UB 7894 Client Bookkeeping Solution Software Update v.2007.1.19

UB 7894 Client Bookkeeping Solution Software Update v.2007.1.19
Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS), v. 2007.1.19
User Bulletin 7894: Software Update
December 27, 2012
All Client Bookkeeping Solution® Master Licensees.
This user bulletin explains changes made to this release of Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS).
The primary documentation for CBS is provided in the help topics, which are installed with CBS on the
client’s local machine or network.
Our new Help & How-To Center provides accountants with one-stop access to the information they need
when using our CS Professional Suite® applications, and it offers quick access to topics from our
CS Professional Suite Knowledgebase that can provide the assistance you may need when supporting
your CBS clients.
Although the Help & How-To Center is not accessible directly from within CBS, it is accessible by
accountants directly from Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) or from our other CS Professional Suite
button on the toolbar, or by pressing
applications by choosing Help > Help & How-To, by clicking the
CTRL+Y. It is also accessible from our website at CS.ThomsonReuters.com.
Because the Help & How-To Center resides on our website, we can update and expand content between
releases, based on your feedback, searches, and questions. In addition, the Help & How-To Center offers
several significant enhancements.
 A much more robust search engine that provides relevant search results quickly.
 New search options that enable you to search all CBS knowledgebase topics at once, to limit the
search by one or more subject categories or by module, or to search for information about another
Thomson Reuters application without having to open that application.
 Full compatibility with your preferred browser so that you can use your browser’s regular features to
navigate, search, print, and bookmark the topics you visit most often.
 An active internet connection is required to access the Help & How-To Center.
 Access to the CBS help topics has not changed. You and your clients can access the help topics from
within CBS from the Help menu, by pressing CTRL+F1 in any window or dialog, or by other methods
described in the Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center topic.
Client Bookkeeping Solution PayCheck™
Important! Because CBS maintains only a single year of tax data, you need to ensure that your client
completes all 2012 payroll processing before they import the 2013 tax tables. CBS does not maintain
state unemployment data in its tax tables. You must update that information on the PayCheck tab of the
File > Company Properties dialog.
Copyright 1997 – 2012 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7894
Tax table data for the 2013 payroll year is now available for Client Bookkeeping Solution via CBS
Connect.™ This update is available only for those clients running CBS version 2007.1.1 or higher. CBS
PayCheck includes updates to the following tax tables.
 Federal tax information, which includes the additional FICA-Medicare tax of 0.9% on wages over
$200,000, and FICA-SS limit and employee rate change.
 Two new fields, Threshold and Additional tax rate, have been added to the FICA – Medicare
section of the Setup > Tax Tables > Federal Tax Tables dialog to handle the additional FICAMedicare tax on wages over $200,000.
 The IRS has indicated that they have not yet received the 2013 federal withholding tax tables
from the U.S. Treasury Department, but they anticipate receiving those tax tables soon. The IRS
stated that if no new tables have been issued by the time you begin processing 2013 payroll, you
should continue to use the 2012 withholding tables until the 2013 tables are issued.
 The state tax tables for California, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska,
New York, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island.
Note: This CBS update includes all tax information (excluding SUTA changes) for all states and
corresponds to tax information available through version 2012.0.11 of the Creative Solutions
Accounting™ (CSA) platform. The states listed above have issued updates for the 2013 tax year. To
ensure that all state tax tables are current in CBS, you should follow one of the procedures below to
update your clients’ tax tables.
Updating your clients’ tax tables
You can use any of the methods below to update your clients’ tax tables in CBS. (Please note, however,
that for any tax tables updated after this CBS release, you will need to follow the second or third method
below to update the tax tables in CBS.)
 Have the client import the updated tax tables in CBS. Your client can use CBS Connect to
download the Client Bookkeeping Solution version 2007.1.19 software update and then choose File >
Import > CBS Payroll tax data updates to update the tax tables within CBS.
 Have the client update tax tables manually in CBS. If you enabled the Add/Edit Tax Tables
security option for your client (on the PayCheck tab of the Setup > Security dialog in Accountant’s
Assistant™), you can instruct the client to manually edit the tax tables within CBS.
 Update tax tables in CSA. Update tax tables in Creative Solutions Accounting and then generate a
transfer file from Accountant’s Assistant, selecting only the updated tax tables. All of your CBS
PayCheck clients can then import data from that same transfer file; you do not need to generate tax
tables for each client individually. To update the tax tables in CBS, your client can choose File
>Import > Payroll tax data from accountant.
For CBS ASP and Virtual Office CS® users: The most current tax table updates are automatically
available to all CBS ASP and Virtual Office CS users. However, you must choose one of the methods
above to update the tax tables in CBS.
For step-by-step procedures, refer to the CBS help. To learn how to use the help, choose Help > Client
Bookkeeping Solution Help Topics, click the Index tab, and search on Help:using help.
Help & How-To Center
For details about using CBS and helping clients with questions they may have about using CBS (such as
procedures for completing tasks, tips for increasing productivity or troubleshooting issues, alerts about
timely issues, and more), access the Help & How-To Center from Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) or
from another CS Professional Suite application by choosing Help > Help & How-To, by clicking the
button on the toolbar, or by pressing CTRL+Y. For more information, including sample searches, see
Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center.
Copyright 1997 – 2012 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7894
Product Support
From the Support Contact Information page on our website, you can complete a form to send a question
to our Support team. To speak with a Product Support Representative, please call CS Support at (800)
968-0600, press 2 for Product Support, and then listen to the available options. Normal weekday support
is available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For details on support hours for all CS Professional
Suite applications, please visit the Support section of our website (accessible from within Creative
Solutions Accounting by choosing Help > Additional Resources > General Support Information).
Website resources and email subscriptions
Visit our website to access the ARNE Community (an online user forum), to learn about training courses,
to view blogs and articles, and more. You can access the website from within CSA by choosing Help >
On the Web > CS Professional Suite Home Page.
We issue software update notices via email. You can sign up to receive these notices by visiting the My
Account section of our website. You’ll need to create a web account (if you don’t already have one) and
then sign up for the Email Subscription service where you can indicate which notices you want to receive.
Copyright 1997 – 2012 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7894
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