Acoustic Research ARIR150 User manual

3 Optional: Insert AAA batteries at the back of the radio
Follow the polarity markers in the battery
Congratulations on purchasing your new Acoustic Research Wi-Fi Infinite Radio.
Please follow these instructions to set up and start using the radio.
The batteries (not included) power the clock and
alarm whenever the radio loses electricity.
1 Unpack the unit
You should find the following items in the box:
Quick Start
Power adapter
4 Plug in and turn on the radio
A. NOTE: When you turn on the radio
for the first time, the radio displays
the Select Language screen. Choose
your preferred language.
B. The radio initializes the Wi-Fi
network and search for available
networks. Choose your desired
network. If the network is secure,
enter your password in the Network
Security screen. Refer to the gray box
on the right for Character Entry in order to input your network
key or passcode.
• If your router supports WPS connection, you can press the WPS
button at the back of the radio to activate the WPS mode.
Remember to activate the WPS connection on your
router. You may refer to the router’s user manual on
how to enter WPS mode.
Only use the power adapter which is included with your product.
Additional requirements
5 Set up the radio
Refer to the User manual if you want to select the connection
method manually.
C. The radio should now connect to the Internet. If the radio does
not connect refer to the troubleshooting section in your user
Electrical outlet
After connecting to the Internet
2 Set up your AR Infinite Radio accounts
To simplify setup on the radio please complete these steps:
A. Find the Setup Information Card that contains your radio’s MAC address number (MAC: 00-21-2AXX-XX-XX) and activation PIN # (PIN: XXXX). (This number is also found in the Device Info screen
under the Settings menu in your radio.)
B. Using any Internet-connected computer, go to and follow the
online instructions.
• You will need to input your radio’s MAC address and PIN # to associate your radio with your
personal settings.
If you did not activate your Infinite
Radio accounts, or if the radio cannot
get your details from the Infinite Radio
server, the radio may ask for your
country. Input your country. Select
your country and then input your ZIP
code (US), Postal code (Canada) or city (Mexico) accordingly.
If your radio has successfully connected to the Internet you will
hear a welcome message streaming from the Internet.
Learn more about your Infinite
Visit to download the user manual
for your radio. Read the user manual for more information
on the player’s features, safety and warranty information, and
answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).
Need more help?
Do not return this product to the store.
Visit to get the latest firmware
updates and FAQ’s.
v1.0 ( (EN)
Use the
controls to
make choices
and input
– move selection/navigate
– move selection/navigate
SELECT - confirm selected
option or character
When inputting characters,
press or to choose among
uppercase, lowercase, numeric,
special characters or end entry.
To correct mistakes, press .
To exit the input screen without
saving, press
until return to
previous screen.
Broadband Internet service
Broadband (cable/DSL) modem, usually supplied by your Internet service provider
802.11 b or g (Wi-Fi) wireless home network
For Wi-Fi connections, you may also need:
• Your wireless network’s SSID
• Your access password (for secure networks)
Character Entry
About passphrase:
This radio supports secured
access points using the
Wired Equivalent Privacy
(WEP) keys or Wi-Fi Protected
Access (WPA and WPA2)
WEP keys are either 10 or
26 characters long (e.g.
6E78214A52). Note that
some Wi-Fi routers support
passphrase generation for
WEP security. However, there
is no industry standard for
WEP passphrase generation
and this radio does not
support WEP passphrases.
If you are using a WEP
secured access point, enter
the WEP key (HEX format)
instead of the passphrase.
Using the radio
Listening to FM radio
General procedures
Turn on/off (standby) the radio
Choose an audio source
Choose a preset radio station
Assign the current radio station to a
Menu up
select /
menu back
Menu down
Display the menu while listening
Start the sleep timer
Add time or cancel the sleep timer
Display the time
Set the time
Set the alarm
Press and then or to cycle through the audio sources
(Internet Radio, MP3tunes or FM).
Press BANK and P1/P2/P3/P4 to choose a preset radio station.
Press and hold P1/P2/P3/P4 to store the current station to that
preset button in Bank 1. To store station in Bank 2 or Bank
3, press BANK twice or thrice respectively. When the screen
displays the Bank 2 or Bank 3, press and hold P1/P2/P3/P4
to store the current station to that preset button in Bank 2 or
Bank 3 respectively.
Press .
Press SLEEP/SNOOZE repeatedly.
Press CLOCK.
Press and hold CLOCK.
Press to choose Manual and then press SELECT.
Press or to choose hours and minutes.
Press or to adjust the time.
Press SELECT to set the time.
Press ALARM once. Then press or to choose Turn On, Turn
Off, Set Alarm Time, or Select Sound and then press SELECT.
Tune in an FM radio station
Step through the radio frequencies
Use the current station as the alarm
then or to choose FM.
Press and hold or to seek. The radio stops searching when
it detects the next station.
Press or .
Press OPTIONS to display the Option menu. Press SELECT to
Send to Alarm.
Listening to Weather Forecasts
Listen to today’s local forecast
Listen to 3-day local forecast
Listen to Weather Alert when the alert
Press WEATHER once.
Press WEATHER twice.
Press WEATHER once.
Listening to Internet radio
Choose an Internet radio station
Rear panel connections
Start playing the selected station
Mark the current station as a favorite
Remove the current station from My
Use the current station as the alarm
then or to choose
Internet Radio.
Press or to move up and down
the menu options and press SELECT
to navigate to the desired station.
Press OPTIONS to display the Option menu. Press
Add to Favorites and then press SELECT.
Press OPTIONS to display the Option menu. Press
Remove from Favorites and then press SELECT.
Press OPTIONS to display the Option menu. Press
Send to Alarm and then press SELECT.
to choose
to choose
to choose
FM antenna
Listening to MP3tunes
Power adapter WPS button
input socket
Set up MP3tunes Locker
Refer to the MP3tunes section of the user manual.
Play an audio file from MP3tunes Locker Press to choose MP3tunes. Press or and then SELECT
to enter or exit categories. Press or to highlight a file and
press SELECT to start playback.
Pause playback
Press SELECT. Press again to resume.
Skip to the next audio file
Press .
Skip to the previous audio file
Press .
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