Sharp | AR-M162 | AR-M162 - Complete Copier

Digital Multifunctional System
Paper size
Paper capacity
Warm-up time
First copy time*1
Power requirements
Power consumption (max.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Weight (main unit only)
Max. A3 (11" x 17"), min. A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") [min. A6R via bypass]
Standard: 350 sheets (250 + 100), maximum: 1,100 sheets
45 sec.
7.2 sec.
Page memory: 32MB
Optional memory: 256MB (AR-SM5)
Rated local AC voltage ±10%, 50/60 Hz
1.2 kW
590 x 595 x 435 mm (23 1/4" x 23 27/64" x 17 1/8")
(excluding document cover)
30.0 kg (66.2 lbs.)
Copy speed (max.)
Original paper size
Continuous copy
Zoom range
Preset copy ratios
16 cpm (A4, 8 1/2" x 11")
Max. A3 (11" x 17")
Max. 999 copies
Scan: 600 x 600 dpi (Photo mode), 600 x 300 dpi (Auto/Text mode)
Print: 600 x 600 dpi
256 levels
25% to 400% (50% to 200% using SPF) in 1% increments
10 ratios (5 reduction + 5 enlargement)
Auto paper selection, auto magnification selection,
auto tray switching, Scan Once/Print Many, rotation copy,
electronic sorting, XY zoom, dual page copy, card shot,
margin shift, edge/centre erase, multi-shot (4-in-1, 2-in-1),
offset stack, pre-heat/auto power shut-off modes, toner save mode,
copy/print/scan auditing mode*2 (50 accounts total)
Print speed (max.)
Supported OS
PDL emulation
Available fonts
Digital Multifunctional System
Colour Scanner
16 ppm
600 dpi
IEEE 1284, USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Windows NT® 4.0 (Workstation SP5 and later),
Windows® 2000 (Professional), Windows® XP (Home/Professional),
Windows® 95/98/Me
Standard: SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression)
Option*3: PCL 6/5e, PS3 emulation
80 fonts for PCL, 136 fonts for PS3 emulation*4
RIP Once/Print Many, N-up (2/4), fit to page,
image orientation, auto paper selection, rotation print,
output tray selection, image adjustment, pure black and white,
watermarks, offset print, status window
Scan method
Supported OS
Scanner utilities
Push scan (via operation panel) and
pull scan (with TWAIN-supporting application)
600 x 600 dpi (setting range: 50 to 9,600 dpi*5)
TWAIN, WIA (Windows XP only), STI
USB 1.1, USB 2.0
Windows 98/Me, Windows XP (Home/Professional),
Windows 2000 (Professional)
Button Manager, Sharpdesk™
Network Printing/Scanning (optional AR-NB3 required)
Network interface
Supported OS
Network protocols
File formats
600 dpi, 300 dpi*6
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation SP5 and later),
Windows 2000 (Professional)/XP (Home/Professional),
Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.1.5, 10.2 to 10.2.8
(excluding 10.2.2), 10.3 to 10.3.4*4
64MB, max. 320MB with SO-DIMM 256MB (144-pin)
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX (Netware), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk)
PCL and PS3 emulation*4, printer administration utility,
printer status monitor, PDF/TIFF direct printing*7,
network scan (scan to e-mail/FTP server/desktop), LDAP,
IP/MAC address filtering
Facsimile (optional AR-FX11 required)
Compression method
Communication protocol
Transmission time
Modem speed
Transmission resolution
Recording width
Greyscale levels
Super G3/G3
Less than 3 seconds*8
33,600 bps to 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
Standard: 8 dots x 3.85 lines/mm
Ultra Fine: 16 dots x 15.4 lines/mm
A3 to A5 (11" x 17" to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")
2MB flash memory
Optional memory: 8MB (AR-MM9)
Equivalent to 256 levels
Rapid and group dials (50 in total), 300 speed dials, 9 job programmes,
broadcasting (200 destinations), memory transmission/reception,
quick on-line transmission, auto reduction (transmission/reception),
rotation transmission/reception, long original transmission
(max. 800 mm), divided reception, timer transmission,
polling, F-Code compatibility (confidential, relay broadcast, polling),
auditing mode (50 accounts)
*1: When feeding A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets from the paper tray. First copy time depends on the operating
environment and the status of use.
*2: AR-NB3 required for print/scan auditing mode.
*3: AR-NB3 required. AR-PK1N also required for PostScript printing.
*4: AR-PK1N required.
*5: Resolutions higher than 600 dpi are interpolated.
*6: 300 dpi can be selected only when using the PCL6 or PCL5e printer driver.
*7: PDF direct printing requires AR-PK1N.
*8: Based on an A4 document with approx. 700 characters at standard resolution in Super G3 mode, 33,600
bps, JBIG compression.
• Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
• Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or
other countries. All other brand names and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
• The Energy Star logo is a certification mark and may only be used to certify products that have been determined to meet the
Energy Star programme requirements. Energy Star is a US registered mark. The Energy Star guidelines apply to products only in the
US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
823 mm
(32 13/32")
590 mm
(23 1/4")
Superior multifunction
performance with fax
and colour scan
595 mm
(23 27/64")
Distributed by:
JCM162 ©SHARP CORP. (JAN. 2005) Y1.5E Printed in Japan
Network Print
Colour Scan
Network Colour Scan
The all-in-one solution that has
all your everyday office needs covered
Want to keep up with today’s fast-paced and graphic-intensive business communications? The AR-M162 has all your basic office
Speedy Copying and Quick First Copy Time
Paper Capacity
The AR-M162 has a quick first copy time
of 7.2 seconds* to save valuable time
The AR-M162 comes
standard with a 250-
needs covered in one powerful document solution that delivers ultra-efficient copying/printing, brilliant colour scanning, and
optional Super G3 faxing. In addition to its extensive range of superb copier and printing functions, the AR-M162 offers
convenient connectivity for small workgroups with a Smart Sharing interface for up to 3 users. And with options available for
powerful network printing/scanning, the AR-M162 even has the functionality to grow with your business. Conveniently
packaged in a compact and user-friendly design, the AR-M162 delivers the power and ease-of-use that today’s businesses are
looking for.
when performing multiple short-run
jobs. And with a continuous copy rate of
16 cpm (A4 size [8 1/2" x 11"]), you can
do more copy jobs in less time.
7.2 sec.
First copy time
Scan Once/Print Many and Electronic Sorting
• Performance Printing
• Quick copy speed of max. 16 cpm
• RIP Once/Print Many function for max. 16 ppm
• Scan Once/Print Many function and electronic sorting
• Speed-enhanced Sharp Printer Language with Compression
• Optional 40-sheet SPF (single pass feeder)
• Smart sharing with three PCs via IEEE 1284, USB 1.1, and USB 2.0
• Versatile image editing functions
• Upgradeable to network printing with network utilities
• Max. 1,100-sheet paper capacity
• IP/MAC address filtering prevents unauthorised access (option)
• Convenient printing functions
The AR-M162’s Scan
Once/Print Many (SOPM)
function does one scan
of multiple-page
documents and stores
them in memory for
making up to 999
copies of each page.
The Electronic Sorting
function then
automatically collates
multiple sets of copies in
page order without the
aid of a sorter. The AR-
Scan Once/Print Many and
Electronic Sorting
• Speedy Faxing (option)
• User- and Environment-Friendly
• Super G3 faxing and JBIG
• Universal design concept and
• Sharpdesk™ provides easy desktop management of
documents in over 200 file types
• Button Manager for quick and easy scanning
• Upgradeable to network colour scanning (scan to email/desktop/FTP server)
• LDAP compatibility for easy browsing of e-mail addresses
The AR-M162 is standard equipped with various image editing
functions that make copying more convenient.
XY Zoom
Rotation Copy
2-in-1/4-in-1 Copy
Dual Page Copy Mode*
Centre Erase
Edge Erase
Margin Shift
stored in
electronically sorted...
*Not available when using SPF.
M162 also stacks each
and stacked offset
during output.
set slightly shifted apart
from the previous (offset
stacking) for easy
retrieval. All this adds up to speedy copying that boosts
productivity even for large-volume documents.
Card Shot
Time-Saving SPF (option)
Superb Image Quality
For copying productivity, the AR-M162 can be equipped with the
optional AR-SP6 N SPF (single pass feeder). It eliminates the
tedious task of placing
pages by hand and allows
600 dpi resolution and 256-level greyscale ensure finely detailed
you to automatically make
copies from a stack of up to
40 originals.
• Full-colour scanning at 600 dpi and up to A3 in size
Versatile Editing Functions
Document is
• Colour Scanning
sheet paper tray and a 100sheet multi-bypass feeder.
Two types of extra paper
drawers are available for a
total paper capacity of up to
1,100 sheets.
*Depends on the operating environment and the status of use.
• Productive Copying
Card Shot
This function enables one-touch
scanning and copying of both
sides of a card (credit cards, ID
cards, etc.) onto a single page.
Note: Not available when using SPF.
reproduction, while Digital Auto Exposure Control provides
optimum copy contrast. For the best results, users can select Text
mode for text-only originals or Photo mode that gives detailed,
high-quality reproduction of photos and delicate halftone images.
5-line LCD operation panel
• Quick on-line transmission
• Energy-efficient design
• Max. 300 speed dials
• Lead-free wiring harnesses and AC
power cords
• Chromium-free surface-treated steel
Other Key Features
• Wide zoom range from 25% to 400% with 10 preset ratios
• Cost-efficient Toner Save mode
• Copy/print/scan auditing (50 accounts total)
• Automatic paper/magnification selection
Speedy Printing with Sharp Technology
Job Offset and Job Separator
A3 Full-Colour Scanning
The AR-M162 is a high-performance printer
incorporating Sharp Printer Language with
The AR-M162 ensures your
documents will stay neatly
The AR-M162 lets you easily scan
colour originals in 600 x 600 dpi
Compression (SPLC) technology. SPLC effectively
reduces the data size of print jobs, speeding up the
data transfer time and printing process while improving overall
organised even when others
are sharing the machine. To
make it easier to locate and
throughput. Also, the RIP Once/Print Many (ROPM) function
saves print data in the AR-M162’s internal memory and transfers it
to output at a quick rate of 16 ppm (A4 size) in 600 dpi resolution.
retrieve your documents from
the tray, the AR-M162’s Job
Offset function stacks each
SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression) Printing
Compress print data, reduce transfer time
print data
A’s printout
Won’t get
Scan objects with uneven surfaces...
Sharpdesk™ is an original Sharp application that provides
integrated desktop management of documents in over 200 file
resolution and use them to create
vivid, impressive colour documents
or presentation materials. The
formats, including scanned paper-based documents and those
created with popular applications such as Word. It allows you to
organise, edit, search, and distribute your documents, all with
...and put them in your documents
optional 40-sheet SPF gives
efficient multi-page document scanning. The AR-M162’s highquality colour CCD with wide depth of focus gives you clear, full-
B’s printout
simple drag-and-drop operation.
print job slightly shifted apart from one another. In addition, the
optional AR-TR4 Job Separator Tray Kit lets you send printer
output to the Job Separator tray or beneath it, preventing your job
colour scanning of originals with uneven surfaces*, such as fabric
and documents with other paper pasted on top. This means more
creative possibilities and more ways to communicate accurately
from getting mixed in with copies and faxes.
and effectively.
• Intuitive desktop display features thumbnail viewing
• Sharpdesk Imaging provides annotation tools for paper-free
• Sharpdesk Composer combines different types of files into a
single document
• Optical character recognition converts documents into
*There are limits (height, width, and depth) to uneven-surface objects that
can be scanned.
Data is
Easy Retrieval of Your Print Jobs
Sharpdesk™ — Document Management on
Your PC
Printer Status Window
Transfer time reduced by
nearly half (vs. GDI)
A Printer Status Window conveniently
allows you to monitor important printer
information on your PC, including online/off-line status, name of the active
print job, and machine conditions such
as the amount of paper or toner.
Fast printing of text and graphics
Smart Sharing
USB 2.0
The AR-M162’s Smart Sharing function allows you to
connect multiple computers directly to the machine
without having to go through a network. This is
great news for small workgroups that need to share
the unit with only a few PCs and don’t have a LAN
set up in their office. Two USB ports (USB 1.1 and
USB 2.0) and one IEEE 1284 port are provided as
IEEE 1284
standard for a total of three PC connections.
Push and Pull Scanning
Printer Status Window
Other Key Features
• N-up, Fit-to-Page, watermarks
Operation is quick and easy — simply press the Scan button, select
an application, and press Start (push scan). Up to six preregistered applications are available, including Sharpdesk™, email*, Microsoft® Word*, OCR*, and fax*. Button Manager
software allows you to change/assign these destination
applications and scan settings. The AR-M162’s scanner driver is
also compatible with the TWAIN standard, allowing it to be used
with various TWAIN-compliant applications (pull scan).
editable text files
• Output zone distributes files to e-mail, printers, and other
• File search allows searching by file name, keyword, or thumbnail
Note: Sharpdesk is not compatible with Windows® 95 and Windows NT®
4.0 (Service Pack 5.0).
Folder window
View/work area
Output zone
*These applications require additional software.
USB 1.1
Annotation function
Network Utility Software
Powerful Network Printing
printer networks easier to manage by allowing network
administrators to customise monitored items and view settings such
Sharp’s original Printer Administration Utility software makes
The AR-M162 supports popular network protocols including
TCP/IP and IPX/SPX. The optional AR-NB3 Network
Printing/Scanning Expansion Kit allows easy printer sharing
through your office network. The AR-NB3 also gives you PCL 6/5e
printer language emulations. For compatibility with more fonts
and better graphics handling, PostScript 3 emulation is available
with the optional AR-PK1N PS3 Expansion Kit.
LDAP Support
Status Monitor, network PC screens can display printer conditions,
such as toner levels and whether there is any paper remaining.
The optional AR-NB3 Network Printing/Scanning Expansion Kit
The AR-NB3 provides the AR-M162 with LDAP (lightweight
turns the AR-M162 into a convenient full-colour network scanner.
As easy as making a copy, you can send scanned images anywhere
over the network. Scanned files can be forwarded directly to your
directory access protocol) support, which eliminates the need to
enter or register an entire e-mail address. Simply select “Global
Address” from the LCD control panel, enter the first few letters of
IP/MAC Address Filtering for Security
The AR-NB3’s IP/MAC address filtering function provides highly
secure operation by restricting access to the AR-M162 on your
office network. Only PCs that have either their IP address or MAC
PC* (scan to desktop), sent as an attachment to any e-mail
address over the Internet (scan to e-mail), or stored on a file server
where they can be easily accessed from any PC on the network
the recipient’s name, and the AR-M162 displays a list of possible
matches from names and e-mail addresses on your company’s
LDAP server. This feature saves precious time and prevents errors
(scan to FTP server).
when typing e-mail addresses.
*Network Scanner Tool and Sharpdesk™ must be installed on the PC.
Send as e-mail
Scan to e-mail
address will be denied,
unauthorised use.
LDAP search results
Other Key Features
Windows® 95/98/Me
• Barcode font compatibility (requires AR-PF1)
• PDF/TIFF direct printing (PDF direct printing requires AR-PK1 N)
Scan to Desktop, E-Mail, or FTP Server
as the IP address directly from their PC. And with the Printer
(media access control) address registered are allowed to use the
AR-M162. Attempted
Unknown IP or MAC
addresses will be
denied access
access from an
unknown IP or MAC
Windows NT® 4.0
Windows® 2000/XP
Scan to FTP server
Scan to desktop
Store and share
as digital data
Send to
designated PC
File server
Client PCs
FAXING (option)
High-Speed Operation
Auto Dialling
Operation Panel
Environmentally Conscious Design
The AR-FX11 Fax Expansion Kit turns the AR-M162
into a Super G3 fax machine featuring a fast
The AR-M162 stores up to 50 frequently called numbers (including
Group dials) for instant one-touch Rapid Dial connections and up
The AR-M162’s operation panel is created under a universal
design concept, making it easy for everyone to use, from office
• The AR-M162 conforms to the Energy Star programme, an
international system identifying energy-efficient products that
modem speed of 33.6 Kbps. Using JBIG data
compression, the AR-M162 can send an A4 (8 1/2" x 11") size
page in under 3 seconds*. When used with the optional 40-sheet
to 300 numbers for three-digit Speed Dialling.
equipment novices to the physically challenged.
conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.
• The AR-M162 has two levels of energy-saving modes, PreHeat and Auto Power Shut-Off, to reduce or shut off electricity
SPF, your faxing jobs become even more efficient.
Fax Reception Light
*Based on an A4 document with approx. 700 characters at standard
The AR-M162 lets you know
when an incoming fax has
Quick On-Line Transmission
been received with an LED on
the corner of the operation
panel that blinks until the user
The AR-M162 starts dialling and transmitting a multi-page
document as soon as the first page is scanned into memory. This
retrieves the fax from the Job
Separator tray*.
greatly reduces the overall time it takes to send the document.
Conventional Memory Transmission
Scan All
Quick On-Line Transmission (AR-M162)
Saves Time
Job Separator
With the optional AR-TR4 Job Separator Tray Kit installed, you can
do copy jobs while receiving incoming faxes without them getting
mixed together.
Note: Output destinations can be designated, placing fax or printer output
onto the Job Separator tray and copier or printer output onto the bottom
Fax/printer output
• New easy-to-read 5-line LCD
• Optimum-height operation panel for easy access
• Easy-to-press and -feel indented keys
used in the fusing unit after a period of inactivity. These modes
save running costs while the machine is not in use.
• The AR-M162 uses chromium-free surface-treated steel sheet
• Notification sounds for default levels in manual settings (zoom,
exposure, etc.)
• Delayed response setting gives enough time to cancel operation
and lead-free wiring harnesses and AC power cords.
*When the Job Separator tray is
not installed, the LED stops blinking when the received fax has finished
Other Key Features
• F-Code Communication enables confidential communication,
relay request transmission, and memory polling with fax
machines from other brands that conform to the ITU-T F-Code
(sub-address and pass code) standard
System Configuration
Single Pass Feeder
Network Printing/Scanning
Expansion Kit
• Automatic Reduction automatically reduces the size of the
document being sent or received to fit the paper size of the
recipient machine or the AR-M162
• Memory Transmission/Reception stores documents in
memory, allowing the originals to be returned to the user quickly
and saving incoming faxes in memory if the AR-M162 runs out
of paper or toner
Sharpdesk 1/5-License Kit
Sharpdesk 50/100-License Kit
256MB Memory
Job Separator
Tray Kit
• Timer Transmission enables unattended after-hours operation
when reduced phone rates are in effect
PS3 Expansion Kit
Fax Expansion Kit
Barcode Font Kit
8MB Fax Memory
Flash Memory Kit
• Polling allows the user to retrieve a document left in the feeder
of a remote fax machine
• Long originals (up to 800 mm long) can be sent using the SPF
250-Sheet Paper Feed Unit
2 x 250-Sheet Paper Feed Unit
Some options may not be available in some areas.
• Broadcast faxing to up to 200 locations
Job Separator
• Programme keys (up to 9 keys) are available to set up
Copier/printer output
frequently used transmissions for instant recall
• Rotation Reception/Transmission rotates incoming or
outgoing faxes to match the direction of the printing paper size
PC-Fax Transmission
A PC-Fax function allows you to directly send a document created
on your PC to a recipient’s fax machine via the AR-M162. Since all
• Divided Reception prints out long-length faxes onto separate
sheets of paper
Base Unit (AR-M162)
Max. 16 cpm,
16 ppm (SPLC)
Full colour, Sharpdesk™
Network printing, PAU,
status monitor, PCL6/5e,
TIFF direct printing
Network colour scanning, –
IP/MAC address filtering,
print/scan auditing,
network port/protocol
PS3, PDF direct printing
Barcode fonts, font &
form download
Super G3, PC-fax*
Fax auditing
faxing procedures are done on your PC without printing to paper,
this function saves time, increases faxing productivity, and retains
original document quality.
Note: Consult your local Sharp dealer for the date of availability.
Copy auditing
*Consult your local Sharp dealer for the date of availability.
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