Installation: Bollard and Pipe Guard

Installation: Bollard and Pipe Guard
Pipe Guards and Bollards
Franklin Fueling carries a variety of sizes of Flex-ing Pipe Guards and Bollards.
For both the bollard (Figure 1) or Pipe Guard (Figure 2), A suggested footing is shown in Figure 1.
If the bollard needs to be be stronger, it can be filled with concrete, and the footing can be up to 4 ½ feet deep. The
strongest bollards would be constructed with re-bar in the bollard and in the footing.
3’ Minimum
12" Minimum
Figure 1: Bollard Installation
Optional Bollard Cap
Apply epoxy to end of bollard pipe
1. Install cap after bollard is installed.
2. Apply epoxy to the rim of the
bollard. Loctite H3151 or equivalent
is recommended. Follow epoxy
manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Set the cap on the bollard.
4. Clean off any epoxy that squeezes
out after installing the cap. Denatured
alcohol and many common industrial
solvents are suitable for removing
uncured adhesive.
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Figure 2: Pipe Guard
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