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iQ Pro Series
A revolutionary class of networked projectors
iQ™(PRO) Series,
Winner of 5 Technology Awards:
"Pick Hit of NAB"
Video Systems Magazine, US
"Most Creative New Product at InfoComm"
KNews InfoComm Show Awards, US
"SatisFecit Award"
SATIS Expo, France
"Vanguard Award"
Video Systems Magazine, US
"Standing Ovation Award"
Presentations Magazine, US
Barco iQ PRO Series
The iQ PRO projector will change the way we currently meet, share ideas and
make decisions. This revolutionary networked projector allows you to give truly
wireless presentations. There is no need to bring your laptop to the meeting; you
can send any file (in any format) over the network to the projector. The
projector’s integrated server gives you the ability to save frequently used
presentations and corporate movies on the projector’s hard disk. As all content can
be retrieved over LAN, the user no longer needs dedicated PC’s, DVD’s or AV
cabling in meeting rooms, resulting in a cost saving on peripherals and cabling.
The AV Facility Manager can remotely control and manage a fleet of
projectors from one location. If a presenter needs help setting up a projector, it is
no longer necessary to run to the meeting room to give assistance. The AV Facility
Manager can assist the presenter without leaving his office. These adjustments can
be done instantly (over the network) right from their desk, allowing uninterrupted
meetings, so meeting attendants do not waste valuable meeting time. Central
Control and Management allow companies to save money on support services.
The innovative iQ PRO projector allows you to show up to 3 source windows
simultaneously. For example, a corporate video and the agenda can be shown next
to your normal presentation. The iQ PRO’s innovative dual-lamp design provides the
added confidence you need to give compelling and powerful presentations in any
meeting room, from an executive boardroom to a mid-sized auditorium.
Smart people make smart presentations with iQ.
Improve your Return on Investment
• Up to 5,000 ANSI lumens
• Powerful computer server integrated
• Access presentations over LAN, straight from the projector
• Wireless LAN, streaming video and Bluetooth ready
• Remote control & diagnostics of a fleet of projectors
• Advanced picture-in-picture (2 data and 1 video)
• Seamless source switching
• Intelligent dual-lamp design
Reduce your total cost of
1. Effective virtual
With the iQ PRO Series, peripherals are
integrated into the projector or into
your current LAN infrastructure.
The result: Cost savings!
• The iQ PRO’s integrated server can
replace the dedicated PC connected
to the projector in your meeting
• Use wired network cables and
eliminate the cost of expensive coax
and switching equipment.
• Use a wireless LAN network and
present without wires.
• The iQ PRO is designed with an
intelligent dual-lamp system, which
means that redundancy is integrated
into the projector design and there is
no need to invest in a back-up unit
Even when people are not physically
present during a meeting, the iQ Pro
will make interaction during virtual
meetings easier and more efficient.
The iQ Pro enables remote meeting
participants to…
• follow the presentation from their
remote location and view the same
image on their laptops as the
meeting participants see on the
screen in the meeting room
• transfer files to the projector in the
meeting room
• take mouse and keyboard control of
the presentation and projector, when
they need to do their part of the
iQ PRO for networked applications
n Area
2. Information Display
Frequently used presentations and
digital video material can be saved on
the iQ PRO’s server (hard disk), and
launched from there. No need to have
a video recorder in the reception area.
This is ideal for projectors with looping,
recurrent information like the
‘welcome’ screens in reception areas
that have corporate videos running all
3. Effective collaborative
During collaborative meetings, people
come together to share information
and make decisions. The iQ PRO gives
meeting participants the power to …
• display content from their laptops
instantly on the screen, one by one.
It is no longer necessary to
disconnect and pass the RGB cable
• transfer control over a presentation
to various meeting participants easily
and quickly
• have all files (spreadsheets, previous
presentations, the Internet, etc.) at
hand, files can be retrieved from the
LAN when needed
• display information from wireless
• save presentation notes on the LAN,
making them immediately available
to all meeting participants.
AV Facility
4. Manage and control a fleet of projectors from
virtually anywhere
5. Streaming media
Faster diagnostics, improved
maintenance and service
• View status of all crucial parameters
• Projector status information can be
sent by the iQ Pro projector through
• Software updates can be done over
the network.
Remote control of networked
The iQ PRO projector can be fully
managed over your existing LAN
• Control all typical projector functions
remotely, from the IT, AV department
or anywhere else.
• Start up a full fleet of projectors
simultaneously at the beginning of
the day, or put any of them in
standby, based on the use of the
meeting rooms.
When you want to show a corporate
video during a presentation, you no
longer need a video recorder
connected to the projector. The iQ PRO
projector is streaming video ready.
Video material can be saved on the
LAN, so that you can get it straight
from the company network.
streaming streaming
Room 1
6. Meetings with external
7. Enter the meeting room
without a laptop
A wireless or wired point-to-point
network connection can be made to
display the presentation of an external
party, who does not have access to the
LAN, on the iQ PRO projector.
Alternatively, the presentation of a
visitor can be shown by including a
Memory Stick in the PCMCIA slot of the
iQ PRO projector.
Transmit files (presentations, data,
graphics, etc.) over the LAN; no need
to bring your laptop to the meeting.
Your presentation will now come
straight from the LAN or the hard disk
of the iQ PRO projector.
Room 2
Presenter’s software
Two powerful software packages come
One software package is designed to
The D RO P Z O N E software has been
designed with the presenter in mind.
It allows you to easily drag & drop any
file from your laptop, straight on to the
projector, over the LAN.
make it easy for presenters to control
the projector from their laptop. The
other one gives the AV Facility Manager
the ability to remotely control and
diagnose a fleet of projectors.
You can browse trough the files of your
laptop and on the corporate network, look
for the presentation or file you want to
display, and launch it straight on the
This button allows you to see the image
generated by the iQ Server on your
laptop. You can follow the presentation
and have keyboard and mouse control
over the projector via your laptop.
Select files from the hard disk inside the
projector and launch them immediately.
Choose the name of projector you will use
during your presentation. If you do not know
the name of the projector, you can still send
your files to the right projector just by
selecting the room in which you will be
doing your presentation.
You can choose between two Drop Modes:
• Launch:
During a meeting, select a file from the
network and show it immediately on the
• Store:
This button allows you to save the
presentation on the projector in the meeting
room where you will give your presentation;
there’s no need to take along your laptop to
the meeting. DROPZONE also allows you to
store your files per user in order to achieve
and maintain an effective security level.
Easy system integration
Thanks to the powerful processing power of the
iQ PRO projector, the server within the projector
becomes an ideal platform for installing the
software you need for your specific applications.
The iQ PRO networked projector can be fully
integrated into your company’s infrastructure.
Remote control & diagnostics
AV Facility Manager’s software
This Barco software package enables
the AV Facility Manager to control and
diagnose a fleet of projectors remotely.
This results in an improved support
from Help Desk. In addition, they can
manage the projector remotely and
react immediately to the needs of the
presenters, from their desk .
No need to run to a meeting room to
adjust projector settings, this can all be
done remotely and instantly, over the
The Simple Network Management
Protocol allows you to operate and to
administrate the projector from an
SNMP client.
The Exchange Integration Client
lets you schedule your projector from
A webclient allows controlling the
projector and retrieving diagnostic
information through a regular
webbrowser. ActiveX compatibility
furthermore allows integration of these
functions in your own application.
From his desk, the AV Facility Manager can
define the content and layout of the
projected images throughout the building.
This screen shows how the technical people
can create picture-in-picture layouts for any
projector connected to the network. This
way, the Help Desk can set the projector up
in advance, exactly like the presenter wants
it, saving valuable meeting time.
To improve maintenance support and handle
potential problems before they come to
surface, emails can be sent by the iQ PRO
projector to inform Help Desk on lamp
life, system operation, etc.
Just select the parameters you want
for email alerts, and you will be
able to monitor the critical
parameters of your projectors
more easily.
Another unique function of this software is
its ability to manage a complete group of iQ
PRO projectors remotely. You can define
groups of projectors, based on applications
or location, and you can for example start
them up and turn them off at the same time
every day.
The right projector can help you deliver a m
Show multiple sources simultaneously
The iQ Pro projector allows you to
simultaneously display two data and
one video image from different
sources, helping you to get your
message across in a more powerful
way. Add effective images alongside
your presentation, like your ad
campaign, live news broadcasts, a DVD
source or even a product drawing. Do it
all on one screen, using one projector.
Easily compare data from different
Efficient decision making often means
exchanging and retrieving information
in a fast and efficient way. Previously,
when exchanging data during
meetings, laptops needed to be
connected and disconnected, and
information was shown on the screen
in a sequential way. Now, the iQ Pro
enables you to show 2 data sources
simultaneously, so data can be
compared side by side.
Position and size your source
windows on the screen
As you add sources with your remote
control, you can resize and move the
source windows on the screen to
create the perfect layout for your
meeting. For example, you can create
a small video window running on top
of your presentation. Save and load
your preferred settings and screen
arrangement, allowing you to recall it
Use transition effects when
switching from e.g. data to
video sources
Enhance the flow and momentum of your presentations
Switch sources instantly or use
professional transition effects
Switch sources on-the-fly without
distracting on-screen warning
messages or irritating intervals.
Go from a video to a data image in a
snap, or use special effects like fadein/out or vertical curtain to change
sources. Now that's professional!
Instantly show your logo on the
screen during intermissions
You can pre-program your company
logo or some other appropriate image
to automatically appear on the screen
when there’s no active source.
This image can also be shown during
intermissions or long discussions, with
one single click on the remote control.
up to
Hold back the projector’s light from
the screen as needed
The light shutter button on the remote
control, enables you to hold back the
light of the projector. This way you can
keep your first slide hidden from the
audience. Open the lens shutter when
you’re ready to start your presentation.
ANSI lumens
ore powerful message
Easily scroll for details
The iQ P RO projector allows you to
digitally zoom inside a window and
scroll for the details you
want to emphasize. This
way it is easy for you to
zoom in on the details
of a technical drawing or
other data. All actions
take place without
freezing the image,
thanks to iQ PRO’s realtime image processing
Thanks to the user-friendly features of the iQ PRO, you can
focus on your presentation…not the projector
Familiar menu structure
iQ PRO desktop integration
The iQ P RO projector
identifies the input
source signal mode
and optimizes all display settings
accordingly. This allows an optimal
image quality, with no manual
adjustment necessary. You concentrate
on your presentation without the
distraction of having to constantly
fiddle with adjustments.
BARCO’s newly designed intuitive user
interface guides you easily through all
features. You control the projector just
like your PC.
The iQ PRO R350, R500 and R210 even
allow you to manage source windows
from within the iQ PRO’s Window™ XP
OS environment. The iQ PRO’s desktop
remains visible as a full screen
backdrop, with freely positionable
windows on top, showing other video
and data sources. Layouts and sources
can be chosen through the familiar
Windows™ pop-up menus.
A simple remote control gets the
job done
With the newly designed remote
control, setting up the projector is as
simple as “plug & play”. You have easy
access to simplified vital functions like
source selection, picture-in-picture, and
switching between sources. Three
Quick Access buttons are available for
customized programming to fit your
individual needs.
You need a reliable projector, with an excel
Innovative dual-lamp system to maximize light efficiency and reliability
All iQ PRO Series projectors come with
an advanced dual-lamp system,
providing guaranteed uninterrupted
In dual-lamp mode, the iQ PRO 350
projectors deliver up to 3,500 ANSI
lumens and a 3000-hour lifetime of the
lamp system. If one lamp fails for any
reason, the other lamp will keep on
running, proving you a reliable
projector solution.
For applications where less light output
is required, switch to single-lamp
mode and double the lifetime of the
lamp system. If one lamp fails, the
innovative auto-sensing feature
instantly switches to the other lamp,
you can continue your presentation
without going into standby mode.
Furthermore, the iQ PRO projector lamps
alternate intelligently, in order to reach
end-of-life simultaneously. This way
you can replace both lamps at the
same moment, saving maintenance
Lamps take only seconds to replace with
our innovative click & plug in concept.
No special tools are required.
Excellent image quality
The iQ PRO Series combines high-quality
1.4" poly-silicon LCD technology and
BARCO’s renowned image processing
expertise. The result is an unsurpassed
color reproduction and truly impressive
images. With Barco’s precision optical
elements, you can achieve a highcontrast level of more than 800:1.
Barco’s patented True Color
Reproduction (TCR Plus ) software
enhances the quality of conventional
video sources. The result is vibrant
images with remarkable color
depth, sharpness and clarity.
lent image, that’s easy to install
Maximum installation flexibility
Digital keystone correction
The trapezoidal keystone distortion of
the image is electronically corrected
when it is projected upward or
downward onto the screen.
A wide range of high-definition
lenses gives you the flexibility to
optimize performance for any setting.
Short-throw lenses for rear projection
and long-throw lenses for front
projection are available. Replacing a
lens is a very easy, thanks to the clickand-play design.
End the cable mess
A state-of–the-art meeting area doesn't
have to look like an electricians worst
The iQ PRO’s cabinet comes with an eye
catching magnesium cover and a cable
basket at the projector front, concealing
all of the input cables and creating a
clean line and contemporary design.
Extreme lens shift capability
Centering the picture on the screen in
fixed ceiling applications is a snap. The
motorized zoom lenses can vertically
shift 110% up and 30% down.
110% off-axis
110% off-axis
Choose from a vast array of
The iQ P RO ’s ceiling mount system
makes fixed installations and
maintenance easy. The platform is
horizontally and vertically adjustable.
For easy transportation, a flight case is
Connect virtually anything
The iQ PRO array of input connections is
enough to impress the most
sophisticated electronics user, including
analog data to digital video and from
the latest HDTV sources for all of today’s
popular RGB computer formats. All
connections are located for easy access
in the cable basket on the projector’s
front panel.
4x USB
Powerful computer server integrated
The iQ PRO features a server platform
with upgradeable Pentium III socket
• 1.2 GHz processor
• 256 MB RAM
• 40 GB Hard Disk storage
• Video memory up to 64 MB
• Microsoft™ XP Multi-language OS
• Barco server software for network
communication between iQ PRO server
and clients
PCMCIA slot to insert PC Cards for e.g.
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ISDN
connections and Memory Sticks.
4 USB connections to connect a wide
range of peripherals and consumer
electronics products like digital
cameras, camcorders, etc.
RJ 45 to connect to the Local Area
Network (LAN)
2 Audio inputs
(microphone and line in)
Audio output (line out)
The iQ Series offers unique video
application possibilities. Connect up
to seven composite video sources or up
to three S-Video sources. An intelligent
video switcher is included to provide
easy management of the various
connections. There is no need to go to
the expense of external switchers.
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is the new
open industry specification for digital
connectivity. The computer signal
remains digital from source to screen,
avoiding degradation or interference.
RS232 for software uploads and for
communication with third party control
panels or PCs.
Barco iQ PRO LongLife projector,
designed for intensive-use applications
The iQ PRO LongLife projector offers the
same functionality as the iQ P RO
projector, and is designed for
intensive-use applications. Special
precision components and filters have
been added to the projector design to
guarantee a longer lifetime of all
critical projector components. This way,
the time and expense for servicing and
maintenance are reduced, which is
very important in intensive-use
Special long-life lamps are included
with this projector. The iQ PRO LongLife
projector includes two 120W lamps,
with a lifetime of 6000 hours per
lamp. This means that in dual lamp
mode, the iQ PRO LongLife projector
can run a much longer time, i.e. 6000
hours, and will deliver a light output
level of up to 2000 ANSI lumens. On
the other hand, if you only need up to
1000 ANSI lumens brightness, you can
use the projector in single lamp mode
and the lamps will run sequentially
during a total of 12000 hours.
The iQ P RO LongLife projector is the
ideal solution for applications where
the projector runs most of the day,
• reception areas that display welcome
messages or a corporate video most of
the day
• meeting rooms where several
presentations are given daily
The LongLife version of the iQ P RO
Series is available in XGA (iQ P RO
G210L) and S-XGA+ (iQ P RO R210L)
iQ PRO series comparison chart
PRO G350
PRO R350
3500 lumens
PRO G500
5000 lumens
PRO R500
5000 lumens
Long Life version
Long Life version
2000 lumens
2000 lumens
Light output (ANSI)
3500 lumens
Native resolution (pixels)
1024 x 768
1400 x 1050
1024 x 768
1400 x 1050
1024 x 768
1400 x 1050
Input compatibility (up to)
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200
Contrast ratio(1)
> 800 : 1
> 800 : 1
> 800 : 1
> 800 : 1
> 800 : 1
> 800 : 1
Brightness uniformity
> 95%
> 95%
> 95%
> 95%
> 95%
> 95%
Lamp power
2 x 200 W
2 x 200 W
2 x 250 W
2 x 250 W
2 x 120 W
2 x 120 W
Lamp lifetime (typical)
3000 Hrs
3000 Hrs
1500 Hrs
1500 Hrs
6000 Hrs
6000 Hrs
Lamp set lifetime (max)(2)
6000 Hrs
6000 Hrs
3000 Hrs
3000 Hrs
12000 Hrs
12000 Hrs
Noise level
< 37dBA
< 37dBA
< 38dBA
< 38dBA
< 37dBA
< 37dBA
Vertical lens shift
-30% +110%
-30% +110%
-30% +110%
-30% +110%
-30% +110%
-30% +110%
Light shutter
Cable basket
Advanced picture-in-picture
Seamless switching
Transition effects
Digital zoom
Desktop integration
Configurable 5 BNC for Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB
BNC for Composite Video • S-Video on 4-pin mini-DIN • VGA input on D15 connector
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) • Audio: 1x stereo mic in, 1x stereo line in, 1x stereo line out
D9 connector for RS 232 In/Out • 4 x USB • RJ 45 for 10/100-BaseT Ethernet LAN connection
PCMCIA slot (Type II) for PC Cards (e.g. Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ISDN, Memory Sticks)
Server platform
Upgradeable Pentium III socket • 1.2 GHz processor • 256 MB RAM • 40 GB Hard Disk • Microsoft™ XP(3) OS
Barco server software for network communication between iQ PRO server and clients
Max. power consumption
550 W
550 W
650 W
650 W
380 W
380 W
Power dissipation
< 1878 BTU/h
< 1878 BTU/h
< 2219 BTU/h
< 2219 BTU/h
< 1297 BTU/h
< 1297 BTU/h
Barco iQ PRO projector
Replacement lamp
Dual lamp package
Ceiling Mount
Ceiling Mount Bar Short
Ceiling Mount Bar Long
Flight Case
Order information
(1) Full white / full black on full field
(2) In Single Lamp Mode
(3) Multi-language version
more info on:
iQ PRO series specifications
Fixed Focal Length Lenses
QVD (0.85:1) including rear
screen optimization
QVD (7.0:1)
Recommended Screen Width
From 1-6 m/3-20 ft.
Scan Frequencies
Horizontal 15 kHz - 110 kHz
Vertical 25 Hz - 150 Hz
Special Features
• Advanced picture-in-picture
• Seamless switching with effects
• Standard cable basket
• Standard light shutter
• Advanced digital zoom
1x D9 connectors for RS232 In/Out
1x spherical IR receiver
4x USB
1x RJ45
1x PCMCIA slot (Type II)
1x Configurable 5-Wire (BNC) for:
Composite Video, S-Video, Component
1x Composite Video (BNC) (up to 7
Composite Video’s when using all connectors on top input board)
1x S-Video (4-pin mini-DIN) (up to 3 SVideo’s when combining BNC’s)
1x VGA (D15 connector)
1x DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
Audio connections:
1x Stereo mic in,
1x Stereo line in
1x Stereo line out
AC Power
Power factor pre-regulated SMPS,
90-254 VAC / 50-60Hz
Order No.
Motorized Zoom Lenses
QVD (1.3 – 1.8:1)
QVD (1.9 – 2.6:1)
QVD (3.0 – 6.0:1)
Safety Regulations
Compliant with UL1950 and EN60950
Electromagnetic Interference
BARCO’s iQ PRO Series comply with FCC
rules & regulations, part 15
Class B, CE EN55022 Class B and CCC
Net weight, body only: 12.9 kg/28.5 lbs.
Shipping weight:
- without lens max.17.5 kg / 38.5 lbs.
- with lens
max. 20 kg / 44 lbs.
Lens Type
(with QVD(1.9-2.6:1) zoomlens)
Available Lenses
The iQ PRO Series is compatible with:
• All current video sources (PAL, SECAM,
NTSC) in Composite, S-VHS, Component
or RGB formats
• All currently proposed HDTV, extended
and improved television standards
(1080i, 720p)
• Most sources with a pixel clock up to
160 MHz
• All computer graphics formats from
VGA, S-VGA, XGA, S-XGA and U-XGA (75 Hz)
• Most Macintosh computers
• Electronic workstations with a resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels/75 Hz
• DVI sources up to SXGA+
LCD Panels
3 active matrix 1.4” diagonal polysilicon
LCD panels
An aspect ratio of 4:3 is maintained.
LCD panels are selected for a minimum of
pixel defects.
dimensions in mm
(1) with QVD (1.9 - 2.6:1) zoomlens
Founded in 1934, BARCO is the acknowledged global leader in
advanced large screen display products. BARCO has been a pioneer in the
research and development of numerous display technologies. This
experience now serves as the basis for the development of high-quality,
state-of-the-art solutions for large projection systems used in the most
diverse applications.
BARCO has a dynamic team of design engineers who continuously strive
for improvements in functionality, performance, quality and reliability in
order to create the most innovative projection systems. BARCO’s iQ Pro
Series, the revolutionary combination of power, compact size and
networkability, is a reflection of this uncompromising spirit.
A specialized distribution network and subsidiaries in over 95 countries
worldwide allows BARCO to respond quickly and efficiently to local
customer requirements.
Through its dedication to excellence and commitment to total customer
satisfaction, BARCO is your ideal partner to fulfill your most demanding
requirements for intelligent large screen projection systems.
Barco Presentation
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Fax +32 56 36 86 51
Ref. no. R599658(9) December ‘03
Barco Presentation is an ISO 9001 registered company.
The information and data given are typical for the equipment described. However any individual item is subject to change without any notice.
The latest version of this product sheet can be found on
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