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User Manual for the Antari M-1 Mobile Fog Machine
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M-1 Mobile Fogger
Thank you for choosing Antari’s M-1 Mobile Fogger. You now own a
sturdy and portable state-of-the-art fog machine. Prior to use, we
suggest that you carefully read all of the instructions. By following the
suggestions found in this user manual, you can look forward to
exceptional performance from your Antari Mobile Fog Machine for years
to come.
Please follow these operation, safety and maintenance instructions
to ensure a
long and safe life for your fog machine.
Output: 100 cu.ft. / min
Power Consumption: 75 W
Tank Capacity: 110 cc
Battery: DC 12V / 2.3 Ah
Consumption: 2 cc / min
Weight: 2.7 Kg
Dimensions (mm): L 227 W 66 H 81
Continuous Output Duration:10-12 minutes (battery)
Unlimited (power adaptor)
Pay attention to all warning labels and instructions printed on the
exterior of your Antari M-1 Fog Machine
Danger of electric shock
Keep this device dry.
Always remove the battery or unplug the power adaptor to your Antari
M-1 Fog Machine before filling the liquid tank.
Keep fog machine upright.
Remove the battery or unplug the power adaptor when not in use.
ƒ This machine is not waterproof or splash proof. If moisture, water, or
fog liquid gets inside the housing, immediately remove power and
contact a service technician or your Antari dealer before using it again.
ƒ No user serviceable parts inside. Refer to your Antari dealer or other
qualified service personnel.
Danger of burns
ƒ For adult use only. Fog machine must be installed out of the reach of
children. Never leave the unit running unattended.
ƒ Keep nozzle at least 50 cm (20 in.) away from contact with anything
while in operation.
ƒ The fog vapor at point of release is under pressure and is extremely
ƒ Never aim the output nozzle directly at people.
ƒ Fog machine output is hot. Avoid coming within 50 cm of the output
nozzle during operation.
ƒ Place the fog machine in a well-ventilated area. Never cover the
vents on the front of the M-1. Never aim the output nozzle at open
ƒ The output nozzle becomes hot during operation. Keep flammable
materials at least 50 cm away from the nozzle.
ƒ Always allow your Antari Fog Machine to cool down before attempting
to clean or service it.
Danger of explosion
ƒ Do not expose the battery to excessive heat, keep away from open
flames and do not attempt to remove the case.
ƒ Never add flammable liquids of any kind (oil, gas, perfume) to the fog
ƒ Use only the high quality, water/glycol based fog liquid that your Antari
dealer recommends. Other fog liquids may generate a poor fog effect,
clog the internal components or “spit” fog liquid.
ƒ Always make sure there is sufficient liquid in the fog liquid tank. The
fluid level can be monitored via the window at the back of the machine.
ƒ Operating this unit without liquid will cause damage to the pump and
the heater.
ƒ If your Antari Fog Machine fails to work properly, discontinue use
immediately. Drain all fog liquid from the tank, pack the unit securely
(preferably in the original packing material), and return it to your Antari
dealer for service.
ƒ Always drain fog liquid from the tank before shipping or transporting
this unit.
ƒ Never drink fog liquid. If it is ingested, call a doctor immediately. If
fog liquid comes in contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with
Unpacking & Inspection
Open the shipping carton and check that all equipment necessary to
operate the system has arrived intact. In addition to this user manual,
you should receive the following items:
1. M-1 Mobile fogger
2. 12V – 2.3Ah rechargeable battery
3. Rechargeable battery charger
4. Power cable for the battery charger
5. 500 cc bottle of Antari fog liquid
6. Briefcase sized Mobile Fogger flight case
ƒ Before beginning initial setup of your Antari Fog Machine, make sure
that there is no evident damage caused by transportation.
ƒ In the event that the unit’s housing or cable is damaged, do not plug it
in and do not attempt to use it until after contacting your Antari dealer
for assistance.
ƒ Remove all packing materials from the fog machine. Check that all
foam and plastic padding is removed, especially in the nozzle area.
ƒ Fill with Antari Fog Liquid or dealer recommended high-quality
water-based fog fluid. Any other types of fluid can damage the unit.
When filled, place cap back on liquid tank.
ƒ Charge the battery. Plug the adaptor into a grounded electrical outlet.
The green light on the battery charger will light up when it is connected
to the power supply. Then connect the charging head to the battery.
Please note the battery required 8hr charging time on first charge. The
battery will be fully charged in approximately 2~3 hr.
ƒ The charge will last between 10-12 minutes of constant fog output
before needing to be re-charged.
ƒ Plug the charged battery into the bottom of the M-1 Mobile Fogger with
the label face up.
Lift-up the plate before inserting the battery.
Make sure the battery is inserted on the right position (see photo).
ƒ The green light by the front of the handle will flash when the button is
first pressed. This indicates the battery has enough charge to power
the M-1.
ƒ When the red light starts to flash, the battery needs to be charged.
The machine will still be able to fog for a short period of time after the
red light begins flashing.
ƒ To generate smoke, press the button on the front of the M-1 Mobile
Fogger’s handle.
ƒ There are two operation modes that can be selected for the M-1.
1. Operation mode 1. Allows the fog machine to fog as long as the
handle’s button or the remote control’s button is pressed down. To
stop fogging, stop pressing the button!
2. Operation mode 2. Works on a press once to start and press again
to stop basis. In this mode, start fogging by pressing the button.
The M-1 will fog continuously until the button is pressed a second
ƒ Use the small switch on the right side of the M-1. The switch is inside
the case and is adjusted through the small hole on the side of the
ƒ To select operation mode 1. Slide the switch towards the back of
the M-1 (towards the cap on the liquid tank).
ƒ To select operation mode 2. Slide the switch towards the front of
the M-1 (towards the nozzle).
ƒ When an optional remote is connected, please see the detailed
instructions for their operation below.
ƒ The machine will fog until the battery charge runs down or the M-1
runs out of fog liquid. When the M-1 is connected to the optional
power adaptor, carefully monitor the level of the fog liquid to make sure
the machine does not run out of liquid. Operating continuously, the
machine will run out of liquid in approximately 50 minutes.
ƒ A full battery charge will power the M-1 for a period of 10-12 minutes
before needing to be recharged. When using the battery, the charge
will run down several times before the fluid needs to be refilled.
Note: There is no warm-up time with the M-1 Mobile Fogger. Unlike
most other fog machines, you do not have to wait for the heater to
warm-up before fogging.
ƒ The M-1 Mobile Fogger can be carried in hand or installed in a fixed
location as desired.
ƒ Wherever the machine is placed, it is important that fog does not shoot
directly at any one’s face, at open flames or directly into any heat
susceptible material.
ƒ The machine can be held or installed at any angle. After refilling the
liquid tank, screw the cap on tightly. Failing to do so will result in
leakage if the machine is placed at an angle.
Optional Remote Control Operation
There are two optional remote controls designed for the M-1 Mobile
1. MCT-1 Timer Remote Control: This remote control is connected
via an 8-meter cord.
The duration of the fog blast is set at 10
seconds. The interval is controlled by the dial on the remote and is
adjustable between 3 and 220 seconds.
2. MCR-1 Wireless Remote Control: This remote control consists of
two components. The transmitter is on a small key chain and has
a range of up to 50 meters from the receiver. The receiver
connects to the side of the M-1 Mobile Fogger and can attach to the
M-1’s case via a magnetic strip.
Pressing the remote control’s
button once starts the M-1 fogging. A second press stops the
M-1’s fog output.
Warning: The battery must be removed and the power adaptor
unplugged before connecting or disconnecting either of the remote
controls to the M-1 Mobile Fogger.
Optional Power Adaptor
When desired the M-1 Mobile fogger can be powered by an optional
power adaptor which plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The adaptor
connects to a dummy battery which plugs into the battery slot on the M-1.
This allows for unlimited operation of the fog machine. The
disadvantage is that a power supply is required and the mobility of the
M-1 is reduced as a result. The advantage is that the machine can fog
continuously over an unlimited period of time.
ƒ Always monitor tank fluid level as you are fogging. Running a fog
machine with no fluid can permanently damage the unit.
ƒ If you experience low output, pump noise or no output at all, remove
the battery immediately. Check fluid level and re-charge the battery.
When the liquid tank is full and the battery is charged, plug the battery
in and press the button on the handle.
ƒ If the machine is still not working and you are unable to determine the
cause of the problem, do not continue pushing the remote button, as
this may damage the unit. Do not open the case. There are no user
serviceable parts inside. Return the machine to an Antari dealer for
Performance Notes
ƒ All fog machines develop condensation around the output nozzle.
Because this may result in some moisture accumulation on the surface
below the output nozzle, consider this condensation when installing
your unit.
ƒ Fog machines may sputter small amounts of fog occasionally during
operation and for a minute or so after being turned off. This is normal
and is not indicative of a defect.
ƒ After continuous operation, the case of the fog machine will become
warm, especially at the front of the machine. Take care in handling
the machine during and shortly after fogging. Only carry the M-1
Mobile Fogger by the handle and let the machine cool down before
packing it in a carrying case.
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