SmartProcess® ED (Economic Dispatch) Solution

SmartProcess® ED (Economic Dispatch) Solution
Economic Dispatch
Real-Time Cost Based Load Allocation
Better control for boiler
fuel cost reduction
Most sites operate more than one
boiler to produce the steam needed
for process operations, heating,
and/or electric generation. Steam
load is typically distributed across
two or more boilers depending on
factors including:
Unit availability
Perceived cost per pound of
steam on each unit
Unit responsiveness and
Often a site will base load one or
more boilers and use another unit
to follow changes in steam
demand. While this can be a
straightforward and acceptable
method of operation, it is not likely
to produce the lowest overall fuel
cost at all times for boiler
The Emerson Boiler Economic
Dispatch Solution provides the
control functionality needed to
automatically distribute steam load
across boilers in the most
economical manner at all times.
Economic Dispatch improves
power and utility operations by
providing the functionality including
the following:
Cost per pound of steam is
calculated in real-time for each
available boiler unit
Steam load is split across the
available units in the most
economical manner at all
Boiler equipment constraints,
environmental limits, and any
other restrictions are
considered in loading units
Operations may include or
remove a boiler from
Economic Dispatch at any time
In short, the Emerson Economic
Dispatch solution accomplishes
optimal boiler loading each minute
of the day taking into account cost,
operating limits, and equipment
Optimization in the
The Economic Dispatch solution
uses the power of DeltaV
advanced control functions to
accomplish optimization at the
controller level. The solution is a
robust real-time control application,
not a snap-on program running in a
PC or remote box. This makes it
reliable and easy to maintain, and
delivers a low life-cycle cost.
What is controlled?
As shown in the diagram, the Boiler
Economic Dispatch solution takes
the following inputs from the
powerhouse processes:
Plant Master
Boiler firing rates
Boiler limits
Boiler real-time costs
The optimizer uses these inputs to
calculate optimal setpoints for each
available boiler, and provides these
to each boiler combustion control
system typically every 5 seconds.
How can Economic
Dispatch improve
The Economic Dispatch solution
delivers improved performance for
Powerhouse owners including:
Boiler operation is cost
optimized in real-time at all
times, automatically within
Multiple boilers are used to
follow steam demand load
swings providing better
response and less header
pressure variation
Emerson Process Management
Process Systems and Solutions
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What other combustion
control functionality is
Emerson can provide a complete
set of combustion process control
and optimization functionality to
improve process performance and
reliability while reducing fuel cost
and emissions, such as:
Boiler Burner Management
System (BMS)
Boiler unit combustion
efficiency optimization
Automatic warm-up routines
Improved turn-down capability
Emissions constraint control
What about support?
Few operations have the resources
or expertise to design, implement,
startup, tune, and maintain a
complex combustion process
control system on their own.
Emerson experts are available to
assist with any stage of a
combustion control project. Our
industry experts can help design,
justify, and implement improved
combustion control that will show
immediate results on an
organization’s bottom line. Please
call us to find out how.
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