Ericsson LG iPECS in Education

Ericsson LG iPECS in Education
Making telephony simple and effective
iPECS in Education
iPECS In Education
Powerful and reliable communications
supporting UK Education
IP and Digital Hybrid unified communication platforms, data networking,
productivity applications and desktop devices.
The iPECS range covers small to large schools, university campus and college requirements with a range of platforms that can
scale to meet the needs of between 2 - 2000 users. Each platform utilises the same core features and software ensuring UK
education can benefit from the power of iPECS.
iPECS delivers simple and reliable telephony with a feature set that empowers schools to save money, drive productivity and
increase student satisfaction. With a range of embedded features that help your school excel, the flexibility to meet the needs
of classroom, office, home or mobile users, iPECS is Your Communications Solution.
Simple,flexible, mobile
Supporting the connected school
Intuitive interface helping users across the school to quickly
grasp the benefits of iPECS technology.
Flexible architecture ensuring iPECS can grow and adapt
with your schools development
Distributed architecture supports deployment of your
communications system across multiple locations across
your campus
Ensure your staff are always available providing access
to school communications over any device, deskphone,
hotdesk, smartphone, laptop, DECT or WiFi
Provide access to communication in every classroom with
pin code access to prevent misuse
Communicate quickly with the school staff using multi-party
conferencing to rapidly disseminate news and updates
Parent teacher communication
Cost efficient communication
Virtual mailbox for every teacher in your school without
the additional cost of a handset improving parent
teacher communication.
Voicemail to email integration helping manage high
volumes of incoming messages such as absence
reporting or information requests
Highly featured straight out of the box without expensive
licence options - voicemail, auto-attendant, voicemail to
email, smartphone integration, on-demand call recording
and much more.
Hotdesking helping teachers login to their personal
settings at any desk across the school
Specialist features designed to support staff across the
school from Principal to caretaker, delivering a tailored
solution for every user.
“ Start with built-in VoIP capability and grow your
system with VoIP expansion for future use ”
“ Cost effective mobility
and multi-site connections ”
SIP Trunking
VoIP Built-in
VoIP Option
Remote Office
On The Road
Telephony For All Of Your Team
Head Teacher
“iPECS helps me run the school,
communication parents need and
keeping control of my costs. Every
member of the team gets the
communications tools they need to
do a great job.”
“Having contact with parents
is critical to my job and iPECS
allows me to respond to messages
without interrupting teaching time.”
Teaching Assistant
“The one to one support I can
provide to pupils is enhanced
through regular contact with
parents and being able to better
understand their progress at
Deputy Head
“I can quickly and easily
communicate with all of my teams
wherever I am as my smartphone
is integrated into the system
meaning everyone can easily
reach me anytime.”
Department Head
”Being available to my team is a
critical part of the job and iPECS
helps me stay in contact.”
IT Manager
“With an intuitive web interface
I can make changes myself and
complete handset moves quickly
and easily without having to
contact my provider. This saves
time and money for the school. ”
“iPECS helps me to handle large
volumes of calls and messages
from parents quickly at peak times.
Implementing absence reporting
through iPECS voicemail has
transformed my day. ”
“Being able to access term times,
and other updates really helps
me manage my busy lifestyle.
Knowing my child’s teacher is
available to contact gives me a
real sense of reassurance.”
“My mobile handset means
wherever I am everyone can
still easily reach me.”
School Governor
”With iPECS I can be completely
confident that we can quickly
react to situations and rapidly
parents be it severe weather,
exam timetables or school trip
Team conference call
Be in the office...
...even when you’re not
Mobile Working
Ericsson-LG iPECS mobile
working at a glance...
■■ Remote IP phones enabling you to
use your phone wherever you are.
■■ Communicator smartphone app
Whether it’s in the office, in the school gym, traveling to a conference
or working from home Ericsson-LG delivers a consistent experience
enabling you to make the most of your communications investment
wherever you are. Work is increasingly less about a location and more
about having access to the tools and connectivity required to do your
job. The Ericsson-LG iPECS delivers a range of mobility solutions
designed for today’s business.
Deliver the same powerful iPECS user experience regardless of device,
network or location: the power of the iPECS communication platform remains the
same ensuring your team always have technology they understand and know they
can rely on.
Be more available to your stakeholders and staff: improve education outcomes
by making sure your teams are more available to your stakeholders. Receiving and
responding to a call can make a big difference. iPECS technology ensures teams can
respond quickly wherever they are.
Free your team to work where and when they want: using Ericsson-LG iPECS
technology you can enable secure and simple access to your communications
platform regardless of location. Utilising Communicator smartphone app, PC based
soft phone app, Wifi handsets, DECT handsets or UC applications iPECS frees your
team to communicate wherever they are.
Deploy mobile working with clear and manageable costs: mobile working can
often be a costly exercise if deployed without clear visibility and cost control. Utilising
iPECS technology and applications you can deploy BYOD (bring your own device)
solutions, home working and international access without losing control and without
facing high call charges. iPECS mobility solutions all link directly back to your main
communications platform ensuring you utilise the best call rates, access technologies
and maintain full visibility and control of every call made regardless of location.
Make more of your smartphone investments: with typical smartphones costing
in excess of £500 making sure you get return on investment for your team is critical.
iPECS helps you make more of your mobile assets and save money by reducing
expensive tariff use and helping you manage costs.
extending the power of the your
iPECS telephone system to your
■■ Phontage PC based softphone
puts your phone on your computer
desktop helping you easily access
your phone system from anywhere.
■■ GDC DECT phones or wifi WIT phones
provide secure and reliable mobile
handsets for your telephone system.
Ericsson-LG iPECS technology helps you to make the most of all of your teams
and devices ensuring that critical communications can always be delivered
simply, securely and cost effectively. Start winning with the power of iPECS
technology today by contacting your iPECS Authorised Reseller and discovering
how mobile working solutions can help your school.
Ericsson-LG Applications
Applications are an integral part of any telephone system and enable users to integrate iPECS telephony into their
smartphone and PC platforms. iPECS is optimised to deliver fully integrated applications that help you be more
productive and efficient.
iPECS Communicator
A SIP based softphone for users who need to keep seamless
communications with a single number.
• Phone book / call log / paging
• 3way conference call
• SMS/broadcast message sending and receiving
• One-touch blind/consult transfer
iPECS Communicator on Android or iOS
iPECS Phontage
A simple desktop software tool to replace or complement your desk
phone enabling you to use your phone from your PC.
• Phone book / call log / paging
• Microsoft Outlook integration
• Click to dial and click to record calls
• Video conferencing
iPECS Phontage
iPECS Attendant
An operator console helping school receptionist or front desk staff
handle high call volumes.
• Operating without an external phone
• Call recording / Call statistics / Call history
• Presence, short cuts and on screen call control
iPECS Attendant
A call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated
with iPECS call platforms.
• Centralised or distributed call recording
• Encryption enabled call recording
• Multi party conference call recording up to 13 party access
Integrated Applications
The iPECS open architecture means that integrated third
party applications are able to leverage the full power of
the iPECS platform and ensure you can build a complete
solution around the platform.
icall suite
Productivity Through Intelligence
icall is designed to integrate into the iPECS platform and use
the data and system functionality to deliver you greater insight
and control of your communications platform. icall modules
cover call reporting, recording and desktop call control.
Log and analyse your communications
• Customised and scheduled call reports and analysis
• Real time dashboard and wallboard displays
record your calls for training, compliance and assurance
• Simple retrieval, play back and call evaluation
• Easily record ISDN2, ISDN 30, Analogue or SIP trunks
icall report dashboard
Bring your telephony to your desktop
• Screen pop and click to call from your favourite applications
• See colleagues presence and share a company wide address book
icall record
Integrated telephony from your desktop delivering call control and
full integration into Education specific applications such as SIMS,
• Screen popping of key applications
• Integration into Microsoft Outlook and other applications
• Share presence busy status and internal messaging
• Click to dial from websites or applications
PHONE-LINK Desktop Call Control
The iPECS supports an extensive range of handsets including digital and IP phones, SIP phones, DECT, Mobile
Client, and an IP Conference Phone. These handsets are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users
across your business and always deliver the best combination of features and functionality at the right price point.
■ IP Phones include
• Touch screen executive
video phone
• Executive phone
• High call volume and
attendant phone
• Mid-range phone
• Entry level phone
■ Digital Phones include
• Executive and high call
volume phone
• Mid-range phone
• High call volume and
attendant phone
• Mid-range phone
• Entry level phone
■ DECT and WiFi Phones
• DECT handset for roaming
access to iPECS in your
office or warehouse
• Robust DECT handset for
roaming access to iPECS in
your office or warehouse
• Wifi handset for roaming
access to iPECS in your
• Wifi handset for roaming
access to iPECS in your
■ Conference Phone
• Conference phone for
meetings and group calls
Simple Desk Phone Features
The iPECS platform is designed to deliver powerful features to users across your business through simple and intuitive
handsets and applications. iPECS helps your teams quickly understand the benefits and start using them as part of
their everyday work processes. With simple to understand short cuts, feature keys and LCD screen information there
is no need for training or complex user manuals.
Caller name or number displayed
to help you prepare and greet
your customer when call ringing
Call log showing outbound,
received and missed calls
Message waiting
Shared and personal
directory of contacts
Context sensitive
navigation keys
Call transfer
and programme
Call hold / save
Do not disturb
Volume control
Flexible keys programmable for
one touch dial and presence for
colleagues, call park or lines
Platform for Communications
Wireless & Mobile
Digital Phone
IP Phone
Misc. Device
SIP Trunk
• LGCM( analogue line module)
• SLTM(SLT, FAX connectivity)
• IP Phone
• iPECS Communicator
• Phontage
Loud Bell
3rd Party
Web Admin
UC & Applications
Web Admin
School campus
Home office
• IP Phone
• iPECS Communicator
• Phontage
On the Road
• iPECS Communicator
• Phontage
Why iPECS in Education?
Ericsson-LG iPECS is used by education establishments across the globe to deliver critical communications to teaching,
support staff and educational leaders, at home, in the classroom or school office or across the school campus. The iPECS
platform ensures staff stay connected to each other and to parents and pupils at all times.
Key iPECS features include:
Ease of use
Integrated voicemail and auto attendant supporting absence reporting and parent update lines
Mobile working for staff across the school
Voice conference rooms and multi-party calling to help you communicate with the whole school staff
Remote and home based working applications providing access to the school communications platform regardless
of location
Ericsson-LG and third party integrated applications
SIP ready helping you access the latest cloud features and cost efficient connectivity
Wide range of handsets, smartphone app and specialist phones
Virtual voicemail boxes for shared access on staff room phones
Voicemail to email to help you receive and access messages without leaving your desk
On-demand or specialist call recording
IP, digital or SLT options to suit your school at your pace
All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with a local specialist iPECS authorised reseller who can
help you implement a truly tailored communication solution. Start winning with iPECS today.
About Ericsson-LG
Ericsson-LG is a joint venture company
between Ericsson and LG Electronics,
founded in November 2005. The
combination of two of the world’s largest
technology companies delivers market
leading communications solutions to
enterprises of all sizes.
Ericsson-LG empowers enterprise
customers and telecommunications
operators around the world, with a full
range of cutting-edge wired, wireless
and optical telecommunications and
networking technologies.
Ericsson-LG has 1,200 employees
including 700 R&D manpower and is
head-quartered in Seoul, Korea, with its
R&D center in Anyang, Korea.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise Solutions (ES)
division has 250 employees including
R&D resources with a prime strength in
designing, developing, manufacturing
and marketing voice solutions.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise operates in over
60 countries around the globe and has
been in the communications market for
over 40 years. This heritage and market
presence mean they truly understand
enterprise communications and what it
takes to provide reliable, resilient and
highly featured communication platforms
that help you win.
The content of this document is subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and
manufacturing. Ericsson-LG shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document
© Ericsson-LG Co., Ltd. 2013 Ver. 1.0 |
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