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60cm touch control
ceramic hob
User Manual for your Baumatic
60 cm Side touch control 4 hyperspeed
zone ceramic hob.
You will be mine
NOTE: This User Instruction Manual contains important
information, including safety & installation points, which will
enable you to get the most out of your appliance. Please keep it
in a safe place so that it is easily available for future reference; for
you or any person not familiar with the operation of the appliance.
DD 11/10/06
Environmental note
Important safety information
Ceramic hob layout
Control panel layout
Using the ceramic hob
Before first use
Touch controls
Turning the hob on
Turning on a zone and setting a power level
Turning off a zone gradually
Turning off a zone instantly
Turning the hob off
Residual heat indicator
Locking the hob top
Safety cut-off
Automatic pre-heating
Changing the power level during automatic pre-heating
Switching off automatic pre-heating
12 – 13
13 – 14
Hob guidelines
15 – 16
Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning the ceramic hob top
After each use
Cleaning table
Using a ceramic hob scraper
Using a specialist ceramic hob cleaner
Unpacking the appliance
Installing the appliance
Electrical connection
Connecting the mains supply cable
Replacing the mains supply cable
20 – 21
22 – 23
My appliance isn’t working correctly
24 – 25
Baumatic Ltd. Conditions of Guarantee
Contact details
Environmental note
o The packaging materials that Baumatic uses are environmentally
friendly and can be recycled.
o Please discard all packaging material with due regard for the
Important safety information
Your safety is of the utmost importance to Baumatic.
Please make sure that you read this instruction booklet
before attempting to install or use the appliance. If you
are unsure of any of the information contained in this
booklet, please contact the Baumatic Technical
General Information
o This appliance is designed for domestic household use and for
the cooking and frying of domestic foodstuffs.
o IMPORTANT: The adjacent furniture and all materials used in
the installation must be able to withstand a minimum
temperature of 85°C above the ambient temperature of the
room it is located in, whilst in use.
o Certain types of vinyl or laminate kitchen furniture are
particularly prone to heat damage or discolouration at
temperatures below the guidelines given above.
o Any damage caused by the appliance being installed in
contravention of this temperature limit, will be the liability of
the owner.
o Your new appliance is guaranteed against electrical or
mechanical defects, subject to certain exclusions that are noted
in Baumatic’s Conditions Of Guarantee. The foregoing does not
affect your statutory rights.
o The use of this appliance for any other purpose or in any other
environment without the express agreement of Baumatic Ltd.
will invalidate any warranty or liability claim.
o You should not use this appliance to store items on or as a work
o No modifications to the appliance are permitted by Baumatic Ltd.
o You should not store or place flammable or highly flammable
liquids/materials on top of or near the appliance. Items made
from aluminium, plastic or plastic film should also be kept away
from the appliance, as they may fuse to the surface.
o Repairs may only be carried out by Baumatic Service
Engineers or their authorised service agent.
Child Safety
o Baumatic strongly recommend that babies and young children
are prevented from being near to the appliance and not allowed
to touch the appliance at any time. During and after use, all
surfaces will become hot.
o If it is necessary for younger family members to be in the
kitchen, please ensure that they are kept under close supervision
at all times.
o Older children should only be allowed to utilise the appliance
when supervised.
General Safety
The appliance should only be installed and connected by a
suitable qualified person.
Care should be taken to ensure that the units and work surfaces
that you build the appliance into, meet with the relevant
If you notice any scratches, splits or cracks in the ceramic glass,
you should immediately switch off the appliance and disconnect
it from your mains supply. Otherwise there is the risk of electric
shock occurring.
During use
Any film or stickers that are present on the hob surface when it
is delivered should be removed before use.
Care should be used when utilizing the appliance, otherwise
there is a risk of burns being caused.
o You should not allow the electrical connection cables to come
into contact with the hob surface when it is hot or any hot
o If fat and oil overheats, then it can ignite extremely quickly. For
this reason, when cooking with fat and oil the appliance should
not be left unattended.
Make sure that all of the cooking zones are switched off after
o Cleaning of the hob should be carried out on a regular basis.
o IMPORTANT: Before attempting to clean the appliance, it
should be disconnected from the mains and cool.
o Great care should be taken whilst using this appliance and when
following the cleaning procedure.
o You should not use a steam jet or any other high pressure
cleaning equipment to clean the appliance.
This appliance must be correctly installed by a
suitably qualified person, strictly in accordance
with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please see
the specific section of this booklet that refers to
o Baumatic Ltd. declines any responsibility for injury or
damage, to person or property, as a result of improper
use or installation of this appliance.
Declaration of conformity
This appliance complies with the following European Directives:
-73/23/EEC dated 19/02/1973 Low Voltage Directive.
-89/336/EEC dated 03/05/1989 EMC Directive inclusive of
Amending Directive 92/31/EEC.
-93/68/EEC dated 22/07/1993 CE Marking Directive.
-89/109/EEC dated 25/01/1992 Materials that can touch food.
o The manufacturer declares that the hob is built using certified
materials and requires the appliance to be installed in
accordance with the standards currently in force. This appliance
must be used by a trained person for domestic purposes only.
To avoid damaging your appliance
o The ceramic glass can be damaged by objects falling onto it.
o The ceramic glass edge can be damaged by knocks from
o Cast iron and cast aluminium cookware with damaged bases
may scratch the ceramic surface if they are dragged across it.
o Pans should be lifted on and off the hob surface and not
o Cooking zones should not be switched on without cookware
placed on it. Also the cookware should not be empty.
Product dimensions:
Aperture dimensions:
510 mm
580 mm
40 mm
490 mm
560 mm
Product specifications:
2 x 1.80 kW hyperspeed zones (diametre 180 mm)
2 x 1.20 kW hyperspeed zones (diametre 140 mm)
Side touch control operation
4 individual residual heat indicators
Safety lock
Wrap around designer frame
Standard accessories
o Ceramic hob scraper
Electrical details
Rated Voltage:
Supply Connection:
Max Rated Inputs:
Mains Supply Lead:
230 Vac 50 Hz
30 A (double pole switched fused
outlet with 3mm contact gap)
6 kW
3 core x 6 mm² (not supplied)
For future reference please record the following information which can
be found on the rating plate and the date of purchase which can be
found on your sales invoice. The rating plate of your hob is located on
the underneath of the appliance. Therefore it is a good idea to record
this information before you install your appliance.
Model Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase
Ceramic hob surface layout
Control panel layout
Cooking zone indicators
Cooking zone selection button
Decimal point symbol
Safety lock neon
Safety lock button
ON/OFF button
Plus button
Minus button
Using the ceramic hob
Before first use
IMPORTANT: You should clean the ceramic hob surface (see
“Cleaning and maintenance” section).
o You should switch on one cooking zone at a time, for 5 minutes
at the maximum setting. This will help to eliminate any new
smell that exists and evaporate any humidity that has formed on
the heating elements during transit.
o Do not burn off more than one zone at once.
o Do not place a pan on the ceramic hob until this burn off process
has been completed.
Touch controls
o All operations are performed by means of the touch controls that
can be found on the control panel.
o Each touch control has a visual display that corresponds to it.
o Every time you press a touch control, an acoustic signal will
Turning the hob on
o Press the ON/OFF button (6)
o The cooking zone indicators (1) will all read “0”.
o The decimal point symbol (3) will flash on and off.
Turning on a zone and setting a power level
IMPORTANT: A burner must be selected within 10 seconds of turning
the hob on (see previous page).
o Press the cooking zone selection button
(2) for the zone that you require.
o A “0” will appear on the relevant cooking
zone indicator (1).
o A decimal point symbol (3) will appear to show that the zone is
o Adjust the zone between power level 1 and 9, using the plus (7)
and minus (8) buttons. By holding down either of these buttons,
the value on the zone indicator (1) will adjust up or down every
0.3 seconds.
o A decimal point (3) will only appear on one cooking zone
indicator (1) at a time, as only one cooking zone can be
adjusted at any one time.
Turning off a zone gradually
o If a decimal point symbol (3) does not appear in
the cooking symbol indicator (1) of the zone that
you wish to turn off, press the cooking zone ON/OFF
control button for the zone that you require.
o Press the minus button (8) until the number in the
cooking zone indicator reaches “0”.
o After 3 seconds, the zone will switch off automatically.
Turning off a zone instantly
o If a decimal point symbol (3) does not appear in
the cooking symbol indicator (1) of the zone that
you wish to turn off, touch the cooking zone
ON/OFF control button for the zone that you
o Press the minus button (8) and the plus button (7)
o The zone will switch off immediately.
Turning the hob off
Once you have switched off all of the cooking zones, you should turn
off the hob.
o Press the ON/OFF button (6).
It is possible to turn the hob off at any time by pressing the ON/OFF
button (6).
Residual heat indicator
o After a zone is switched off, the corresponding
cooking zone indicator (1) will show the letter “H”.
This means that the temperature of the zone is
over 60°C and is therefore high enough to cause
o A “0” will appear on the corresponding cooking zone indicator
(1) when the temperature falls below 60°C.
o IMPORTANT: The residual heat indicator will disappear if your
mains supply is cut for longer than 3 seconds.
Locking the hob top
o The whole hob top can be locked by pressing
the safety lock button (5) whilst the
appliance is turned on.
o The safety lock neon (4) will light to show
that the safety lock feature has been switched
o When the safety lock feature is activated, it will disable any of
the other buttons on the control panel.
o To disable the safety lock feature, you should press the safety
lock button (5) again. The safety lock neon (4) will go out and
you are then able to adjust the power of any zone on the hob
o IMPORTANT: If the appliance is switched off whilst the safety
lock feature is activated, then it will still be activated the next
time that you turn the appliance on. Therefore before you can
turn on a zone and set it to a power level, you will need to
deactivate the safety lock by pressing the safety lock button (5).
Safety cut-off
o If one or more of the cooking zones are accidentally left on, a
safety cut off will activate after a certain period of time. The
length of time depends on the power level that a zone or zones
have been set on.
o If the safety cut off has activated, the symbol “H” will appear in
the cooking zone indicator (1) that applies to the cooking zone
that has been left on. To reset the appliance, you should press
the ON/OFF button (6).
o If a cooking zone selection button (2) or the plus (7) or minus
(8) buttons are pressed, then the length of time before the
safety cut-out will activate is reset.
Automatic pre-heating
o This feature will set a cooking zone to maximum power and will
then automatically set the cooking zone to a power level that
you have selected after a certain period of time.
o Select the cooking zone that you require by
pressing the corresponding cooking zone
selection button (2).
o Press and hold the minus button (8) until power level 9 appears
on the cooking zone indicator (1), then release the minus
o Then press and hold the plus button (7) until power level 9
appears on the cooking zone indicator (1), then release the plus
o Finally you should select the actual power level that you want
the hob to cook on, after the automatic heat up period has
completed, by using the minus button (7).
o The cooking zone indicator (1) will alternate between showing
the actual power level and the symbol A.
o Once the automatic pre-heating time period is over, only the
actual power level will show on the cooking zone indicator (1).
o The period of time that a zone will automatically pre-heat for
before dropping to the actual power level, is shown in the table
1 minute
3 minutes
4 minutes 48 seconds
6 minutes 30 seconds
8 minutes 30 seconds
2 minutes 30 seconds
3 minutes 30 seconds
4 minutes 30 seconds
Changing the power level during automatic pre-heating
o If a zone is already within automatic pre-heating mode and
you wish to adjust the power level. You firstly need to make
sure that the zone you wish to adjust is selected by pressing
the corresponding cooking zone selection button (2).
o A decimal point symbol (3) will appear to show that the zone
is active.
o Change the power level by pressing the minus (8) or plus (7)
o If the power level is increased, then the pre-heating time will
be adjusted. It will take into account the amount of time that
has already elapsed.
Switching off automatic pre-heating
o To switch off the automatic pre-heating mode, you firstly
need to make sure that the zone you wish to take out of this
mode is selected. You do this by pressing the corresponding
cooking zone selection button (2).
o A decimal point symbol (3) will appear to show that the zone
is active.
o Press the minus button (8) and hold it for ten seconds. The
automatic pre-heating mode will then be cancelled and you
can use the hob in normal operation once more.
o Please note that switching off automatic pre-heating will not
switch off the zone, it will still be necessary for you to do this
Hob guidelines
o The first few times the hob top is used, it may give off an acrid,
burning smell. This smell will disappear completely with repeated
o The worktop is fitted with cooking areas of different diametre
and power.
o The positions where the heat will radiate from are clearly marked
on the hob top. The saucepans must be positioned exactly on
these zones for efficient heating to occur. Pans should have the
same diametre as the cooking zone that they are being used on.
o You should not use saucepans with rough bottoms, as this can
scratch the ceramic surface.
o Before use, make sure that the bottoms of the saucepans are
clean and dry.
o When cold, the bottom of the pans should be slightly concave, as
they expand when hot and lie flat on the surface of the hob. This
will allow the heat to transfer more easily.
o The best thickness for the bottom of the pans is 2 – 3 mm of
enameled steel and 4 – 6 mm for stainless steel with sandwich
type bottoms.
o If these rules are not followed, then there will be a great loss of
heat and energy. Heat not absorbed by the saucepan, will spread
to the hob, frame and surrounding cabinets.
o Preferably cover pans with a lid to permit cooking at a lower
o Always cook vegetables and potatoes, etc. in as little water to
reduce cooking times.
o Food or liquid that has high sugar content may damage the hob
top if it comes into contact with the ceramic hob surface. Any
spillages should be wiped up immediately, however this may not
prevent the hob surface from becoming damaged.
o IMPORTANT: The ceramic hob surface is tough; however it is
not unbreakable and can be damaged. Especially if pointed or
hard objects are allowed to fall on it with some force.
Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning operations must only be carried out
when the oven is cool.
The appliance should be disconnected from your
mains supply before commencing any cleaning
Cleaning the ceramic hob top
Any residues that are left on the hob top surface from cleaning
agents will damage it. You should remove any residues with
water and a little washing up.
Abrasive cleaners or sharp objects will damage the hob surface;
you should clean it using water and a little washing up liquid.
Although it is easier to clean some deposits whilst the hob
surface is still warm. You should take care not to burn yourself if
cleaning the hob surface when it is still warm.
After each use
o Wipe the appliance over with a damp cloth and a little washing
up liquid.
o Dry the appliance by rubbing the surface with a clean cloth.
Cleaning table
immediately? when the
has cooled
What should I
use to remove
the deposit?
Fat splashes
Water splashes or
water rings
Type of deposit
Sugar or
containing sugar
Tin foil or plastic
Ceramic hob
Using a ceramic hob scraper
Your appliance will be provided with your appliance. The following
guidelines should also be followed when using the ceramic hob
o The scraper should be placed on the ceramic surface at an angle.
o Residues should be removed by sliding the blade carefully over
the ceramic surface.
o The ceramic surface should be wiped with a damp cloth and a
small amount of washing up liquid.
o Dry the appliance by rubbing the surface with a clean cloth.
Using a specialist ceramic hob cleaner
It is possible to purchase specialist ceramic hob cleaner/conditioner.
You should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the
specialist ceramic hob cleaner. You should ensure that it is suitable for
use on your appliance.
The installation must be carried out by a suitably
qualified person, in accordance with the current
version of the following.
o UK Regulations and Safety Standards or their European
Norm Replacements.
o Building Regulations (issued by the Department of the
o Building Standards (issued by the Scottish Development
o IEE Wiring Regulations.
o Electricity At Work Regulations.
The adjacent furniture must be able to withstand a
minimum temperature rise of 85°C above the ambient
temperature of the room it is located in, during
periods of use.
This appliance is classified as Class 3 and therefore is to be built into a
kitchen unit (depending on size) or 600mm worktop, providing the
following minimum distances are allowed:
o 700 mm between the hob surface and the underside of any
horizontal surface above it.
o 50 mm clearance around the appliance and between the hob
surface and any combustible materials.
Unpacking the appliance
When unpacking the appliance please check that the following items
are contained within the packaging:
Baumatic hob
Ceramic hob scraper
Installation and instruction manual
Baumatic guarantee card
Fixing brackets
Fixing screws
Spring clips
Sealing strip
Installing the appliance
o Cut a hole in the worktop that corresponds with the drawings
shown above.
o IMPORTANT: You must have a gap of at least 25 mm between
the underneath of the appliance and any surface that is below it.
o Carefully turn the hob upside down and place it on a cushioned
o Apply the sealing strip provided around the edge of the
o The protective covering must be removed from both sides.
o Do not leave a gap in the sealing agent or overlap the thickness.
o IMPORTANT: Do not use a silicon sealant to seal the appliance
against the aperture. This will make it difficult to remove the hob
from the aperture in future, particularly if it needs to be
Fixing bracket
o You should insert a clip (A) into the holes which are located in
each corner of the hob.
o Place the fixing brackets (B) over each hole and clip, and then
place a screw (C) through the hole and fixing bracket (B).
Tighten the screws a little way, so that they stay in place.
IMPORTANT: Do not tighten the screws fully.
o Carefully turn the hob back over and then gently lower it into the
aperture hole that you have cut out.
o On the underneath of the hob,
locate the fixing brackets (B) and
turn them so that they locate on
the underneath of the worktop
and the hob.
o Fully tighten the screws (C) to
secure the hob into position.
Electrical connection
This appliance must be installed by a qualified
person in accordance with the latest edition of the
I.E.E. Regulations and in compliance with Baumatic’s
Before connecting the appliance, make sure that the supply voltage
marked on the rating plate corresponds with your mains supply
o This appliance must be wired into a 30 A double pole switched
fused spur outlet, having 3 mm contact separation and placed in
an easily accessible position adjacent to the appliance. It should
not be located above the appliance and no more than 1.25m
away from it.
o The spur outlet must still be accessible even when your oven is
located in its operating position.
o Cable type: H05 RRF 3 core x 6 mm²
Connecting the mains supply cable
o The mains terminal block is located on the underside of the hob
and the terminals are accessible by removing the terminal block
cover by removing the cover screw.
o The cable connections must be in accordance with the diagram
located on the bottom of the hob.
o The brass links must be positioned as marked in the appropriate
diagram and once established ALL terminal screws must be
tightened down firmly.
o IMPORTANT: The appliance must NOT be connected to the
mains supply by means of a 13A plug and socket.
o The cable can be looped if necessary, but make sure that is not
kinked or trapped when the hob is in position. Care must be
taken to avoid the cable being in contact with hot parts of the
Replacing the mains supply cable
If the mains supply cable is damaged, then it must be replaced by an
appropriate replacement which can be obtained from the Baumatic
Spares Department.
The mains supply cable should be replaced in accordance with the
following instructions:
o Switch the appliance off at the control switch.
o Open the terminal block on the underside of the hob.
o Unscrew the terminal screws fixing the cable.
o Replace the cable with one of the same length and in accordance
with the specification given above.
o The “green-yellow” earth wire must be connected to the terminal
. It must be about 10 mm longer than the live and
neutral wires.
o The “blue” neutral wire must be connected to the terminal
marked with letter (N) - the live wire must be connected to the
terminal marked with letter (L).
My appliance isn’t working correctly
o The cooking zones are not functioning or will not switch
* It has been more than 10 seconds since the appliance was
switched on. You should switch the appliance on again, using the
ON/OFF button.
* The safety lock has been switched on (see the “Locking the hob
top” section for information on how to turn off the safety lock).
* Several cooking zone selection buttons have been pressed at
once. You should only touch one cooking zone selection button at
* The safety cut out has been triggered. Press the ON/OFF button
(6) to reset the appliance.
* Check that the mains electrical supply to the appliance is correct
and working. Check the mains fuse.
o The residual heat indicator has not come on after I have
switched a cooking zone off.
* The cooking zone has only been turned on for a short period of
time; therefore it did not go above 60°C.
* IMPORTANT: If the cooking zone does appear to be hotter than
60°C and the residual heat indicator has not come on, you
should call the Baumatic Service Department.
o A humming sound is heard when a cooking zone is
* This is normal; the sound will disappear when the zone heats up.
o The cooking zones have become discoloured.
* This maybe caused by burnt on remnants of food. This will not
affect the working of the appliance. However you should make
sure that the cleaning instructions are being followed regularly.
IMPORTANT: If your appliance appears not to be
operating correctly, then you should disconnect it
from your mains supply and then contact the
Baumatic Service Department on telephone
number (0118) 933 6911.
Please note that if an engineer is asked to attend whilst the product is
under guarantee and finds that the problem is not the result of an
appliance fault, then you may be liable for the cost of the call out
The appliance must be accessible for the engineer to perform
any necessary repair. If your appliance is installed in such a
way that an engineer is concerned that damage will be caused
to the appliance or your kitchen, then he will not complete a
This includes situations where appliances have been tiled in,
sealed in with sealant, have wooden obstructions placed in
front of the appliance, like plinths. Or any installation other
than the one specified by Baumatic Ltd. has been completed.
Please refer to the conditions of guarantee document on page 26 of
this instruction manual for clarification of this.
Baumatic Ltd. Conditions of Guarantee
Dear Customer,
Your new Baumatic appliance comes complete with a free 12 month guarantee covering both parts and
labour costs resulting from defective materials or workmanship.
Baumatic also gives you the opportunity to automatically extend the guarantee period for a further 12
months at no extra cost, giving an initial guarantee period of 24 months. The extended guarantee period
applies to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only.
To qualify for your full 24 months guarantee you must register your appliance within 28 days of purchase
to be covered under this guarantee. This can be done online via: or through returning
the guarantee card which can be found in each new Baumatic appliance.
* In addition, your appliance is covered by a 5 year parts warranty. Baumatic Ltd will provide free of
charge the parts required to repair the appliance, only if they are fitted by a Baumatic engineer, for any
defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 5 years from the original
purchase date.
* An additional 1 to 3 year insurance scheme for labour is available should you wish to extend the
warranty period.
Should any person other than an authorised representative of Baumatic Ltd interfere with the appliance, the
policy is negated and Baumatic Ltd will be under no further liability.
The guarantee covers the appliance for normal domestic use only, unless otherwise stated.
Any claims made under the terms of the guarantee must be supported by the original invoice/bill of sale
issued at the time of purchase.
This guarantee is transferable only with the written consent of Baumatic Ltd.
If the appliance fails and is considered either not repairable or uneconomical to repair during the
manufacturer warranty period, a free of charge replacement will not be offered.
The guarantee for any replacement will only be for the remainder of the guarantee on the original product
The guarantee does not cover:
- Sinks and taps
- Failure to comply with the manufacturers instructions for use.
- The replacement of cosmetic components of accessories
- Accidental damage or wilful abuse.
- Subsequent loss or damage owing to the failure of the appliance or electrical supply
- Incorrect installation
- Losses caused by Acts of God, civil war, failure to obtain spare parts, strikes or lockouts
- Filters, fuses, light bulbs, external hoses, damage to bodywork, paintwork, plastic items, covers,
baskets, trays, shelves, burner bases, burner caps, decals, corrosion, rubber seals.
In the course of the work carried out it may be necessary to remove the appliance from it operating
position. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, Baumatic Ltd cannot accept responsibility for damage
sustained to any property whatsoever in this process.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not diminish your statutory or legal rights.
Contacting Baumatic Ltd
TEL: 0118 933 6900
TEL: 0118 933 6911
TEL: 0118 933 6922
FAX: 0118 931 0035
FAX: 0118 986 9124
FAX: 0118 933 6942
For ROI (Republic of Ireland), please contact one of the numbers below:
TEL: 01 – 6266798
FAX: 01 - 6266634
0118 933 6933
0118 933 6942
Thanks you for buying Baumatic.
* Applies to UK, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland only (Republic of Ireland has 1 year labour & 1 year parts warranty only)
Baumatic Ltd
You will be mine
Baumatic Ltd.
Baumatic Buildings,
6 Bennet Road,
RG2 0QX, United Kingdom
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Sales Fax
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Service Telephone
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Service Fax
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