How to use LPC-P2106 with FlashMagic

How to use LPC-P2106 with FlashMagic
How to use LPC-P2106 with FlashMagic
When you use LPC-P2106 with FlashMagic, you should close jumpers JRST and BSL. Connect
external power supply 9-12VDC to PWR jack. Connect straight 9 pin male – female RS232 cable to on-board
female RS232 connector. Configurations of FlashMagic should be:
The COM Port depends on the Communications Port of your Computer's RS232. When you use this
COM Port with FlashMagic – be sure that no other program is using it at this time.
Baud Rate: 9600
Device: LPC2106
Interface: None (ISP)
The Oscillator Frequency is equal to on-board crystal oscillator frequency.
Before start using FlashMagic, you should make some more configurations. They are shown on the
next two pictures:
First: open from Options – Advanced options...
In Advanced Options window you should check “Use DTR and RTS to control RST and P0.14”
If you want to understand that FlashMagic is working with your board, you can check it as you try to
Read Device Signature:
If everything is ok you will see this window with your device ID on it.
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