100 Watt
If you have questions concerning the
operation of this Whistler product please
call customer service:
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT
or visit
Please keep the receipt in a safe place.
You may register your product online at
www.whistlergroup.com. If the unit is
returned without a dated proof of purchase,
an out of warranty service charge applies.
Note: Your warranty period begins at the
time of purchase. The warranty is validated
only by your receipt. Now is the time to
record the serial number of the unit in
the space provided in the warranty section
of the manual.
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Dear Whistler Owner,
For many of us, a vehicle is more than just
transportation. It can be a mobile office,
communications or entertainment center,
or simply an expression of our personality.
Whistler products are designed to make
the time you spend in your vehicle more
productive, more fulfilling, safer, or just
simply more fun. Our mission is to provide
products that improve your driving experience.
Whistler offers a complete line of DC to AC
inverters ranging in capacity from 100 Watts
to 3000 Watts. These inverters offer advanced
technology, dependable operation and will
provide years of reliable service when used
in accordance with our operating instructions.
Your new Whistler power inverter allows you
to run some AC appliances right from your
car, boat or RV. They’re great for weekend
use and life on the road. They’re also great
for power outages!
To fully acquaint yourself with the operation of
this inverter we recommend reading this
entire manual.
Getting Started
Blown Automotive Fuse
1. Remove your cigarette lighter and push
the the 12-volt power plug firmly into the
cigarette lighter receptacle in your vehicle.
The Red LED Indicator light will turn on and
the inverter will turn itself off automatically
1. The power input from the battery drops
to 10 volts.
2. The power input from the battery
exceeds 15 volts.
3. The continuous draw of the equipment
or appliance being operated exceeds
100 watts.
4. The surge draw of the equipment or
appliance being operated exceeds safe
A. 12-Volt Cigarette Lighter Power Plug
B. North American 120V AC Outlet.
C. ON/OFF Indicator light.
D. 5-Point Adjustment plug. (Up to 90 degrees)
Depending on the make and model of your
automobile, running the power inverter near
full capacity from your cigarette lighter port
may result in a blown automotive cigarette
lighter fuse. This fuse will need to be replaced
with the same size fuse. Please note, a blown
automotive fuse will not cause damage to
your car wiring.
2. The LED Indicator light should glow Red
confirming that there is power running to
the inverter.
3. Plug the appliance into the AC receptacle
on the rear panel of the inverter.
NOTE: In the event of automatic shut down, remove
the inverter until the source of the problem has been
determined and resolved.
In Review
· Never attempt to operate the inverter
from any power source other than a 12-volt
DC battery.
· The inverter is designed to be connected
to the cigarette lighter socket with the
12-volt power plug. Do not attempt to
modify the power plug.
· While connecting the inverter to the power
source, make certain that the inverter is
positioned far away from any potential
source of flammable fumes or gases.
· Don’t expose the inverter to rain or moisture.
· Make certain the power consumption of
the appliance or equipment does not
exceed 100 watts.
· When attempting to operate battery
chargers, monitor the temperature of the
battery charger for approximately 10
minutes. If the battery charger becomes
abnormally warm disconnect it from the
inverter immediately.
· Use only 10 amp glass type fuse.
· To avoid battery drain, always disconnect
the inverter when not in use.
· Avoid placing the inverter near sources
of heat or in direct sunlight.
· While in use, make sure the inverter is
properly ventilated.
· When operating the inverter with an
automobile or marine battery, start the
engine every 30 to 60 minutes and let it
run for approximately 10 minutes to
recharge the battery.
for loss or damage incurred in shipping. Therefore, please
ship your unit insured with return receipt requested.
COD’s will NOT be accepted.
2. Include with your unit the following
clearly printed information:
· Your name and street address (for shipping
via UPS), a daytime telephone number,
and e-mail address (if applicable).
· A detailed description of the problem,
i.e. Unit powers up but no AC output.
· A copy of your dated store receipt or
bill of sale.
3. Be certain your unit is returned with its serial
number. For reference, please write your unit’s
serial number in the following space:
Units without serial numbers are not covered
under warranty.
Service Under Warranty
This Whistler is warrantied to the original
purchaser for a period of one year, from the
date of original purchase, against all defects
in materials and workmanship. This limited
warranty is void if the unit is abused, modified,
installed improperly, had its housing removed,
or has a missing serial number.
There are no express warranties covering this
product other than those set forth in this warranty.
All express or implied warranties for this product
are limited to two years. Whistler is not liable
for damages arising from the use, misuse, or
operation of this product.
During the warranty period, defective units
will be repaired or replaced (with the same
or a comparable model), at Whistler’s option,
without charge to the purchaser when returned
with a dated store receipt to the address
below. Units returned without a dated store
receipt will be handled as described in section
“Service Out Of Warranty.”
When returning a unit for service under
warranty, please follow these instructions:
1. Ship the unit in the original carton or in a
suitable sturdy equivalent, fully insured, with
return receipt requested to:
Whistler Repair Dept.
1201 North Dixieland Road
Rogers, AR. 72756
Please allow 3 weeks for turnaround time.
IMPORTANT: To validate that your unit is within
the warranty period, make sure you keep a copy of
your dated store receipt. You may register your
warranty online at www.whistlergroup.com, however,
for warranty verification purposes, a copy of your
dated store receipt must accompany any unit sent
in for warranty work.
The minimum out of warranty service fee for
your Whistler 100 watt inverter is $10.00 (U.S.).
If you require out of warranty service, please
return your unit as outlined in the section
“Service Under Warranty” along with a
certified check or money order for the correct
amount. Payment may also be made by
MasterCard, VISA and American Express;
personal checks are not accepted. In the
event repairs cannot be covered by the
minimum service fee, you will be contacted
by a Whistler technical service specialist
who will outline options available to you. If you
elect not to have your unit repaired/replaced,
it will be returned to you along with your
certified check or money order.
IMPORTANT: Whistler will not assume responsibility
Consumer Warranty
Service Out Of Warranty
Units will be repaired at “out of warranty”
service rates when:
· The unit’s original warranty has expired.
· Dated store receipt is not supplied.
· The unit has been returned without its
serial number.
· The unit has been abused, modified, installed
improperly, or had its housing removed.
IMPORTANT: When returning your unit for service,
be certain to include a daytime telephone number.
Customer Service
If you have questions concerning the operation
of your Whistler inverter, or require service
during or after the warranty period, please
call Customer Service at 1-800-531-0004.
Representatives are available to answer your
questions Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. (CT).
Model PI-100W Specifications
Max. Continuous Power..................100 Watts
Surge Capability (Peak Power).... 200 Watts**
No Load Current Draw..........................<0.2A
Waveform.......................Modified Sine Wave
Input Voltage Range.....................11-15 VDC
AC Receptacle....................110V AC 3 Prong
Fuse.................................10 amp (Glass Type)
Dimensions.......... 5.3” L x 2.6” W x 1.6” H
Weight............................approximately 4.8 oz.
*Under certain conditions your inverter may
provide up to 2 times the continuous rating for a
brief period.
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