MTX 3240 – MTX 3250
Efficiency displayed with elegance
An attractive structure
and a shape that makes room
The MTX family's appealing and modern design, which is especially compact, will fit perfectly into
your workspace. Placed directly on a counter top, their design leaves room in front of them.
Their height has been calculated
so they fit nicely in half-shelf spaces.
Having a standard length and not
very deep, they can be placed on
top of another instrument. Since
they have a built-in handle and
are light in weight, these instruments are easy to displace and
Even at a distance or in poor light (sun, neon), the
measurements are perfectly readable, perfectly legible
thanks to its large (50 x 140 mm), dark background
display and adjustable led-matrix backlighting as well
as the exceptional height of the main display (20 mm).
Situated on the front panel, the operations zones are
large, coherent, and organized; and the measurement
connections are easily accessible. Primary functions
are selected directly with keys that are marked with
their function and a led.
A high-performance encoder makes it possible to
make settings, and contextual keys located at the
edge of the screen clearly show the configuration.
Characteristics subject to modifications according to technological developments
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The qualities of the MTX do not limit themselves to their looks. With the latest 16-bit
microprocessor, a downloadable software
and a 100% digital calibration, these instruments are smart too. As for safety, a resettable
electronic protection eliminates the need for
the mains fuse.
Generator-Measurer MTX 3240
Multimeter-Analyzer MTX 3250
The MTX 3240 and MTX 3250 are available in
their programmable version using an insulated
and rapid RS232 optical interface, guaranteeing
the complete safety for the user and associated
Even the selection keyboard is the
latest in technology with its
microswitch contacts that have
an exceptionally long life span:
more than 100,000 maneuvers.
The markings on the keys are
made with permanent laser
So smart, you can choose them just for their looks!
With the MTX family, Metrix
makes it possible for each professional to access instruments
which are the best of the best.
For assistance and ordering
AVANA 33 2 38 77 88 88 - Code : 906 211 043 - Ed. 1 - 04/02 - VGB
A user-friendly,
man-machine interface with exceptional legibility
A leader in technology,
innovative to the fingertips
An innovative ergonomic design for unmatched comfort and user-efficiency
A light and compact case having operations zones which are least twice as large as those
of traditional instruments
A display with see-it-to-believe-it dimensions and legibility
Technological alterations associating new, yet necessary features
Digital calibration at 100% for controlled accuracy
Completely programmable models via optical RS232 as per SCPI protocol
Assets that even appeal to the world of industry and technical education
MTX 3240: the stand-alone generator-measurer
MTX 3250: the built-in multimeter-analyzer
necessary to purchase instruments that one
doesn't use that often. Also for recording
up to 4 channels and 12 parameters in
the laboratory, the “data logger” version of
this multi-purpose instrument offer highperformance service with its associated
PC software.
All the members of the MTX Compact family have the same heritage: they have
attractive and ergonomic stature, are highly intelligent and good natured, yet show
much character in their respective roles.
A generator with
innovative features
Its advanced technology allows each user to
benefit from its new, yet essential functions:
Associated features
Frequency settings - guarantees stability
to the nearest digit, and intelligent
accelerator - with automatic range change
for frequency
A multimeter
at the leading edge of modes
Another advantage of these innovations: full functionality for the user's investment.
The MTX 3240's associated features give it stand-alone implementation which means that,
when simply testing settings, one can avoid the systematic use of an oscilloscope or multimeter.
Frequency control loop and display
AMPLITUDE vpp (peak/peak) and OFFSET
VDC check and display
Duty cycle check and display
The MTX 3240 is also a rational investment
for it is also a 100 MHz frequency meter
(Cat. I, 300 V), which means that it is not
necessary to purchase an instrument that
one doesn't use that often.
Automatic range changing optimized for
Duty cycle adjustable without varying or
dividing the frequency
For metrology control, the “SPEC”
Mode calculates and displays the
instrument's uncertainties according
to the ranges and the measured value
And in order to meet the
user's expectations of
automated systems in
an economical way, a
100% programmable
version of this generator
exists via a rapid, SCPIcompatible link.
“LOGIC” function
for a
fast and simple answer to generating logic
signals with directly adjustable thresholds
A robust generator with protected 60 VDC /
40 VAC outputs
It all begins with a connection reduced
to 3 terminals which limits maneuvers and
errors and allows complete current
“AUTORANGING” between 50 µA and
20 A. Then with its 3-way display, the
MTX 3250 gives measurement combinations that meet current applications
simply and efficiently, as for example,
bandwidth measurement (attenuation
in dB and frequency display).
“RELATIVE” Mode, expressed in absolute,
percentage or dB (ratio), makes direct
Associated features
Like the generator of the same family, the MTX
multimeter is an exceptional, multifunctional
device. Thanks to its signal analysis, there is
no need for the user to use other instruments
(an oscilloscope for example) when verifying
made measurements.
Temperature is measured directly starting
from Pt 100 or Pt 1000, and in the same way
that frequency is measured, up to 1 MHz,
with period and duty cycle.
Impossible to make errors, which are so frequent
and yet often ignored, due to very high crest
factor. In fact, the MTX 3250 measures rapid
peaks at 500 µs non-stop and lets you know
when it finds a fault. Better still, when “AUTO
PEAK” Mode is validated, the multimeter
automatically switches to the range best suited
to the type of signal measured. Since crest
factor is displayed, one can also make an
initial quantitative diagnosis on signals.
MTX 3250 in
relative mode
gives a direct reading of the
measured quantity, as well as the corresponding physical unit
“Surveillance” Mode
records the
minima and maxima so to catch and date
And in order to better meet the users' expectations of automated systems, a 100%
programmable version of this instrument
exists via a SCPI-compatible, RS232 optical
link at 57,600 bauds.
The MTX 3250 is a rational investment for it
is also a frequency meter, a thermometer
and even a logger, which means that it is not
MTX 3240 with built-in
frequency meter
External frequency Power supply Dimensions
LCD 50 x 140 mm
Main display
20 mm
4 variables
at a time
0.1 Hz to 5.1 MHz
7 ranges +
fine-tuning to
the nearest digit +
Accuracy: 0.05 %
Sine, square,
pulse, ramp,
< 0.5 %
1)Main: up to 20 Vpp
open circuit,
automatic range
2) TTL Protection:
overload 60 VDC /
40 VAC
1: 50 Min
10 ms to 10 s
Internal or external
0.1 Hz to 100 MHz
Accuracy: 0.05 %
Input 300V, Cat. I
MTX 3240-P
115 V - 230 V - 170x270x190 mm optical
240 V
Weight: 2.8 kg
50 / 60 Hz
300 V, Cat. II
Accessories and information for ordering
Standards: safety as per IEC 61010-1, 2001 and EMC as per NF 61326-1, 1998
Warrantee: 3 years
The MTX 3240 generator is supplied with a mains power cable, a user's manual and an interactive presentation of the instrument on CD-ROM.
To order
Functions Generator 5.1 MHz
Functions Generator 5.1 MHz + RS232
Supplied with an RS232 optical link, a programming manual and Labwindows / Labview drivers on CD-ROM.
VDC ranges VAC ranges and
and basic
basic accuracy
IDC ranges and
basic accuracy
IAC ranges and
50,000 counts
LCD 50 x 140 mm
Backlit 3-way
500 mV 500 V &
1000 V
500 µA - 500 mA & 10 A
0.2%R + 3D
5 µA – 500 mA & 10A
0.5%R + 3D
10 kHz
500 mV - 600 V
0.5%R + 3D
(50,000 counts)
100 kHz
Other measurements: continuity test, diode test, 50 nF – 50 mF capacitance, frequency
1 Hz -1 MHz, duty cycle 0.01% to 100%, temperature - 200 to + 800°C, pt 100 and pt 1000.
PEAK HOLD function: Pk+/ -500 µs on I & V, crest factor
Additional features: SURV = dated MIN/MAX / MATH = dB, dBm, ax+b / OFFSET
(Offset, nil, delta%) / Data HOLD & Auto HOLD
Ohm ranges
and basic
500 Ω - 50 MΩ
0.1%L + 3D
MTX 3250-P
MTX 3250-A
170 x 270 x 190 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg
optical RS232
57,600 bauds
Additional features on the MTX 3250-P:
PRINT, 0.5 s to 10 h rate, clock and calendar, RS232 optical drive
Additional features on the MTX 3250-A:
DATA LOGGER with 1,500 stored measurements, 1 or 3 values at a time.
Accessories and information for ordering
Standards: safety as per IEC 61010-1, 2001 and EMC as per NF 61326-1, 1998
Warrantee: 3 years
The MTX 3250 multimeter is supplied with 1 mains power cable, 1 set of measurement leads, a user's manual and an interactive presentation of
the instrument on CD-ROM.
To order
50,000-count Benchtop Multimeter
50,000-count Benchtop Multimeter + RS232
Supplied with an RS232 optical link, a programming manual and Labwindows / Labview drivers on CD-ROM.
50,000-count Benchtop Multimeter + Logger
Supplied with an RS232 optical link, a programming manual and Labwindows / Labview drivers and the SX-DMM data logger
software on CD-ROM.
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