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The fastest
way between
ship and
Decoupling makes
your every move count
The Kalmar shuttle carrier improves terminal throughput by
decoupling ship-to-shore and yard operations. It is the ideal
horizontal transportation system for terminals designed around
automated stacking cranes or rubber-tyred gantry cranes.
Kalmar’s modular shuttle carriers are built on the
decades of experience behind Kalmar straddle
carriers, offering the same industry-leading features
in control systems, engine technology, hoisting,
hydraulics, brakes, cabin and spreaders.
The shuttle carrier concept is based on buffer areas
from which containers can be picked up the moment
they become available. In this way, each type of
equipment can operate at its own optimum speed
and best performance.
Less waiting, improved productivity
In smaller terminals, shuttle carriers can also serve
as 1-over-1 straddle carriers without the need for
additional stacking equipment. Flexible twin lifting
and support for ship-to-shore tandem operation add
further gains in productivity.
With shuttle carriers, container handover does not
require the simultaneous presence of the crane and
carrier. Shuttle carriers enable cranes to place the
container on the ground, eliminating the slow process
of positioning containers on trailers.
Cutting-edge innovation
Kalmar develops energy-efficient, safe and intelligent machinery
and automation solutions at its Technology and Competence
Centre in Tampere, Finland. The Centre is a unique research
facility that simulates port operations and includes an extensive
testing area for new equipment and solutions.
Modular design for
superior versatility
The latest generation of Kalmar shuttle carriers offers unprecedented
gains in manoeuvrability and efficiency, translating directly into improved
productivity as well as cost savings in your terminal operations.
Kalmar offers three shuttle carrier models to suit
different needs. All current models feature modular
designs that give the possibility to customise
machines based on the specific needs of your
fuel consumption, advanced safety features and
superior operator ergonomics, Kalmar shuttle carriers
are the fastest way to move containers horizontally
within terminals.
Future-proofed for automation
Faster, safer, more economical
Kalmar shuttle carriers are a product of Kalmar’s
commitment to research and development that
responds directly to customer needs. Featuring stateof-the-art drive technology, significantly decreased
Automation is the key element in keeping future
terminals competitive. All Kalmar shuttle carriers are
ready to take advantage of the major benefits offered
by port and process automation, from supporting the
efficiency achieved by manually operated models to
the fully automated AutoShuttle carriers.
Lower fuel consumption,
higher performance
The world’s first real hybrid shuttle carrier offers cost savings
and improves the sustainability of your operations.
The new Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier is a true leap
forward in terminal yard equipment. A regenerative
energy system converts electrical braking and
spreader lowering energy into electric power that
is stored by means of state-of-the-art battery
An automated start-stop system chooses the optimal
balance between engine and battery power. This also
extends engine and generator lifetimes as well as
maintenance intervals. Less frequent servicing and
refuelling increases machine availability.
Consuming up to 40% less fuel than existing shuttle
carriers in the market, Kalmar hybrid shuttle carriers
offer lifetime value through savings in operational
Meeting emission regulations
In addition to guaranteeing the best fuel efficiency in
the market, the Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier easily
meets the most stringent engine emission regulations
worldwide. The model emits over 50 tonnes less CO2
per year than a traditional diesel-electric machine.
Higher uptime, more work done
Kalmar hybrid shuttle carriers will keep containers
on the move rapidly and reliably, year after year. The
hybrid shuttle is economical to maintain, with service
intervals of up to 1,000 hours. The new energy
storage is maintenance-free. All regular maintenance
points are easily accessible from the ground or the
top frame platform.
Fast, silent, economical
The Kalmar hybrid is the quietest and
most economical shuttle carrier ever built.
Revolutionary ride
The new steering system features
individual control of each wheel.
Agile mover
In any container terminal, every saved second makes a difference
in productivity. The Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier contributes directly
to your profitability with greatly increased manoeuvrability.
The new Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier features a
completely redesigned drive and steering system with
individual control of each wheel. The machine can
move diagonally in “crab” mode or even pirouette on
the spot around its vertical axis. This radical increase
in manoeuvrability enables shorter work cycles and
reduces terminal congestion.
For further operator comfort, at high speeds the
shuttle carrier automatically switches to “truck” mode
with the front wheels steering.
Superior safety
Kalmar shuttle carriers have the strongest frame
offered by any manufacturer, featuring a streamlined
yet extremely rigid design. All key components
are protected within the side frame, yet are easily
accessible for maintenance. With its active torquebased stability control system, the Kalmar hybrid
shuttle carrier establishes a new level for safety of
Proven reliability
In use worldwide since 2006, the Kalmar classic shuttle carrier
continues to offer excellent value to port and terminal operators.
Kalmar classic shuttle carriers are easily maintained.
Only basic mechanical skills are needed, and all
maintenance points are readily accessible. Like other
Kalmar shuttle carriers, the classic model is designed
for extended service intervals of up to 1,000 hours,
keeping downtime to a minimum while maximising
equipment utilisation.
Power mover
The all-new Kalmar electric shuttle carrier offers high performance,
excellent fuel efficiency and low noise. Featuring diesel-electric
drive combined with the same superb manoeuvrability as the hybrid
shuttle carrier, the electric complies with the latest exhaust emission
regulations and can be fully automated.
The new Kalmar electric shuttle carrier offers all the
latest features in a diesel-electric configuration. With
the exception of a different power train, the model
range offers exactly the same productivity, mobility
and safety benefits as the new Kalmar hybrid shuttle
The electric version features highly reliable hydraulics
with low oil volumes, very low noise and exhaust
emissions as well as low fuel consumption.
As with the Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier, a reliable
winch rope hoist system features a loose rope
prevention and indicator system, and offers simple
rope installation with only six pulleys.
Powerful simplicity
The Kalmar classic shuttle carrier is powered by fuelefficient yet powerful diesel engines and a reliable,
low-noise hydrostatic drive. The classic model is
equipped with Kalmar’s patented Smoothlift hoist
system that features a single hoist cylinder requiring
no brakes or gears.
driven by
your needs
The new Kalmar hybrid and electric
shuttle carriers offer a wide range
of advanced features that boost
productivity, shorten cycle times,
improve safety and provide the best
operator experience in the industry.
Ergonomic cabin for productivity and safety
Active stability control
The newly redesigned cabin features a more spacious
interior as well as a new window geometry that
reduces night-time reflections and cabin noise.
Automatic stability control ensures smooth and safe
driving by continuously monitoring speed, turn radius
and the spreader’s position, slowing the vehicle
automatically when needed. The new active stability
control is installed as a standard feature on Kalmar
hybrid and electric shuttle carriers.
The new cabin has been designed together with
Kalmar customers. In addition to its intuitive user
interface, the cabin features dimmable LED lighting,
more ergonomic seating as well as excellent allaround visibility – all factors contributing to ease and
safety of operation.
All spreader functions are controlled with the right
hand and steering with the left. The operator seat
can be rotated electrically to any position within
180 degrees, allowing comfortable driving in all
Independent steering
The revolutionary independent steering geometry
allows Kalmar hybrid and electric shuttle carriers
to manoeuvre with greatly increased precision
and speed. By turning the front and rear tyres into
opposite directions, the vehicle can spin in place or
move diagonally sideways. The shuttle carrier can
also be driven with front wheel steering.
Remote connection and monitoring
All Kalmar shuttle carriers can be equipped for
remote connections and monitoring, allowing
seamless integration with diagnostic applications.
New hybrid drive
The Kalmar hybrid is the world’s first real hybrid
shuttle carrier. The model features a new power unit
platform, a small diesel engine of approximately
70 kW power, a permanent magnet generator and
state-of-the-art battery technology.
By utilising mechanical energy from braking and
spreader lowering, the system can deliver a
remarkable 40% decrease in fuel consumption
compared to existing shuttle carriers in the market.
This not only adds up to significant cost savings for
your terminal, but also increases the sustainability
of your operations.
Heavy-duty spreaders
with superior features
Bromma, a Cargotec company, is the industry’s most
experienced spreader manufacturer, known worldwide
for crane spreaders of exceptional reliability.
Drawing on 30 years of Bromma’s continuous
research and development, Kalmar offers spreaders
with an unrivalled range of features such as positive
physical longitudinal locking for T-beams and hard
wiring for all spreader electric functions. Integration
with the shuttle carrier’s safety system ensures secure
and fast container handling.
Single lift spreader
Ready for automation
Although the main issues impacting productivity have
likely already been solved at existing terminals, there
is still a considerable efficiency improvement possible.
Saving mere seconds per activity by easing the work
of the operators results in significant yearly savings.
Kalmar AutoShuttle™:
Streamlining horizontal transportation
A fully automated container terminal sets the industry
standard for productivity and costs. The automation
results in reliable performance as well as vastly
improved safety and security.
Process automation facilitates exactly that. By
capturing information and automating its flow, small
incremental improvements are turned into significant
productivity gains. This makes process automation an
accessible and fast way to get immediate productivity
improvements for a relatively small initial investment.
Even a partial adaptation of process automation
increases productivity and equipment utilisation rates,
improves safety and reduces the potential for manual
Kalmar AutoShuttle carriers pick and place containers
directly from the ground under the ship-to-shore
crane, thus creating a buffer under the crane. Flexible
use of buffers enables the crane to support twin lift,
tandem lift and dual cycling.
Kalmar SmartPort is the most comprehensive
platform for terminal process automation in the
marine industry. SmartPort spans the entire range of
automation solutions for terminal operations.
As AutoShuttles have a higher utilisation rate, fewer
vehicles are required to transport the same number of
containers, reducing both the associated investment
in equipment and the overall maintenance costs.
A reduction of 50% in comparison to a terminal
featuring flatbed automated guided vehicles is typical.
The reduced number of vehicles on the apron also
leads directly to less traffic congestion as well as
shorter waiting periods.
In the yard, SmartStack ensures that through real
time automated inventory reporting and management,
you will never have to waste time searching for your
containers. SmartPath increases equipment utilisation
rates through position dependent order assignment,
ensuring the right shuttle carrier for each job. The fleet
of shuttle carriers can be monitored remotely with
SmartFleet, allowing you to increase the availability
and providing optimal equipment efficiency at
all times.
AutoShuttle operation normally takes place under
the ship-to-shore crane backreach, leaving space
for manual operation under the crane portal. A fence
separates the automated and manual areas.
The base spreader on Kalmar shuttle carriers is a
single-lift 20’–40’ spreader with fully floating twist locks.
The twin lift spreader provides enhanced container
handling capacity with minimal service requirements.
The twin lift spreader is available in capacities of
20’, 40’ and 2 x 20’ and it is based on the robust
20’–40’ spreader.
Extendable twin lift spreader
The latest addition to the Bromma spreader family is
the extendable twin lift spreader with 20’–40’–45’ and
2 x 20’ measures. It enables 5’ of movement in twin
handling. This enables, for example, easy access to
check the door seals directly beneath a ship-to-shore
Making sure your
business never stops
Defining the right maintenance strategy is a critical
decision. Will you choose to run operations yourself or
work with a partner?
To which partner you trust the maintenance makes
a big difference for your business. We at Kalmar are
committed to provide lifetime care to contribute to
your long-term success.
Kalmar Care adopts to your needs
Kalmar Care is our flexible and scalable maintenance
service portfolio that allows you to focus your resources
on your core business. We have designed it to reduce
your operational risks, as you get the flexibility to
handle peaks, improve internal cost transparency and
maximise the availability of your fleet.
Automating existing fleets
All Kalmar shuttle carriers integrate seamlessly with
SmartPort solutions and can be automated in a costefficient way. The automation level of new machines
can be customised based on your needs.
Twin lift spreader
There are four different types of contracts
to choose from. With Support Care, we will
support your maintenance process on demand.
Essential Care covers agreed maintenance tasks
proactively. Complete Care will meet your complete
maintenance requirements and with Optimal Care,
we take maintenance one step further – we use our
knowledge and experience to optimise your business
We also support you with a wide range of parts and
logistics services. In addition to maintenance, we
perform extensive refurbishment and upgrade projects
with experience.
Global network, local presence
Kalmar provides services for all cargo handling
brands. Currently we are present in over 120
countries, with more than 1,500 service professionals
supporting more than 1,000 customers worldwide.
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, offers the widest range of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals,
distribution centres and to heavy industry. Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal automation and in
energy efficient container handling, with one in four container movements around the globe being handled by
a Kalmar solution. Through its extensive product portfolio, global service network and ability to enable a seamless
integration of different terminal processes, Kalmar improves the efficiency of every move. www.kalmarglobal.com
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