Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
How many input channels does the Mackie Reach have?
Reach offers a 6-channel digital mixer with 4 mic/line/instruments inputs and 1/8” Aux/Bluetooth input.
Additionally you can also link a second Reach for a 12-channel, professional stereo PA system.
How much vertical and horizontal coverage does the Reach have?
The Mackie Reach is equipped with the ARC™ (Amplified Radial Curve) high-frequency array utilizing a
unique vertical multi-tweeter array for ultra-wide 150 degrees of horizontal coverage and 50 degrees of
vertical coverage.
In addition to the front-facing vertical array, Mackie Reach is equipped with a selectable high-output fullrange driver on each side to provide up to 250 degrees of total coverage. Perfect for situations where
the audience is surrounding the performer or presenter.
Can the side monitors be controlled independently?
The EarShot™ monitoring system also doubles as a side fill monitoring system, so users benefit from
that extra bit of coverage regardless of the layout of the indoor venue or amphitheater.
The side-firing monitors can be controlled independently from the main mix. The side-firing monitors are
pre-main mix fader, the left and right sides can turned on or off independently from each but share the
same mix level.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many Reach units can you link together?
Up to two Reach units can be linked together.
Link In – The auto-sensing 1/4” TRS jack will input mono signal from a second Reach unit.
Link Out – This auto-sensing 1/4” TRS jack will output mono signal to a second Reach unit.
Can you control two Reach units with one mobile device?
You can only control one Reach at a time with your mobile device. For optimal results if linking two
Reach units you will need 2 mobile devices to adjust the settings independently from each other.
Does Reach use the Mackie Connect app?
Yes, Reach uses the Mackie Connect app. Similar to the My Fader app for the DL series, Mackie Connect
gives users control from the mic stand, podium or pocket over all input levels, EQ settings and effect
levels, freeing you up to address all settings from the app instead of the hardware.
Do I have to use the Mackie Connect app to control Reach?
You do not have to use the Mackie Connect app to control Reach. Reach can be controlled independently apart from the app but the app will give more control options.
What kind of controls are we likely to see with the application and the hardware respectively?
The Reach hardware offers users control over all input levels, main level, FX Levels for inputs 1 through
4, as well as FX Selection (up to 4 FX), feedback elimination and voicing settings of the Product.
Add in the Mackie Connect app and users have control over all the on product settings, as well as EQ
settings for all inputs (Channel 1-4), additional FX selection (up to 16), FX Level for the Bluetooth, FX
return for all channels, mutes for all input channels and/or main output, and instant recall of 3 user-defined channel presets.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the Mackie Connect app cost?
The Mackie Connect app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. You can download and
demo the Mackie Connect app before buying the product.
Which devices are compatible with the Mackie Connect App?
Currently the Mackie Connect is available for iOS and Android devices.
Android v4.1 – v4.4 and then v5.0 or later
iOS 8 and later.
With the Mackie Connect app can I save mixing settings?
The Mackie Connect app allows for instant recall of 3 user-defined channel presets.
What version of Bluetooth does Reach have?
Reach employees the Bluetooth v3.0 spec, which includes support for Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth high
speed and Bluetooth low energy protocols.
How Many Bluetooth enabled devices can the hardware pair with at a time?
Note that pairing is different than connecting. Pairing is when devices “learn about” one another, and
users can pair all of their various BT source devices with the Reach at their leisure, such that they instantly connect upon power-up during future use. However, only one device can be actively connected at
any given time.
How far can you be away (distance wise) from the speaker before you lose connection.
The Bluetooth v3.0 spec allows for up to 300 feet between the source device and playback device,
however different environments (and other devices in the area) effect range and performance in different
ways as well as the capability of your device. However it is always recommended to keep the source
device as close to the playback device as possible – ideally less than 30 feet- for optimal results.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any determining factors that will limit or interrupt the Bluetooth signal to the speaker from the
There are plenty of resources that appropriately cover the various materials and devices that can cause
Bluetooth interference. As an owner of Bluetooth products, we recommend you become familiar with
these resources:
How do I control music playback through the Mackie Reach? Do I have to use Mackie Connect?
From any BT-equipped source device (tablets, smartphones, etc.), users will be able to stream the audio
of their choice from the audio source app of their choice, with or without the Mackie Connect app.
As such, all of the typical controls that your source device/app offers (play, pause, skip, volume control,
etc.) will still be available when paired/connected with the Reach.
Meanwhile, on the hardware side, Reach allows users to control level for each input channel.
And in the Mackie Connect app, users gain additional control over EQ settings and FX level for all input
Can I connect to the BT with my laptop/computer?
Yes, you can stream audio through the Mackie Reach but extended control via the Mackie Connect app
is only available on iOS and Android devices.
Is there a USB port for connecting/charging my iPhone/Android?
What kind of Mic Pre’s does the Reach have?
Reach uses standard Mackie designed microphone preamps. The XLR inputs have a total of 50dB of
gain and the TRS inputs are line level only.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I plug my Guitar into the 1/4” inputs?
Yes the Reach 1/4” jacks use our Wide-Z input design that is capable of handling both balanced/ unbalanced line level as well as unbalanced instruments level sources.
Does Reach have Phantom Power?
Reach’s inputs are designed for dynamic microphones only, there is no phantom power available.
Does the Reach output stereo audio or is it summed to mono?
The Reach speaker output is summed to mono.
Can I turn off the front Running Man LED logo?
When Main/Mon buttons are held together, the front panel Running Man logo will turn on/off.
What can I monitor through the headphone jack?
The headphone output jack is designed to feed a stereo headphone mix of the digital mixer’s output.
Once a an headphone cable is plugged into the headphone jack, all on-product speakers will stop
outputting sound, and the main level control of the digital mixer will control headphone level instead
of main/mon loudspeaker level. Within the Mackie Connect app there is a user override to turn off the
“speaker off ” default setting. So you can monitor the mix in headphones without interrupting Reach’s
speaker output
Can I use the Reach with a subwoofer?
Yes you can use the monitor output to drive a subwoofer. Reach will be able to utilize our SPM 200
adjustable speaker pole to stack on a sub. The DLM12S is a perfect companion sub to this system.
Does the Reach have to be vertical or can I use it in a horizontal fashion?
The Reach should be used in a vertical positioning fashion.
Can you pole mount the Reach?
Yes, the Reach will fit the standard 35mm speaker stand mount.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does the footswitch control on Reach?
The 1/4” TRS footswitch jack will mute and unmute all FX output from the digital mixer. With the
footswitch jack you can choose latching or non-latching A/B footswitch to communicate the on/off messages or via the app.
Will the FX come out of the monitor outputs?
Yes, the built in effects will output on both the main mix and monitor outputs.
How many different FX can I have on at a time?
Reach has one effects processor and can be applied to any of the input channels. Each input channel
has a level control that determins how much FX is added to a given channel.
What Types of FX does the Reach have?
Reach offers a choice of 16 effects.
Bright Room
Warm Lounge
Small Stage
Warm Theater
Warm Hall
Concert Hall
Plate Reverb
Chorus and Reverb
Tape Slap
Delay 1,2,and 3
Reverb and Delay
How much does the Reach weigh?
32 lbs.
Can Reach be powered via a battery?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Reach come in any other colors?
What is the output wattage?
2x 100watts RMS LF amp - 400watts peak
2x 50watts RMS Side Fill amp - 200watts peak
1x60watts RMS HF amp - 120watts peak
(720watts total peak)
What is the frequency response of Reach?
Acoustic Performance:
freq. response (-3dB)
freq. response (-10dB)
Max SPL peak121dB-SPL
Does Reach have a carrying bag?
Reach has an optional durable carry bag for easy transportation and protection.
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