USB Firmware Upgrade Instructions

USB Firmware Upgrade Instructions
 USB Firmware Update Guide (VP Series) (Step 1) Log into DVR then Maintain Log into DVR. Make sure you have the latest Firmware update for your model on USB drive. See for updates under the resource tab of the product your are updating. Once you are logged in select the MAINTAIN icon. See below screen reference. (Step 2) Version Once you are in the MAITAIN section if you have done so already make sure your USB drive is plugged into the front of the DVR. Go ahead and select the VERSION icon. (Step 3) Version Verification Once in the VERIFICATION screen see below screen shot note the version on your current DVR. Verify the version you are updating is later than what is currently on the DVR. Also make sure Firmware version is the correct one. Example 8 channel DVR needs 8 channel Firmware. (Step 4) Locate, Start Update You should see the file name in the drop down under the File Name section on the VERSION screen. If you do not see your file make sure it ends with the file extension (.bin) on your USB. Back out of the VERSION screen and then come back to it to confirm if the files can then be seen on the drop down. Once you select the file (see below screen shot) select the START button. You will see a progress bar as it updates. Your DVR will need to be restarted after the firmware is updated. (Your normal configurations settings like record times and camera screen names should stay as you originally set them up.) NOTE: On some older version DVR’s you may not see a drop down or the DVR may not recognize the file name. In this case change the name of your file to vss.bin on your USB drive. Re insert the drive and click START button. 
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