2010 UFO Data Sheet A4

2010 UFO Data Sheet A4
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Setting the standards in paper folding
For more than two decades the UK manufactured Morgana UFO has been
regarded as the top quality suction feed folder in its class – not just in
the UK, but also in markets throughout the world.
Key product features
• Powerful suction feeder handles a wide range of paper weights
& sizes
• Side lay register & alignment of the sheets, prior to folding
• Adjustable head-up display
• Fully enclosed fold plates with ‘dial-a-fold’ and LED display,
fitted with anti-static brushes, skew and micro adjustments
• Swing-up perforating and scoring attachment
• Variable speed up to 30,000 sph
• Fully adjustable long delivery belt stacker
• Counting & batching
• Double sheet, anti jam detector
• Caliper roller pressure settings
• Can be linked with optional Cross-fold
When a piece of equipment becomes an industry ‘standard’, there are
always good reasons.
In the case of the UFO these include high productivity – 30,000 sheets
per hour, large capacity, proven reliability and flexibility, together with
an unmatched choice of options, including cross-fold units that link with
the folder in five different ways.
Now the UK–made UFO has been made even better. A new ‘head up’
display makes the folder very easy to use and highly productive with
advanced electronics to allow the operator to check the status of all
functions at a glance.
The display rotates through 180°which means the operator can now
work from either side of the folder. This is particularly useful when using
cross-fold units and allows a single operator to produce a much wider
range of work.
The new UFO also provides a greater range of adjustment for control of
suction feed length and the gaps between each sheet. Counting and
batching is also controlled with a total count and an indicator showing
production speeds.
The UFO features Morgana’s pulsed action suction feed and electronic
suction length adjustment. It provides dial-a-fold plate settings,
combination fold rollers with pressure settings and side lay register.
Perforating and scoring and counting and batching are standard.
All good reasons why the UFO is likely to be the top of its class for many
years to come.
The electric delivery can be fitted to the rear of the UFO.
This provides greater productivity when handling heavier stocks or
perforating and scoring. Morgana cross-fold units can operate from
either the left or right of the folder to provide a greater range of folding
options. The cross-fold unit can be fitted under the UFO to enable a
landscape 16pp to be handled.
The fold plates are fully enclosed and all necessary adjustments can be
made without removing them.
Setting the standards in paper folding
technical specifications
Maximum sheet size
640mm x 457mm
Minimum sheet size
150mm x 120mm
Maximum paper weight
240gsm (varies according to material and grain direction)
Minimum paper weight
Maximum speed per hour (A4)
L 1910mm x W 785mm x H 1460mm
Power requirement
240v 50/60hz
Maximum sheet size
457mm x 320mm
Minimum sheet size
100mm x 100mm
Maximum paper weight
240gsm (varies according to material and grain direction)
Minimum paper weight
Maximum speed per hour (A4)
L 1550mm x W 710mm x H 1310mm
Power requirement
240v 50/60hz
Note: the production speed varies according to material size
Pictures show UFO with optional CrossFold unit purchased separately
As part of our continued product improvement plan, specifications and information published here are subject to change without notice.
All specifications are dependent on application, type of stock, temperature, RH and print engine used.
Specifications quoted were measured on uncoated and unprinted stock.
E & OE.
UFO data sheet ver 1 - 06/10
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