Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Models 2530 & 2532
Simple Documentation and Analysis
Es sential features for the cost conscious user
The Digital Storage Oscilloscope models 2530 & 2532 deliver
essential features and reliable performance at a price you can afford.
Analog style controls combined with Auto functions make these
oscilloscopes easy to use. Advanced triggering, automatic
measurements and FFT functions provide you with many options to
debug your circuits.
Additionally, the instruments come with PC Software that lets you
easily capture, save and analyze waveforms and measurement
■ 25 MHz and 40 MHz bandwidth and sample rate up to
500 MSa/s Real Time
■ Monochrome (2530) or Color (2532) LCD
■ One touch automatic setup for ease of use (Auto)
■ 4000 point record length for each channel
The included Easyscope software provides seamless integration
between the oscilloscope and PC. Capture and transfer waveforms,
screen images, setups and measurement results to a Windows PC
via the USB device port on the back of the instrument.
■ Save waveform data in csv (Microsoft Excel) format for
post acquisition analysis
■ Document your results: Print, save or copy/paste
■ Eleven automatic measurements
waveform data and measurement results. Save and
■ FFT standard plus 4 additional math functions
print bitmap images and setups
■ Extensive Trigger capabilities including Pulse Width and
line-selectable Video trigger
■ Capture waveforms and measurement results manually
or automatically at user defined intervals. In automatic
■ Save/Recall setup and waveform data
mode, the smallest refresh rate is 0.5 seconds, allowing
■ Multiple language interface
for virtually real time waveform capture
S ecurity loop
B an d w i d t h
Use the built-in cable
S am p l e R at e
channel to secure your
C h a n n el s
oscilloscope to your
D is p la y
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25 MHz
40 MHz
250 MSa/s
500 MSa/s
Monochrome LCD
Color LCD
R ec o r d L e n g t h
4000 points
4000 points
I/ O in t e r f a c e
USB device port for connection to PC
Ver ti c a l Re s ol u ti on
8 bits
Ver ti c a l Se n si t i vi t y
2 mV - 5 V /div
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Models 2534, 2540, 2542
■ Advanced features include digital filter with
adjustable limits, mask testing and waveform
W O N ’ T B R E A K Y O U R B U D G ET
recorder/replay mode
The Dual channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope models 2534, 2540 &
2542 deliver an unmatched combination of performance and value.
Analog style controls combined with an Auto measurement function
make these oscilloscopes easy to use. Advanced features such as
FFT function, digital filtering, waveform recorder, delayed
sweep/zoom, mask testing and automatic measurements provide
you with powerful tools to debug your circuits.
■ 24 automatic measurements
■ FFT standard plus 3 additional math functions
■ Extensive Trigger capabilities including Pulse Width and
line-selectable Video trigger
■ Multiple language interface
■ Capture, save and analyze waveform data with the
included PC software
The DSOs come with PC Software that lets you easily capture, save
and analyze waveforms and measurement results. Unlike many
other DSOs in this price category, they include two 150 MHz high
performance passive probes that will not limit the bandwidth of
your measurement system.
C o n v e n ie n t s t o r a g e c o m p a r t m e n t
Store accessories in the
The 2534, 2540 & 2542 are ideal instruments for education and
training and also well suited for design and debug, service and
oscilloscope’s storage
compartment and keep your
work bench clutter free
■ 60 MHz and 100 MHz bandwidth and up to 1 GSa/s sample rate
■ 4000 point record length for each channel
■ Color LCD display
■ USB front panel host and device connectivity standard
B a n d w id t h
S am p l e R a t e
C h a n n el s
D i s pl a y
R ec o r d L e n g t h
I / O i n t e r f ac e
60 MHz
60 MHz
100 MHz
400 MSa/s
1 GSa/s
1 GSa/s
Color LCD
Color LCD
Color LCD
4000 points
Front panel USB host port, USB device port for connection to PC
Ve rt i c al Re s ol ut i on
8 bits
Ve rt i c al Se ns i t iv i ty
2 mV - 5 V/div
B&K Precision Short Form Catalog
DDS Generators
Models 4084, 4085, 4086 & 4087
Models 4084AWG & 4086AWG
Programmable DDS Function Generators
Arbitrary/ Function Generators
B&K Precision’s 4080 series are versatile laboratory grade
synthesized function generators with a wide frequency range up to
120 MHz. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) techniques are used to
generate stable, accurate output signals for all 27 built-in standard
and complex (arbitrary) waveforms. The generator produces high
purity, low distortion sine waves and provides a full suite of
analog modulation capabilities including AM, FM, FSK, PSK, pulse
modulation, burst mode and linear/logarithmic sweep combined
with multiple trigger modes.
Unmatched affordability and high performance make the 4080
series a perfect fit for many applications in Electronic Test and
Design, Sensor Simulation and Education and Training.
Cus t om w av e fo rm ge n er at i on ma d e e as y (4084AWG/4086AWG)
In addition to the built-in complex waveforms, you can use the
4084AWG & 4086AWG to generate custom arbitrary waveforms
with 10 bit vertical resolution, 16k memory depth and a sample rate
of 200 MSa/s. Increase your productivity with the included intuitive
Windows Software: Generate and edit waveforms and download
them to the instrument with a single click.
■ Clean and stable output of very small signals down to the
1 mV – 10 mV range (50 Ω)
■ Support of internal and external modulation sources as well as
internal, external and gated trigger sources
C o n v e n ie n t u s e r i n t e r f a c e a n d o p e r a t i o n
■ Fully programmable via the standard RS232 interface using SCPI
You can adjust parameters via knob or numeric keypad. Enter
amplitude values directly in Vpp, mVpp, Vrms, mVrms or dBm and
display the correct voltage by entering the actual output
configuration used (terminated with 50 Ohm or open circuit).
You can enter frequency in terms of frequency or seconds using
time values s, ms, Hz, kHz or MHz. Submenus are used for
modulation modes and other complex functions. The instrument
also provides 10 memories to store and recall instrument settings.
Additionally the current state is saved at power off and can be
restored at power up.
compatible commands.
■ Adjust modulation parameters precisely and over a wide range
■ Seamless import of waveforms from any Tektronix® TDS1000,
TDS2000, TPS2000 and TDS3000 series digital storage oscilloscope.
Easily regenerate waveforms originating from the DSO’s display or
internal memory (Models 4084AWG/4086AWG only)
■ 100 MHz universal counter with frequency measurement and
totalize function
S in e
1 uHz - 20 MHz
1 uHz - 40 MHz
1 uHz - 80 MHz
1 uHz - 120 MHz
S qua re
1 uHz - 20 MHz
1 uHz - 40 MHz
1 uHz - 40 MHz
1 uHz - 40 MHz
≤ 40 MHz: 1 mV ~ 10 Vpp
≤ 40 MHz: 1 mV ~ 10 Vpp
≥ 40 MHz: 1 mV ~ 2 Vpp
≥ 40 MHz: 1 mV ~ 3 Vpp
A m p l it u d e ( i n t o 5 0 Ω )
1 mV ~ 10Vpp
F re qu e nc y A c c u ra c y
B&K Precision Short Form Catalog
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≤ ±5 x 10-6 (22ºC ± 5ºC)
DDS Generators
Model 4045
Model 4040DDS
DDS Sweep Function Generator
with AWG
20 MHz DDS Sweep Function
The model 4045 is a must
have for anyone needing a
feature packed precision
generator. A menu-driven
front panel operation with
an easy-to-read graphic LCD
display makes the 4045 easy to operate. Parameter changes and
data entry can be made using the rotary knob or programmatically
via the RS-232C interface. Waveform editing can be done from
scratch or by modifying standard waveforms.
The model 4040DDS is a low
cost, full featured Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) generator with a menu-driven front
panel interface that includes
a large, easy-to-read graphical
LCD display. Waveform parameter changes and data entry can be
made using the front panel rotary knob. A full range of triggering
capabilities is available, including internal-external trigger source
and gated mode operation.
■ 20 MHz frequency range (sine & square only)
■ 20 MHz Frequency Range (sine & square only)
■ Sine, Square, Triangle & Arbitrary Waveforms
■ Sine, Square & Triangle
■ Modulation in both AM & FM
■ Modulation in both AM & FM
■ Lin or Log Sweep Function
■ Lin or Log Sweep Function
■ Adjustable Duty Cycle
■ Bright informative LCD
■ RS-232C interface
■ Adjustable DC Offset
■ Bright Informative LCD
Models 4007DDS & 4013DDS
Models 4075 & 4078
DDS Sweep Function Generators
25 MHz DDS Arbitrary/
Function Generators
Models 4007DDS &
4013DDS are versatile
sweep function
generators utilizing an
advanced direct digital
synthesis (DDS) design.
These units generates superb quality waveforms
with high signal precision and stability.
Coming this winter
Models 4075 & 4078 are
DDS Arbitrary Function
Generators that can
generate a variety of both
arbitrary and
standard waveforms
allowing them to fit a wide
range of applications
that require flexible waveform generation capabilities.
■ 7 MHz(Model 4007DDS) , 12 MHz(Model 4013DDS) frequency
■ Clean stable waveforms
ranges (sine & square only)
■ Sine, Square, Triangle
■ Graphical LCD
■ Lin or Log Sweep Function
■ 256,000 points per channel
■ Adjustable Duty Cycle
■ Phase lock or synchronized operation (model 4078)
■ Adjustable DC offset
■ Separate DC offsets for each channel (model 4078)
■ RS232 Interface
■ Free WaveX software for generating and editing waveforms
S in e
0.1 Hz - 7 MHz
0.1 Hz - 12 MHz
0.1 Hz - 20 MHz
0.01 Hz - 20 MHz
1 uHz - 25 MHz
1 uHz - 25 MHz
(both channels)
A m p l it u d e ( i n t o 5 0 Ω )
50 mV - 10 Vpp
50 mV - 10 Vpp
10 mV - 10 Vpp
10 mV - 10 Vpp
10 mV - 10 Vpp
10 mV - 10 Vpp
F l at n e s s
±1 dB to 7 MHz
±1 dB to 12 MHz
±0.5 dB @ 1 MHz
±0.5 dB @ 1 MHz
±0.2 dB @ 1 MHz
±0.2 dB @ 1 MHz
±1 dB to 20 MHz
±1 dB to 20 MHz
±1 dB to 25 MHz
±1 dB to 25 MHz
100 ppm
100 ppm
100 ppm
50 ppm
20 ppm
20 ppm
100 mS - 30 S
100 mS - 30 S
10 mS - 50 S
10 mS - 100 S
20 mS - 500 S
20 mS - 500 S
F re qu e nc y A c c u ra c y
S we ep Ti me
B&K Precision Short Form Catalog
Power Supplies
Models 9120A, 9121A, 9122A, 9123A & 9124
Model 9130
Single Output Programmable
DC Power Supplies
Triple Output Programmable
DC Power Supply
Encoder knob for quick
analog style control
High resolution display
Numeric keys for direct
entry of voltage and
current values
4mm sheathed
safety banana jacks
Output ON/OFF
B&K Precision models 9120A, 9121A, 9122A, 9123A and 9124 are
laboratory grade Programmable DC Power Supplies providing great
performance and features not found in other supplies in this price
category. The 9120A series was designed to meet the need of
today’s applications in R&D design verification, production testing
university labs that require clean and reliable power, high resolution
and accuracy and fast transient response times.
■ 3 independent, fully programmable and electrically isolated
■ Display & adjust Voltage and Current settings for all 3 channels
■ Excellent stability and regulation
■ Very compact foot print (rack mountable 2 U x 1/2 U)
■ Excellent display resolution
■ SCPI compatible command set. Communicate via USB to TTL
■ Low ripple and low noise, excellent temperature stability
serial converter cable or optional RS232 interface cable
■ Fast transient response time (<20 ms)
■ OVP (Over Voltage) and OTP (Over Temperature) protection
■ SCPI compatible RS232 (standard) and USB (optional) interface
■ Output on/off control
■ Front and Rear Output Terminals
■ Application Software for front panel emulation and simple test
■ Closed case calibration
sequence generation included
■ Compact size for bench use or rack mountable (2U x 1/2U size)
■ 50 memory locations for instrument state storage & recall
■ List mode operation for increased throughput.
■ Closed case calibration
O u t p u t R a ti n g s
0~32 V
0~20 V
0~60 V
0~30 V
0~72 V
0~3V(1&2), 0~5V(3)
(0º C ~ 40º C)
0~3 A
0~5 A
0~2.5 A
0~5 A
0~1.2 A
0~3A(1&2), 0~3A(3)
L o a d R e g u l at i o n
<0.01%+2 mV
<0.01%+2 mV
<0.01%+2 mV
0.01%+2 mV
<0.01%+3 mV
±(%of output+offset)
<0.05%+1 mA
<0.05%+0.5 mA
<0.05%+1.5 mA
0.05%+0.3 mA
≤0.01%+3 mA
L in e R e g u l a t i o n
<0.01%+1 mV
<0.01%+2 mV
<0.01%+1 mV
<0.01%+1 mV
<0.01%+3 mV
<0.05%+0.1 mA
<0.05%+0.05 mA
<0.05%+0.1 mA
≤0.05%+0.05 mA
≤0.01%+3 mA
0.1 mV
0.5 mV
0.1 mV
0.5 mV
1 mV
±(%of output+offset)
Pr og ra m m i ng
R e s o l u ti o n
0.1 mA
0.1 mA
0.1 mA
1 mA
R i pp l e & N oi s e
4 mVp-p
3 mVp-p
5 mVp-p
4 mVp-p
5 mVp-p
≤1 mVrms/3 mvp-p
(20 Hz ~ 20 MHz)
≤3 mArms
≤3 mArms
≤3 mArms
≤4 mArms
≤3 mArms
≤3 mVrms
The 9130 is a fully programmable triple Output DC Power Supply
delivering 0-30 V/0-3 A on 2 outputs and 0-5 V/0-3 A on 1 output.
Each output is fully floating and outputs can be adjusted independently or connected in series or parallel to produce higher voltages or
currents. The 9130 is ideally suited for applications in Electronic
Test, Production and Service where multiple independent DC
supplies are required and bench space is at a premium.
0.1 mA
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Power Supplies & DC Loads
Model 1550
Model 8540
Switching DC Power Supply
with USB Charger
150 W DC Electronic Load
Coming this winter
The model 1550 is a compact 108 watt power
supply delivering 1-36 V and 0-3 A from its main
isolated output. A unique feature of the 1550
supply is the USB 1.1 charging port located on
the front panel allowing the user to charge a cell
phone or MP3 player. Clean power and quiet
operation make this power supply ideal for any
bench in laboratories, work shops and schools
where bench space is limited.
The 8540 DC electronic load is a low-cost,
small form-factor instrument that is at home
on both the bench and the production floor.
Although this is an instrument in a small
package, it can reliably test a 5 volt power
supply to 30 amps and do it continuously.
■ Operates between 0-60 VDC, 1 mA-30 A
(150 W maximum)
■ Two current ranges: 3 A (1 mA resolution)
and 30 A (10 mA resolution)
■ Easy operation
■ USB 1.1 charging port
■ Bright, easy-to-read display
on front panel*
■ Rear panel security loop
■ Digitally controlled
■ Output On/Off control
■ CC/CV/CR operation
■ Large bright easy to read LCD display
■ Over-current protection from 10 mA to 30 A
■ Constant voltage and constant current operation
■ Short mode to simulate shorts
* USB 1.1 Charging port will not charge products compliant with USB 2.0 only
■ Save up to 400 instrument settings
Model 9110
8500, 8510, 8520 Series
Multi Range DC Power Supply
The 9110 is a new type of power supply.
Unlike conventional power supplies with fixed
output ratings, the 9110 automatically
recalculates voltage/current limits for each
setting. The 9110 provides 100W output power
in any Volt/Amp combination within the rated
voltage (60 V) and current (5 A) limits.
By providing greatly expanded choices of
Volt/Amp combinations, users can cut down
on the number of power supplies required and free up valuable
bench space.
Programmable DC Electronic Loads
B&K Precision is extending its popular 8500 family of
programmable DC Electronic loads with 8 additional models
A total of 10 models will cover a wide range of power, current
and voltage configurations ranging from 300 W – 5000 W.
Applications: testing of power supplies, batteries, fuel and solar
85 0 0
300 W
120 V/30 A
85 0 2
300 W
500 V/15 A
■ 60 V/ 5 A, max 100 W output
85 1 0
600 W
120 V/120 A
■ 10 mV/1 mA resolution over the full range
85 1 2
600 W
500 V/30 A
■ Bright, easy to read display
85 1 4
1200 W
120 V/240 A
■ Very compact size and light weight
85 1 8
1200 W
60 V/240 A
■ Low ripple and noise
85 2 0
2400 W
120 V/240 A
■ Output On/Off control
85 2 2
2400 W
500 V/120 A
■ Store and recall 4 x 100 groups of preset Volt/Amp values
85 2 4
5000 W
60 V/240 A
■ Intelligent fan control
85 2 6
5000 W
500 V/120 A
B&K Precision Short Form Catalog
has become the preferred choice for thousands of designers,
engineers, technicians and service professionals. The reasons are
clear; value, function and reliability.
In our latest Fall 08 Catalog, you will find many new
products embracing the latest developments in technology. From
programmable power supplies, several new lines of DDS generators
to our expanding digital storage oscilloscopes family, you can
confidently select the instruments and accessories that are just right
for you.
You can rely on B&K’s distributors for their service, assistance and
making it easier to buy B&K products. B&K continues setting new
standards in performance and value.
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