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Any camera. Any lens.
Flexible control for any setup
ARRI’s Electronic Control System is a sophisticated toolset for precise wireless
remote control of any camera and any lens; it also provides valuable metadata
about exactly what the lens is doing at any given moment.
All tools within the modular, future-proof system can be freely combined to
provide powerful, scalable solutions for any application. Ergonomic, feature-rich
hand units ease the work of the focus puller, while compact, intelligent motor
controllers optimize camera setups.
ARRI has assembled the most complete professional system on the market,
ready for any challenge on set.
Photo: Michael Borenstein
Hand Units
Motor Controllers
Lens Motors
ARRI Lens Data System®
Distance Measurement
Lens Data Encoders
“My ARRI wireless package includes the WCU-4, SXU-1 and lens motors, which I use
with ALEXA Plus cameras regularly. For situations where I may be called upon to outfi t
Any camera, any lens
an ALEXA, AMIRA or cameras from other manufacturers, the UMC-4 is a great way of
extending the capabilities of my wireless system to give me the same functions as with
ARRI's various motor controllers give the Electronic Control System
from high-end anamorphic PL mount optics to ENG zooms,
an ALEXA Plus camera. I’m also looking forward to working with the single-axis motor
complete operational autonomy, allowing the wireless hand units and
and from the new ARRI AMIRA to literally any third-party
controller SMC-1, which I can use for special camera rigging.”
other system elements to be used with all kinds of lenses and cameras,
camera on the market.
Jose Manzano, AC from Vancouver, Canada
Jose Manzano
The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 is the most advanced motor controller
available today. It connects with up to three different hand units to drive focus,
iris and zoom motors on any lens. The integrated ARRI Lens Data System® (LDS®)
provides real-time information about focus, iris and zoom settings, enabling
lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings, depth-of-field display on the Wireless
Compact Unit WCU-4 and focus tracking – setting the focus motor to continuously
follow a particular subject in the image by using an ultrasonic measuring device.
The frame-accurate lens data also includes timecode and facilitates VFX tasks in
post. Optional adapter modules provide direct compatibility with broadcast-style
control demands for focus and zoom.
ALEXA Plus, XT Plus, Studio and XT Studio cameras are compatible with ARRI's
zoom controller and hand units, up to three of which can be combined for maximum
flexibility on set. The WCU-4 offers advanced ALEXA remote control and can
display distance readouts from ultrasonic distance measuring devices. Three
different lens motors offer varied options for torque, speed and size, while
frame-accurate lens metadata is stored with the images for postproduction.
ALEXA Plus Module
Photo: Michael Borenstein
“The ergonomics of the WCU-4 are perfect for what I do. Primarily I was using it for iris
Full ALEXA integration
control, but I also really like the ability of the WCU-4 to change settings such as ASA and
color controls on the ALEXA Plus. I am normally very hands-on, so when I am physically
ARRI has integrated motor controllers into ALEXA Plus, XT Plus, Studio and
Remote control of advanced ALEXA functions such as
XT Studio cameras, enabling compact configurations with minimal clutter
shutter angle, exposure index and false color are also
around the camera. Fewer accessory boxes means reduced size and weight,
possible with the WCU-4 wireless hand unit.
away from the camera I need to feel like I still have full control.”
Cinematographer Greig Fraser, ACS, ASC
while fewer cables means faster setup times and greater reliability.
Greig Fraser
Photo: Jonathon Olley
Lightweight and simple
The Single Motor Controller SMC-1 drives a single CLM motor and is the perfect
counterpart for the Single Axis Unit SXU-1, offering an attractive 1-channel system.
The small and lightweight package provides basic lens control for setups where
size and weight matter.
Plug and play for servo zooms
The ENG Motor Controller EMC-1 is a unique solution for ENG-type lenses that include a
servo module. It allows full 3-axis control of focus, iris, and zoom with the WCU-4 and
SXU-1 hand units - without any need for external lens motors. Setup is fast, size and
ENG lens
weight are reduced, and lens data is instantly available on the WCU-4.
How does the Lens Data System work?
Lens data generation has two basic requirements: encoders that determine the current setting of a lens axis,
and a lens table that interprets these raw encoder values. ARRI offers two configurations:
Option 1. LDS lens and LDS-mount camera
Option 2. External lens encoders and the Lens Data Archive
Each LDS lens can detect the position of its lens rings and store its
ARRI’s controlled lens motors and the Lens Data Encoder LDE-1 deliver raw data about
own lens table. When mounted to an LDS-compatible camera, the data
the position of the lens rings to either a UMC-4 or an ALEXA Plus module. These devices
is transmitted direct to the camera, which calculates precise lens values,
incorporate the LDS Lens Data Archive, which provides the relevant lens table and enables
accurate to the frame.
them to calculate the lens value.
Photo courtesy of Ntropic
“ARRI has taken the lead in embedding detailed
The most versatile lens data
camera and lens metadata directly into the HD-SDI
signal on their cameras. With the ALEXA, we
Integrated ARRI Lens Data System technology brings the added value of frame-accurate
ARRI lens data reduces the time and effort required to achieve
can use that data to drive the virtual lens optics
data about focus, iris and zoom settings, which is tremendously beneficial for both on-set
complex visual effects by helping to match a virtual lens to the
in our Previzion real-time visual eff ects system,
and postproduction tasks. Again, these benefits are available for any camera and any lens.
recorded image in postproduction, or even driving the virtual lens
giving us what we need while keeping the
optics in a real-time VFX system on set.
on-camera equipment clean and minimal.”
With lens settings and exact depth-of-field displayed live on wireless hand units, precise
adjustments can be made during a shot. The highly accurate data also allows lens mapping
Eliot Mack, CEO of Lightcraft Technology
to pre-marked focus rings and focus tracking with an ultrasonic measuring device.
DER MINISTER - VFX by Stargate Studios
Eliot Mack
“I have owned the WCU-4 for a few months and I love it. It fits my
WCU-4 Main Features
hand like my favorite, well-worn baseball glove and the menu
High performance radio system
for reliable connectivity
• Ergonomic 3-axis lens control
• Vibrating markers
• Easy-to-read lens data display
Ergonomic design for
comfortable prolonged usage
vibrating focus knob because you don't even have to look at the
Pre-marked focus rings
to save time in prep
• Pre-marked focus rings
control of ALEXA camera functions on the handset, from frame
rate to false color on the monitor out, but the best feature is the
• Ultrasonic distance readout
• Backlit focus knob with adjustable friction
functions are simple and intuitive. It’s great having complete
handset; when you hit the pre-set focus mark the handset vibrates
and you know your focus is spot on.”
• Focus tracking function
Antonio Panetta, 1st AC - IATSE Local 600 - NYC
• Remote REC and tally
• Advanced ALEXA remote control
• Lens programming interface
It’s all in your hands
The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a lightweight, ergonomic hand unit offering up
to 3-axis lens control. Rugged and splash-proof, it features an easy-to-read lens data
display, vibrating alerts that allow focus pullers to keep their eyes on the action and
ALEXA remote control functionality. The large lens data display reflects ambient light
and remains clearly visible even in direct sunlight, while the backlit focus knob and
control buttons allow the WCU-4 to also be used in darkness.
Full control with lens data display
and distance measure readout
Fluid knob with adjustable friction
for precise focus pulls
Antonio Panetta
Photo: Tim Dolan
SXU-1 Main Features
ZMU-3A and WZE-3 Main Features
• Single-axis lens control
• Force-sensitive knob
• Controls focus, iris or zoom
• Drives CLM motor without additional motor controller
• Backlit control knob
• Adjustable zoom speed and range
• Small footprint when standing upright
• Selectable zoom response modes
• Remote REC and tally
• Zoom position display
• Remote REC and tally
• WZE-3 provides wireless extension for ZMU-3A
Keep it simple
Precision zooming
The Single Axis Unit SXU-1 is a simple, single-channel hand unit that can be set up to
The Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3A is a handgrip zoom controller that can be mounted on
control focus, iris or zoom. The SXU-1 can be used alongside the WCU-4 for separate iris
tripod pan arms while being connected to the camera and lens motor. It features a
control, perhaps operated by the cinematographer in situations where subtle exposure
force-sensitive zoom knob familiar to camera operators and assistants all over the
adjustments are required during travelling shots. Alternatively it can be used with the
world. The small and lightweight Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3 frees the ZMU-3A
SMC-1 single motor controller, providing a simple, low-cost option to productions that
zoom controller of its cables. Once attached, wireless zooming is possible from
do not need multi-axis wireless lens control.
anywhere on the set.
UMC-4 Main Features
• 3-axis motor controller for any camera
Efficiency through integration
• Accurate lens data with any lens
• Tilt and roll sensor
ALEXA Plus, XT Plus, Studio and XT Studio cameras feature integrated motor controllers that
• Lens metadata and timecode capture to SD card
allow the Electronic Control System to be used in a more compact, lightweight and efficient
• Focus tracking with UDM-1
configuration, with fast setup times and great reliability. ALEXA shutter angle, exposure index,
• Serial interfaces (RS232/422/485)
false color and more can be remotely set with the WCU-4 hand unit, while lens and inclinometer
• Ethernet interface for IT integration
data is directly embedded with the images for postproduction.
• Optional interfaces to broadcast-style focus
and zoom demands
ALEXA Plus Module
Main Features
• Integrated 3-axis motor controller
• Fast and simple configuration
• Accurate lens data with any lens
• Tilt and roll sensor
• Lens metadata is recorded with the images
• Remote camera control with the WCU-4 hand unit
Autonomy and freedom
The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 allows ARRI’s Electronic Control System to function as an
autonomous, camera-independent system. With it, up to three different hand units can be used to
control focus, iris and zoom motors on any lens, attached to any camera. Lens data can be displayed
on the WCU-4 hand unit and used for focus tracking, while also being stored with timecode for VFX
applications in post. Multiple interfaces facilitate compatibility with peripheral equipment.
Diverse options
The three available controlled lens motors offer a range of torque, speed and size choices
for 19 mm, 15 mm or 5/8" support bars. The compact CLM-2 is a proven workhorse for
everyday applications; the CLM-3 is strong and fast for heavy lenses or difficult conditions;
and the CLM-4 is exceptionally smooth and quiet, with flexible mounting options.
Compact and sleek
With the ENG Motor Controller EMC-1, the integrated
The Single Motor Controller SMC-1 is a compact
focus, iris, and zoom servos on ENG lenses can be
1-axis unit that drives a single CLM motor and is
controlled with the WCU-4 and SXU-1 hand units,
designed for weight and size-critical setups. It perfectly
reducing size and weight to a minimum.
complements the SXU-1 single-axis hand unit.
Easy focus tracking
Lens data for all
The Universal Distance Measure UDM-1 measures the distance between the film plane and objects
The Lens Data Encoder LDE-1 is part of ARRI’s Lens Data System. Incorporating an encoder
in the frame, on any camera. It comes with a sensor module and a display unit that includes the
that delivers data indicating the position of the lens ring to which it is attached, the LDE-1
option of setting limits for the measuring range. When used with ALEXA Plus, XT Plus, Studio
can be used in parallel with a manual follow focus unit or a third-party wireless lens control
and XT Studio cameras, or the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4, the measured distance can be
system. It allows lens data to be generated in situations when an ALEXA Plus or UMC-4 is
displayed on the WCU-4 hand unit. The UDM-1 also enables focus tracking with the UMC-4.
being used without an ARRI lens motor or an LDS lens.
Global service and
support for an international industry
ARRI products are renowned all over the world for their precision
equipment itself. With service centers covering the entire
and durability. Despite this, ARRI values the trust of its customers
globe, we are never too far away to provide the support you
in after-sales service and support as highly as their trust in the
need, wherever you might be.
ARRI subsidiaries
Over 50 service and support partners worldwide;
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