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ScanMaker 6700
Fast, Versatile
Scanning for
the LAN or
ScanMaker 6700
Bundled Software & JPEG
Compression, PDF Power for
Added Value
Along with its peerless hardware and optics, a well-thought-out software
package rounds out the ScanMaker 6700. Included are image-editing software
like Adobe Photoshop Elements and Ulead PhotoExplorer, ABBYY FineReader
OCR text-scanning software, Kodak Digital Science Color Management and
Adobe Acrobat Reader. And for sheer effectiveness, consider the ScanMaker
6700's JPEG compression engine and integrated PDF capability.
Microtek's JPEG compression engine makes the ScanMaker 6700 lightning-fast,
The Network Scanner to
Maximize Your Investment
compressing big images into smaller JPEG files. The compression engine can be
Imagine a scanner that has all the desirable features you could want: 48-bit
And with the integrated PDF engine, the ScanMaker 6700 lets you take
depth to capture trillions of colors, high 2400 x 4800 dpi optical resolution,
advantage of PDF, the most widely used universal file format for business,
one-touch buttons on the front panel to activate common scanning tasks,
web, and graphic applications. PDF lets you reduce the file size of a large
FireWire and USB interfaces for total versatility, a built-in transparency adapter
image or document by 30 times without sacrificing image quality. A
with a patented light box that lets you see the 35mm slides or filmstrips you're
30MB-color document becomes a 1MB-PDF file – for very fast email
scanning, and a Sigma Six™ CCD for ultimate sample depth. And then, add
distribution, space-saving web applications, or reduced local storage.
tuned to provide smaller files, better image quality, or turned off completely –
so you can call the shots.
networking capabilities to this scanner – so that all the features you'd want in
an individual scanner can now be maximized and SHARED with everyone on
This is the new ScanMaker 6700 – the powerful all-around scanner with
Easy Set Up and Greater
superior hardware and featuring Microtek's exclusive LAN Wizard™ scanning
You can be up and running with the ScanMaker 6700 in minutes. Using either
utility, developed especially for users working in a local area network (LAN).
FireWire or USB connection, you can "hot-plug" or "hot-unplug" the scanner
Paired with Microtek's award-winning ScanWizard 5 scanning software, and
without needing to adjust hardware settings, restart your computer, or suffer any
a robust bundle of image-editing, color-management, and OCR software, the
downtime. And you can add dozens of peripheral devices without the hassles of
your network!
LAN Wizard combines to make the ScanMaker 6700 truly the scanner to beat
– a stellar performer for your digital office or scanner networking needs.
Incredible Speed for Maximum
quirky terminators or bulky cables. The conveniently located accessory port
centered on the back panel powers the scanner's built-in transparency adapter
and FilmView light box.
The Microtek ScanMaker 6700 provides super-fast scanning speeds, hardware
JPEG compression, and a FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface along with the easy
installation of USB (Universal Serial Bus). With all of this, you get speeds that
beat the competition hands-down. The numbers speak for themselves.
Scan Times
For a 5" x 7"
Color Photo
2450 Photo
1200 dpi
74 seconds
170 seconds
111 seconds
255 seconds
2400 dpi
306 seconds
331 seconds
841 seconds
All scanners tested using a Pentium III, 1GHz PC with 448MB RAM running Windows XP. Microtek ScanMaker 6700 and Epson 2450 Photo using a FireWire IEEE
1394 interface; Canon D2400UF and HP ScanJet 7450C using a USB interface.
Port 1 & 2
The New LAN Wizard™
LAN Wizard is Microtek's network scanning utility program that works
under Windows.
With LAN Wizard, it's like having a scanner that can be used by everyone on
the network. Simply connect the ScanMaker 6700 to a PC that is designated
as the server, and other workstations on your network can connect to the
scanner and make use of it – just as if the scanner was individually and
locally connected to their own stations! The ScanMaker 6700 is especially
suitable in a workplace environment where having scanners at every station is
impractical or where space or resource allocation limits the number of
LAN Wizard Sharing Dialog Box
scanners that can be installed.
Using LAN Wizard, you can access the networked ScanMaker 6700 and do
everything, just like a locally connected user – preview an image on the
scanner bed, perform image corrections such as adjusting brightness or
applying a filter, scan the image, and finally save it to your own local hard
drive. And LAN Wizard has many useful built-in features. For instance, users
can send messages to one another if the scanner is in use.
For their part, servers always have the option to "unshare" devices and set
password protection to screen access to the network scanner.
With its networking capability, the ScanMaker 6700 maximizes the value of
your scanner, helping to pay for your investment on this versatile and very
affordable powerhouse many, many times over!
Message Replier Dialog Box
Outstanding Performance with Superior Features
However you choose to use the ScanMaker 6700 – either as a locally connected scanner or as a networked device – the scanner speaks volumes for itself with an
astonishing array of top-notch features.
Color. The ScanMaker 6700 is a true 48-bit color scanner, which
5 Smart Touch Buttons. Equipped with
means it can capture trillions of colors and output them in full 48 bits.* This
these buttons on the front panel, the ScanMaker 6700 lets you instantly carry
translates to veritable lifelike color, highly nuanced shadows, beautifully detailed
out commonly performed tasks. Buttons let you perform the following: Scan
highlights, and an infinitely richer visual texture that cannot be approximated by
images and save to a file (Scan button); copy photos and send them to a
lower bit-depth scanners.
printer (Copy button); attach images to your email (Email button); perform
Resolution. With 2400 x 4800 dpi optical resolution and
OCR text scanning (OCR button); and upload images quickly to the Web
virtually unlimited interpolated resolution, the ScanMaker 6700 can take images
(Scan to Web button).
the size of a postage stamp and blow them up to large-picture sizes
FireWire & USB Interfaces.
with absolute fidelity and no loss of detail.
With dual interfaces, the ScanMaker 6700 provides you total versatility and
Built-In Transparency Box.
flexibility for connection. Enjoy blazing speed with FireWire IEEE 1394
With a built-in transparency adapter, you can scan film up to 4"x5". And the top
of the lid is one-of-a kind, with Microtek's newly patented FilmView mini-light
connectivity, or use the standard USB interface for widest usage and connection
to a full spectrum of popular devices on the market today.
box built right into the scanner. Just place 35mm slides or filmstrips up to
Sigma Six™ CCD. With a dual row of 10,600
4"x5" into the FilmView's illuminated area, and you can quickly preview,
element CCDs (as opposed to a single tier) stacked on top of each other, the
identify, and correctly orient the transparencies to be scanned.
ScanMaker 6700 adds a layer of sophistication and refinement in capturing
images. An extra tier of superior sensors translates to vividly sharper details and
* Requires image editing software that accepts 48-bit color information.
smoother tonal color for your images.
Single-pass, dual media color flatbed
8.5" x 11.7"
Reflective: Up to 8.5" x 11"
Transparency: Up to 4" x 5"
ScanWizard 5: Your Key to Scanning
Your scanning productivity is directly tied to the scanner software that you use. With
ScanWizard 5, designed exclusively for Microtek's newest scanners, two unique control
panels offer you flexibility to work in the scanning mode that's
right for you.
Automated Mode: This mode
features on-the-fly scanning with
4800 x 2400 dpi
preset controls, so you can scan
Unlimited up to 1.9GB file
clicking on your scan options.
PC and Macintosh
48-bit color input and output; 16-bit grayscale; 1-bit black & white
immediately just by choosing and
The Automated Panel
automatically detects the edges
of an image, determines size,
FireWire (IEEE 1394); USB 1.1
adjusts color/brightness/contrast,
Scan, Copy, Email, OCR, Scan to Web
great way to create quick comps, email attachments, or to archive photos and documents.
Sigma Six™ CCD Technology (Dual 10,600 element stacked CCD's)
options. The Advanced Panel delivers real-time previews of images, batch scanning of
Cold-cathode lamp
19.7"(L) x 11.5"(W) x 4.5"(H)
and scans at best resolution – a
Advanced Mode: For more serious digital imaging, this mode offers custom editing
multiple photos and slides, advanced filters including descreening and unsharp mask, and
color correction and curve control tools.
Despite its wide range of options, ScanWizard 5 is a snap to load, set up and use, providing
8.1 lbs
a clean design and an online help feature. Used together with the ScanMaker 6700's other
Requirement: 100V - 240V; 1.2A; 47-63Hz
Consumption: 30.3W
you require.
Operating temperature: 50˚-104˚F (10˚-40˚C)
Safety: UL 1950, CSA 22.2, EN60950; Emissions: FCC Class B
Acoustics: 55 dBA max.per ISO 7779
Hardware: PCI FireWire Card (Six-pin, PC only); Six-pin FireWire Cable,
USB Cable, Power Adapter
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements; ABBYY FineReader Sprint OCR;
Ulead PhotoExplorer; Adobe Acrobat Reader; Kodak Digital Science
Color Management; Microtek ScanWizard 5 with integrated OCR and PDF
functions; Microtek LAN Wizard Network Scanning Software; Microtek
Scan, Copy, OCR, Email & Scan-to-Web Utilities
PC USB: 64MB RAM; (128MB recommended); Pentium PC or later;
USB port and Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PC FireWire: 64MB RAM; (128MB recommended); FireWire IEEE 1394
port or available PCI slot; Windows 98 SE/2000/Me/XP
Mac USB: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended); iMac/G3/G4; built-in
USB port and Mac OS 8.6 to 10.x (Classic)
Mac FireWire: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended); iMac/G3/G4;
built-in FireWire port and Mac OS 9.x
bundled software packages, ScanWizard 5 delivers every top-level digital imaging feature
ScanWizard 5 Features:
· Integrated scan-to-web, email, copy, and OCR
· Automated transfer of scanned images to printer, email, file, website, or
image-editing software
· Customizable resolution, color schemes, selection options, and scaling
· Descreen function for correcting images scanned from books, newspapers,
magazines, and other printed material
· Effects and filters, including unsharp mask, emboss, rotation, contrast, and
hue saturation
· Batch scanning of multiple images
· Automated saves of batched images to individual files
· Support for all popular file formats, including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, PSD, EPS
· Advanced Image Correction (AIC) tools for enhancing scanned images
· Layout options for right- or left-handed preferences
· Customizable floating tool palettes
· Step-by-step tutorial
The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies: ScanMaker, Zero Reflection Design Technology, FlexScan Lid, Sigma Six, LAN Wizard and ScanWizard of Microtek International Inc.; Adobe
Photoshop Elements of Adobe Systems, Inc; Ulead PhotoExplorer of Ulead Systems, Inc.; Abbyy FineReader of Abbyy Software House; Macintosh iMac and G3/G4 of Apple Computer, Inc. Windows of Microsoft Corporation. All
other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Specifications and software bundles are subject to change without notice.
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