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Product Data Sheet
Machinery Health™ Management
January 2009
CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter
Accurate vibration
monitoring in hardto-reach locations via
Emerson’s Smart Wireless
self-organizing network
Provides overall
velocity and PeakVue®
measurements for one
or two accelerometers
Delivers vibration and
temperature measurements
through a single
accelerometer with
embedded temperature
Applicable to a wide range
of plant machinery
Wireless output with >99%
data reliability delivers
rich WirelessHART TM data,
protected by best-in-class
The CSI 9420 delivers vibration information over a self-organizing wireless
network for use by operations and maintenence personnel.
As part of Emerson's Smart
Wireless solution, the rugged
CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration
Transmitter connects quickly,
easily, and economically to any
machine. It delivers vibration
information over a highly-reliable,
self-organizing wireless network
for use by operations and
maintenance personnel.
Configuration, diagnostics,
and alerts are imported into
AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device
Manager. Vibration data is also
available in data historians or
any control system for trending
and analysis with other process
parameters. In addition to
measuring overall vibration
and temperature, the CSI 9420
Wireless Vibration Transmitter
includes PeakVue technology
for advanced bearing and gear
Machinery Health™ Management
Digital Field Devices Power
The CSI 9420 powers PlantWeb
by communicating important
vibration diagnostics and
PlantWeb alerts to improve
availability while reducing
installation, operations, and
maintenance costs.
The CSI 9420 incorporates
SmartPower to extend battery
life while still delivering highly-
reliable measurements with rich
WirelessHART data and
AMS Device Manager provides an enhanced graphical interface through EDDL
capabilities, giving you clear indication of device status.
High Accuracy and
Configure and Diagnose with
vibration monitoring applications,
diagnostics in the CSI 9420
The CSI 9420 is ideal for
especially in hard-to-reach or
cost-prohibitive locations. It
provides advanced accuracy
for all installations and ensures
precise transmitter performance
in harsh and/or noisy EMI/RFI
environments. The CSI 9420
can be configured for a variety
of low-power accelerometer
sensor input options, including
one accelerometer, one
accelerometer with
embedded temperature,
or two accelerometers.
AMS Suite
Access all the predictive
with AMS Device Manager.
Use AMS Device Manager to
configure, calibrate, diagnose,
and document device activities.
AMS Device Manager ensures
a superior experience through
EDDL capabilities that provide a
consistent user interface between
manufacturers and a graphical
presentation of diagnostics. The
enhanced graphical interface
provides clear indications of
device status and process
variables, extending the benefits
of PlantWeb® to WirelessHART
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diagnostic information.
Rosemount® 648, 702 and
3051S Wireless Devices
These Rosemount transmitters
enable fully-integrated
temperature, pressure, flow,
discrete, and level measurement
wireless solutions that can be
combined with the CSI 9420
vibration measurements to
optimize plant performance
and reduce risk.
Visible LCD Display
The LCD meter on the CSI 9420
conveniently displays sensor
values and transmitter diagnostics.
Local indication of vibration
measurements and diagnostics
provides real-time, accurate
verification of process
conditions. The LCD meter is
easily visible, even in remote
mount installations. Remote
mount allows the CSI 9420
to be installed with sensors
mounted directly on the asset.
Product Data Sheet
January 2009
At the heart of Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach is the self-organizing network, featuring security, infinite configurability,
and data reliability greater than 99%, to ensure an adaptive and flexible approach to wireless.
Wireless Architecture
data transmissions are
Your Network Safe
Maximize Data Reliability
Best-in-Class Security Keeps
Security is most effective if it
can fend off attacks on multiple
fronts. Emerson’s multi-layered
approach to wireless network
security ensures that your
network stays protected. The
network devices implement
encryption, authentication,
verification, anti-jamming
and key management
methods to make sure that
received only by your
wireless gateway.
The 1420 Smart Wireless
Gateway enables the most robust
security available. It provides
easy host integration with
no additional software and
continuously optimizes
network performance to
maximize data reliability
and battery life of the
wireless devices.
CSI 9420 is an easy addition to your
existing network of wireless pressure
and temperature transmitters.
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Machinery Health™ Management
Network Stability
Easy Installation
procedures without the added-
delivers greater than 99%
install and provides reliable
devices provide exceptional
Emerson’s Smart Wireless
data reliability. This is primarily
enabled by the self-organizing
nature of the technology
platform. If a temporary
obstruction blocks a direct
connection, the network
automatically reroutes the
signal to an adjacent device,
ensuring network reliability
and data integrity.
The CSI 9420 is easy to
measurement while delivering
diagnostics data within hours
of installation.
Integrates with existing HART
The CSI 9420 uses the same
tools and software as other
HART devices, allowing you
to leverage existing practices,
training, and maintenance
wiring costs. These intelligent
data reliability.
Seamless Integration to
Host Systems
Send measurement data and
diagnostics from your wireless
devices to any type of information
system, including Serial Modbus,
Modbus TCP, OPC, legacy
systems and data historians.
Are You Wireless?
The more control you have over
Too often, the cost or difficulty
Lower installation costs are only
overall operations of your plant,
has outweighed the perceived
is what you can do with the
the process, physical assets, and
the safer and more profitable
your business can become.
As any plant manager, engineer,
operator, or maintenance
technician will tell you, more
(and better) information means
more opportunities for reducing
operational costs and improving
quality, throughput, and
availability. In addition, plants
are often struggling to get the
measurement and diagnostic
information that could ease
compliance to new environmental
and safety requirements.
So, why aren't more plants
"measuring up?"
Page 4
of adding new measurements
benefits. With traditional wired
technologies, distance or
complexity can make connecting
a measurement point to the
control system impractical or
"too expensive to even consider."
The CSI 9420 removes the
barriers of traditional wired
field solutions by allowing
you to monitor critical rotating
machinery while gaining
unprecedented access to data
that was previously out of
economic or technical reach.
A wireless solution can reduce,
if not eliminate, these “blind
spots” in your plant.
part of the answer. Also important
additional information. Wireless
technology empowers mobile
workers to do their jobs more
efficiently by giving them remote
access to needed information.
With the CSI 9420, you can
easily monitor your critical
plant assets and gain access
to information from all areas of
your plant. With these predictive
diagnostics, you will increase
process uptime, improve
consistency, and lower the
risk of abnormal situations.
As more and more plants are
turning to wireless solutions, the
question is “Are You Wireless?”
Product Data Sheet
January 2009
Functional Specifications
Accelerometer 1
- DC Bias Range: 2 - 3 Vdc
- DC Input Range: 0 - 5 Vdc
- AC Input Range: + 2.5 Vpeak
(100 gs peak)
Accelerometer 2
- DC Bias Range: 2 - 3 Vdc
- DC Input Range: 0 - 5 Vdc
- AC Input Range: + 2.5 Vpeak
(100 g’s peak)
Temperature 1
- DC Bias Range: N/A
- DC Input Range
-22° F to 302° F (-30° to + 125° C)
- AC Input Range: N/A
Settling Time
Temperature Range
HART enabled, wireless, linear with
velocity, temperature, and/or PeakVue
The overall velocity measurement
delivered over the 2Hz-1000Hz
frequency range per the ISO 10816
Wireless Power Module
Screw terminals permanently fixed to
terminal block
Terminal Block and Battery Pack
Without LCD Meter
Operating Limit
-32° F to 185° F
-40° C to 85° C
Storage Limit
-32° F to 185° F
-40° C to 85° C
With LCD Meter Display
Operating Limit
Storage Limit
-4° F to 185° F
-32° F to 185° F
-20° C to 85° C
-40° C to 85° C
User selectable, 1 min to 60 min
Nominal Sensitivity
A0394 Sensor Series
Power Module life – Transmit Rate
- Active LCD Panel
3.5 years : 30 minute transmit rate
6 years: 60 minute transmit rate
- No LCD Panel
4 years: 30 minute transmit rate
7 years: 60 minute transmit rate
0–100% relative humidity
Replaceable, intrinsically safe
Lithium-Thionyl Chloride power module
pack with PBT enclosure
Sensor Terminals
25 mV/g (2.5mV/(m/s2)
Frequency Range
96 to 600k cpm (1.6 to 10k Hz)
Amplitude Range
± 80 g (± 784 m/s2 )
Broadband Resolution
3 mg rms (29 mm/s2 rms)
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Communication Terminals
Clips permanently fixed to terminal
Housing - Low-copper aluminum
Paint - Polyurethane
Cover O-ring - Buna-N
PBT/PC integrated omni directional
Transmitters may be attached away
from the asset to be monitored with the
sensors mounted directly to the asset
Mounting brackets also permit remote
mounting. See the “Dimensional
Drawings” section
CSI 9420 without LCD - 4.6 lbs. (2 kg)
CSI 9420 with M5 LCD - 4.7 lbs (2.1 kg)
Enclosure Ratings (9420)
Performance Specifications
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Housing option code D is NEMA 4X,
and IP66
(1) Reference conditions are for one accelerometer connected at 70°
F (21° C), and routing data for three additional network devices.
NOTE: Continuous exposure to ambient temperature limits (-40 °F
or 185 °F) (-40 °C or 85 °C) may reduce specified battery life by less
than 20 percent.
All Models meets all relevant
requirements of EN 61326.
Measurement Accuracy
0.81 oz (23 gm)
Materials of Construction
Transmit Rate
The optional five-digit integral LCD
Meter can display engineering units
(°F, °C, In/Sec, mm/sec and g’s).
Display updates at transmit rate up to
once per minute
Temperature Limits
Side (Side)
HART Communicator Connections
Humidity Limits
Connector Position
The PeakVue value delivered as peakto-peak acceleration value based on a
1000Hz high-pass filter
Local Display
-65 to +250° F (-54 to +121° C)
Physical Specifications
≤ 2 sec (≤ 2 sec)
Parameter - Typical2
- RMS Velocity +/- 0.4 dB
(Corresponds to +/-4%)
- PeakVue +/- 0.4 dB
(Corresponds to +/- 4%)
- Temperature +/- 4° C
NOTE: (1) Measurement accuracy is the absolute accuracy of
the measurement relative to a known, calibrated excitation for
WirelessHART devices.
(2) Typical measurement accuracy represents the expected
performance operating under steady-state conditions (constant
temperature at 20°C with no external interference) for a mid-band
excitation (nominally 1 g at 100 Hz). This variation includes the
frequency response of the electronics and the sensor
Measurement Precision
Vibration: +/- 0.2 dB over 24 months
Temperature: +/- 2 °C over 24 months.
Self Calibration
The analog-to-digital measurement
circuitry automatically self-calibrates for
each update by comparing the dynamic
measurement to extremely stable and
accurate internal reference elements
Vibration Effect
No loss in functionality when tested per
the requirements of IEC60770-1 with
high vibration level (10 Hz to 10 Khz)
and up to 50g acceleration
Sensor Connections
Connecting One Sensor to the CSI 9420
■ Connecting One Sensor / accelerometer
- Connector labeled 1 - Red wire
- Connector labeled 2 - White wire
- Connector labeled 3 - Blank
- Connector labeled 4 - Black wire
Connecting Two Sensors to the
CSI 9420
■ Connecting Two Sensors /
- Connector labeled 1 - Two red wires
(one from each sensor)
- Connector labeled 2 - White wire from
one sensor
- Connector labeled 3 - White wire from
other sensor
- Connector labeled 4 - Two black wires
(one from each sensor)
Connecting One Sensor with
Temperature to the CSI 9420
■ Connecting One Sensor accelerometer
with temperature
- Connector labeled 1 - Red wire
- Connector labeled 2 - White wire
- Connector labeled 3 - Green wire
- Connector labeled 4 - Black wire
Machinery Health™ Management
Product Certification and Registrations
General Certifications
Approved Manufacturing Locations
Emerson Process Management – Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Telecommunication Compliance
2.4 Ghz WirelessHART:
IC ID: 2731A-RM2510
900 Mhz:
IC ID: 5853A-M1030
ATEX Directive (94/9/EC)
Emerson Process Management complies with the ATEX Directive.
Compliant to Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) (2004/108/EC)
All Models conforming to the following standards: EN 61326-1, 61326-2-3: 2006
Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive
Emerson Process Management complies with the R&TTE Directive.
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Certificate Number: 2008943
General Safety Standard Certification conforming to the following standards:
CSA Std. C22.;2 No. 61010-1-4 Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement,
Control and Laboratory Use, Part I : General Requirements ( Second Edition)
ISA S82.02.01 2nd (IEC 61010-1 Mod) Safety Standards for Electrical and Electronic Test,
Measuring, Controlling and Related Equipment – General Requirements
ANSI/UL Sta. 61010-1 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use: Part 1
General Requirements (Second Edition)
Hazardous Locations Certifications
Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals
2.4 GHz WirelessHart
Certificate Number: Pending
900 MHz
Certificate Number: 3032128
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
2.4 GHz WirelessHART
Certificate Number: 1991246 (LR111518)
900 MHz
Certificate Number: 1991246
I5 FM Non-incendive
Zone Marking: Class I, Zone 2, Group llC
Temperature Code T4 (-40°C < Ta < 85°C), (-20°C < Ta < 80°C with LCD)
Non-incendive for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D.
For use with Rosemount Power Module P/N 753-9220-XXXX (MHM P/N 89002) only
Enclosure Type 4X / IP66
Conforming to the following standards: FM 3600: Nov 1998, FM 3600: Nov 1998, FM 3611: Dec. 2004, FM 3810: Jan 2005
Temp Code T4 (-40°C < Ta < 85°C), (-20°C < Ta < 80°C with LCD)
Enclosure Type 4X / IP66
For use with Rosemount Power Module P/N 00753-9220-XXXX (MHM P/N 89002) only
Conforming to the following standards: CSA Std. C22.2 No. 0-M91, CSA Std. C22.2 No. 142-M1987, CSA Std. C22.2 No.
ATEX, Zone 2
2.4 GHz WirelessHART
Certificate Number: Pending
Ex II 3G Ex nA nL HC T4 (-40°C < 85°C), (-20°C < Ta < 80°C with LCD)
Enclosure Type IP66
For use with Rosemount Power Module P/N 753-9220-XXXX (MHM P/N 89002) only
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Product Data Sheet
January 2009
Dimensional Drawings
CSI 9420 Remote Mount
CSI 9420 Dimensions
Page 7
Machinery Health™ Management
Ordering Information
Product Description
Wireless Vibration Transmitter
Transmitter Type
Wireless Field Mount
Single Low Power Accelerometer
Dual Low Power Accelerometer
Single Low Power Accelerometer with Embedded Temperature
Dual-Compartment Housing - Aluminum
Dual-Compartment Housing - Stainless Steel
Conduit Threads
1/2-14 NPT
FM, Class 1 Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D; Temperature Code: T4 (-400C < Ta < 850C)
CSA, Class 1 Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D; Temperature Code: T4 (-400C < Ta < 850C)
No Approval
ATEX Type n ExII 3G Ex nA nL HC T4 (-400C < Ta < 850C)
Wireless Options
Wireless Transmit Rate
User Configurable Transmit Rate
Operating Frequency and Protocol
2.4 GHz WirelessHART
900 MHz FHSS, HART Wireless
Omnidirectional, Integral Antenna
Long-life Power Module Adapter, Intrinsically Safe
NOTE: Power Module may be shipped separately- Order Part Number MHM-89002
LCD Meter - Local Operator Interface
Factory Configure Data, Descriptor, Message Fields, and Wireless Parameters
NOTE: Requires completed configuration date sheet to be submitted with order
Cable Gland
Single Sensor
Dual Sensor
Single Armor Cabled Sensor
Single Sensor - Stainless Steel Gland
Single Armor Cable Sensor - Stainless Steel Gland
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Product Data Sheet
January 2009
Destination Country Code
Destination Country
Hong Kong
South Africa
Typical Model Number: 9420 D 2 D 1 NA WA 1 WK 1 L C1 G2 C##
Sensor Ordering Information
Sensor Description
Low Power Accelerometer, Right Angle, Armor Jacket - 10' Cable
Low Power Accelerometer, Right Angle, Green Jacket - 10' Cable
Low Power Accelerometer, Right Angle, Armor Jacket w/ Teflon® Coating - 10' Cable
Low Power Accelerometer, w/ Temperature, Right Angle, Blue Jacket - 10' Cable
Low Power Accelerometer, w/ Temperature, Right Angle, Armor Jacket w/ Teflon Coating - 10' Cable
Low Power Accelerometer, w/ Temperature, Right Angle, Armor Jacket - 10' Cable
For NA only, the above sensors are also available in 30’, 50’, 75’ and 100’ lengths.
For 30’ length, add “-1” to part number
For 50’ length, add “-2” to part number
For 75’ length, add “-3” to part number
For 100’ length, add “-4” to part number
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Product Data Sheet
January 2009
Emerson Process Management
Asset Optimization Division
835 Innovation Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
T 1(865) 675-2400
F 1(865) 218-1401
The CSI 9420 Wireless
Vibration Transmitter powers
PlantWeb through predictive
diagnostics to improve
reliability and reduce
operations and maintenance
Machinery Health™ Management
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