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WARNING Disconnect from
the mains supply before cleaning
and allow the urn to cool.
This electric catering urn is
guaranteed for a period of 12 months
from the date of purchase against
defective materials or faulty
This guarantee is given subject to
the urn being used in accordance with
the instructions on the supply voltage
marked on it and to the usual fair
wear and tear conditions.
The guarantee does not cover
consequential damage arising out of
any failure acceptable under
guarantee, nor does it cover damage
resulting from misuse, accident or
unauthorised alterations to the urn.
In any communication with the
supplier or manufacturer, it is essential
to quote the catalogue number
marked on the urn.
Proof of purchase will be required.
In any communication with the
service department, it is essential to
quote the model and serial number
marked on the base of the urn.
This guarantee, in no way
diminishes the buyer’s statutory
Please fill in and return the tear
off section to register the guarantee
with Burco.
IMPORTANT Do not immerse the
urn in water or any other liquids and
take care to keep water away from the
mains lead and connections.
IMPORTANT Do not use any
abrasive cleaning fluids or materials.
1 Wash out the urn. Use clean
water and a soft cloth.
2 Brush any scale or sediment from
the element.
3 Rinse thoroughly and buff with a
dry cloth.
• Do not clean with a water jet.
Marketing Department
Burco Appliances Ltd
Talbot Road
South Yorkshire
S64 8AJ
In hard water areas scale will
form on the element and walls. This
will adversely affect the operation of
the urn if allowed to accumulate.
Descaling can be simply achieved by
using a proprietary descaler. Choose
one recommended for stainless steel
kettles. It is important to follow the
instructions given on the descaling
solution carton.
Scale build-up can also cause the
tap to drip even when in its closed
position. If this should occur
disconnect from the mains supply,
empty the urn, allow it to cool and
unscrew the top of the tap from the
body of the tap. Wipe, scrape and
break the scale away from the rubber
flexible seal and also from the sealing
surface inside the metal part of the
IMPORTANT Failure to de-scale
will invalidate your guarantee.
catering urn
Please read and
keep these
Covers 10, 20, 30 and 36 litre safety and standard
electric Burco catering urns
Spare parts
Element 3kW
Element 2kW
Energy regulator
Concealed element
Getting the best from
your urn...
• Remove any plastic film from the urn before use.
• Any water in the urn is due to testing and is
• The urn must be used on a flat level surface.
• Boil and discard the water twice before general
Burco Appliances products are intended for commercial use as detailed in
these instructions.
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Burco Appliances has a policy of continuous improvement in product quality
and design. The Company, therefore, reserves the right to change the
specification of its models at any time.
Burco Appliances Limited
Talbot Road, Mexborough,
South Yorkshire, S64 8AJ
Tel 01282 427241 Fax 01282 831206
Email sales@burcodean.co.uk
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8823 Burco ib
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Remove any plastic film from the
urn and wipe over all surfaces
with a damp cloth.
Check that the voltage shown on
the rating plate is suitable for
your supply.
Before general use it is
recommended that the urn is
boiled twice discarding the water
each time.
Fitting a plug
The mains lead of this urn will
already be fitted with a BS1363 13A
plug. In the event of replacing a fuse,
a 13 amp fuse approved by ASTA or
BSI must be used.
If the plug is not suitable for your
socket then the plug must be cut off
and disposed of safely.
An appropriate plug should be
fitted as follows:
IMPORTANT: The wires in the
mains lead are coloured in
accordance with the following code:
Green-and-Yellow – Earth
Blue – Neutral
Brown – Live
The wire, which is coloured greenand-yellow, must be connected to the
terminal in the plug which is marked
with the letter E or the earth symbol
# or coloured green or green-andyellow.
The wire, which is coloured blue,
must be connected to the terminal
which is marked with the letter N or
coloured black or blue.
The wire, which is coloured
brown, must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the
letter L or coloured red or brown.
Make sure that the connections
are tight and that there are no loose
strands of wire and no insulation
trapped under the terminals. Tighten
the clamp in the plug making sure
that it grips the outer covering of the
cord. In a 13A (BS 1363) fused plug,
fit a 13A fuse. Tighten the plug cover
If you are in any doubt, consult a
qualified electrician.
IMPORTANT: The supply cord on
this appliance is of a special type. If
replaced, only a Burco supply cord
must be used. The supply cord may
become warm when the appliance is
in use.
WARNING: This appliance
must be earthed.
More than 100mm from any wall.
On a flat level surface.
IMPORTANT: Always put water in
the urn before switching on.
1 Lift the lid and fill the urn with
the desired amount of water.
• Do not fill above the ‘MAX’
capacity mark.
WARNING If the urn is over
filled there is a risk that boiling water
may be ejected.
• Under filling will cause the boil
dry cut-out to operate (and may
shorten the life of the element).
The urn is not suitable for boiling
liquids other than water or for boiling
water containing small solid particles.
If the water is being boiled for tea
making, it is best to make the tea in
another container. However, if it is
necessary to make the tea in the urn
it should be suspended clear of the
urn bottom and heating elements in a
muslin bag. If it is intended to boil
large items such as puddings or hams
in the urn, they should be suspended
clear of the urn bottom and heating
Appliance model
Serial no.
Date of purchase
Customer name
Energy regulator model
Guarantee registration
Knob setting
Approx temp
37ºC (99ºF)
55ºC (131ºF)
68ºC (155ºF)
82ºC (180ºF)
100ºC (212ºF)
If it is necessary to keep the
water at an exact temperature, use a
thermometer to check this. Stir the
water before taking the temperature
and when the desired temperature
has been reached, turn the control
knob slowly to the left until a click
from the thermostat is heard. The
thermostat will cycle on and off to
maintain the temperature.
The red light will glow to show
power is connected to the urn.
Turn the switch knob to
When the water boils, turn the
switch knob to approx. setting 2
to keep it simmering. An exact
setting will be found by
Safety tap The tap is locked or
unlocked by twisting it so that
the closed or opened padlock
symbol is lined up with the white
dot on the tap body.
General operation There are
two open positions, one selfholding so that the tap remains
open, and the other self-closing
so that the tap closes as soon as
the lever is released. To change
the tap position, turn the tap
lever through 180º.
Open the tap by depressing the
tap lever into the horizontal
Close the tap by returning the
lever to a vertical position.
After use
No attempt must be made to
move or adjust the exposed
element without releasing the
mounting screws fully, otherwise
damage to the seal will occur.
To avoid being scalded when the
urn is operating or has just been
switched off keep hands away
from any steam from the lid. Be
particularly careful not to touch
hot surfaces when opening the lid
or filling.
Do not use the appliance if it has
malfunctioned or has been
damaged in any way.
Do not dismantle any part of the
urn. Responsibility cannot be
accepted if this instruction is
Do not place the urn on or near
hot surfaces.
Do not use accessories or
attachments which are not
recommended or sold by Burco
Appliances as they can cause
This appliance must only be used
for heating water.
Always switch off and disconnect
the urn from the mains supply
when not in use or when
To prevent any risk of
electrocution do not immerse the
urn in water or any other liquid
when cleaning and do not allow
any water or liquid to come into
contact with any of the electrical
connections or controls.
Do not allow the cord to hang
over the edge of the work surface,
to touch wet or hot surfaces or
become twisted.
The urn should not be lifted
whilst connected to the mains.
The urn should not be carried
whilst it contains water,
particularly hot or boiling water.
Maintenance other than cleaning
should be performed by the
manufacturer while this product
is within guarantee (contact our
service help line) or otherwise by
a qualified service engineer.
Please help us to further improve our products by ticking the one
main reason for purchase
Thermostat model
Switch off to 0 and disconnect
from the mains supply.
Water may be left in the urn
when it is not in use for short periods,
but to maintain a supply of fresh
water, it should be emptied
periodically and cleaned out.
Protective cut-out
The red light will glow to show
power is connected to the urn.
3 Turn the control knob to 6.
4 When the water boils, turn the
control knob to approximately
setting 5 to keep it simmering. An
exact setting will be found by
To maintain the water at any
other temperature, set the control
knob to approximately one of the
following positions:
The heating element is fitted
with a thermal cut-out which protects
the urn from damage if it is allowed
to boil dry or is switched on without
water. The cut-out re-sets
automatically as the boiler cools off.
In order to ensure correct
operation of this cut-out it is essential
to keep the heating element free from
scale. Failure to do this will result in
the cut-out operating before the
water has boiled.
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