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•UZ-1 doesn't correspond to CPRM(Content Protection for Recordable Media). The discs that were
recorded with copy-once only permission cannot be played. •SZ-1/UZ-1 corresponds to copyright
protection system DTCP. Both the player and D/A converter should correspond to DTCP to play
back Super Audio CD and DVD Audio by using i.LINK. •Region Number of DVD Video discs: DVD
players and discs are designed with region numbers that dictate the regions in which a disc can be
played. If the region number on the disc you want to play does not match the region number of your
DVD player, you will not be able to play the disc.
SZ-1/UZ-1: U.S.A., Canada model: region 1 / Europe, Japan model: region 2 / Korea model: region 3
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High-End Audio Video
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P R I N T E D I N J A PA N 0 4 0 6 L 1 0 · T E C D - 0 0 0 3
English version
The "Elegance Series," a new audio/video product line,
designed and manufactured by Esoteric ®, an award winning world
leader in high end audio and video systems engineering.
All that is necessary for state of the art audio and video
reproduction, nothing more, nothing less.
Unique aesthetics for unique lifestyle environments, implemented
with state of the art, leading edge technology, designed and engineered
for your enjoyment throughout the 21st century!
A new, low-profile cabinet design
All three models are only 3 inches in height. This low-profile design highlights
their simple beauty without sacrificing performance. Arrange them in line and
you will find them highly attractive, designed to compliment each other within the
environment or setting that you find most appropriate for product placement.
State-of-art front face architecture and disc tray designs
Exquisitely crafted front panel expresses sensitivity with detail that cannot be
found in any mass market production design. The front panel is crafted from a 1.6
i n c h t h i c k a l u m i n u m b l o c k , u s i n g 1 - m i c r o m e t e r- p r e c i s i o n 3 D p r o c e s s i n g
machines, taking a total of 8 hours to produce one panel. The rounded face is
lined by a curved edge aluminum surface, and the design continues on to the
top and sides of each individual cabinet. The cut aluminum disc tray (being
processed from a similar block of aluminum), takes up to 4 hours to produce and
contributes to the artistic excellence of the front panel. Each aluminum disc tray
is further enhanced to allow precise and careful handling of any audio or video
disc that may be loaded and played.
Simple interface
The interface of this new series is quite unique. The rounded push panel
switches placed on the streamlined front panel is operational keys used for
commands to play, stop, pause, track select, open disc tray, etc.
Leather finished aluminum remote control with backlit keypad
Leather finish on the rear and sides of the remote controller allow the device to fit
comfortably in your hands with little to no “user fatigue.” The remote control also
features illuminated push buttons for basic operational control in low or no light
High musicality in a sophisticated new presence!
SUPER AUDIO CD / CD player designed for high-end digital source playback.
DSD / PCM compatible D / A converter
The SZ-1 features CIRRUS LOGIC’ s CS4398 D/A converter which can process
both PCM and DSD native formats. The CS4398 features “Direct” mode for
extremely smooth sound reproduction of Super Audio CDs. In this mode DSD
(Direct stream digital), signals are converted to analog signals and routed to the
final output stage without passing through any extra processing circuit such as a
volume control. This helps to reduce noise across the DSD output signal path.
ESOTERIC original high precision laser pick-up and disc transport system
The SZ-1 features many high-end technologies proprietary to ESOTERIC including a
newly designed disc transport system and disc clamp. The shaft-sliding horizontal
pick-up structure is also an ESOTERIC original design. This design prevents laser
optical off-axis tilting. This results in more accurate reading and processing of digital
data. Unlike conventional players, Esoteric’ s horizontal sled and vertical tracking
alignment greatly reduce or eliminate the need to error correct. This allows more
information to be read from the disc. This technology evolved from Esoteric’ s flagship
model P-01 Super Audio CD/CD transport. This original pick up assembly, horizontal
sled, and our newly developed transport are used in both the SZ-1 and the UZ-1.
i.LINK digital output terminal
Digital signals in every format can be output from i. LINK (AUDIO S400), terminals.
Esoteric’ s new flow-rate-control technology contributes to higher-grade signal
transmission along this path.
WORD SYNC IN terminal
The SZ-1 features a WORD SYNC IN terminal. As an option, you can improve
performance of the SZ-1 by synchronizing its operation to a stable clock signal
coming from an external master clock generator (such as Esoteric’ s AZ-1 digital
amplifier, G25U master clock or G-0s rubidium
[Input / output terminals] •System: Super Audio CD and CD •Audio output (Analog audio): RCA (L/R) x1, XLR (L/R) x1 •Audio output (Digital
audio): i.LINK x1, COAXIAL x1, OPTICAL x1 •Word synchronization input: BNC x1 (Input level: TTL level / 75 ohm / Input frequency: 44.1/
88.2/176.4/100 kHz) [Analog audio response (Output: DSD / Setting: Normal)] •Frequency response: 10Hz - 50kHz (Super Audio CD) •S/N
ratio: 130dB (Super Audio CD) •Dynamic range: 107dB (Super Audio CD) •Total harmonic distortion: 0.002% (Super Audio CD) [General]
•Power supply: AC 120V, 60 Hz (US) / AC 230V, 50 Hz (Europe) / AC 220V, 60Hz (Korea) •Power consumption: 18 W (Stand-by: approx.
1.5 W) •External dimensions (W x H x D): 400 mm x 77 mm x 361 mm (15-7/10" x 3" x 14-2/5") •Weight: 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs)
Beautiful conformity to audio and video elegance!
SUPER AUDIO CD/CD/DVD universal disc player.
High quality audio circuit components are
the same as in Esoteric’ s model SZ-1.
The UZ-1 features the same audio circuitry as the SZ-1, which signifies its status
as an ultra-high end digital audio disc player in addition to its DVD video playback
Analog Devices video D / A converter for high resolution picture quality.
The UZ-1 is equipped with Analog Devices 14 bit / 216 MHz video D/A converter
(ADV7314), providing excellent quality video signal conversion. This converter,
combined with NSV processing (Noise shaping video), moves the playback
signal’ s noise levels to areas of unused bandwidth. This process achieves a
very high S/N ratio providing improved playback capability. Newly developed
high performance analog circuitry also provides very high-resolution video
images, reproducing very fine detail often present in higher quality video signals.
Faroudja IC chip for I/P conversion
The UZ-1 incorporates a Faroudja video chip set for I/P conversion. Using DCDi
t e c h n o l o g y, t h i s c h i p s e t e n a b l e s t h e U Z - 1 t o r e p r o d u c e s m o o t h a n d fi n e l y
detailed progressive scan video. This technology also improves resolution by
reducing or eliminating the presence of unnatural “jaggies,” or uneven edges
that often appear in progressive scan playback of a DVD video.
HDMI digital output interface
HDMI interface enables the UZ-1 to transmit both audio and video signals to
receiving equipment such as a plasma TV display or LCD display by connecting
with just a single cable. The UZ-1 can output 480i, 480P, 720P or 1080i digital
video signals, through its user selectable up conversion feature. This provides
better clarity and saturation of the video signal.
[Input / output terminals] •System: DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, CD, Video-CD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW •Audio output
(Analog audio): RCA (L/R) x2 •Audio output (Digital audio): i.LINK x1, COAXIAL x1, OPTICAL x1 •Video output (Analog video): Composite
(RCA)x1, S-Video output (S1/S2) x1, D1/D2 video output (D terminal) x1, Component video output (RCA)x1 •Video output (Digital video):
HDMI terminal x1 (contains digital audio signal) •Word synchronization input: BNCx1 (Input level: TTL level / 75 ohm / Input frequency:
44.1/ 88.2/176.4/48/96/192/100 kHz) [Analog audio response] •Frequency response: 5 Hz - 88 kHz (DVD Audio) •S/N ratio: 130dB
(DVD Audio) •Dynamic range: 107dB (DVD Audio) •Total harmonic distortion: 0.002% (DVD audio) [General] •Power supply: AC 120V, 60
Hz (US) / AC 230V, 50 Hz (Europe) / AC 220V, 60Hz (Korea) •Power consumption: 25 W (Stand-by: approx. 1.5 W) •External dimensions
(W x H x D): 400 mm x 77 mm x 361 mm (15-7/10" x 3" x 14-2/5") •Weight: 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)
Lifestyle with musical inspiration!
An amplifier and master clock signal generator designed for high-end audio video.
High efficiency class “D” digital power amplifier
for pure sound quality.
The AZ-1 features high precision D / A conversion and clock processing
technology which evolved from our flagship models P-01 transport and D-01
m o n o - b l o c k D / A c o n v e r t e r s . T h e A Z - 1 a l s o f e a t u r e s a h i g h e f fi c i e n c y W B
transformer for its power component, providing very low current loss offering
excellent instantaneous "power on demand.” The AZ-1 provides high end Class D
power amplification and a very natural sound with excellent resolution, imaging,
density, and musicality.
WORD SYNC OUT terminal
The AZ-1 integrated amplifier is equipped with a WORD SYNC OUT terminal to
synchronize its master clock operation to any optional device (Such as the SZ-1
or the AZ-1), having a WORD SYNC IN connector. The master clock in the AZ-1
outputs a signal accurate to +/- 1 ppm. This synchronization between
components improves the systems playback imaging, signal clarity, staging and
transparency. This results in improved audio and video reproduction.
i. LINK terminal
The AZ-1 can connect to the UZ-1 (or other I Link equipped devices), by using I.
LINK (AUDIO S400) terminals. i.LINK connection enables digital signal
transmission of multi-channel Super Audio CD and DVD Audio tracks. This “jitter
less,” signal transmission is supported by Esoteric’ s new flow-rate-control
technology which contributes to a natural and upgraded sound quality.
WBT speaker connection terminals
The AZ-1 is equipped with WBT-0735 double pole speaker terminals for secure
and high quality speaker cable connections. WBT is an engineering innovator
based in Germany whose products are used worldwide to provide better signal
contact between amplifiers, speakers and other connected devices.
Phono input terminal
The AZ-1 features a conventional phono input terminal for excellent vinyl
reproduction from analog turntables.
[Input / output terminals] •Audio input (Analog audio): RCA (L/R) x3 (LINE x2, LINE/PHONO x1) •Audio input (Digital audio): i.LINK x2,
COAXIAL x2, OPTICAL x2 •Word synchronization output: BNC x1 (Output level: TTL level / 75 ohm / Output frequency: 44.1/
8 8 . 2 / 1 7 6 . 4 / 4 8 / 9 6 / 1 9 2 / 1 0 0 k H z ) • S p e a k e r o u t p u t t e r m i n a l : W B T s c r e w t y p e ( W B T- 0 7 3 5 ) x 1 ( L / R ) [ A n a l o g a u d i o r e s p o n s e ]
•Maximum output power: 45 W + 45 W (1 kHz / 8 ohm) / 75 W + 75 W (1 kHz / 4 ohm) •Suitable speaker impedance: 4 ohm - 16 ohm
•Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz [General] •Power supply: AC 120V, 60 Hz (US) / AC 230V, 50 Hz (Europe) / AC 220V, 60Hz
(Korea) •Power consumption: 45 W (Stand-by: approx. 1.5 W) •External dimensions (W x H x D): 400 mm x 77 mm x 372 mm
(15-7/10" x 3" x 14-9/10") •Weight: 9.2 kg (20.2 lbs)
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