MAP-ECU — Innovate LC-1 Wiring Diagram
The following diagram illustrates how an Innovate LC-1 Wideband Controller should
be connected to a MAP-ECU to display and log AFR’s on MAP-CAL.
MAP-ECU 16-Way
Analog Output #2 Analog Output 1 to OEM ECU to
Innovate LC 1 simulate the OEM O2 sensor.
See Innovate LC-1 Manual for
1. The MAP-ECU Yellow wire should be connected to the Brown wire (Analog
Output 2) and the White wire (System Ground) connected to one of the MAP-
ECU Black (Ground) wires. Analog Output 2 should be configured as per the
default settings of OV=7.35:1 AFR and 5V=22.39:1 AFR.
2. MAP-CAL should be configured to use the LC-1.02 lookup table under MAP-
CAL Configuration.
Version 1.0 Copyright Performance Motor Research Limited 2008
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