S o l a r a 3 G ®

S o l a r a 3 G ®
I n va c a r e ®
Solara® 3G
T i lt- i n - s p a c e w h e e l c h a i r
The Invacare® Solara® 3G Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair offers more adjustability and is easier to tilt as compared to the previous
generation Solara wheelchair. With a 300 lb. standard weight capacity, tilt assist adjustment and a seat pan that grows, the
Solara 3G wheelchair offers everything you loved about the Solara 2G wheelchair plus much more.
The unique Tilt Assist feature makes tilting easier by
reducing the effort required to tilt an occupied wheelchair
With three settings, front, middle and rear, the simple
Tilt Assist adjustments help to correct for uneven weight
20" and 24" back canes include a 10° bend option
accommodating after-market back hardware while the back
angle adjustment location better fits after-market seating
systems. In addition, adjustable height back canes can be
ordered with or without adjustable angle stroller handles
The innovative Low Shear Recline minimizes shearing forces
and prevents displacement of positioning tools such as
laterals and headrest. Used in combination with tilt, recline
can offer additional functional and clinical benefits to users
and caregivers
The DeGage Dynamic Rocker Back accommodates those
with involuntary thrusts by helping to reduce pain or
discomfort for the user. See www.degage.us for complete
Foot-Operated Wheel Lock easily locks both rear wheels by
pressing 1 of the 2 levers of the wheel lock
For more detailed information visit
HCPCS Code: E1161
1. Low shear recline
2.Back cane options
3. DeGage rocker back
4. Foot-operated wheel lock option
5. Transport Ready Option (TRRO)*
6. Transport Brackets (TRBKTS)
Model #
Invacare Corporation
One Invacare Way
Elyria, Ohio
44035- 4190
(800) 333- 6900
*TRRO includes four factory-installed brackets and wheelchair anchored pelvic belt. TRRO has been crash-tested in accordance
with ANSI/RESNA WC Vol 1. Section 19 Frontal Impact Test requirements for wheelchairs with a 168 lb. crash dummy, which
corresponds to a person with a weight of 114 lb. to 209 lb. TRBKTS includes four factory-installed wheelchair transport brackets.
TRBKTS has not been crash tested in accordance with WC19. Use these transport brackets only to secure an unoccupied
wheelchair during transport. As of this date, the Department of Transportation has not approved any tie-down systems for
transportation of a user while in a wheelchair, in a moving vehicle of any type. It is Invacare's position that users of wheelchairs
should be transferred into appropriate seating in vehicles for transportation and use be made of the restraints available by the
auto industry. Invacare cannot and does not recommend any wheelchair transportation systems.
Seat Dimensions Seat-to-Floor Height Tilt
Seat width 12"-24"W 12.5"- 19" -5°-50°
+ 8.5" 12"-22"D
.5" increments
Adjustable Back Angle
Front Frame Angle
0°, 5°, 10°, 15°,
20°, 25°, 30°
l b.
Knee-to-Wheels Casters Total Weight Limited
Heel Range
12", 16", 18", 4", 5", 6", 8"
73 lb.
300 lb.
5 Years
20", 22", 24"
400 lb. HD
** 18x18 f rame with 12" wheels
Please see the Owner's Manual and Invacare Configurator for complete option/specification combinations.
All references to HCPCS codes: Providers are responsible for determining the appropriate billing codes when submitting claims
to the Medicare program, and should consult an attorney or other advisor to discuss specific situations in further detail.
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