Roof Cap Installation Instructions

Roof Cap Installation Instructions
6” - 8” ROUND OR 3¼” x 10” ROOF CAP
Plan installation carefully. Before installing roof cap, make
sure that birdscreen is in place. Refer to Figure 3 under “MAINTENANCE” section.
Roof cap will accept up to 3¼” x 10” rectangular or 8” round
duct. Ductwork may enter roof cap as shown in Figures 1A &
1B. Tape all joints with duct tape to prevent air and water
Figure 1A
To replace damper flap or gasket material:
1. Remove birdscreen, using sharp pointed tool. Pull screen
down and pop it out. (Figure 3)
2. Remove screw (Item #8) in center of damper plate assembly and pull assembly out.
3. Pull out damper rod and lift damper flap out.
4. Replace defective or worn parts and reinstall damper flap
with rib in flap facing up.
5. Slide damper plate assembly into grooves on inside of cap
and replace screw. Make sure that damper opens freely.
6. Replace screen and position as shown.
NOTE: The high quality paint coating on our outdoor accessories may be used as the exterior finish or as a prime coat
for the finish of your choice. Apply the coating best suited for
the special conditions of your application.
Housing (Painted) 97006176
Housing (Aluminum) 97006250
Figure 1B
Figure 3
1. Cut hole in roof approximately ½” larger than ductwork.
2. Insert ductwork through opening and run it back to fan or
range hood. Leave a maximum of ¾” of duct projecting
above roof surface on the high side.
3. Trim ductwork parallel to roof pitch.
Figure 2
(Seal shingles to roof cap
on sides and top)
(Seal all nail heads with roof cement)
4. Carefully lift shingles and slide back flange of roof cap
under shingles. Nail flange to roof under shingles at top
two corners and two sides. Nail directly to roof in four
places at bottom. (Figure 2)
5. Use roof cement to seal shingles to top and sides of roof
cap. Seal all nail heads with roof cement as well.
Short Sealant
Strip 99500322
Damper Flap
Bird Screen
Long Sealant
Strip 99500321
Screw (Black) 99170245
Screw (Silver) 99150576
Damper Plate (Painted) 98005584
Damper Plate (Aluminum) 98005598
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