Hopper Bank Series Multiple Hoppers with One Dryer

Hopper Bank Series Multiple Hoppers with One Dryer
Hopper Bank Series
Multiple Hoppers with One Dryer
One dryer connects to multiple hoppers for integrated, compact drying
solutions or system can be configured for central conveyance.
■ Dry different materials each at their own temperature
System f e a t u r e s
■ Air manifold with shut off valves
(inlet/outlet) isolate hoppers not in
use or while being cleaned
■ Pre dry material for fast changeovers
■ Easy to use color touch screen
display for setting drying temperatures
for each hoppers
■ Run timer tells you how long each
hopper has been on for
■ Temperature set back (optional) prevents
over drying by lowering drying temperatures when usage slows or stops
■ Hopper sizes from 2 – 600 pounds in
quantities up to 6 hoppers
■ Contact us today for custom sizes
and configurations
Four 30 pound hoppers
Six 30 pound hoppers
Integrated Central Conveyance Systems
Integrated, closed loop conveyance systems provide you with a complete
central drying and conveyance system from 1 to multiple machines.
■ Integrated Conveyance. Pump, filters and controls are all integrated into the
hopper bank’s frame for easy installation and minimize floor space
■ Quick change Manifold
system. Quickly change
between materials or
machines. A wide selection
of manifolds are available
for maximum flexibility so
any machine can connect
to any drying hopper
Loading &Drying Controls
■ Our Dri-Touch color touch screen provides
an easy to use control panel for setting
hopper temperatures and loading controls
Industries, Inc.
Hopper Bank with (2) 60 lb, (1) 30 LB. hopper and
closed loop conveyance to three molding machines
w w w . d r i - a i r. c o m
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