Town of Davis Business Alarm Permit Application

Town of Davis Business Alarm Permit Application
1. Be sure to read both sides of the alarm permit before signing.
2. Complete ALL the information required on the front side – blank fields could
result in having your permit returned to you for correction.
3. Enclose a check or money order for $25.00, payable to “City of Davis”
4. The permit fee of $25.00 is a one time fee and is non-refundable.
5. The permit is non-transferable from one location or applicant to another.
6. If multiple buildings will be monitored, an alarm permit is needed for each
7. Send the permit form, along with your payment, to:
Davis Police Department
Attn: Alarm Permits
2600 5th Street, Davis 95618
8. Your permit will be reviewed by records personnel and either returned for
correction or approved. If approved, a copy of your permit will be returned to you
for your reference. That copy acts as your permit.
If at any time you have questions about your permit, please call the Davis Police
Department at (530) 747-5400 or stop by the address listed above.
A copy of your permit should be given to your alarm company after being approved
by the Davis Police Department.
Fee received:
Receipt number: ___________
Returned for correction
Application Approved
Date _________ Initials______
Copy sent to applicant
Entered into log
Please complete this application in blue or black ink using clear and legible printing. This information is provided for
the use of the Davis Police Department in responding to your alarm and is kept strictly confidential.
Business Name
Business phone
Business Address
Name of Manager/Owner (Last, First)
Permit holder’s mailing address (leave blank if same as above)
Please list responsible person(s) who can/will respond day or night if the alarm is activated. IMPORTANT: The
responsible(s) listed below must be able to allow officer access. They must have a key to the premise and
authority to assume responsibility for the security of the business. It is your responsibility to keep this list current.
Contact number(s)
First Alarm
(831) 476-1111 or (800) 882-5276
Alarm Company
Phone number
Alarm Installer (if different from above)
Phone number
Check all that apply:
Alarm classification
Alarm type
Panel location:
Reset code: ____________
Minutes to reset: _________
Animal on premises? YES
If yes, what kind of animal? ___________________________
Gun on premises?
If yes, where is gun located? ____________________________
By signing this application, you hereby agree to abide by both the City of Davis Alarm Ordinance as set forth in
sections 3A-1 through 3A-14 of the Davis City Code and the provisions of this document. Please carefully read the
reverse before signing below. Mail/return completed form to the address on letterhead. Remember to enclose
Applicant’s printed name
Signature of applicant
1. You must completely understand your responsibility as the applicant as well as the responsibility
of your alarm company.
2. During one annual period (January through December) if false alarms from your business exceed
six in number, each subsequent false alarm, in which police department personnel are
dispatched, will result in a service charge to be specified by a resolution of the City Council.
Charge will be assessed against the alarm user [City of Davis Municipal Code 4.01.060(b)].
3. If your system is faulty and continues to turn in false alarms, it can be subject to action as
prescribed in the City of Davis Alarm Ordinance. The police department understands that false
alarms do occur; however, continual tripping of the alarm, or poor maintenance, could result in
the revocation of the permit and non-response by the police department [City of Davis Municipal
Code 4.01.060].
The City of Davis and the City of Davis Police Department will assume no responsibility for the
security of your business other than that accorded to a business with no alarm.
5. In the event your business is found to be in an unsecured condition and your alarm company is
unsuccessful in attempting to contact any of the responsible persons on file, the police officer on
scene can only remain at the location as long as workload permits. The officer can be called
away to answer other calls.
6. A burglar alarm and a robbery alarm are just what the names imply. If used to summon a police
officer where a phone call would better serve the same purpose, this constitutes a misuse of the
alarm and can be subject to action.
7. This application and any information it requests must be thoroughly and accurately completed
and returned to the Davis Police Department PRIOR to a permit being issued.
8. It is expressly understood by the undersigned and made a condition of this application that,
should such a permit be issued pursuant to this application, that it shall impose no obligation
whatsoever, expressly or implied, of any kind or character upon the Davis Police Department or
its members or any city personnel to respond to any alarm or to the scene thereof; nor shall the
same be liable for any act or failure to act in any manner whatsoever in connection with said
alarm; and further, that the permission granted herein and the use of the alarm maintenance
thereof is solely for the convenience of, and at the sole risk of the holder of the alarm permit.
9. It is also expressly understood by the permit holder that any violation of the ordinance may result
in revocation of this permit and/or a fine as prescribed in the Ordinance itself [City of Davis
Municipal Code 4.01.080].
10. The Davis Police Department reserves the right to inspect the alarm system after installation to
verify if installation was done correctly.
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