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Talea Touch Plus Quick Start Guide
Use these directions to get your machine up and running quickly.
Read the entire user manual, though, to thoroughly understand your new espresso machine.
Parts of the Machine
Coffee Bean Hopper
Pre-Ground Bypass Doser
Touch Screen Display
(see detail)
On/Off Button
Water Tank
SBS Dial
Dispensing Head
Steam / Hot Water Wand
Used Grounds Container
Sliding Wheel Base
Adjustable Drip Tray
Touch Screen Display
Medium Cup Icon
Steam Icon
steam or
hot water.
Large Cup Icon
Small Cup Icon
Icon Preference Setting
Switch the display screen
to image or text format.
Time Setting
View the current time and
access the
clock menu.
Menu Icon
Access the programming menu.
Setting Up the Machine
Fill Water Tank
· Remove water tank (Fig. 1) and install Intenza water filter using the provided directions.
· Fill water tank with fresh water and replace back in machine.
Fill Bean Hopper
· Open bean hopper lid and fill with whole espresso beans*. (Fig. 2)
· Replace bean hopper lid.
Fig. 1
Attach Power Cord
· Attach power cord to machine and plug the other end into an outlet.
Prime Water Circuit
· Place container under the dispensing head.
· Press ON/OFF button to turn machine on. (Fig. 3)
· The machine will automatically perform a rinsing cycle. A small quantity of water
will be dispensed.
· The cycle will be completed automatically.
Brew Espresso
· Your machine is now ready to brew fresh, delicious espresso.
· Place a cup under dispensing head and press a brew button. (Fig. 4)
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
* Please note, this machine has been inspected and tested. For this reason,
you may find a slight amount of grounds in your machine.
Fig. 4
Contact Us
For more detailed instructions on how to operate the espresso machine, please refer to the user manual. If further
assistance is needed, please contact Saeco Customer Service:
Saeco USA
call: 1-800-933-7876
Saeco Canada
call: 1-514-385-5551
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