User Interface
Comfortable logical operation
The MRS-1266 was designed with ergonomics in mind.
All the functions and buttons are logically positioned.
Level meters and tracking info is displayed on dedicated
back-lit displays. The inputs and outputs you use the
most-guitar/bass, headphone, sub-out, expression
pedal, and foot switch--are all located on the front of
the chassis.
Wide array of inputs and outputs
The MRS-1266 has two balanced XLR terminals for
low-noise mic input. Six 1/4" jacks are included for
mic or line input. XLR Phantom power allows you to
use high quality condenser mics. In addition to stereo
RCA PIN jacks, an S/P DIF optical digital output is
available, so that digital data can be transferred directly
to DAT or Mini-Disk recorder. Any number of tracks can
be assigned to the front panel sub-out for a separate
monitor mix, or you can use the sub out for a second
pair of headphones.
The Zoom MRS - 1266 sets your ideas free.
No longer must your musical ideas remain prisoners of your mind.
Zoom gives you all the tools of a professional recording studio, in an easy-to-use table-top unit.
With the new MRS-1266, your only limit is your imagination.
The MRS-1266 is fully MIDI compatible. With MIDI IN/
OUT you can use external MIDI devices to program
the 1266's drum and bass patterns, or use MIDI out to
control external devices. By installing an optional USB
interface, you can access all the data on the hard drive
from Windows or Macintosh computers. Data back-up
and data file storage, as well as data exchanges with
DAW software, can be performed smoothly.
Physical Track
Virtual Track
Master Track
Drum Track
Bass Track
Simultaneous Recording
Recording Data Format
Recording Time
Location Display
Track Edit
Punch In / Out
Phrase Loop
Phrase Edit
100 (10 virtual takes / track)
2tracks (stereo) x 10V-takes
2tracks (stereo)
1track (mono)
16bit linear with NO compression
100 / project
Scrub / Preview, A–B repeat
Hour / Min. / Sec. or Meas. / Beat / Tick
Copy, Paste, Move, Erase, Exchange, Bounce, Trim, Fade in/out
Reverse, Capture / Swap, Time Stretch / Compression
Auto / Manual
100phrase / project
Start / End, Measure, Name, Level
Input Channel
Simultaneous playback
Scene Memory
Level Meter
Track Parameter
Effect Send
Stereo Link
19channels (13tracks + 6inputs)
13tracks (10 audio + stereo drum + mono bass)
100scenes / project (Linkable to marker)
12 (1– 8 mono, 9/10 stereo, Drum, Bass, Stereo Master)
10segments x 20bar (Pre / Post fader selectable)
Equalizer, Effect send, Pan(Balance at stereo link)
High (f : 500Hz – 18kHz, Gain: –
Low (f : 40Hz – 1.6 kHz, Gain: +
Chorus / Delay send level, Reverb send level
1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 tracks selectable, 9/10 tracks fixed
Effect Type
Effect Module
Max. Simultaneous Effect
Effect Patch
Send Return Effect
Send Return Patch
Mastering Effect
5types (Guitar / Bass, Mic, Line, Dual, Mastering)
4 (Compressor, Pre-amp / Drive, EQ, Modulation / Delay)
320 (220factory + 100blank)
2modules (Reverb, Chorus/Delay)
40patches (Chorus/Delay20 + Reverb20)
4modules (3band compressor / Lo-Fi, 3band EQ,
Normalize, Dimension / Resonance)
Auto chromatic, Calibration 435–z (1Hz resolution)
Data format
Drum Kit
Drum Sound Generator
Bass Sound Generator
Drum Pad
Odd Meter
Maximum Bar
Maximum note
16bit linear PCM
127kits (50 factory + 77default)
36sounds/kit (12pads x 3bank)
26sounds (each 5octaves)
30voices (Drum + Bass)
12velocity (touch) sensitive pads, self lighted
1/4 – 8/4
10songs / project
511patterns (403factory, 108blank)
999bars / song, 99bars / pattern
Approx. 20,000notes (events) / song
40.0 – 250.0
• Project : Maximum 1000 • Hard Disk : E-IDE / 3.5 inch 20GB • CD-R/RW Drive : ATAPI / 5 inch bay type, Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported • A / D Conversion : 24 bit 64 times over-sampling • D / A Conversion : 24 bit 8 times over-sampling
_1dB (At 10k load) •S / N : 93dB (IHF-A) •Dynamic Range : 97dB (IHF-A) • THD+N : 0.02% (400Hz, At 10k load) • Display : 96 x 63mm original
• Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz • Signal Processing : 24bit • Frequency Response : 20Hz –20kHz / +
LCD (with back light) • Guitar / Bass Input (Hi-Z) : 2 x 1/4" Monaural Phone Jack, Input Impedance 500k •Line (Unbalance) input : 6 x 1/4" Monaural Phone Jack, Input Impedance 50k or more •XLR(Balanced) Input : 2 x XLR-3-31 type, Input
Impedance 1k , 2nd Hot • Phantom Power : 48V (with On/Off switch) • Input Level : –50dBm < Variable < +4dBm • Master Out : L / R RCA PIN Jack, Output impedance 1k , Rated Output Level –10dBm • Digital Out : S / P DIF Optical (20bit) •
Headphone Out : 1 x 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack, 50mW(at 32W load) •Sub Out : 1 x 1/4" Stereo Phone Jack •MIDI : In/Out •Control Input : 1 x Expression Pedal, 1 x Foot Switch •Optional Board Slot : 1 •Dimension : 480(W) x 310(D) x 115(H)mm • Weight
: 6.8kg (with CD-R / RW drive), 5.8kg (without CD-R / RW drive) •Power Supply : DC12V 2.5A (AC Adaptor AD-0010 specified) • Power Consumption : 30W (12V 2A) TYP. • Supplied Accessory : Universal AC adaptor AD-0010 •Optional Accessory
: CD-01 (CD-R / RW drive) ,UIB-01 (USB interface board) , FS-01 (Foot switch) , FP-02 (Expression Pedal)
0dBm = 0.775Vrms
CD - 01
CD-R/RW Drive
•ATAPI / 5inch bay type,
Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported.
UIB - 01
USB Interface Board
Foot Switch FS01
Expression Pedal FP02
MultiTrak Recording Studio
•Windows®, Mac OS compatible.
•Unlatch and normally close type.
•To control effect parameters.
•Optional CD-R/RW Drive
MultiTrak Recording Studio
MRS-1266 CD
ZOOM Corporation
Noah Bldg.1F, 2-10-2 Miyanishi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0022, Japan.
TEL : +81-42-369-7116 FAX : +81-42-369-7115 E-mail :
•Specifications subject to change without notice. September 2002 Printed in Japan.
•Built in CD-R/RW Drive
Everyone should be able to record their music just the way they imagine it.
USB Interface Board
• Windows , Mac OS compatible.
The new MRS-1266 Recorder from Zoom is so powerful and easy to use
that with a little practice any musician can become a composer, engineer, and producer.
With the 1266's digital audio quality and an incredible array of recording tools,
anyone can now create professional-quality recordings with just one incredible machine.
The ultimate all-in-one studio
It's like having a professional recording studio on your
desk. The MRS-1266 has ten independent tracks
plus a stereo Master channel. It has a full-function
mixer section, programmable drum and bass
machines, a huge array of effects and an optional
CD burner for final cuts. When inspiration strikes,
you have all the tools you need to record, edit, mix
and master your compositions. With 44.1 kHz
sampling, 16-bit linear un-compressed data, 24-bit
A/D D/A conversion and 24-bit processing, you are
building songs on a professional level digital
Phrase loop
12-key touch sensitive pad bank
With the optional CD-R/RW drive, you can import
sample phrases from pre-recorded drum beat or
sound sample CD-ROMs. Store up to 100 phrases
per project. Cut and paste to create loops. Specify
the start point, number of measures, end point and
sound level, and you can modify the length of a phrase
without changing the pitch. Thanks to Zoom's various
editing features, you can drop loops in and out of
songs quickly and easily.
Up to 10 songs -drum and bass patterns- can be stored
in one project, and different rhythm arrangements can
be assigned to each of the 10 V-Takes. You can choose
step or real-time recording for creating original patterns;
up to 20,000 steps/events can be recorded. With either
method, the 12 key (full chromatic scale) pad bank
makes recording drum or bass patterns easy. And with
variable sensitivity, your playing sounds even more real.
The MRS-1266 comes with an awesome array of
built-in effects. They are sub-divided into five major
categories, or "algorithms": Guitar/bass, Microphone,
Line, Dual input (i.e. guitar and vocal mic) and
Mastering. Each algorithm is built from four major
effect modules (compressor, pre-amp/drive,
equalizer and modulation/delay). 94 different effects
are selectable beyond that. Six effect types can be
used simultaneously, and saved as effect "patches".
Up to 280 patches can be stored for each project.
You can insert your effects at different points in the
signal path: at instrument level, track level or master
track level. This gives you the option to record 'dry'
and adjust the effect type and depth after recording.
By using dual algorithms, you can simultaneously
insert different effects on instrument combinations
such as guitar + mic, mic + mic, or guitar + bass.
You can put up to 100 locate markers in a song or
"project." The Scrub/Preview function is a tool for
locating a precise mark point on a track. The A-B
repeat lets you repeat a desired section of a project
easily, for rehearsing that tricky Punch In/Out.
Scene memory
6-track simultaneous recording
Mess up a guitar solo? Flub the lyrics? No problem.
Simply use the punch in/out to fix your mistakes.
Specify precise start and end points using the Scrub
and Preview functions, practice the lead using the
rehearsal function, then hit record. You can compare
your takes before and after, using the Capture and
Swap function. If you are running out of tracks,
"Bounce" everything to one empty track. Because it's
digital audio, you won't lose any sound quality.
Combine usable portions of a different takes, Copy/
Erase/ Exchange whole tracks, and Copy/ Move/
Erase/ Reverse just a specified part of track.
Insert effects
Up to 13 tracks can be played back simultaneously,
including 10 audio tracks, stereo drums, and a mono
bass track. Track 1-8 has independent faders, track 910 are linked to one stereo fader. Two more faders
are dedicated to drum and bass. Track parameters
such as EQ and effect send level can be adjusted for
stereo linked odd and even tracks, which correspond
to a stereo source such as an external synthesizer.
Each track has parameters including a two band
(variable frequency) EQ, a Chorus/Delay send level,
Reverb send level, and L/R Pan controls. Pressing
the solo switch will mute all other tracks except the
specified one track.
Not even the pros get every track right the first time.
With 10 Virtual "V-Takes" per channel, you get 10
chances per track to get it right. Select the best take
from several sessions, choose a favorite set of effect
and rhythm variations, and combine them for a final
mix. With a 20 GB hard drive, you can record up to
60 hours of music, up to 1,000 songs or "projects,"
use all your V-Takes and still have memory left over.
Track edit
13 track playback
Track parameters
10 physical tracks x 10 V-takes = 100 tracks
For live recording, the MRS-1266 offers all-new
flexibility. With 6 channel simultaneous input capability
you can mic a rehearsal or performance with up to six
microphones. Using virtual tracks, you can record 10
takes with a guide rhythm, and then pick the best take
for each instrument for the final mix. Vocal groups can
be evaluated objectively when they record on separate
tracks. Elaborate drum and percussion recordings
can be made. Record drums like the studio pros using
six microphones, and mix them down to a stereo drum
Win Mac
Built-in CD-R/RW drive
The MRS-1266 CD comes equipped with a reliable,
high performance CD-R/RW drive. Master and burn
your own CD, or backup and restore project data. If
you want to backup your entire internal hard drive,
multiple disc saves can be accomplished. The CD-R/
RW also allows you to import WAV/AIFF data from
sample collection CDs or import audio from standard
music CDs. A standard CD player function is also builtin. The 1266 is also available without the drive, and
the CD-01 CD-R/RW drive is available as an optional
CD-R/RW Drive
• ATAPI / 5inch bay type,
Buffer Under-run Error Protection Supported.
Automation used to be a tool found only in high-end
studios. Not anymore. Save your fader positions,
effects patches, send-return effects and key status
as a "Scene". Up to 100 scene settings can be stored
for one project. Call them up anytime to compare and
contrast. Or assign different scenes to different location
markers in your project. The MRS-1266 will
automatically switch levels and effects within your song
during playback or mix-down.
In addition to 10 audio tracks for recording, a separate
maser track is provided as a target channel for stereo
mix-down. The master track has 10 V-Takes available,
so you can try different mixes and mastering effects.
Time stretch/compression allows you to adjust the
length of a song by + – 50 percent-a far wider range
than real-time vari-pitch functions allow. Use the
adjustable fade in/out function for professionalsounding beginnings and ends. Increase the average
sound pressure level using the multi-band compressor
and multi-band equalizer in the mastering effect
section, and maximize the signal level using the
normalizer. Delete the silent areas using the trimming
function, and burn your new song to a CD. Or select
several different songs and bur n an 'album'
Create rhythm and
audio tracks interactively
It's tough to lay down a final drum track before you
work out your melodies. With the MRS-1266, you
create a temporary rhythm guide by choosing from
the library of 400 factory preset patterns, and setting
the tempo. Then specify a bass chord progression,
and start recording your ideas. Once you have nailed
a few tracks, you can fine-tune the rhythm tracks. Also,
by importing SMF (Standard Midi File), you can use a
variety of existing rhythm patterns.
The best electronic
drum & bass sounds anywhere
Zoom has been making drum machines for years, and
they are well known for having the best electronic drum
sounds in the business. 127 drum sounds have been
recorded as 16-bit linear PCM, 30 polyphonic. 26
varieties of ultra-real bass guitar sounds are also
Build your own drum kits
There are 50 factory preset drum kits built-in to the
MRS-1266, each with a distinctly different sound. Each
drum kit is made up of 36 different drum sounds. You
can also built custom kits using the faders as a drum
kit sub mixer, and even add effects like EQ, reverb
and chorus to individual drums. These kits can be
saved and modified as you wish.
Send / Return effects
Send/Return allows you add an effect to all your tracks.
All the effect algorithms, plus 30 pre-set effect patches
are included so that any kind of hall, room, or studio
sound can be simulated.
Mastering effects
Mastering is the key to making a professionalsounding recording. By using the MRS-1266's
mastering effects, such as a 3-band Compressor, 3band EQ, a Normalizer, Dimension, Lo-Fi, and
Resonance, you can add flavor and sound pressure
to a master track that has been mixed down to stereo.
These effects can also be routed as insert effects on
each track.
(Variable Architecture Modeling System)
refers to ZOOM's amplifier modeling system. It
accurately simulates the sound of classic amplifiers
and cabinets. This hybrid analog / digital processing
allows you to plug in a guitar, bass or any other
instrument direct, and get a rich, accurate amp tone
without having to mic a real cabinet.
Auto Chromatic Tuner
A riff that is out-of-tune can't be fixed later--no matter
how hard you try. The MRS-1266 has a built-in bypass
line tuner that quickly and easily tunes you up.
Zoom's exclusive "FAST"
rhythm programming
(Formula Assisted Song Translator)is
a brand-new programming method for building
rhythm patterns and structuring your songs. Pattern
information can be entered like an algebraic
equation. After assigning numbers to different
rhythm patterns, you simply input an equation. For
example, "1+ (2 x 8 + 3 x 8 + 4 x 8 + 5 x 8) x 3 + 6,"
is a song that starts with an introduction(1) , repeats
the song pattern(2 x 8 + 3 x 8 + 4 x 8 + 5 x 8) three
times, and finishes with an ending pattern(6). Once
you have built a song using FAST, it is simple to
add or remove sections, cut, insert, change tempo
information, and otherwise edit the rhythm portion
of your composition.
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