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C12E &
Qc electric cylinder mower
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XXXX 1/min
230V ~ 50/60Hz XXXXW
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10 -15 mm
27 28 29
Safety Notes
Warning! Read these instructions carefully, be familiar with the controls and
the proper use of the lawnmower.
Mowing on banks can be dangerous:
– Mow across the face of slopes – never up and
– Always be sure of your footing on slopes or wet
– Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes.
– Do not mow excessively steep slopes.
– Use extreme caution when stepping back or
pulling the lawnmower towards you. Never mow
by pulling the mower towards you.
Stop the blades if the lawnmower has to be tilted
for transportation when crossing surfaces other
than grass and when transporting the lawnmower
to and from the area to be mowed.
Do not tilt the machine when starting or switching
on the motor, except if the machine has to be
tilted for starting in long grass. In this case, do not tilt
it more than absolutely necessary and tilt only the
part which is away from the operator. Always ensure that both hands are in the operating position
before returning the machine to the ground.
Never operate the appliance with defective
guards or shields, or without safety device, for example deflectors and/or grass catchers in place.
Switch on the lawnmower according to instructions
and with feet well away from the blades.
Disengage all blade and drive clutches before
starting the engine.
Keep clear of discharge opening at all times.
Always stand clear of the discharge zone when operating the machine.
Never pick up or carry the lawnmower while the
motor is running.
Do not put hands or feet near, or under, rotating
parts while the lawnmower is being operated.
Be careful during adjustment of the lawnmower to
prevent entrapment of the feet and hands between moving blades and fixed parts of the lawnmower.
Remove the plug from the socket:
– whenever you leave the machine
– before clearing a blockage
– before checking, cleaning or working on the
– after striking a foreign object. Inspect the lawnmower for damage and make repairs as necessary
– if the lawnmower starts to vibrate abnormally
(check immediately).
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure that
the lawnmower is in safe working condition.
Check the grass catcher frequently for wear or deterioration.
Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
Ensure replacement parts fitted are manufacturer’s
original or approved by the manufacturer.
Explanation of symbols on the lawnmower
General hazard safety alert.
Read instruction manual.
Beware of thrown or flying objects to bystanders.
Keep bystanders a safe distance away
from the machine.
Switch off and remove plug from mains before adjusting, cleaning or if the cable is
entangled and before leaving the lawnmower unattended for any period. Keep
the supply flexible cord away from the cutting blades.
Sharp blade(s). Beware of severing toes or
Wait until all machine components have
completely stopped before touching
them. The blades continue to rotate after
the machine is switched off, a rotating
blade can cause injury.
Do not mow in the rain or leave the lawnmower outdoors whilst it is raining.
Never allow children or people unfamiliar with
these instructions to use the lawnmower. Local regulations may restrict the age of the operator.
Never mow while people, especially children or
pets, are nearby.
The operator or user is responsible for accidents or
hazards occurring to other people or their property.
Do not operate the lawnmower when barefoot or
wearing open sandals, always wear substantial
footwear and long trousers.
Thoroughly inspect the area where the lawnmower
is to be used and remove all stones, sticks, wires,
bones and other foreign objects.
Before using, always visually inspect to see that the
blades, blade bolts and cutter assembly are not
worn or damaged.
Replace worn or damaged blades and bolts in sets
to preserve balance.
Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light.
Avoid operating the lawnmower in wet grass,
where feasible.
Walk, never run.
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Product Specification
Cylinder mower
Webb C12E
Part number
Rated power
Blade width [cm]
Height of cut [mm]
Grassbox capacity [l]
Weight [kg]
Protection class
Serial number
/ II
/ II
See serial no 9 [rating plate] on machine
* GB models only
Intended Use
Webb C14E
Operating Controls
This product is intended for domestic lawn
This manual gives instructions on the correct assembly and safe use of your machine. It is important that you read these instructions carefully.
When fully assembled the machine weighs approximately 23.5 – 28 kg. If necessary, obtain assistance to remove from packaging.
Take care when carrying the mower to the
lawn, as the blades are sharp.
Switch lever
Securing knob
Handle bottom
Cable restraint**
Mains plug**
Ventilation slots
Serial Number
Height of cut knob
**Country specific
Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.
For Your Safety
Delivered Items
Warning! Switch off, remove plug from mains
before adjusting, cleaning or if cable is cut,
damaged or entangled.
The blades continue to rotate for a few seconds after the machine is switched off.
Caution – do not touch rotating blades.
Carefully remove the machine from its packaging and check that you have all the following
– Lawnmower with handle assembly
– Handle spindle (C14E models only)
– Wing nuts
– Grassbox
– Operating instructions
Electrical Safety
Your machine is double insulated for safety and
requires no earth connection. The operating
voltage is 230 V AC, 50 Hz (for non-EU countries
220 V, 240 V as applicable). Only use approved
extension cables. Contact your approved
Service Centre for details.
Extension cords/leads should only be used if
they comply with H05VV-F, H05RN-F types or IEC
type design (60227 IEC 53, 60245 IEC 57).
When parts are missing or damaged, please contact
the dealer for assistance. We also have a network of
Approved Service Agents who you can contact
for service and advice both within and outside
the period of guarantee.
F016J10018A page 6
It is recommended for increased electrical
safety to use a Residual Current Device (RCD)
with a tripping current of not more than 30 mA.
Always check your RCD every time you use it.
If you want to use an extension cable when operating your product, only the following cable
dimensions should be used:
- 1.0 mm 2 max length 40 m
- 1.5 mm 2 max length 60 m
- 2.5 mm 2 max length 100 m
Note: If an extension cable is used it must be
earthed and connected through the plug to
the cable of your supply network in accordance with prescribed safety regulations.
For products not sold in GB:
WARNING: For safety, it is essential that the
mains plug 7 attached to the product is fitted to
the power supply cable 35.
The couplings of connection leads must be protected against splashes and the coupling sockets on the leads must be made of rubber or
coated with rubber.
Fixing means for the connection leads must be
The connection lead must be inspected for
signs of damage at regular intervals and may
only be used if in perfect condition.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by an approved Service Centre.
B Grassbox
Spring the grassbox cradle 11 into
holes 12.
Attach/remove the grassbox as shown.
B Height of cut adjustment
Your machine has six settings which give the following approximate height of cut:
1 = 9 mm
2 = 13 mm
3 = 18 mm
4 = 25 mm 5 = 32 mm
S = Scarifier
Position “S” should only be used with the Scarifier Cartridge accessory (purchased separately).
To adjust the height of cut:
Tilt the mower to take the weight off the front
Push the height of cut knob 10 in and turn to the
desired position.
For the first cutting of the season, a high cutting
adjustment should be selected.
C14E models:
The comb will also require adjustment, See
“Comb Adjustment”.
C Comb Adjustment
[C 14E only]
Your mower is fitted with an adjustable comb
which can be brought into use on the lower
heights of cut. It is set by loosening the screws 14
and rotating the comb until the tines just touch
the ground. You may need to re-adjust after
changing the height of cut. Take care not to set
the comb too deep, as this could cause damage to either your mower or lawn.
Products sold in GB only: Your mower is fitted
with an approved 13 A (BS 1363/A) electric plug
and is protected by a 13 A fuse (ASTA Approved to BS 1362).
If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket
outlets, it should be cut off and an appropriate
plug fitted in its place by an authorized customer service agent.
The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid
a possible shock hazard and should never be inserted into a 13 A socket elsewhere.
C Cutting Long Grass Using Side Wheel Kit
[C14E models only]
Your mower is fitted with a full width front roller
which is suitable for normal smooth lawns. For
cutting longer, coarse grass a side wheel kit can
be fitted. To fit this kit proceed as follows:
1. Stop, remove plug from the power supply
and remove the grass box.
2. Tilt the mower back and wedge securely.
3. Remove the front roller/comb assembly by
removing screw 14 and slackening nut 15 on
both sides.
4. Fit the side wheel, space tube on to the side
wheels spindle.
5. Fit each side wheel assembly on both sides of
the roller brackets as shown and fix with
bolt 18.
Refit the full width roller by following steps 1 - 4 in
A Unfold the top handle 1 and tighten wingnut.
Note: Ensure that the cable clips supplied are
used to fix the cable to the handle.
The blades will require adjustment – see “Adjusting Blades”.
Attach cable to cable restraint 6 ensuring that
sufficient cable slack is available. (Euro models
F016J10018A page 7
Regularly check for obvious defects such as
loose, dislodged or damaged blade, loose fixings, and worn or damaged components.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged
and correctly fitted. Carry out necessary maintenance or repairs before using.
If the mower should happen to fail despite the
care taken in manufacture and testing, repair
should be carried out by an authorised customer service agent.
Starting and Stopping
The blade continues to rotate for a few
seconds after the machine is switched off.
Allow the motor/blade to stop rotating
before switching “on” again.
Do not rapidly switch off and on.
To aid starting push handle down to lift front
For all correspondence and spare parts orders,
always include the serial number from the
nameplate of the machine!
Press and hold the safety button 3.
Squeeze the switch lever 2 towards
the handle.
Release the safety button 3.
Release the switch lever
To stop, release the drive control lever
switch lever 2.
22 or
Place the lawnmower on the edge of the lawn,
as close to the power point as possible. Work
away from the power point as in figure F. Then
at right angles.
Position the cable to opposite side (already cut)
at the end of each turn.
The blades may require adjustment, particularly
before first use – see adjusting blades.
When mowing do not allow the motor to labour
particularly in heavy conditions.
When the motor labours the speed of the motor
drops and you will hear a change in the motor
sound, when this occurs stop mowing, release
the switch lever and raise the height of cut.
Failure to do so could damage the machine.
H Removing/replacing
Qc Cylinder Cartridge
The mower is fitted with a Qc (quick change)
cartridge which can be removed and taken to an
Approved Service Agent for sharpening.
To remove the cartridge:
Stop, remove plug from the power supply and
remove the grass box.
It is advisable to wear a pair of gardening
gloves (not supplied).
Remove grassbox cradle 11.
Remove the drive cover 28 by removing screws 29.
Stop, remove plug from the power supply
and remove the grassbox.
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry
out the following maintenance regularly.
F016J10018A page 8
Adjusting the Blade
The cutter should be adjusted if the grass is not
cut cleanly and evenly.
1. Stop, remove plug from the power supply
and remove the grass box.
2. Tilt the mower back and wedge securely.
3. Remove grassbox cradle 11.
4. Turn adjuster screw 19 clockwise a little at a
Note: The blades are correctly adjusted when
the cutting cylinder 20 lightly brushes the bottom blade across the full width as the cylinder is
The blades act like a pair of shears, as a test,
correctly adjusted blades will cut a piece of
good quality writing paper across the width of
the blade.
Once correctly adjusted refit grassbox cradle 11.
Engaging rear roller (self propelled models
1. Start motor.
2. Gradually squeeze the drive control lever 22
towards the top handle 1.
3. Adjust the speed as required by moving the
speed control knob 23 between 1 (min) and
6 (max.).
Remove cartridge retaining screws 24 on both
Remove pulley 32 and belt 26 by removing
3 screws 27.
Pull the cutting cartridge unit 25 out using the
handle. Obtain assistance if required.
Replace the cartridge and fit retaining
screws 24.
Slacken the idler pulley screw 34.
Refit the pulley 32 and belt 26.
Adjust the idler pulley 33 against the belt 26 and
tighten idler pulley screw 34.
Refit the drive cover 28.
This method is the same for fitting or removing
cartridge accessories.
After Mowing/Storage
Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly
using a soft brush and cloth. Do not use water,
solvents or polishes. Remove all grass and debris, especially from the ventilation slots 8.
Turn the machine on its side and clean the
blade area. If grass cuttings are compacted in
the blade area, remove with a wooden or plastic implement.
Store the machine in a dry place. Do not place
other objects on top of the machine. To save
space, fold up the handle fully.
Ensure cables are not trapped when folding/
unfolding top handle, do not drop the handle .
Adjusting Drive Cable (self
propelled models only)
If the mower doesn’t drive adequately it may
be necessary to adjust the drive cable as follow:
Slacken nut 30, turn adjuster 31 a few turns anticlockwise.
Retighten nut 30.
When correctly adjusted, drive to the rear roller
is engaged when the drive control lever 22 is
squeezed against the handle top 1 or disengaged when released.
F016J10018A page 9
Product, accessories and packaging should be
sorted for environment-friendly recycling.
Only for EC countries:
Do not dispose of power tools into
household waste!
According to the European Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment
and its incorporation into national
law, power tools that are no longer suitable for
use must be separately collected and sent for
recovery in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Fault Finding
The following table gives checks and actions that you can perform if your machine does not operate correctly. If these do not identify/remedy the problem, contact your service agent.
Warning: Switch off and remove plug from mains before investigating fault.
S y m pt o m
P o s s i bl e C au s e
Re m e dy
Machine fails to operate Power turned off
Mains socket faulty
Extension cable damaged
Fuse faulty/blown
Extension cable damaged
Machine functions
Machines internal wiring damaged
Machine labours or
Height of cut too low
belt squeals
Blades adjusted too tight
Increase height of cut (see “Height
of Cut Adjustment”)
Adjust blades
Machine leaves ragged Cutting blade blunt
Blades off cut
Contact Service Agent
Adjust blades
Cutting blade not
Cutting blade obstructed
Blades too tight
Cutting blade damaged
Gears slipping or damaged
Incorrect adjustment
Cable damage
Clear obstruction
Slacken off blade adjuster screws
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Adjust cable
Contact Approved Service Agent
Cutting blade damaged
Cutting blades not adjusted evenly
Gears have failed to protect blade
from damage
Mowing in wet conditions
Belt slipping
Contact Service Agent
Adjust blades
Land drive does not
engage (self propelled models only)
Excessive vibration/
Poor collection
Turn power on
Use another socket
Inspect cable, replace if damaged
Replace fuse
Inspect cable, replace if damaged
Contact Service Agent
Allow grass to dry
ofof Conformity
EC Declaration
We: Webb Lawnmowers
Of: Hobley Drive, Swindon, SN3 4NS
Declare that equipment: Category 32 electric lawn trimmer/mower
conforms to the essential requirements of the following directives and their amendments:
2004/108/EC, 2006/42/EC, 2000/14/EC and has been designed and manufactured to the
following standards: BS EN 836, BS EN 60335.
Webb Lawnmowers
Hobley Drive
Swindon SN3 4NS
Typically the A-weighted noise level of the product is:
Model number
Sound power Uncertainty Guaranteed sound power
level 2000/14/EC
79 dB(A)
4 dB
79 dB(A)
4 dB
Helpline: 01793 333212
Wear hearing protection!
Web helpline:
Vibration emission values (triaxial vector sum) determined according to BS EN 836
Model number
Uncertainty (K)
2.5 m/s2
2.5 m/s2
1.5 m/s2
1.5 m/s2
Notified body: AV Technology Ltd, Avtech House, Arkle Avenue, Stanley Green
Trading Estate, Handforth, Cheshire, SK9 3RW
Technical file at: Webb Lawnmowers - Swindon - SN3 4NS
I hereby declare that the product described under “technical data” has been tested and
found to comply with the relevant sections of the above referenced specifications. The
unit complies with all essential requirements of the directives.
Place: Stafford, July 2011
Position: Managing Director
F016J10018A page 10
It is in your best interests to follow the Operating
Instructions for your mower/scarifier, as a properly cared for product should give many years
of excellent service.
Should you require spares always insist on genuine spares. Any damage caused to the product
through the fitting of parts not made
or approved by Webb Lawnmowers is not
covered by the Guarantee.
Your statutory rights are not affected by this
Webb Lawnmowers guarantee this product against
manufacturing defects. We will repair (or replace
at our option) if a manufacturing defect occurs
within the guarantee period as long as it has not
been subjected to rental/hire use.
The guarantee period for domestic use is:
C12E - 1 year parts and labour
C14E - 2 years parts and labour
Environmental protection
For the purpose of this guarantee:
Non-domestic use means all other uses including, commercial, income producing, but excluding rental/hire use.
To obtain a repair under this guarantee:
– Take your lawnmower to an
Approved Service Agent.
– Show your dated proof of purchase.
– Show the guarantee page.
This guarantee does not apply if:
– the product has been resold by original purchaser (this does not apply in the Republic of
Ireland), or has been used under hire.
– the product has been modified to change
the manufacturers specifications, or if non
genuine replacement parts have been fitted.
– if any previous repair was undertaken by anyone other than an Approved Service Agent.
The plastic components are labelled for categorized recycling.
When the time comes to dispose of this product
please consider the environment and take it to
a recognised recycling facility.
(Please contact your Local Authority for location information.)
Subject to change without notice
– the fault is due to maladjustment, abuse, neglect or accidental damage.
– the fault is due to lack of lubrication or maintenance.
– damage to any part, particularly the drive or
cutting mechanism has been caused by allowing the product to strike solid objects.
– The product develops a fault due to abnormal use.
– Failure is due to normal wear. The following
parts are considered as wearing parts. Their
life is dependant on regular servicing and
they are not therefore, normally covered by
the guarantee.
Blades, drive belts, gears, bearings and cables.
The cost of routine maintenance of the product
is not covered by the guarantee.
F016J10018A page 11
Your nearest dealer
Webb Lawnmowers - Hobley Drive - Swindon - SN3 4NS
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