DA516_Marketing sheet

DA516_Marketing sheet
DA 516
Differential Pressure Controller
Quiet, Reliable and Adjustable
Differential Pressure Controller
for Stabilization of Multiple
Circuits within a Branch
The DA 516 is a differential pressure controller that is
system, the pressure of which is transmitted to the controller
adjustable. Its function is to keep a constant differential
through a capillary tube. The controlled pressure set point
pressure over the load (a branch of several fan coils, for
is adjustable within a specified range. Because it provides
example), regardless of pressure variations in other parts of
a self-adjusting restriction, the DA is well-suited to variable
the distribution system. The DA 516 will control the pressure
speed pumping applications.
between the controller itself and another point in the
DA 516
Designed specifically for
maintaining differential
pressure, the DA 516
offers the perfect
combination of reliability,
quiet functionality
and value.
Differential Pressure Controller
1. Differential pressure control
• Easy balancing and commissioning of the
controlled circuit.
• Control valves are pressure relieved, so
low force (and low cost) actuators can
be used.
• Hydraulic isolation of the circuit from the
rest of the system, so pressure variations
do not impact valve operation.
• Control valves operate with improved
authority, therefore, their performance is
2. Adjustable ΔP set point
• Fine control
• Field flexibility
3. Inline design
• Small, compact product footprint
• Reduced noise or silent operation, even in
difficult conditions
4. Wide pressure and temperature range, 14º-284ºF
• Application flexibility
5. Large number of connection options
• Installation ease and flexibility
DA 516 Valve Specifications
Sizes: ½”-5” | Temp rating: 14° to 284°F | Cv: 4.7-174.4
Rating: 230 psi max differential pressure, 360 psig max static pressure
Maximum Flow: 220 gpm (4”/5” valve)
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