Fiscal Affairs Non-Employee Search Reimbursement

Fiscal Affairs Non-Employee Search Reimbursement
Non-Employee Reimbursements and Search & Screen Reimbursements
Hospitality Request Form (HRF) (must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event/visit)
1. A Hospitality Request Form must be completed for any event that provides food. This also
includes search & screens and IU Foundation funded events. Submit as soon as possible even if
you have to provide later updates.
2. Complete a Hospitality Request Form for each search candidate
a. Table of 4: candidate and 3 others (maximum guests for reimbursement)
b. Breakfast: $13.00 per person max
c. Lunch: $15.00per person max
d. Dinner: $26.00 per person max
3. Remind Search Committee Members that they must request an itemized receipt from the
restaurant (details items that were purchased as well as shows that payment was made). If an
itemized receipt is not available the payee must provide a signed memo that outlines the
attendees and that confirms that no alcohol was purchased. Alcohol cannot be reimbursed with
university funds.
DV’s for Hotel Prepays (complete before making hotel reservation)
1. Initiate a DV
a. Complete the Description Field with “Non-Employee-Traveler’s Name”
b. Include the department account number being used to fund the travel expense in the
Explanation field.
c. Select payment reason “Travel Payment for a Nonemployee”
2. SAVE the DV to your Action List, and make note of the DV document number.
Radisson Hotel
a. Complete the Radisson Hotel Direct Bill Form ( and provide the DV number as a billing ID and the University
account number that will fund the lodging.
b. Fax the form to 219-793-9025, Attention: Elena Sandoval
Best Western Inn and Suites of Merrillville
c. Contact Nila Patel or Nilima Patel at 219-756-2378.
3. These are the only two authorized local hotels at this time. IU Travel has negotiated special
rates with them. If there are no vacancies, etc. please contact Fiscal Affairs for additional
Prepaid Air
In order to arrange a flight that will be prepaid by IU for a non-employee, you will need the following
information before you contact an IU Designated Travel Agency:
DV number for non-employee travel (same DV as created above for hotel)
Campus and department code associated with the account that will be paying expenses.
Campus address of the traveler
Account number and sub account (if applicable)
Limit (if any) associated with each account used
Purpose of the trip
Traveler’s phone number
Dates of the trip
Travel destination
IU Designated Travel Agencies:
Orbitz for Business – 877-672-4891
Bliss Travel Inc. – 812-945-1212 or 800-235-2547
Travel Leaders – 812-339-7800 or 800-467-7800
Travel Authority – 812-333-3360 or 800-345-1647
Travelmore – 574-232-3061
New Vendor (initiate after completed and signed W9, W8BEN, etc. is returned)
1. Collect the required tax documentation (W9, W8BEN, etc.) from the non-employee traveler
before they complete their trip to IU. See the FMS website for additional information regarding
tax documentation requirements.
2. Important Note: Completed documentation can only be returned by fax or US mail. Advise
the traveler that it CANNOT be sent through email.
3. Go to OneStart/Financials (KFS)/Create a Vendor
4. Complete the required (*) fields within the tabs that open automatically.
a. Document Overview
i. Complete the Description Field with “Non-Employee-Traveler’s Name”
ii. Complete the Explanation Field
b. Vendor
i. General Information
1. Complete the Vendor Last Name and First Name
ii. Corporate Information
1. Complete the Vendor Type Field with “DV – Disbursement Voucher”
2. Complete “Is this a foreign vendor”; If No, US Tax Number and Tax
Number Type fields are required
3. Complete the Ownership Type
c. Address
i. Complete the required fields (*) (Be sure to select Yes to “Set as Default
ii. Click the add button to save your information.
5. Select Submit. Make note of the Vendor document number.
6. Print the returned page, add the document # and fax your tax documentation to the number
listed on the page.
7. Select “Yes” to route your document, select “No” to return to your vendor document. Note:
Allow 3-4 business days for vendor document processing.
DV’s for Non-Employee Travel Reimbursements
1. The non-employee traveler must sign the DV Payee Certification form before they can be
reimbursed for their trip. This form can be signed sometime during their campus visit.
2. Collect original receipts from the non-employee traveler.
3. Open previously saved DV document.
4. Complete the Payment Information section of the DV with the following:
a. Select the Payee ID lookup icon
i. Select payment reason code “Travel Payment for Non-Employee”
ii. Enter the non-employee traveler’s Payee ID number in the Vendor # field or
enter their first and last name in the ‘Name Fields’.
iii. Select Search
iv. Select “Return Value” for the applicable payee (this will populate the payee’s
address information on the DV).
b. Leave the Check Amount field blank for now; you will fill this in later.
c. Select the desired Payment Method (normally check or ACH for a non-employee).
d. Select “T – Travel Management” as the Documentation Location Code.
e. Fill in the Check Stub Text.
5. Scroll to the Non-Employee Travel Expense tab and fill in the Traveler Information as well as the
Destination Information. Note: The Start/End Times default to the current time. These times
will need to be changed to reflect the traveler’s actual start and end time (from the time they
leave their home to the time they return home). This is very important as it will determine
how per diem is calculated.
6. Fill in the Per Diem section only if per diem is being claimed; otherwise, leave this section blank.
All food expense must be claimed as per diem (not as Other). If the calculated amount is being
decreased, include the lesser amount in the Actual Amount field and include an explanation for
the change in the Justification for Change field. Note: If meals were provided by the campus,
the amounts must be deducted from the Actual Amount and detailed in the Justification for
Change field. (i.e. 1 Dinner was provided on Sunday - $26.00, 1 Lunch on Monday - $15.00).
Again, this is very important because we cannot reimburse twice for the same meal.
Fill in the Personal Vehicle section only if mileage is being claimed; otherwise, leave this section
blank. If the calculated amount is being decreased, include the lesser amount in the Actual
Amount field. Use MapQuest or a similar online tool to calculate the mileage and upload the
printout with your supporting documentation.
Complete the Travel Expenses section with the following (only for expenses that were paid
directly by the non-employee). Food expenses cannot be claimed in this section, and gas cannot
be reimbursed if mileage was claimed:
a. Select the expense type in the Type field
b. Select the lookup icon next to the Company field
i. Enter the expense type code in the Company Type Code field.
ii. Select Search.
iii. Choose “Return Value” for the applicable Travel Company Name. If the
company name that corresponds to the expense type is not listed, return
c. Enter the amount of the out-of-pocket expense in the Amount field.
d. Select the Add button to add the expense to the document.
e. Repeat steps ‘a’ thru‘d’ for each out-of-pocket expense being claimed.
Complete the Pre-Paid Expenses section of the Non-Employee Travel Expense tab if expenses
have been charged to an IU account using IU’s prepayment programs (hotel or airfare). Follow
the same procedures as listed in steps ‘a’ thru ‘e’ above to add expenses to the Pre-Paid
Expenses section. Note: This is not the Pre-Paid Travel Expenses tab of the DV.
Select the Save button.
Scroll up to the Accounting Lines section of the document and enter the account information.
The object code for non-employee travel is 4089. In the Amount field, enter the Grand Total
amount listed in the Traveler Expense section of the Non-Employee Travel Expense tab. Select
the Add button to add the account information to the document.
Scroll up to the Check Amount field in the Payment Information section and enter the Grand
Total amount.
Select Submit. Make note of the DV document number.
Select the “Print Disbursement Voucher Coversheet” link at the top of the document and print
the DV coversheet.
Send the DV Coversheet, the completed DV Payee Certification Form, and all other supporting
documentation (Hospitality Request Form/receipts) using the FMS AP Documentation Upload
Tool: DV and P-Card Paperwork Only (
DV’s for Search Committee Reimbursements
Initiate a DV
Complete the Description Field with “Reimbursement-Faculty/Staff Name for Search”
Include the department account number being used to reimburse in the Explanation field.
Under the Payment Information Tab, click the magnifying glass next to “Payee ID”.
Select payment reason “Reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expense”
Choose the applicable payee (IU employee) and select “Return Value”.
Complete the remaining required fields under the Payment Information Tab. Note:
Documentation Location Code is “F-FMS-Bloomington”.
Under the Accounting Lines Tab complete the Account, Sub-Account (if applicable) Object Code
(4025) and the Amount; select ADD. Note: On the rare occasion that reimbursement is coming
from a grant account; use object code 4027.
Select submit. Make note of the DV document number.
Print the DV Coversheet from the “Print Disbursement Voucher Coversheet link” located at the
top of the document.
Use the FMS AP Documentation Upload Tool: DV and P-Card Paperwork Only to submit your DV
Coversheet and supporting documentation (include Hospitality Request Form and a copy of
original receipts).
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