Spirent TestCenter
OpenFlow Controller Emulation
ƒƒ With Spirent’s high-scale of
Controllers, Flows and Switches,
we can test a large switch network
with large amounts of flows and
traffic analysis on each data path for
Spirent’s OpenFlow controller emulation is an industry leading solution that allows companies
to benchmark flow scalability and forwarding performance of High Speed Ethernet in addition
to virtual OpenFlow network devices. OpenFlow controller emulation solution delivers the
required empirical data to determine if OpenFlow compatible network devices and SoftwareDefined Networking (SDN) applications can deliver business benefits without degrading the user
ƒƒ Test all aspects of your OpenFlow 1.3
network design with our high scaled
and fully featured controller including
features such as: Multi-Table, Group
Table, Metering , Master & Slave
As networks evolve to being software-
ƒƒ Validate all type of Flows including
IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, MPLS, ARP with
Spirent’s comprehensive traffic
generation and routing support.
OSPF, and IS-IS. OpenFlow network devices
ƒƒ Test in a secure network
environment under heavy load with
Spirent’s support of TLS 1.2 secure
OpenFlow Channel.
ƒƒ Test your Switches’ Test Flows under
load. Spirent’s OpenFlow Controller
Emulation works independently
of the data ports but with full
knowledge of what is defined.
ƒƒ Test your large Switch network
in both directions. Spirent’s
Bound Flow Editor combined with
the Switch Topology Discovery
automatically sets up Flows on all
switches in both directions.
ƒƒ Test Controller failover with
OpenFlow’s master-slave function.
Spirent’s Command Sequencer can
take multiple Controllers defined
with specific roles, change the roles
and bring the controllers up and
down over time.
ƒƒ Test Flow add rate and validate.
Spirent can measure the flow-add
rate and then verify the flow was
added or modified with traffic
defined on both sides of the switch.
defined, OpenFlow devices must co-exist
with traditional Ethernet switches running
VLANs, MPLS, and routing protocols like BGP,
must also prove scalability and performance
across multi-site data centers, virtualized cloud
computing and big data networks.
Spirent’s OpenFlow controller emulation is able
to stress-test OpenFlow network switches,
providing insight into the throughput and
capacity under load. It measures performance,
availability, security and scalability of
OpenFlow network devices and end-to-end
SDN application scale by defining millions of
flows and exercising them with traffic patterns
and behavior.
Spirent TestCenter
OpenFlow Controller Emulation
ƒƒ High Speed Ethernet networks:
Test end-to-end performance and
scale of OpenFlow networks by
populating multi device forwarding
tables, physical and virtual,
with several thousands of flows
combined with end-to-end traffic
OpenFlow Controller Emulation highlights
ƒƒ Open Networking Foundation OpenFlow 1.0 /1.3 specifications
ƒƒ Push 1 million + flows to switches
ƒƒ Emulate up to 20 controllers per port running v1.3 or v1.0
ƒƒ Control up to 1000+ switches with a single controller
ƒƒ Proactive mode controller support
ƒƒ Data path verification of switch flow tables
ƒƒ Test hybrid switches supporting traditional and OpenFlow forwarding
ƒƒ Hybrid Ethernet switches: Test
switch ability to process OpenFlow
flow traffic in combination with
Spanning Tree, BGP, MPLS-TP and
other protocols and determine
hybrid environment throughput and
ƒƒ Run multiple protocols concurrently on each OpenFlow traffic port to test
scalability and protocol functionality
ƒƒ Comprehensive results for analysis including Flow Add rates
ƒƒ Add Flows using traffic already defined, Text Editor, or Graphical Flow
ƒƒ Support for IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, MPLS, VXLAN Flows
ƒƒ Switch Topology Discover using LLDP
ƒƒ Virtual switches: Test OpenFlow
capable virtual switch for flow
scale and data plane throughput
ƒƒ Multiple Table Support with Metadata
ƒƒ Flow Metering Support
ƒƒ Master / Slave support for all controllers
ƒƒ Group Table Support for types: All, Select, Indirect, and Fast-FailOver
ƒƒ Secure OpenFlow Channel Support with TLS v1.2
modules &
ƒƒ Supported on the Spirent MX, MX2, FX, FX2, DX and DX2 Family modules
ƒƒ OpenFlow Controller Emulation
ƒƒ Supported on Spirent TestCenter Virtual
ƒƒ Supported on Spirent TestCenter C1 and C50
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