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Camera Control Console with HD-SDI and SD-SDI Video Switching, Video
Mixing and Automated Control Functionality
In our ongoing drive to redefine camera
ProductionVIEW HD-SDI multi-camera
control system with an integrated
HD/SD-SDI video seamless switcher.
Designed to handle the most demanding
live broadcast or staging events, its
intuitive user interfaces allows a novice
to shoot like a pro. ProductionVIEW HDSDI integrates PTZ camera control and
Figure 1: ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
HD/SD-SDI live switching with effects
Camera Control Console
into one easy-to-use control console.
Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is used in the broadcast industry because of it’s capability to reproduce
video at an uncompromising quality. Because SDI does not have digital copy protection embedded in the
signal, it makes SDI much easier to integrate into projects that require the highest quality video available.
Many PTZ cameras available on the market offer HD-SDI or SD-SDI cards, which connect to
ProductionVIEW HD-SDI via a single coax cable for video. ProductionVIEW HD-SDI includes the 3
Gigahertz HD-SDI standard (SMPTE 424M) for 1080p video, as well as SMPTE 292M (HD-SDI at 720p
or 1080i) and SMPTE 259M (SD-SDI).
The control surface gives users real-time knobs and buttons to control functions, as opposed to an
endless programming menu. Because ProductionVIEW HD-SDI is a live broadcast production console,
not a computer, the entire system produces only one frame of delay – a critical requirement for live
production where image magnification is used. And because it is a seamless switcher, there is no need
to run sync out to each camera, making installation and configuring easy.
The system’s 6 x 2 switcher accepts any combination of input signals from HD-SDI and SD-SDI video
(HD-SDI at 1080p, 1080i and 720p; SD-SDI) sources. All inputs feature both up/down conversion
capabilities – the Program and Preview outputs have their own user selectable output resolutions. In
addition, a external reference input is included to allow the Program and Preview outputs to be connected
to a house sync generator for Gen Lock to another device.
A wide variety of transitions, including cuts, dissolves and wipes, can be achieved through userselectable buttons built into the control surface. Furthermore, a Lower Screen Graphic (LSG) function
allows users to overlay graphics onto the video output. Additional features include a large production-style
Manual Focus wheel, an Iris control knob allowing for live manual adjustments, push control buttons for
auto iris and focus of PTZ cameras. A Zoom Speed knob to control the speed of the electronic zoom
lens is also included on the console.
Camera control elements include a broadcast-style 3-axis Hall Effect Joystick with twist handle zoom
control, as well as separate Pan, Tilt and Speed control knobs. There are six discrete auto-sensing RS232 camera control ports and 12 camera pre-sets per camera for storing frequent shots. PTZ cameras
that are compatible with ProductionVIEW HD-SDI include Vaddio, Panasonic and Sony. In addition,
video equipment with SDI output capability can be connected to any of the inputs. See page 5.
In addition, select from either tally outputs, or input triggers. The tally outputs allow the tally lights on
compatible WallVIEW CCU PTZ cameras to be illuminated. Input triggers allow products such as our
StepVIEW™ mats, AutoVIEW IR™ sensors, MicVIEW™ microphone switcher or TouchVIEW™ remotes
to be installed with ProductionVIEW HD-SDI for an automated presenter controlled system.
ProductionVIEW HD-SDI is the ideal switcher and camera control system for a variety of applications,
including houses of worship, local government, live event production and other situations where high
definition video is required.
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Figure 2: ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
with key features highlighted
One (1) Frame of Delay: A single frame of delay between input and output means image
magnification (IMAG) for a live event won’t be an issue.
Anything In, Anything Out: ProductionVIEW HD-SDI will accept HD-SDI or SD-SDI signals and up
or down-convert them. See the Technical Specifications for a complete listing of input and output
resolutions supported.
1. Focus and Iris Controls: Focus and Iris can be adjusted from knobs on the control surface for realtime control of these critical functions.
2. Dual Bus Switching: ProductionVIEW HD-SDI can be configured as Program and Preview buses or
as discrete video outputs. In addition, both buses can switch between inputs with the selected wipe,
cut or dissolve.
3. Lower Screen Graphics: Insert “lower third” and other graphics, through our unique LSG function.
A variety of sizes and transparency levels are available through buttons on the console.
4. Picture-In-Picture: Insert video in any corner of the output to add impact to your live production.
5. Wipe, Fade, Cut, Transition Speed and Fade to Black: Select a variety of wipe patterns, fade or
cut from buttons on the control console. The Fade to Black (FTB) feature allows the Program output
to fade to black. Transition Speed allows a wipe or fade transition to be adjusted up to 4 seconds.
6. Take Button: Pressing the Take button switches the input selected from Preview to Program.
7. Joystick PTZ Camera and Speed Controls: Sony, Canon and Vaddio PTZ cameras can be
controlled via the 3-axis Hall-Effect joystick built into ProductionVIEW HD-SDI. Adjustable knobs for
Pan, Tilt and Zoom speeds.
8. Camera Selector and Presets: Select a camera with the top bus, and program up to 12 preset
shots per camera, using the camera preset control user interface.
9. 8-Line LCD Screen for Menu Access: The internal menu allows the user to configure the resolution
on the Preview and Program outputs, as well as other parameters built into the console.
10. Manual and Automatic Modes: In addition to a manual or “operator” mode there is an Automatic
Camera Switching mode for PTZ camera presets assigned to Vaddio input triggers like the
StepVIEW™ mats, AutoVIEW™ IR or TouchVIEW™ buttons.
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The Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD-SDI includes
the following items:
• ProductionVIEW HD-SDI Video Console
• PowerRite™ 18 VDC Power Supply
• AC Cord Set
• Documentation
Master RS-232 Control Port
The master control port allows connection to
other control systems for complete access to the
internal functions of the ProductionVIEW HD-SDI.
Figure 3:
Back panel of ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
Compatible Cameras
The ProductionVIEW HD-SDI is capable of
identifying by auto-sensing each camera
Control codes for the following
cameras are built-in:
Vaddio WallVIEW™ Series Cameras
Panasonic AW-HE100 PTZ Camera
Sony EVI & BRC Series of Cameras
NOTE: Many PTZ cameras require optional SDI
cards, or an analog video to SDI converter.
Vaddio Part Numbers
999-5650-000 ProductionVIEW HD-SDI - North America
999-5650-001 ProductionVIEW HD-SDI - International
Tally Outputs or
Trigger Inputs
Serial Control Port
Control Ports for
PTZ Cameras (6)
Inputs (6)
Power Input
18 VDC
Outputs (2)
Outputs (2)
Sync Input
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Video Resolutions & Distances* - Inputs (Cable EQ)
Video Resolutions - Outputs
HD Resolutions:
1080p – SMPTE 424M – Max. Length: 459.3 ft. (140m)
1080i – SMPTE 292M – Max. Length: 754.6 ft. (230m)
720p – SMPTE 292M – Max. Length: 754.6 ft. (230m)
HD Resolutions:
1080p – SMPTE 424M
1080i – SMPTE 292M
720p – SMPTE 292M
SD Resolutions:
480i – SMPTE 259M – Max. Length: 820.2 ft. (250m)
576i – SMPTE 259M – Max. Length: 820.2 ft. (250m)
SD Resolutions:
480i – SMPTE 259M
576i – SMPTE 259M
* Note: All cable lengths noted above are based on using Belden 1694A cable
ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
Part Numbers:
Compatible PTZ Cameras:
Video Switcher:
Video Transitions:
Video Inputs:
Preview Output:
Program Output:
External Reference:
Camera Control Ports:
Control Interface:
8-Line LCD Display (Menu):
Power Requirements:
Control Inputs for Auto Mode
(input 1 & 2):
Tally Output:
Dimensions (W x D xH):
999-5650-000 (North America)
999-5650-001 (International)
Vaddio, Panasonic & Sony (cameras require optional SDI card)
6 Inputs x 2 Outputs
Cross Fade, 9 Wipe options and Straight Cuts, Fade to Black
Six (6) HD-SDI / SD-SDI inputs on BNC connectors
Two (2) Preview outputs (BNC) – HD-SDI or SD-SDI
Two (2) Program outputs (BNC) – HD-SDI or SD-SDI
Input for sync from external device for Gen Lock of outputs
Six (6) RS-232 on RJ-45F
One (1) RS-232 on DB-9
8 – line backlit LCD display
PowerRite 18 VDC, 2.78 Amp
Cameras 1 & 2 have 6 presets each or Camera 1 can have 12 (selectable
– either Tally output function works, or Control Inputs)
Tally outputs for each of the six video inputs
(selectable – either Tally output function works, or Control Inputs)
9.5 lbs. (4.32kg) – approximate weight
16” (40.64cm) x 10” (25.4cm) x 4” (10.16cm)
Figure 4:
Basic connectivity of ProductionVIEW HD-SDI with a WallVIEW CCU connected (with optional HD-SDI card in camera) to an HD-SDI monitor.
Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD-SDI
HD-SDI Monitor
WallVIEW CCU H700 with
SDI Accessory Card
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Figure 5:
Multiple WallVIEW CCU camera systems, laptop and DVD player connected to ProductionVIEW HD-SDI, with PreVIEW™ HD-SDI
monitors, along with a laptop and DVD player using SDI converters. NOTE: PTZ Cameras below either have SDI accessory cards,
or native SDI outputs
SDI Converters
HD-SDI Monitors
with SDI
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Figures 6, 7, 8 & 9:
Simulated pictures of Lower Screen Graphics capabilities
Lower Screen Graphic covering one-quarter of
the screen, with a transparency level of 50%
Lower Screen Graphic covering one-third of the
screen, with a transparency level of 50%
Lower Screen Graphic covering one-half of the
screen, with a transparency level of 75%
Lower Screen Graphic covering the entire
screen, with a transparency level of 50%
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