AVS | 5000I | AVS 5000i - 5 Star Car Alarms

Thank you for choosing the new AVS 5000i. The system has been designed
to provide excellent security and convenience for you and your vehicle.
Some features are identified as options – these may be installation
configurable or programmable. We recommend that the system
configuration and programming is left to an authorised AVS dealer.
We recommend that you read this guide carefully and keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
Particularly important items for you to note are identified with this
The alarm system
The AVS 5000i is a microprocessor controlled security system designed to
help protect your vehicle from being stolen. It includes two automatic
immobilisers to disable your vehicle’s electrical system. When armed, the
immobilisers will prevent the car being started.
The AVS 5000i also helps protect your vehicle’s contents from theft. When
armed, the system will trigger if the doors, boot, or bonnet are opened.
The AVS 5000i will also trigger if an impact to the vehicle is detected by the
shock sensor.
The remotes
The AVS 5000i comes with two remotes. The remote is used to control the
system’s various features and functions. The remotes have rolling codes (4
billion codes) to prevent scanning and code grabbing devices. The top
button is the one nearest the LED light. Further remotes can be obtained
from your AVS dealer and can easily be programmed into the system.
Battery replacement – long life Lithium batteries are fitted as standard to
the remote. The replacement part is: CR1616 (two per remote) and are
available from your AVS dealer or any good electrical retailer. To open the
remote, remove the two screws on the back of the remote with a Phillips
screwdriver. Once the new batteries are inserted and the screws replaced,
check the LED illuminates by pressing any of the buttons.
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It is wise to replace the remote batteries before they fail
completely. An indication that the batteries need replacing is a
reduction in the operating range. When the batteries in the
remote are almost flat the remote’s LED will flash instead of
lighting constantly when a button is pressed.
Normal operation
Auto immobilisation
The AVS 5000i will automatically immobilise 38 seconds after the ignition is
switched off. The LED will flash once the car is auto-immobilised. The
immobilisers must be disarmed before the vehicle can be started.
Arming the system
To arm the system turn off the ignition, exit the vehicle and ensure all
doors (and bonnet/boot/hatch) are properly closed then press the top
button on your remote.
The indicator lights will flash once and siren will also chirp once. If the
system is connected to your central door locking the doors will lock at this
point. The LED light on the dash will stay on for 20 seconds then flash. The
system will not activate until the LED on the dash starts flashing.
This procedure will also arm the alarm if the system has entered autoimmobilise mode.
Error zone report
If any of the zones (door/bonnet/boot/hatch) are open when you arm the
alarm the system will warn you by chirping after four seconds. The system
will still arm, but will exclude the open zone until it is properly closed. See
the table below for zone codes.
Number of chirps
Error zone
Shock sensor
Voltage drop
Optional sensor
* If your vehicle has a factory interior light delay this feature may not be available.
Disarming the system
To disarm the system, press the top button on the remote. The indicator
lights will flash twice and the siren will chirp twice. If the system is
connected to the vehicle’s central door locking system the doors will unlock
at this point. The LED light on the dash will stop flashing.
When the system is in auto-immobilise mode turn the ignition on and push
either remote button to disarm.
Triggered zone report
If the alarm has been triggered while you have been away from the vehicle
the LED can tell you which zone has activated. When you first turn on the
ignition watch the LED and count the number of flashes. See the table
below for zone codes.
Number of flashes
Triggered zone
Shock sensor
Voltage drop
Optional sensor
Silent arm/disarm
Push the bottom button on the remote to silent arm or silent disarm. The
indicators will still flash once for arm and twice for disarm.
Auto re-arm and re-lock
The AVS 5000i will automatically re-arm and (if central door locking is
connected) re-lock the doors if the system is disarmed and a door not
opened within 30 seconds. This function prevents the accidental disarming
of the alarm system. This feature can be disabled by your AVS dealer if you
would prefer.
AVS 5000i battery back-up siren
The AVS 5000i is fitted with a battery back-up siren. The siren has its own
battery and charging system so it will continue to sound if power is cut to it
from the car. The siren is supplied with two keys for the key switch on the
top of the siren.
If you need to disconnect your vehicle’s battery the siren will
need to be turned off with the key switch before disconnecting the
battery. Remember to turn it back on when the battery is
AVS 5000i shock sensor
This two-stage shock sensor will chirp the siren five times if the sensor
detects a light impact to the vehicle. If another small impact is detected
within 15 seconds the alarm will trigger. If the shock sensor detects a large
impact the alarm will trigger.
The shock sensor (and any auxiliary sensors) can be temporarily
disabled. To do this arm the alarm then press top button again
within three seconds. The siren will emit a long chirp. The next
time the alarm is armed the sensors will automatically turn back
AVS 5000i additional features
Central door locking
The AVS 5000i has an interface to control the door locks. If you have
central door locking on your vehicle and have selected this option, your
doors will lock and unlock when you arm and disarm the alarm with the
NOTE: Some vehicles require additional door motors for this feature to
In-car lock
This function locks the doors when the ignition is on and the brake pedal is
touched twice. It requires central locking to operate.
Panic/car finder
The AVS 5000i includes a panic mode, which enables you to activate the
alarm from the remote. This feature only works when the ignition is turned
off. Press the bottom button for two seconds. The alarm will trigger for 30
Electronic boot release
This feature enables the boot/hatch to be unlocked by pressing the top
button for two seconds. The indicators will flash 10 times and the boot will
unlock. This is an optional installation feature that can be connected for an
additional installation charge.
NOTE: Vehicle’s without an electronic boot release (solenoid) will also
require additional parts.
Silent arm/disarm
The AVS 5000i can be programmed to silently arm and disarm. The
indicators will still flash.
Shock sensor (and optional sensor/s) disable
The shock sensor (and any auxiliary sensors) can be temporarily disabled.
To do this arm the alarm then press top button again within three seconds.
The siren will emit a long chirp. The next time the alarm is armed the
sensors will automatically turn back on.
Valet mode
The AVS 5000i can be put into ‘Valet mode’ which will stop the alarm
arming. This is a useful function if your vehicle is being serviced or
To enter ‘Valet mode’:
Disarm the alarm.
Turn the ignition on.
Push the top button on the remote 17 times.
Turn the ignition off.
The siren will chirp five times to confirm it is in ‘Valet mode’.
In ‘Valet Mode’ only the central locking (if connected) and the boot release
will operate from the remote.
To exit ‘Valet mode’:
Turn the ignition on.
Push and hold the top button on the remote for two seconds.
The siren will chirp five times to confirm ‘Valet mode’ is off.
Additional sensors
The AVS 5000i can be also be fitted with additional sensors including:
AVS ultrasonic sensor measures air pressure and movement
within the car and will trigger when that pressure changes. It is
designed to give greater protection for the interior of the vehicle.
This sensor is not suitable for situations where animals or children are left in
the vehicle or windows are left open while the alarm is armed.
AVS glass break sensor detects the sound frequency of breaking
AVS microwave sensor will detect body mass such as someone
entering the vehicle. It is designed for use on convertibles where
other sensors are not suitable. This sensor is not suitable for situations
where animals or children are left in the vehicle while the alarm is armed.
AVS tilt sensor is designed to protect mag wheels by triggering
the alarm if the car is jacked 2O in any direction after the alarm
has been armed.
NOTE: An additional charge will apply for each additional sensor fitted.
Interior piezo siren
This is an extremely high-pitched screamer siren for the cabin of
the car. An additional charge will apply. Do not leave animals or
children in the vehicle when the alarm is armed with this option fitted.
PIN code
In case you lose or damage your remotes (or the batteries are exhausted)
each individual unit can be programmed with an access Personal
Identification Number (PIN) of your choice.
Once your chosen PIN code is programmed into the system there
is no other record of your PIN code (the installer will not record
it). It is most important that you make a careful note of this PIN
code and carry it around with you in case you need it. Do not
proceed until you have done this!
PIN code over-ride:
To enter over-ride mode and disarm the system (the procedure is the same
if the alarm is armed or only auto-immobilised) follow the procedure below:
Open the driver’s door. The siren will sound.
Enter the car and close the door.
Within 30 seconds turn the ignition from ACC to OFF the number of
times for your PIN code and leave in the OFF position.
Wait 30 seconds, if the code is correct the alarm will stop and the
indicators will continue to flash for three minutes then the alarm will
disarm. If the alarm does not stop after 30 seconds, the code was
entered incorrectly. Start again from 1.
Problem solving
Following are some common questions and answers regarding the
operation of the AVS 5000i.
Why is the remote range getting shorter?
The remote battery is going flat. See your AVS dealer or any good electrical
retailer for replacement batteries.
I have lost/damaged my remote. How do I start the car?
You can disarm the system by using the PIN code override procedure.
My alarm chirps more than once when I arm the system?
The system is warning you that a door or bonnet/boot is open. Disarm the
system, correct the problem and start again.
I disarmed the system a few minutes ago but now it is armed again?
It is most likely that the system recognised you did not enter the car so it
has automatically re-armed, and (if central door locking is connected)
locked the doors. This feature can be disabled by your AVS dealer.
The system disarms and the dash lights are working but the car won‘t
This is often an indicator of a flat car battery. The AVS 5000i draws such a
small amount of power the system can be armed and disarmed (just like
you can still see the dash lights) but the car does not have enough power
to start. You will need to replace or recharge the car battery.
If jump-starting the car to recharge the car battery please use
protected jumper leads as failure to do so can do irreparable
damage to the alarm system and your car’s computer system and
will void your car alarm warranty.
The system disarms but when I try to start the car there is a clicking sound
and/or the siren chirps when I crank the engine but the car won‘t start?
This is often another indicator of a flat battery. See above.
I’m worried the alarm will drain the car battery?
The AVS 5000i have been designed to draw as small amount of current
from your car battery as possible. As long as the car’s battery is in good
condition the system should not adversely affect most car’s batteries if left
unattended for up to about three weeks.
Three year warranty
Complete the information below and keep with your original
receipt for the three year warranty period.
Installation details:
Date of
Installer #:
Your details:
Rego #:
Terms and Conditions:
Manta Electronics Ltd warrants the original consumer purchaser that the product described above,
installed in the vehicle above, is free from defects in material and workmanship. Should this product be
proven to be defective in materials or workmanship during the term of the warranty, Manta Electronics
Ltd shall replace or repair any product or part of the product which Manta Electronics Ltd agrees is
defective, without charge.
Warranty on installation labour, removal and reinstallation charges are not the responsibility of Manta
Electronics Ltd.
If you require a mobile technician to call there will be a call out charge regardless of the cause of the fault.
Any damage to the products as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, incorrect wiring, improper
installation, repair or alteration outside Manta Electronics Ltd approved dealers will void warranty.
Remote control transmitters and batteries are not covered under warranty.
This warranty shall not apply to any product which is found to have been modified, repaired or altered in
any way without the express written consent of Manta Electronics Ltd. This warranty shall not apply to
any equipment or product connected to the Manta Electronics Ltd product.
This warranty does not constitute a guarantee or insurance against the theft of the vehicle or contents
This warranty does not affect your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.
AVS is a registered trademark of:
Manta Electronics is a member of the
New Zealand Security Assocation.
PO Box 33 504
New Zealand
NZ 0800 438 862
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