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Thank you for purchasing the
ExoLife™, the premier battery case
for the iPhone 4. We hope that you
enjoy the freedom that comes from
hours of additional use between
charges of your iPhone 4. Please
read this manual carefully, in its
entirety, as it contains important
information concerning proper use
of the ExoLife™.
The ExoLife™ is a sleek, protective
exoskeleton for the iPhone 4, outfitted
with a rechargeable battery, to give
your iPhone the extra power that
you need. The ExoLife™ serves two
functions: POWER and PROTECTION.
The lithium-ion polymer battery inside
the ExoLife™ virtually doubles the
battery life of your iPhone so you
can talk, surf, watch and play longer.
And there is no need to sacrifice the
beauty of you iPhone with some
clumsy looking case - the hardshell
casing of the ExoLife™ wraps snugly
around your iPhone to give it maximum
protection while enhancing the look
and feel of the iPhone itself.
In addition, the ExoLife™ offers 3
features: ExoClear™ technology that
eliminates signal interference with
your phone, ExoSave™ intelligent
battery technology that automatically
turns off the ExoLife™ when it is not
needed and ExoSync™ for quick,
easy and precise syncing with your
iTunes. The ExoLife™ is designed
specifically for the iPhone 4. For
more information please visit us at:
Package Contents
(1) ExoLife™ battery case
(2) USB 2.0 cable
(3) Quick Start Guide
(4) User’s Manual
Made for iPhone 4
Dimensions: 2.44 x 5.1 x 0.59in
Battery Type:
Battery Power:
62 x 129.5 x 14.9mm
2.08 oz (59 grams)
Lithum-ion Polymer
up to additional 300 hrs
up to addtional 7 hrs
up to additional 6 hrs
up to additional 40 hrs
up to addtional 10 hrs
- Sleek polycarbonate hard shell
protects your iPhone from drops,
bumps and scratches
- 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer
battery virtually doubles the life
of your iPhone
- LED battery meter shows remaining
battery life
- ExoClear™technology eliminates
interference with your iPhone’s
- ExoSync™ ensures quick, easy and
precise syncing with iTunes
- ExoSave™ intelligent battery technology automatically turns off the
ExoLife™ when your iPhone is fully
charged or when it is not in use to
conserve battery life
How To Use The ExoLife™
For first time use: charge the ExoLife™
without the iPhone connected until
fully charged (approx. 5 hours). To
charge the ExoLife™ , plug in the
included USB cable into the ExoLife™
and plug the other end into your
computer or the iPhone power adapter.
The LED lights will roll back and forth
during the charging stage. When the
ExoLife™ is fully charged, the battery
status bars will be all lit and the
power button will be lit as well.
How to charge the ExoLife™
1. Locate the USB Cover on the
bottom of the ExoLife™. (It will be
indicated by the USB symbol).
2. Open the cover
3. Connect the USB cable to the miniUSB port on the ExoLife™.
4. Connect the other end of the USB
cable to your computer or iPhone
power adapter.
(Note: you may charge the ExoLife™
with or without the iPhone connected).
How to turn on the ExoLife™
1. Press and hold the power button
for 5 seconds. The status meter
will light up from left to right and
the power button will light up.
How to turn off the ExoLife™
1. Press and hold the power button
for 5 seconds. The status meter
will turn off from right to left and
the power button will turn off.
How to check the battery life
1. Press and hold the power button
for 2 seconds
How to read the battery meter
1. More than 75% = full bar
2. 50-75% = 3/4 bar
3. 25-50% = 1/2 bar ™
4. Less than 25% = 1/4 bar
5. Less than 10% = blinking 1/4 bar
How to sync the iPhone with the
ExoLife™ connected
1. Connect the USB cable provided
to the USB port on the ExoLife
2. Connect the other end of the USB
cable to your computer
3. Open iTunes
User Tips
1. For maximum battery life, only turn
the ExoLife™ on when the iPhone
battery is nearly depleted
2. Keep the ExoLife™ dry and away
from direct heat and sunlight
3. If you need to charge the iPhone
and ExoLife™ quickly, remove
the iPhone from the ExoLife™
and charge the iPhone and the
ExoLife™ seperately
4. If the ExoLife™ is on without being
connected to the iPhone or being
used by the iPhone, our ExoSave™
technology will turn off the
ExoLife™ automatically
How does ExoSave™ work?
ExoSave™ intelligent battery technology can determine when to turn
off the ExoLife™ to conserve remaining
battery power. This feature runs in the
background without any interference
or additional power consumption.
What’s the best way to charge the
ExoLife™ ?
For the quickest charge time, charge
the iPhone and ExoLife™ seperately.
Safety Instructions
Read all safety instructions and
warnings thoroughly before using
this product. Improper use of this
product may result in damage to this
or attached products, and/or cause
excess heat, toxic fumes, fire, burns
or explosion.
1. Do not disassemble the battery
or attempt to recharge the
battery outisde of the case
2. Charge only using a USB 2.0
certified charging cable through
the mini-USB port on the ExoLife™
3. Do not attempt to replace the
4. Do not crush, puncture, dispose of
in fire, short the contacts or expose
the battery to water or other liquids
5. Do not store or use the battery in
a high temperature environment
6. Avoid excessive drops, bumps,
abrasion and impact. If there is
any reason to believe that there
is damage to the battery,
discontinue use immediately. If
you find that the battery is too
hot, is emitting an odor is
deformed, punctured or exhibits
any suspicious or abnormal
behavior, stop use immediately
and contact EXOGEAR™
7. Always charge this battery before
extended storage
8. Please dispose this and all
batteries safely and in accordance
with all applicable state and
federal laws regarding proper
battery disposal
9. Operating temperatures:
Charge: 32°F ~ 122°F
0°C ~ +50°C
Discharge: -4°F ~ 140°F
-20°C ~ +60°C
Storage temperature:
-4°F ~ 113°F, -20°C ~ + 45°C
Three-Year Limited Warranty
EXOGEAR™’s warranty obligations are
limited to the terms set forth below:
EXOGEAR™ warrants that, subject to the
following limiations, each of its products
(”Product”) will be free from defects in
material and workmanship and conform to
the Product specifications for a period of
THREE (3) YEAR from the date of original
retail purchase. This warranty applies only
to Products manufactured by EXOGEAR™
that contain the “EXOGEAR™” trademark,
trade name, or logo affixed thereon. Further,
this warranty applies only to the original
purchaseer of the Product and all warranty
claims must be accompanied by and submitted with a copy of the sales receipt.
EXOGEAR™ will have no liability for any Product
returned if EXOGEAR™ determines that:
• The Product was not purchased from an
authorized reseller.
• The person asserting the warranty is the
not original purchaser of the Product.
• The asserted defect is attributable to
misuse, abuse, mishandling, improper
installation, alteration (including removing
or obliterating labels), or accident while
in the possession of someone other than
• The Product's external casing was opened
or if any of the internal components were
exposed in any way.
• Any “wear and tear” of the Product.
Your exclusive remedy for any defective
Product is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective Product. EXOGEAR™
may elect which remedy or combination of
remedies to provide in its sole discretion.
EXOGEAR™ shall have a reasonable time
after determining that a defective Product
exists to repair or replace a defective
Product. EXOGEAR™’s replacement Product
under its limited warranty will be manufactured from new and serviceable used
parts. EXOGEAR™’s warranty applies to
repaired or replaced Products for the
balance of the applicable period of the
original warranty or ninety days from the
date of shipment of the repaired or
replaced Product, whichever is longer.
There are no warranties that extend beyond
the face of the EXOGEAR™ limited warranty.
EXOGEAR™ disclaims all other warranties,
express or impled, regarding the Products,
including any implied warranties of
merchantability, fitness or a particular purpose,
or noninfringement. Some jurisdictions do not
allow the exclusion of the implied warranties.
EXOGEAR™’s entire liability for any defective
Product shall in no event exceed the purchase
price of the defective Product. This limitation
applies even if EXOGEAR™ cannot or does not
repair or replace any defective Product and
your exclusive remedy fails of its essential
EXOGEAR™ has no liability for general,
consequential, incidental or special damages.
These include loss of use of or damage to any
other product used in conjunction with the
defective Products, loss of recorded data, the
cost of recovery of lost data, lost profits,
downtime, loss of goodwill, damage to or
replacement of equipment and property, the
cost of the installation or removal of any
Products, the installation of replacement
Products, and any necessary inspection, testing,
or redesign caused by any defect or by the
repair or replacement of Products arising
from a defect in any Product.
In the United States, some states do not allow
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations above may
not apply to you. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have
other rights that vary from state to state.
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