Specyfikacja techniczna iMM Client

Specyfikacja techniczna iMM Client
iMM Client
The iMM device can operate in three diffent modes (the choice depends only on the SW
configuration, HW is identical) and it can be used as part of a complex system of intelligent
electrical installations iNELS or as an independent device for managing the multimedia in
the house such as audio, video, photo, TV.
In the iMM server mode, the iMM can be used to link almost all the different technologies
in the house together and it enables us to control them all from one application which
is called iNELS Home Control „iHC“ which can be installed in any smart phone or tablet.
The iMM server for the „iHC“ application provides communication with the iNELS bus
system, for example light control, heating, security, screening techniques and so on, even
air conditionting; for example: an LG unit or a Coolmaster unit control, Daikin, Sanyo,
Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Hitachi. Recovery as well, such as Atrea or AirPohoda,
webcameras ( thanks to the ONVIF protocol, which is supported by nearly 300 brands),
house hold appliances such as Miele,the entrance syllables (SIP protocol support),
multimedia (audio, video, TV, photo), a weather station or the measurement of energy
consumption (electricity, water, gas).
In the iMM mode the client severs as any device such as Video zone player.
Video zones means television, from which you can watch TV programs, view photos, play
music or movies from a central data repository. To control all TVs and also amplifiers at
home you only need one controller, a smart phone or tablet with the „iHC“ application,
possibly also a gyroscopic controller.
EAN code
iMM Client: 8595188149334
adapter 230 V (part of supply)
Video Output:
HDMI, display port
Audio Output:
3.5 mm stereo JACK out, HDMI
Audio Input:
3.5 mm stereo JACK in
Communication Interface:
ethernet port 1Gbps (RJ45)
Connecting peripherals:
2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0
228 x 62 x 185 mm
Not only all the multimedia content is stored in once place, but it‘s also available within the
whole house without having to transfer the multimedia files on CDs for example. With this
central data repository the data can be played or displayed directly to any iMM server or
also any NAS „Network Attached Storage“ for example. Synology.
Additionally, we can control the whole electrical installations system iNELS from the TV
screen, this also serves the other icons which are arranged on the image that contains the
floor plan for example. that is a copy of the ground plan of the house.
The third mode is iMM Client / Server, which is mainly used in installations with one Video
zone, where devices also simultaneously fuilfill the server function.
By connecting and combining all these technologies, we can create different scenes, for
instanse; when the fim starts playing by switching the projector the elevator starts moving,
also when we expand the the screen projection we turn the lamps on, pull up the shutters
and adjust the lighting scene. That can all be one with one touch.
The video and audio transmission to your TV is running through the HDMI cable. Controlling the
TV is then being done via the IP address, RS232 or an IR, which can be used with the eLAN-IR.
The Audio 3.5 mm input can be used as a stereo jack for analog signal or an optical jack for
digital output of the optical cable.
Description of connector panel
Input for AC adapter
Display Port
4 x USB
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