Flex-Panel 6-way Power Distribution Module

Flex-Panel 6-way Power Distribution Module
Power Module
The Flex-Panel® system from Wired Rite is a complete
solution for custom vehicle wiring, and is installed as
an overlay to the vehicle’s pre-existing OEM wiring
system. Flex-Panel facilitates the addition of electrical
accessories including lights, electronics, and other
equipment, and provides smart control of all accessories
for safe and reliable operation.
30 Amp Max
+12V Bus Power
Ground Stud
Interface Connector
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain
Communication Port
Six Output 120 Amp [Max] Flex-Panel®
Programmable Power Module.
The Flex-Panel Power Modules deliver power to vehicle accessories. Each Power Module has switched
source outputs from 5 to 30 Amps controlled by the on-board microprocessor and the user-defined
control program. Solid state technology enables smaller size and simpler wiring than with larger
systems using relays. Each output is circuit-protected, shutting off immediately if too much current is
Various Power Modules are available to match your application. The High-Current Power Module
provides six outputs at 30A each.
Built-in circuit protection
The Power Modules incorporate advanced circuit protection, removing the need for bulky circuit
breakers and fuse blocks. When circuits exceed their rating, they are shut down automatically and a
status indicator facilitates troubleshooting. When the problem is repaired, the circuit is reactivated
automatically without changing fuses or resetting breakers. The system automatically protects the
loads from overloads, short circuits, spikes, flybacks and reverse polarity.
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Power Module
Flexible and customizable
In addition to switching current for accessories, each Power Module has inputs and outputs to help you customize a system to
meet your specific needs. Eight switch/sensor inputs accept signals from switches or sensors for accessory status information
such as “Boom Out of Stow” or “Outrigger deployed”. Each module also has eight LED/Legend drivers for flexibility to drive
status indicators or troubleshooting tools.
# Outputs @ 30A
Max Current Total
Universal Inputs
LED/Legend Drivers
Dimensions (inches)
Module Current (typ.)
     
Universal Inputs. Power Module inputs are Universal Inputs, and can be used as either analog or digital inputs. Analog
signals provided to the Universal Inputs (0-15V) are converted by the processor for applications such as monitoring
thresholds. Logic signals provided to the Universal Inputs can be 5V or 12V logic, and can be either “Hi True” or “Lo True”.
The readings from all Universal Inputs are made available to the Flex-Panel Control Program. Inputs connections are made
through the Interface Connector.
LED/Legend Output Drivers (+5V). LED driver outputs (5V) are typically used for switch panel backlit legends or
other indicators and supplement those provided in the Switch Panel or Legend Module. Outputs are set based on the Control
Program and connections are made through the Interface Connector.
Interface Connector. Universal Input and LED Driver Output connections are made through the Power Module
Interface Connector. Mating connectors and pins are supplied with the system, and wire harnessing is available up to 40 feet
in length. A standalone module (only one module in system) can be connected directly via the Input/Output Connector
without the need for the Powered Comm Link, with the functions still controlled by the Control Program.
Host function. Power Modules can perform the role of host, serving as the primary controller of the system, for up to eight
Flex-Panel modules. The host directs the communications traffic among modules and contains the system definitions and
Control Program.
Voltage: 9-15V DC from vehicle battery. Power Module outputs turn off automatically when the supply voltage drops
below 9V. The processor continues to run when the supply is >7V.
Operating temperature range: -25 to +50 degrees C.
Storage temperature range: -40 to +90 degrees C.
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