 (99) 4 1/4 (108)
/8 (3)
2 15/64 (56.5) 3 25/64 (86)
12 1/16 (306)
Front View
19 57/64 (505)
9 61/64 (252.5)
9 61/64 (252.5)
12 1/16 (306)
15 11/64 (385)
5 11/32 (135.7)
Optional Accessories Compatible with XGA/WXGA Models
Fixed wide lens
Wide-zoom lens
Standard zoom lens
Tele-zoom lens
Tele-zoom lens
f = 11.4mm
T/R 0.8±1
F1.8 - 2.3
f = 19.3 - 25.8mm
T/R 1:1.3 - 1.8
F1.7 - 1.9
f = 26 - 34mm
T/R 1:1.8 - 2.4
F2.1 - 2.9
f = 32 - 63mm
T/R 1:2.2 - 4.4
F2.2 - 3.1
f = 63.5 - 117.4mm
T/R 1:4.4 - 8.3
Projection Distances for a Normal 100" Screen*: XGPH80XN
2.7-3.6m (8'10''-11'11'')
2.9-3.9m (9'5''-12'8'')
1.6m (5'2'')
1.7m (5'6'')
4.5-9.0m (14'10''-29'6'')
4.8-9.5m (15'8''-31'4'')
3.6-4.8m (11'10''-15'8'')
3.8-5.1m (12'7''-16'7'')
Colour wheel
9.0-16.9m (29'6''-55'4'')
9.5-17.9m (31'4''-58'8'')
20 (m)
65 (ft)
3-RCA to 15-pin
D-sub cable (3 m)
* 4:3 for XGPH80XN / 16:10 for XGPH80WN
3D ready
Display device
Luminance (Eco + Quiet Mode off)
Contrast ratio
Projection size
Standard lens
Input signals
F number
Lens shift
Computer RGB
Input terminals
Output terminals
Audio system
Fan noise
Projection lamps
Estimated lamp life*3
OSD languages
Power consumption (standby)
Heat dissipation
Projection temperature
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Supplied accessories
Limited Warranty
Compatible with DLP® Link™ Technology
0.65" DLP chip x 1
0.7" DLP chip x 1
WXGA (1,280 x 800)
XGA (1,024 x 768)
5,600 ANSI lumens*1 (dual-lamp operation)
6,300 ANSI lumens* (dual-lamp operation)
3,150 ANSI lumens*1 (single-lamp operation)
2,800 ANSI lumens*1 (single-lamp operation)
2,100:1*1 (Dynamic Black™ on), 1,000:1*1 (Dynamic Black™ off)
50" (127 cm) to 200" (508 cm) diagonal (ANPH808EX), 40" (102 cm) to 500" (1,270 cm) diagonal (other lenses)
F1.7 – 1.9
Power, x1.3 (f = 26.0 to 34.9 mm)
Vertical: +50%, Horizontal: +/–10%*2
UXGA (analogue), SXGA+ (analogue), SXGA, Mac 21" (in advanced intelligent compression),
WXGA (intelligent compression with XGPH80XN), XGA, SVGA, VGA, VESA, Mac 19", 16", 13"
NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL 60Hz, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, EDTV, HDTV (480I/P, 576I/P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P)
Analogue RGB/component x 2 (15-pin mini D-sub x 1, 5 BNC x 1), digital RGB/component (24-pin DVI-D/HDCP) x 1,
audio L/R x 3 (3.5-mm stereo mini jack), video x 1 (RCA), S-Video x 1, audio L/R stereo x 2 (RCA),
LAN x 1 (RJ-4, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX), RS-232C serial port x 1 (9-pin D-sub), USB (type B)
Analogue RGB/component x 1 (15-pin mini D-sub x 1), audio L/R x 1 (3.5-mm stereo mini jack); Audio line-out is selectable/variable.
12 V DC trigger output (max. current: 200 mA)
15 Hz or 31 to 90 kHz horizontal, 50 to 85 Hz vertical
3 W x 2 (stereo), 51 mm x 41 mm speakers x 2
39 dB*1 (Eco + Quiet Mode off), 34 dB*1 (Eco + Quiet Mode on)
280 W x 2
Eco + Quiet Mode off: Up to 2,000 hours, Eco + Quiet Mode on: Up to 3,000 hours
English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese
715 W (0.28 W) with AC 100 V, 675 W (0.41 W) with AC 240 V
2,682 BTU/hour (Eco + Quiet Mode off) with AC 100 V, 2,532 BTU/hour (Eco + Quiet Mode off) with AC 240 V
5 to 40°C
505 x 194 x 385 mm (main body only)
16.5 kg (36.4 lbs.)
Wireless remote with keyboard cursor control, two AAA batteries, 6' power cord, 6' RGB cable, dust-proof cap, projector manual and tech reference CD-ROM, operation manual
3 Years Parts and Labour including 3 Years “ER” 24-Hour Turnaround Express Repair support. (90 day warranty on user-replaceable projection lamp.)
• The figures in the specification tables above are values measured with the XGPH80XN/XGPH80WN using an optional standard lens (ANPH818EZ). • Signals input through the DVI terminal are not output through terminals. • Design and specifications
are current as of March 2011 but are subject to change without notice. • DLP® and the DLP logo are trademarks of Texas Instruments. *1 To be announced. *2 The movement range of the power lens shift varies depending on the lens type. Even in the
movement range of lens shift, there may be shadows in the top corners of the screen. For further information, inquire with your nearest Sharp authorized projector dealer, service centre or Sharp sales office before purchasing. *3 The lamp life may vary
depending on usage conditions.
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