Instructions for Fitting Disposable Ear Plugs

Instructions for Fitting Disposable Ear Plugs
1. Before fitting any ear plugs, make sure your hands are clean.
2. Hold the ear plug between your thumb and forefinger. Roll and compress the
entire ear plug to a small, crease-free cylinder. In order for earplugs to fit into
your ear canal, you must roll the foam so that it forms a tight cylinder. This
makes it easy to slide earplugs into your ear so that you get a proper fit.
3. While still rolling, use your other hand to reach over your head and pull up and
back on your outer ear, with your thumb and forefinger. Lift the top of your ear
to open the canal. This straightens the ear canal, making way for a snug fit. It’s
impossible to insert earplugs correctly without pulling on the top of your ear,
otherwise, the canal is too closed off to reach. You will need to grab the top
part of your ear and lift slowly. If opened properly, you will feel air coming into
the canal.
4. Insert earplug into the open canal. If you opened the ear canal properly, you
should be able to slide the earplug in easily. If the canal isn’t open enough, you
will find yourself trying to squish the earplug into place.
5. Hold earplug in place until the form expands, about 20 to 30 seconds. This
allows the ear plug to expand and fill your ear canal. If you simply insert the
earplug and then pull your hand away, the earplug will pop out. Instead, you
need to gently hold the plug in place until the foam fully expands. This ensures
that the earplug blocks out as much noise as possible. One of the main reasons
ear plugs don’t fit properly is that they are not rolled small enough.
6. Repeat Steps 1 – 4 for the second ear. It’s important to insert one earplug at a
time. Otherwise, the foam will expand before you can begin work on the
second ear.
7. Test the fit. In a noisy environment, and with earplugs inserted, cup both
hands over your ears and release. You should not notice a significant
difference in the noise level. If the noise seems to lessen when your hands are
cupped over your ears, your ear plugs are probably not fitted properly.
Secondly, if most of the plug is seen outside of your ear you do not have it
fitted properly. Remove and refit following instructions above.
8. Always remove ear plugs slowly, twisting them to break the seal. If you remove
them too quickly, you could damage your ear drum.
Foam ear plugs are disposable and not intended for reuse.
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