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CT-24 GPS Tracker User Manual
CT-24 in Pelican Case with
Magnetic Attachment,
15,600mAh Li-Ion Battery
and Standalone Intelligent
Battery Charger
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Getting Started
Please see the important safety and product
Information guide in the support section of
warnings and other important information.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your
use of this device complies with applicable
laws in your area. Some jurisdictions have
laws or regulations concerning the use of
location tracking devices. GPSAnyPlace is not
responsible for your use of this device in
violation of any such laws or regulations.
CT-24 Box Contents
CT-24 with 1800mAh Internal Battery
110V or 220V AC Mains USB Charger
12V DC Car Cigar Charger
USB Charging Cable
CT-24 Tracking Kit Contents
CT-24 with 1800mAh Internal Battery
110V or 220V AC Mains USB Charger
12V DC Car Cigar Charger
USB Charging Cable
15,600mAh External Battery and Molex
KK to Molex Pico Battery Adapter Cable
Intelligent Li-Ion Charger and Molex KK
and Molex Pico Charger Adapter Cables
Pelican Case with Magnetic Attachment
Start Up Basics
When using the GPSAnyPlace CT-24 for the
first time, complete these tasks.
1. Configure the CT-24 as required.
2. Charge the CT-24 external battery.
3. Turn on the CT-24.
4. Log on to your GPSAnyPlace web-based
GPS tracking account and view the CT24 online.
Configuring the CT-24 – Done !!
How to Start Tracking Your CT-24
Before you receive your CT-24 GPS tracking
kit, it will have already been activated and
pre-programmed by your GPS tracking
service provider. This will have set up such
parameters as :
Turn on the tracker. The Power ON/OFF
switch is on the side of the CT-24.
Position the GPS tracker in a suitable
place to receive a good GPS signal and
wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the CT-24 to:
Connect to the local GSM mobile
wireless network (constant Red
LED on CT-24).
b. Acquire its first GPS position fix
(constant Blue LED on CT-24).
Log on to your GPS tracking account.
GPS report settings (e.g. moving and
stationary report interval, total number
of reports, stop and stationary alert
intervals, etc.)
Vibration Sensor (e.g. wake up delay,
report interval, total number of
reports, power saving mode, etc.)
GPS tracking server (e.g. GPS tracking
device serial number, Internet server
address and port, wireless data
protocol, Username & Password, etc.)
Wireless Data SIM card (e.g. wireless
carrier gateway, card activation, etc.)
Web-based GPS Tracking Account (e.g.
Username and Password, etc.)
Note: Your login information should have
been provided to you as follows:
Login URL: __________________________
Username: __________________________
Password: __________________________
Please write down your login information
and keep it in a safe place.
Charging the CT-24 Battery
The CT-24 1800mAh (internal) and
15600mAh (external) 3.7V Li-Ion batteries
can be charged as follows :
Using the CT-24 and the AC Mains
a. Turn-Off the CT-24. (This will speed
up the charging process).
b. Connect the AC Mains charger and
the Battery to the CT-24.
c. The LED on the CT-24 will be lit
Green when the Battery is charging
and will turn OFF when completed.
The 1800mAh (internal) Battery will take 3½
Hours to charge via AC Mains Charger.
Using the Standalone Intelligent Li-Ion
Battery Charger.
a. Turn off the CT-24 and Disconnect
the 15,600mAh Battery.
b. Connect the 15,600mAh battery to
the Intelligent Li-Ion Battery
Charger via the adapter cable.
c. The LED on the Intelligent Li-Ion
Battery Charger will be Red when
Charging the battery and then go
Green when the Charging is
The 15,600mAh (external) Battery will take
10 hours to charge with the Standalone
Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Charger.
What the LEDs Indicate :
The CT-24 has 4 LEDs (lights) :
Red, Blue, Green and Amber.
Red LED: GSM Wireless Status
Blue LED: GPS Satellite Status
Flashing: Searching for GSM wireless system
immediately after Power turned ON.
Flashing: Searching for GPS satellite signals
after Power turned ON.
Constant: Connected to GSM system.
Constant: Connected to at least 4 GPS
satellites and the GPS position is fixed.
Off : Connection lost to GSM system – out of
GSM coverage area. GPS reports will be
stored in memory and sent when the GSM
connection is restored.
Off : Connection lost to GPS system. GPS
signal level is too low to get a position fix.
Constant (Power Save Mode Enabled):
Connected to GSM system and about to send
GPS report.
Off (Power Save Mode Enabled):
Connected to GSM system, but in power
save mode between GPS reports.
Constant Bright (Power Save Mode
Enabled): Connected to GPS system and
about to send GPS report.
Constant Dim (Power Save Mode Enabled):
Connected to GSM system, but in power
save mode between GPS reports.
Amber LED: Panic Button, Low
Battery and Programming Mode
Slow Flashes: Low battery level. Recharge
battery as soon as possible.
Quick Flash: SMS text message.
Quick Flash (After Quick SOS Button Press):
One Flash: Vibration GPS reports
Two Flashes: Fixed interval GPS reports
Three Flashes: Vibration and fixed interval
GPS reports.
Five Quick Flashes (After 5 Second SOS
Button Press): Panic Mode enabled.
Constant: CT-24 connected to Programming
Utility cable.
Green LED: Battery Charging
Constant Dim, Blue and Red LEDs Bright:
CT-24 battery charging, with CT-24 turned
Constant Bright, Blue and Red LEDs Off:
CT-24 battery charging, with CT-24 turned
Frequently Asked Questions
Care & Use:
Q: How do I look after the CT-24?
A: Keep it dry, away from dirt and dust and
protect it from hard knocks or excessive
temperature. A rubber cover, ballistic nylon
belt pouch or pelican case accessory is
Q: What is the best way to charge the
internal 1800mAh battery ?
A: Connect the AC Mains or 12V Car Cigar
Charger to the CT-24, which will take about 3
Q: What is the best way to charge the high
capacity external 15,600mAh battery ?
A: Use the Standalone Intelligent Li-Ion
Battery Charger, which will take about 10
Q: What is the typical voltage when the
battery is 100% fully charged and when it is
at 0% remaining.
A: Battery Full = 4100mV (approx), Battery
Empty = 3600mV (approx). Note that as with
all Li-Ion batteries, after about 250 full
discharge cycles, the battery will lose about
15-20% of its charging capacity.
Battery Life:
Q: What is the typical battery life under
normal conditions ?
A: The battery life depends on the GPS
report interval and the battery size.
Assuming a 1 hour GPS report interval and 1
minute vibration sense report interval, with
‘Power Save’ mode enabled, the 1800mAh
internal battery should last 10-14 days and
the 15,600mAh battery should last at least
30 days.
Q: Where is the best place to put the tracker
for good GPS reception ?
A: You can put the tracker in any location
where it is not completely encased in a metal
box or beneath large amounts of concrete
like in the basement of a building. The GPS
tracker needs to be able to get a view of the
sky if possible, so close to a window is
Problem: No Red or Blue LED’s lit on CT24 and no GPS reports received.
Possible Causes and Solutions:
1) CT-24 Turned Off.
Re-charge or replace battery.
CT-24 has poor GPS/GSM signals.
Set Power switch to ON.
Battery Discharged.
Place CT-24 in location with good
GPS and GSM coverage.
Check if SIM card is installed and
secured with tape under battery.
Faulty CT-24
Return to GPSAnyPlace Authorized
Distributor for warranty repair.
GSM SIM card not authorized to
operate in International data
‘Roaming’ mode.
Possible Causes and Solutions:
1) Problems with GPS Tracking
Contact GPSAnyPlace Tech Support
to check if the wireless GPRS data
Contact GPSAnyPlace Tech Support
for a replacement SIM card which
supports Int’l data GPRS roaming.
The SIM card is authorized for
International GPRS data roaming,
but the selected GSM carrier does
not support GPRS.
Problem: Red and Blue LED’s lit on CT24, but no GPS reports received.
SIM card is activated and properly
Contact GPSAnyPlace Tech Support
to check if GPS reports are being
received from the CT-24 at the GPS
tracking server. Check for any
network outages with the wireless
Contact GPSAnyPlace Tech Support
to remotely select an alternate
GSM carrier that supports GPRS.
Contact GPSAnyPlace Tech Support
to change the CT-24 to SMS mode.
You might have to change the GPS
report interval to avoid large
international roaming SMS charges.
CT-24 Technical Specifications
GSM Chipset: Siemens-Cinterion MC55i
GPS Chipset: SiRFStar III
Chipset: SiRFStar III
Datum: WGS-84
Sensitivity: -159dBm
Reacquisition: <0.1sec Time To First Fix
Hot:1sec TTFF typical
Warm: 38sec TTFF typical
Cold: 42sec TTFF typical
Position Accuracy: 15m RMS without
SA (Selective Availability)
Frequency Band: Siemens MC55i
Quadband 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Antenna: Internal GSM antenna, active
GPS patch antenna
Mains AC Power Supply: 5.0 ~ 8.0V DC
with charging current of 500mA
Battery Power Supply: 3.7V DC
Internal Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
External Battery (optional): 15,600mAh
Battery Operation:
> 50 hours (power save mode, 1 GPS
report per hour, 1800mAh Battery)
> 30 Days (power save mode, 1 GPS
report per hour, 15,600mAh Battery)
Dimension: 64.66 x 43.19 x 27.70mm
(with 1800mA battery)
Weight: 92g (with 1800mAh battery)
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
* Send positions via SMS or GPRS.
* Store and Forward data logging.
* Built in Vibration sensor.
* SMS polling in power saving mode.
* Remote configuration via SMS.
* Optimized dual GPS report intervals
for stationary vs. moving operation.
* Min 3 second GPS report interval.
* Cell-ID reporting.
* Quick mode change toggle button.
* GSM operator preference via SMS.
* Remote GSM and GPS signal strength
and battery voltage measurements.
* Microphone for one-way audio.
Warranty Period
GPSAnyPlace, LLC warrants their products to
be free from all defects and malfunctions in
materials and workmanship for a period of
12 months from the original purchase date
from GPSAnyPlace, LLC or GPSAnyPlace
Authorized Dealers.
If the equipment functions improperly during
the warranty period, GPSAnyPlace will either
repair or replace the unit without charge.
Such repair service will include necessary
The product should be returned freight prepaid by the purchaser within the valid
warranty period to the GPSAnyPlace
Authorized Distributor. Notice that you must
contact your GPSAnyPlace Authorized
Distributor for a RMA (Return Material
Authorization) number before returning the
goods for repair. Telephone and email
assistance will also be provided during the
warranty period.
This warranty is limited only to the repair or
replacement of defective parts confirmed by
GPSAnyPlace to be a result of faulty
materials or workmanship. Instruments
mechanically or physically damaged due to
the following conditions are beyond the
product warranty:
• Neglect, misuse or abuse, such as
incorrect testing, installation or operation.
• Place product in extreme environments
beyond the limits of the specifications.
• Subjected to disassembling, soldering,
alteration, unauthorized repair, and
• Any incidental or consequential losses or
damages result from the purchase.
• Disaster, accident, using any unauthentic
substitutive equipment or loss of any
accessory that is not provided by
For damages caused under the above
conditions, please contact your Authorized
replacement options.
CT-24 Accessories
Auto Voltage Adapter Kit
Magnetic Reed (Open/Closed)
Sensor & 6V DC Power Connector
Rubber Cover with Magnetic Plate
Ballistic Nylon Belt Pouch
Contact Information:
Authorized Distributor:
Gary Ryan – President & CEO
34719 Sykes Road
Saint Helens, OR 97051 USA
Sales & Marketing
Tel: (503) 366-4486
Email: garyryan@gpsanyplace.com
Technical Support
Tel: (813) 419-4382
Billing & Website
Tel: (386) 761-6449
Email: kerry@gpsanyplace.com
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