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Wisdom Quest
U S E R ’ S M A N UA L
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How To Play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
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Getting Started
Technical Support:
If you have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked
Questions “FAQs” button on the Main Menu or visit our
website www.wilddivine.com/Faq. If you are still having
problems, please call Technical Support at 1-866-594WILD (9453).
Box Contents:
CD-ROM Software:
– One installation set (4 CD-ROMs) for PC
– One installation set (1 DVD) for Macintosh
– Wisdom Quest Training Guide & User’s Manual
System Requirements:
– 1.5 GB of Disk Space, 256MB of available RAM
– 800 X 600 color display
– CD-Rom drive
– QuickTime 6.5 (included)
– Intel Pentium III or higher
– 800 MHz processor (minimum)
– 1.25 GHz processor (recommended)
–Windows Windows 2000 or Windows XP
– G4 or higher
– 800 MHz processor (minimum)
– 1.25 GHz processor (recommended)
– Mac OSX v10.2.6 or later
Installation of the Software:
Step 1: Remove the CD-ROMs or DVD from the
installation set that matches your computer (PC or
Step 2: Insert “Disk Number 1” into your computer’s
CD-ROM drive.
Step 3: In a few moments, The Journey to Wild Divine disk
should auto-install.
NOTE: If it does not auto-install, then open The Journey
to Wild Divine disk on your desktop and double click on The
Journey to Wild Divine icon.
Step 4: Follow easy-to-use, on-screen instructions to
insert the remaining 3 disks.
SPECIAL NOTE:This process will take approximately
ten to fifteen minutes including the software registration. Please
allow the install of QuickTime; it will not reinstall it if you
already have it.
How To Play
SPECIAL NOTE: Please turn off your computer's
screensaver so that your gameplay is not interrupted.
Getting to the Main Menu:
Double click on The Journey to Wild Divine icon that
appears on your desktop screen after you’ve completed the
installation process.
When you start the program for the first time, you
will be asked to enter your serial number to authenticate
The Journey software and activate your warranty. Your
Wisdom Quest serial number is found on the back of your
CD/DVD installation pack. If you have Internet access,
click the register button.This will take you to our online
registration system. Otherwise, you can register and get
the code by calling Customer Service at 1-866-594WILD (9453).
Main Menu Screen
After you enter your activation code, you will arrive
at the Main Menu screen that looks like the figure on the
bottom of the previous page. By clicking on the corresponding buttons you have the opportunity to do nine
different things:
1. New Journey – Click here to begin a new
Journey. Selecting the New Journey button will
prompt a dialogue box to appear with the following
three options.
a) Introduction
Place an “X” in this box and click begin if you’d
like to see a short introduction movie. The movie
will not play if you do not choose it. Then choose
one of the following two mode to begin (see page
6 for more detail on each of the following modes).
b) Guided Activity Mode
c) Quest Mode
2. Save Journey – Click here to save any journey.
3. Load Journey – Click here to load a journey that
you have previously saved.
4. How to Play – Click here to learn how to play
or to review instructions. During your journey you
can press the <h> key to access help at any time.
5. System – New! Choose here from 5 levels of
difficulty. Change them as often as you like to
meet your desired level of challenge.
New! Click the Preference option to choose other
advanced settings for your journey.
You can also click here to check the functionality
of the finger sensors from this screen. (See the
System Screen on Page 12 of the FAQs.)
6. FAQs – Click here to find answers to common
questions about the program.
8. Return to Journey – Click here to return to a
journey in progress.
9. Quit – Click here to leave your journey for a
while. Remember to save before exiting.
Option Screen
VERY SPECIAL NOTE: Any time you want to return
to the Menu when you are playing the game, just hit the
<ESC> – usually located at the upper, left corner of the keyboard.
Guided Activity Mode vs. Quest Mode:
Guided Activity Mode provides direct access to 20
challenging biofeedback activities with very little navigation on the user’s part. It is designed to be used as a
focused mind-body training tool that quickly immerses
you into the activities. With the accompanying Training
Manual, you will become skilled at balancing different
states of energy from excitement and joy to relaxation and
deep meditation.
∑ You must use the <esc> key to return to the Guided
Activity Mode menu after you complete each event.
Keep in mind that if you feel adventurous you can continue to explore in Quest Mode rather than press the
<esc> key to return to the Guided Activity Mode.
In Quest Mode you will navigate many different
paths, thoroughly exploring the mythological landscapes
and adventures within the Sun Realm. Complete this
hero’s journey and learn to enter different states of mind,
body and spirit through over 40 biofeedback activities
The Basics:
The Journey to Wild Divine is played using a unique
blend of standard mouse navigation combined with the
use of the finger sensors for use in the biofeedback
“Activities”. The best way to learn to play is by clicking
the “How to Play” button on the Main Menu or during a
journey simply press the <h> key where you’ll see an
instructional tour of all the elements on the Play Screen.
Hint:Visit the new map feature by pressing the “M” key
on your computer keyboard. Areas you visit will be “lit up” and
you can return to them directly by clicking on them in the map.
Using the Magic Wand (new features in Wisdom Quest):
Your magic wand has some exciting new features in
Wisdom Quest. As in The Passage, your Magic Wand acts as
your navigational tool allowing you to move throughout
the Sun Realm. This time, you have a new rotating camera angle that allows you to view your entire environment
in 360o. Click and keep holding down on your mouse to
move in any direction you’d like to explore.You can move
up, down, side to side, to rotate all around the entire scene.
As with the previous version, when the tip turns
from blue to gold, this indicates an area that is available to
explore - click on the mouse to proceed in that direction.
The “swoosh” of stars signifies a direction for navigation.
Guided Activity Mode Screen
The Navigator:
Throughout the realm
navigational help is provided
by the Navigator Compass –
this new icon is at the bottom
left of your screen in the
Control Panel.
The Navigator Compass moves in a full 360o. The
stars around the Navigator Compass indicate the directions that you can explore in the Realm, given your current position.The Navigator Compass and the stars act as
radar as you move your Magic Wand over the gameplay
Playing Activities (more new options in Wisdom Quest!):
An “Activity” in The Journey is the opportunity to
use the Magic Rings (or biofeedback sensors) on your
fingers to move through a Journey challenge or to “just
play”using your energy flow.
In Wisdom Quest, there are now two activity indicators, purple and orange. When you move your wand
over an area and “Purple Haze” appears, this indicates
that you have the chance to enter an Activity that has a
specific, intended outcome.To proceed along this chosen
path, you must complete this biofeedback activity. Click
on the Purple Haze with your wand to begin the Activity.
The next type of Activity is indicated by the appearance of “Orange Mist”.These activities have no end per
se, they are practice and skill building activities and can
continue for as long as you like. Simply click the “I’m finished now” button on the screen when you’re ready to
continue on your journey.
Biofeedback in each Activity
There are three types of biofeedback Activities
throughout the game. The “Durga Eyes” will appear as
you enter most activities and act as a visual cue to tell you
what type of “Energy” Activity it is.When the Eyes open
with magenta pupils, you must summon your energy with
strong, uplifting thoughts of joy or excitement. On the
contrary, when the Eyes appear with blue pupils and then
close, you must work to bring your energy level down
into a calm, meditative and relaxed state.
Hint: read the Training Manual for tips on hints how
how to achieve these activity results.
You will be able to watch your progress during
these events with the “Energy Bar” that appears on the
bottom of your screen. This highly useful tool provides
you with an indication of your energy flow. Blue energy
flow shows that you are in a more relaxed energy state
while red energy flow shows you are more energized.This
tool provides you with realtime feedback.
The final type of Activity is designated by a
Glowing Heart. When you see the Glowing Heart, you
will engage in your breathing techniques.
The Butterfly Maiden has given you a pair of
“Breath Wings” that will appear on the bottom of your
screen in these exercises. Breathe gently in for 5 seconds,
then out for 5 seconds with the wings as they softly flutter (watch for new breaths throughout the game and pay
attention to see if the rate of the Breath Wings changes).
Your ability to control your energy level and master the Heart Breath will improve with practice. And as
you develop these skills, not only will you advance in your
Journey to Wild Divine and be asked to perform ‘complex’
events, but you also will emerge more prepared to navigate your own, personal life journey.
and FAQs
Question: Where is my serial number to register?
Answer: Your software serial number is found on the
back of the Install Disks envelope.
Question: “How do navigate? I’m not sure how to use
the 3D system.”
Answer: To Navigate press the mouse button and keep it
held down. Move your mouse in the direction you want
to move (left, right, up or down). If you see a ‘shower of
stars’ you can click on it to move to a different area.
Question: “What are the two modes in Wisdom Quest?”
Answer: When you begin a New Journey from the Main
Menu you will see that you have a choice of two modes:
Guided Activity Mode and Quest Mode:
1. Guided Activity Mode is great for direct energy training, allowing you to access 20 biofeedback training activities directly.
2. Quest Mode allows you to access the entire Wisdom
Quest adventure with over 40 biofeedback activities.
Navigate throughout the realm, exploring and discovering the many paths and hidden treasures, unveiling many
personal lessons along the way.
Question: “How do I return to Guided Activity Mode?”
Answer: Anytime you want to return to the Guided
Activity Mode menu press the <esc> key.
Question: “What’s the difference between purple and
orange smoke?”
Answer: Purple smoke indicates an activity that you are
intended to complete to move on in your journey. If you
can not finish it, you should come back and try it again
later to complete and progress. Orange smoke means it is
a practice event, you should practice for as long as you like
and then quit the activity. Return again later for more
Question: “If I am in The Journey, how do I return to the
Main Menu?”
Answer: Simple, just hit the <ESC> key on your computer keyboard — usually on the upper left corner of the
Question: “How do I get to the Help Pages?”
Answer: Anytime you want to go to the Help Pages press
the <h> key.
Question: “How do I get help from the mentor?
Answer: Always REMEMBER: your mentor sits at the
bottom right of your screen waiting for you to click on
him to reveal helpful advice for doing the Activity. If confused or frustrated click on your guide!
Question: “Help! I’m lost! Is there a map?”
Answer: Simply press the “M” key on your keyboard
during gameplay. Or anytime you want to return to the
Guided Activity Mode menu press the <esc> key.
Question: “How do I exit an activity?”
Answer: The triangular button on the bottom of your
screen will always allow you to ‘back out’ of an activity.
Question: “How do I set the level of difficulty?”
Answer: The default setting is easy.To change that (up to
5 levels of difficulty) go to the System Screen.You can
access the System Screen from the Main Menu page.
Simply hit <ESC>.
Answer: In certain circumstances, the USB interface
between the computer and the Light Stone can confuse itself
and needs to be reset.To reset the USB interface, unplug the
USB cable from the Light Stone and plug it in again.
Question: “How do I know to pick something up?”
Answer: If you mouse over an object with your Magic
Wand and sparkles appear, you should click on the object
to turn your wand into the Helping Hand. Drag the object
to your Magic Bag with the Helping Hand. Chances are,
you’ll need that object down the road of your Journey.
Question: “If I take off the sensors and come back to
play, do I have to restart the game?”
Answer: No, taking off the sensors at any time does not
affect the play. It requires only a 25 second recalibration
System Screen
Question: How do I know if my sensors are working?
Answer: Click the “System” button on the Main Menu.
On the System’s page, you’ll see that your heart rate and
your SCL (Skin Conductance Level) is displayed (see bottom). To return to this screen press the <ESC> key on
your keyboard. This will take you to the Main Menu
screen where you can click on the System button to
return to the System page.To resume play, simply click the
“Return to Journey” icon on the Main Menu.
Question: “How do I start a new journey without the
Introduction movie?”
Answer: You will have the option when you start a new
journey to play without the Introduction movie.
Question: What happens if you hand off the finger sensors to someone else?
Answer: The finger sensing circuitry is adaptive to each
user. If a new user puts on the rings please allow 25 seconds for the sensor circuitry to recalibrate to the new user.
Question: “The ‘Unable to Detect Finger Sensors’ message box keeps appearing on my screen, what’s going on?”
The Journey to Wild Divine:Wisdom Queest
Designed and Directed by
Corwin Bell
Kurt Smith
Corwin Bell –Concept/3D Artist/Special Effects
Bryan Mayner – Lead 3D artist
Karen Sadenwater – Production Manager/Special Effects
Jan Delany - Game Design
Dennis Ruybal –Photoshop artist
Suzanne Labreque – 3D Artist
Jan Delany – Director of Technology
Rob Sheely – Director Programmer
Nik Gervae – xtra Programmer
Pete Clark - xtra Programmer
Deepak Chopra – Rama,Teacher of Wisdom
Jean Houston – Introduction, Game voiceovers
Nawang Khechog – Mentor
Dean Ornish – The Great Tree Spirit
Jessica Irby – Lady of Compassion
Colleen Sardinha– Butterfly Maiden
Lily Goldner – Pixie Helper
Shanti Shanti- Gate Keepers
Anna Coy –Breathing Instructor
Mickey Houlihan – The Sound Magician
Anne Bell – Horse Rider
Norma Johnson - Animal Cards, Dancer
Romona Mukherjee – Dancer
Bonnie Grey - Dancer
Tigo – the dog
Rain – the horse
Michael Verdick –Sound Director
Andy McEwen –Additional Sound Recording/Editing
Mickey Houlihan - Special Sound Effects
Music Score
Carolyn Fazio – Game Music scoring
Additional Scoring
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Deepak & Friends - A Gift of LoveVol. 1 – Love Poems
of Rumi. RS-3078-2.
“Desire” (Instrumental) Deepak Chopra and Adam Plack
“My Burning Heart” featuring Deepak Chopra
“The Meaning of Love” featuring Goldie Hawn
“The Privileged Lovers” featuring Deepak Chopra
“The Alchemy Of Love” featuring Deepak Chopra
“The Mirror” featuring DebraWinger
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Jean Houston –Introduction, game script
Nawang Khechog – Game script
TerriTrespicio–Training ManualWriter/Developer
Kathleen Jenks – Mythologist Consultant, Companion Guide
Corwin Bell – Companion Guide ContributingWriter
Wendy Goldner - Companion Guide/Training Manual /User's
Manual Editor
Animal Trainers
Animal Trainers
Dave Moran –Falconer
Lynn and Carol Wilkinson - Yaks
John Heise, Cynthia Fronk - Alpacas
Biofeedback Advisors
Liana Mattulich - Biofeedback
Bob Whitehouse - Biofeedback
Sunny Turner - Biofeedback
Hardware Development
Neil Blank –Lightstone
Unovo –Sensor development/manufacturing
Special Thanks for Wisdom/Guidance to
Yogi Bhajan
Deepak Chopra
Jean Houston
Nawang Khechog
Liana Mattulich
and many others...
Package Design
Linda Moldawsky
Molly Ruttan
Drawings/Layout for Training Manual
& Companion Guide (sold separately)
Molly Ruttan
A Special Thank You
Fredda Psaltis – Creator of the Healing Star of Peace
Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm - The Druid Animal
Frans and Bronwen Stiene - The Japanese Art of Reiki
Steve Smith - Video Tech
Shaana Mayner – Video Assistant
Linda Moldawsky - Graphic Artist
Immersive Studios
Everyone at Wild Divine Studios
Graphics and Construction Tools
3D Studio Max (Discreet)
Director (Macromedia)
Flash MX (Macromedia)
After Effects (Adobe)
Photoshop (Adobe)
Premier (Adobe)
Illusions (Wondertouch)
Music and Sound Tools
Pro Tools Audio Interface (Digidesign)
Additional Tools
Cleaner 5 (Discreet)
Quicktime Pro (Apple)
Chilkoot -Luna the White Wolf
Flash - the Dog
Jaws - the Falcon
Sound Files
PO Box 5021
Santa Monica, CA 90409
Technical Support
The answers to additional Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) can be found by selecting the FAQs button on the
Main Menu of the Journey.
Or visit http:/www.wilddivine.com/Faq for a more
detailed and updated list of support issues.
Technical support is also available at 1-866-594-WILD
Satisfaction Guarantee
and Warranty
The creators and developers of The Journey to Wild
Divine want you to have a rewarding experience with this
product as we have committed years of our lives to bring
this unique experience to you. However, if the experience
is just not working for you, please contact us within 30
days of your Registration and we will gladly allow you to
return the product for a full refund.
is a provider of multi-media adventures
for self-care and healing.
The Wild Divine Project
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