Electrolux EL7020A - Home Care Oxygen3 Canister Vacuum Specifications

Electrolux EL7020A - Home Care Oxygen3 Canister Vacuum Specifications
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This Guidebook was written
with one goal in mind:
to help you help yourself.
It is our belief that the first
line of defense against allergy
is environmental control.
Scientific studies over the
last several years have shown
which environmental control
measures are effective and
which are not. The advice
given in this guidebook is
based on those studies.
By following our simple
plan, you can significantly
decrease your exposure to
allergy-causing substances,
and significantly improve
your health.
Substances capable of provoking allergic
reactions are called allergens. Allergies to
airborne allergens—such as house dust
mites, mold, pollen and animal dander—
affect over 50 million people in America
today. Although widespread, allergies are
treatable and the symptoms are controllable.
of Dust Mite
Depending upon your individual situation,
your allergist will recommend one, two or
photo © Mission: Allergy, Inc.
all three of the following treatments:
Eliminating or decreasing your exposure to the substance to which you are
allergic. The less of the allergy-causing material you breathe in, the more
comfortable you will be, and the less medication you will require.
Using pharmaceuticals in various forms to block the symptoms of allergy.
Although this does not do anything to eliminate the specific allergy causing
those symptoms, it is at times a necessary part of treatment, especially in
asthma or severe nasal allergy.
Injecting the actual substances to which you are allergic, in order to
produce a degree of tolerance to them. The allergist at first injects very
minute amounts of the allergens, and then very slowly and gradually increases
the dose over time, thereby decreasing your degree of sensitivity.
See our latest catalog
beginning on Page 9.
Hello. I’m Dr. Jeffrey Miller, a Board Certified Allergist in clinical allergy
practice since 1976, a dust mite researcher, and President of Mission:
Allergy. Twenty years ago, I saw a need for a reliable source of allergenavoidance products for my patients, and started a company to fill that need.
The result today is Mission: Allergy.
Over the last two decades, many companies devoted to the allergic patient
have appeared. But Mission: Allergy is unique in its focus on medical and
scientific accuracy. This applies both to the advice given in this first part of
our Allergy Self-Help Guide, and to the products shown in the second part
of the Guide. We only sell items that have been shown in scientific studies
• Information--We provide
patients with medically
accurate advice on allergen
avoidance, based on
current scientific studies.
to be effective.
• Research--Our research
lab performs studies on
dust mite and allergen
avoidance, and stays
informed of the latest
results of other researchers.
• Products--We offer the
highest quality products
that have been tested and
proven to be effective for
The products that we manufacture ourselves are made to the highest
specifications, appropriate for medical use. The other products that we
distribute have in every case been carefully selected to be the best of their
class. And just as important as what we sell is what we don’t sell. There
are many products that you will not see in this Guide. That is because
they either have not been proven to work, or have actually been shown to
be ineffective.
We are proud that our company is recommended by many of the finest
allergists and academic allergy departments in the country. We have earned
their trust by our high scientific and ethical standards. We look forward to
serving your needs with those same high standards and with our exceptional
customer service.
• We do not sell products
that have not been
proven to work.
• We do not sell products
that are unrelated to
allergen avoidance.
We are a company with a
simple philosophy: Do the
right thing. It is the driving
force behind our medical
advice, our products, and our
approach to our employees
and our customers.
Jeffrey Miller, MD
Once your allergist determines the specific
capacity of a glass. If too much water is poured into
substances that cause your symptoms, you should
the glass, it will overflow. This happens regardless of
then reduce your exposure to those allergens as
whether all of the water came from a single pitcher,
much as possible.
This is the most fundamental
or whether some water was poured from each of
starting place, especially when symptoms are the
several pitchers. If the total amount of water exceeds
result of allergy to materials present in the indoor
the capacity of the glass, the glass will overflow.
In some cases, exposure can be
Similarly, if an individual is allergic to one or more
eliminated or decreased to the point that no other
substances, the sum total of exposures at a given time
treatment is necessary. In other cases exposure can
(the “total allergen load”) determines whether or not
be decreased only partially, making other types of
the person’s threshold will be exceeded and
treatment necessary. But even in those situations,
symptoms will result. Successful allergen avoidance
less treatment will be required, and it will work
does not necessarily mean lowering exposure to
better if you have first decreased exposure.
zero. It does, however, require making significant
When thinking about decreasing exposure, it is
useful to keep in mind the analogy between the level
of an individual’s “allergic threshold” and the
decreases in exposure, to get the level of allergen in
your environment below your allergic threshold.
Your basic approach should be:
• If it is a hard surface, WIPE IT
• If it is a washable fabric, hot water WASH IT
• If it cannot be wiped or washed, ENCASE IT
• If it cannot be wiped, washed, or encased, REMOVE IT
• If the indoor air is not dry, DEHUMIDIFY IT
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Dust allergy is actually a sensitivity to substances
in the waste particles and body fragments of house
dust mites.
While almost everyone is irritated by exposure to
large amounts of dust, only some people have a true
allergic reaction to house dust. This true allergic
sensitivity is just as real and just as specific as an
allergy to ragweed, tree pollen or cat dander. It may
cause nasal symptoms, eye inflammation, asthma
or eczema.
Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in
pillows, mattresses, blankets, carpets and other soft
materials. They are often thought of as insects, but are
actually tiny arachnids, relatives of spiders and ticks. They
do not live on people, but live near them. Their food is the
dead skin scales that we all shed every day.
Dust mites avoid the light, and require at least 50%
relative humidity to survive. They are therefore
plentiful in soft materials, such as pillows, mattresses
and blankets, where they can burrow into the fabric to
get away from the light. Beds provide the warmth,
darkness, high humidity and shed skin scales that
mites crave, and they are the source of the biggest
mite exposure for most of us. A mattress may contain
over a million dust mites. A female mite lays about
60 eggs in her lifetime. Each mite lives for about 80
days, during which time it produces one thousand
allergy-causing waste particles.
Live mites themselves are not inhaled. Rather, it is the
waste particles that they have produced, and the body
fragments of dead dust mites, that become airborne,
are inhaled and cause allergy symptoms. This is
because mites do not live in the air, but are burrowed
in soft materials. Mite waste particles become briefly
airborne when one walks on a carpet, sits on an
upholstered chair, places one’s face on a pillow,
makes a bed, or otherwise disturbs the soft materials
where the dust mites are living.
Efforts should focus on the bedroom, where mite
numbers are highest, and where most people spend a
third of their life. Steps should be prioritized, taking
first those actions that are relatively easy, but that
produce large decreases in exposure.
Electron Micrograph of Dust Mite
photo © Mission: Allergy, Inc.
1. Encase pillows, mattress and box spring in allergen
impermeable covers, to prevent mite allergens from
escaping and being inhaled. An alternative is to
purchase a new pillow manufactured with an allergen
barrier outer fabric.
If there is more than one pillow on the bed, all of
them should be encased, or replaced with barrier
fabric pillows.
2. Use washable blankets, and wash all bedding in
hot water every 2 weeks. This will kill any live mites,
and also wash out accumulated allergen.
Replace comforters with a special comforter
manufactured with an allergen-barrier outer fabric.
Since such comforters can not be colonized by mites,
they need not be washed frequently.
3. If possible, remove the bedroom carpet, leaving a
wipeable floor (hardwood or tile).
Washable throw rugs may be used, if washed every 2
weeks in hot water.
4. Remove stuffed toys, throw pillows, pennants,
upholstered furniture, and other non-washable,
non-wipeable items from the bedroom.
Washable toys may be kept in limited number if they
are hot water washed regularly.
1. Remove curtains from the bedroom, using instead
wipeable blinds or shades. Alternatively, wash or dry
clean curtains frequently.
2. If you can not remove the bedroom carpet, use a
dry carpet cleaning product to remove dust and mite
Avoid shampooing carpets, as the residual moisture
can actually increase mite growth.
2. Use a good quality vacuum that entraps allergen
and prevents it from blowing out through the exhaust.
Many vacuum cleaners can be inexpensively
improved simply by using high filtration bags.
1. Extend the measures described for the bedroom to
the family room: remove carpets, and use wipeable
(wood, leather or plastic) rather than upholstered
2. Wash and dry-clean clothing frequently, and keep
clothing in a closet with the door shut. Store cleaned
woolens in individual plastic bags.
1. Keep humidity below 50% to prevent dust mite
growth entirely. Lesser decreases in humidity still
suppress dust mite growth and allergen production
somewhat. Use air conditioning in the summer,
supplemented with an additional dehumidifier.
2. Avoid using a humidifier in the winter, or if one is
used, monitor humidity with a gauge, and keep
relative humidity below 45-50%.
The following steps are of questionable benefit, and we
can not recommend them based on current information:
• The role of chemical treatment of mites in carpets is unclear.
Benzyl benzoate works very well in the laboratory to kill dust
mites on contact, but has not been shown to decrease mite
allergen levels in homes enough to decrease symptoms. Tannic
acid does not affect the mites themselves, but works to inactivate
the allergen in their waste particles. It is less effective and
shorter lasting than previously believed. Neither of these is
recommended by the current National Heart, Lung and Blood
Institute guidelines.
• Air cleaners, although widely used, have not been shown to be
of significant benefit for mite allergy. This is probably because
mite allergens in the air settle to the floor within a half-hour after
disturbance. Air cleaners are more useful for smaller allergens,
such as animal danders, which stay airborne for long periods
1. Have cleaning done when the allergic person is
not present. If the patient does the cleaning, he or she
should wear a facemask, and consider wearing goggles.
of time.
• Studies have shown little or no allergen in hot air ducts. Hot
air duct cleaning has not been shown to be helpful or needed.
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Cats, dogs and other mammals produce proteins in
their skin that can become airborne and cause
allergic symptoms. Because of their very small size
(much smaller than pollen grains or dust mite
particles) these particles remain suspended in the air
for long periods of time. It is not the hair of the
animal, but rather the dander produced by the skin,
that causes the allergic reaction. Even a non-shedding
pet produces dander, so the sad truth is that there is no
such thing as a non-allergenic breed of cat or dog.
However, it is true that some individual cats or dogs
produce more allergenic dander than other individual
cats or dogs.
1. Keep the pet out of the patient’s bedroom at all times.
2. Encase the pillow, mattress and box spring in allergenproof covers, to prevent previously accumulated
dander from becoming airborne and being inhaled.
[Not all encasings sold today will block animal
allergen. Verify that the encasing blocks dander as
well as mite allergens before purchasing.]
3. Wash all bedding including blankets repeatedly,
or replace.
4. Remove the bedroom carpet, if possible.
1. Vacuum your carpet with
a vacuum cleaner that traps
the very small dander allerAnimal allergen levels are
gens. The allergen-trapping
highest in homes where
ability of a standard vacuum
pets are present. What is
can be improved by using
surprising, however, is that
high filtration bags.
these allergens are also found
2. Confine the pet to a small
(in lesser amounts) in
area that is closed off from
places–such as schools and
the rest of the house, ideally
workplaces–where pets have
one with a wipeable floor.
never been present, having
3. Minimize direct contact
been brought there on the
with the pet, and wash
clothing of pet owners.
hands after touching it. Do
Dander allergens are sticky,
not sit on furniture that the
Electron Micrograph of Cat Hair
and dander in soft materials,
pet ever occupies.
such as carpets, mattresses, upholstered furniture and
4. Bathe the pet twice weekly to temporarily remove
clothing, can persist for long periods of time. Unless
allergen from its skin.
special steps are taken, pet dander can remain in
a home for up to six months after the pet has
been removed.
1. Open windows to allow an exchange of air
through the house, so that airborne dander allergen
EXPOSURE TO ANIMAL DANDER ALLERGENS? can escape. (This may be counterproductive, however, if
The medically best solution is the most emotionally the patient is also pollen-allergic.)
difficult: finding a new home for the pet. Although 2. With windows closed, HEPA air cleaners can
this is a decision that only you and your family can remove significant amounts of animal allergen.
make, the fact is that there is no other action that will Air cleaners are more effective at removing animal
as dramatically, effectively and safely eliminate the allergen than dust mite allergen, since the much smaller
symptoms of pet allergy. If you are able to remove the and lighter dander allergens are always in the air, and
pet, the steps noted below will hasten the clearing of thus subject to the filtering effect of the air cleaner.
residual pet allergen.
If you can not or will not remove the pet, the following
steps will decrease the level of exposure somewhat.
Whether or not they will be sufficient to relieve
symptoms will depend on the severity of the allergy.
The following steps are of questionable benefit, and we
can not recommend them based on current information:
• Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence that certain
breeds of dogs or cats are less allergenic than others.
• Products claiming to remove cat or dog allergen from the skin
of the pet have not been shown to be more effective than
ordinary washing.
Molds are microscopic fungal organisms. They grow
as networks of interlocking filaments that spread on
and into organic matter, leading to its decomposition.
When clusters of these filaments become large
enough, they are visible as fuzzy growths of mold or
mildew. Bread mold is a familiar example.
1. Use diluted bleach to eliminate visible mold growth
in showers and on shower curtains.
2. Avoid carpets in bathrooms, or use only washable
throw rugs.
Mold lives by secreting enzymes that break down the
3. Remove any carpeting that has been installed directly
organic matter on which the mold is living, making it
on basement concrete floors. Use wipeable, vapor-barrier
available as a nutrient for the mold. This
materials, such as tile or vinyl flooring. Mold-allergic
breaking-down action is what makes mold
people should not sleep in
damaging to household
photo © Mission: Allergy, Inc.
basement level bedrooms.
items such as paper, fabric
or leather. Molds reproduce
by forming spores, which
1. Keep humidity under 50%
travel through the air, settle
by using air conditioning —
on other plant or animal
possibly supplemented with
organic material, and grow
dehumidifiers — in the
summer. Use a gauge to
filaments. The mold spores
measure indoor humidity.
travel over large distances,
Small air dryers may be used to
prevent mold growth in closets.
numerous than the pollen
2. Avoid over-humidification.
grains of plants. Proteins in
Either do not use a humidifier
the secretions of the mold Microscopic View of a Mold Releasing Spores
in the winter, or if you do,
filaments, and possibly in the
limit its output so that humidity remains under 50%.
mold spores, are capable of causing allergy in some people.
Use only humidifiers that have a heating element that
prevents mold from growing in the unit itself.
Molds are found primarily in warm, dark and damp
3. Allow moisture to escape from the home.
locations. Unlike plants, which use energy from the
Ventilate the shower and cooking areas. Vent your
sun to produce food, molds obtain their energy by
clothes dryer to the outdoors. Open windows when
digesting other organic matter. To do so, they need
outside humidity is low.
moisture. Molds grow out of doors, and, if the
4. Do not store firewood indoors, and avoid live
humidity is high enough, indoors as well. They do not
Christmas trees. Do not repot plants indoors. Mold
have the clearly defined seasons that pollens do, but
lives on the bark of trees and in soil.
are at their peak during months of high humidity, and
are absent in outdoor air only if there is snow on the
ground. They can grow on grass and on the bark of
1. Avoid greenhouses, antique shops, summer cottages,
trees, and are plentiful in fallen leaves and other
and musty hotel rooms.
decaying vegetation. Indoors, they live in areas of
2. Wear a facemask, and possibly goggles, if you
high humidity, such as basements or poorly ventilated
must cut grass, rake leaves, work in a barn, or be
exposed to compost.
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
“We exclusively recommend
Mission: Allergy products in
our division. Quality and
comfort are key in mite barrier
encasements, and Mission:
Allergy covers are the best.
Our patients also appreciate
the quality service.”
Ron Simon, MD
Head, Division of Allergy,
Asthma and Immunology
Scripps Clinic*
“I am very impressed.
You follow the scientific
literature and sell only
products that work. I wish
you continued success
with your company.”
Murray Dworetzky, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine,
Cornell Medical College*
Past President,
American Academy of Allergy
Asthma and Immunology*
What is an encasing?
An encasing is an allergen-proof barrier that completely surrounds a pillow, mattress or boxspring,
preventing the escape and subsequent inhalation of allergy-causing particles. All Mission: Allergy
pillow and mattress encasings are made from breathable barrier fabric that allows air and water
vapor to pass, while blocking all allergens.
Why are encasings important?
If you sleep 8 hours a night, you spend one-third of your life in bed! And dust mites are
present in very high numbers in beds, where warmth, humidity, and dead human skin cells
promote their growth.
Are they uncomfortable? Do they make noise?
Not in the least—if they are good quality. Mission: Allergy encasings are soft and breathable,
never stiff, hot or noisy.
Do I still use a pillow case and sheets?
Yes. The pillow case goes over the allergen-proof pillow encasing, and sheets go over the
allergen proof mattress encasing. The pillow case and sheets should be washed in hot or
warm water every one or two weeks.
Should the encasing be washed?
The allergen-proof encasings should not be washed frequently. Although they are machine washable,
frequent washing is unnecessary, since the surface of a high-quality encasing is too smooth to
allow dust mite growth. Washing may even be counterproductive, since allergen escapes into
the air every time the encasing is taken off.
How should encasings be cared for?
Simply wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum monthly to remove surface dusts. Wash encasings
only if they become soiled.
How are Mission: Allergy encasings different from other encasings?
“We recommend Mission:
Allergy. They not only
provide excellent products at
competitive prices, but they
also educate patients for
better overall allergy care.”
Jack Becker, MD
Chief, Section of Allergy
St. Christopher’s Hospital
for Children*
*Institutions are mentioned for identification
purposes only; statements do not constitute
an endorsement by the institution.
The above physicians do not receive
compensation from Mission: Allergy, Inc.
They are far superior to other encasings in both the quality of the barrier fabric and the quality
of the sewing construction. The differences are immediately obvious.
Do I need to tape over the zipper?
All Mission: Allergy encasings are manufactured with interior flaps of barrier fabric that prevent
the escape of allergens through the zipper. They do not need to be taped.
What is the pore size of Mission: Allergy encasings and comforters?
Mission: Allergy Premium Microfiber has a pore size of only 2 microns…the smallest of any
microfiber encasing fabric on the market. Mission: Allergy Barrier Fabric II has a pore size of
6 microns.
Why are some items in other catalogs but not yours?
Because we only sell products that work. If you do not see a product for allergen-avoidance
in our catalog, you very likely don’t need it!
Call our knowledgeable representatives for additional product information.
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Product Catalog
Allergen-Proof Encasings . . . . . .10
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Washable Blankets . . . . . . . . . .14
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Product Catalog
Allergen-Proof Encasings
MISSION: ALLERGY® Allergen-Proof Pillow
and Mattress Encasings are made with the
highest quality sewing construction. The
differences from competitive products are
immediately apparent. All seams and edges
are bound with seam binding for durability.
All zippers are highest quality, with interior
zipper flaps to prevent possible allergen
escape through the zipper webbing. And
placement of encasings on the mattress is
easy, thanks to super-long zippers — half
the circumference of the entire mattress!
Please measure your mattress before ordering:
W _______ x L ________ x H ________
MISSION: ALLERGY® encasings are
comfortable because they “breathe”.
Air moves freely through them, even
though allergens can not!
MISSION: ALLERGY® encasings prevent
the escape of allergens. These amazing
fabrics are so tightly woven that water
actually beads up on their surface!
MISSION: ALLERGY® encasings are made
to last. Bound seams, zipper flaps, and
quality zippers ensure lasting value.
MISSION: ALLERGY® manufactures its own allergen-proof encasings
from two exclusive fabrics, available only from MISSION: ALLERGY®.
MISSION: ALLERGY Premium Microfiber®
This silky soft, premium quality microfiber fabric is strong but lightweight, and
totally imperceptible beneath the pillowcase and sheets. It is an extremely
tightly woven, true microfiber fabric with a mean pore size of only 2 microns,
the smallest of any commercially available encasing. It allows the free
passage of air and moisture, but prevents the escape of allergens, both dust mite
allergens as well as the smaller animal dander allergens. It is the ultimate in
comfort, protection, and durability. Lifetime warranty.
This high quality fabric is an exceptional value, providing protection and
durability at a moderate price. It is an effective allergen barrier, with a mean
pore size of 6 microns, and is made with the same quality construction as our
top-of-the-line Premium Microfiber encasings. For effectiveness at a midline
price, these encasings have no equal. Ten-year warranty.
Want to see for yourself the difference in MISSION: ALLERGY® quality?
Order a single pillow encasing with no shipping charge!
“I recommend Mission: Allergy to my patients who want the highest quality
products for allergen avoidance.”
Joseph Sproviero, MD, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine*
“Environmental control of allergens is the first priority and the biggest challenge for
patients. I am impressed with Mission Allergy's dedication to providing evidencebased products for the allergy patient. Their brochure is educational and their
service and products are excellent.”
Richard J. Morris, MD
Allergy and Asthma Care, P.A., Maple Grove, MN
Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota*
Allergen-Proof Encasings
Pillow Encasing
*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes
only; statements do not constitute an endorsement by
the institution. The above physicians do not receive
compensation from Mission: Allergy, Inc.
Mattress Encasing
#EPS-B $10.95
MISSION: ALLERGY® Pillow Encasings
Standard (20” x 27”)
Breathable, medically effective, quality-sewn encasings,
with dual zipper flaps. Made in USA.
Queen (20” x 31”)
#EPQ-B $11.95
European square, body pillow, travel pillow, and other
sizes available. Call for information.
King (20” x 38”)
MISSION: ALLERGY® Mattress Encasings
Crib (29” x 52”)
Breathable, medically effective, quality-sewn encasings,
with inner zipper flap, extra-long zipper. Made in USA.
Available in 9”, 12”, 15” and 18” Depths.
FOR 12” DEEP, Microfiber or Barrier Fabric II, add $13.95
FOR 15” DEEP, available in Microfiber only, add $18.95
FOR 18” DEEP, available in Microfiber only, add $24.95
Twin 9” (39” x 75”)
Long Twin 9” (39” x 80”)
#EMLT-B $62.95
Full 9” (54” x 75”)
#EMF-B $69.95
Queen 9” (60” x 80”)
#EMQ-B $85.95
King 9” (78” x 80”)
#EMK-B $95.95
Cal. King 9” (72” x 84”)
#EMCK-B $95.95
MISSION: ALLERGY® Box-Spring Encasings
Twin 9” (39” x 75”)
in 9” depth makes a high quality box spring encasing.
Low Profile box-spring encasings in 6” depth available
for Queen and King only. Made in USA. For economy
box-spring encasings, we have tear-resistant, heavy
gauge vinyl with welded seams. Imported.
Long Twin 9” (39” x 80”)
Full 9” (54” x 75”)
Queen 6” (60” x 80”)
We can manufacture custom sizes to your specifications.
Call for information.
encasing is impractical, we offer easy-placement encasings
constructed like a fitted sheet. Call for information.
Bunkyboard encasings available for bunk beds.
Boxspring encasing also offered in Premium Microfiber
with a lifetime warranty.
Call for information.
Queen 9” (60” x 80”)
King 6” (39” x 80”) set of 2
King 9” (39” x 80”) set of 2
Cal. King 9” (37” x 84”) set of 2
#EBCK-B $129.95
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Comforters, Pillows & More
Our comforters, pillows and mattress pads
are made with the same MISSION: ALLERGY
Premium Microfiber® fabric used in our
best encasings, so they are completely
impermeable to all allergens, yet feel as
soft as silk. They cannot become colonized
with mites, and will thus never contain any
interior mite allergen. Neither will they retain
animal dander allergen.
MISSION: ALLERGY® Premium Microfiber
Allergen-Proof Comforters 100% polyester. Made in USA.
Unlike ordinary blankets or comforters, these
comforters do not need to be washed weekly
to eliminate allergens, but only need to be
washed infrequently, when soiled. They are
a good alternative to encasing an existing pillow
or comforter. If desired, they may be covered
with decorative duvet covers, with only the
decorative cover requiring regular washing.
MISSION: ALLERGY® Premium Microfiber
Allergen-Proof Blanket-Weight Comforter
Oversized. 100% polyester. Made in USA.
(86” X 64”)
(54” X 44”)
(90” X 70”) #DBST
Full/Queen (86” X 86”)
#DSFQ $199.95
#DQFQ $169.95
Full/Queen (90” X 90”)
(86” X 102”)
Long King (96” X 104”)
#DSLK $279.95
$139.95 #DBQT
#DBSFQ $169.95 #DBQFQ $149.95
(90” X 107”) #DBSK
$219.95 #DBQK
These pillows and comforters are available in your choice of two quality fillings: premium Sensuelle® and Quallofil® -each covered with the same luxurious MISSION: ALLERGY Premium Microfiber® fabric.
SENSUELLE® is made from ultra-fine fibers that are as soft and as fine as silk, for a true down-like feeling. Its superior lofting quality
provides the ultimate in comfort, softness and resilience, for a warm, lightweight, and luxurious pillow or comforter.
pillows and comforters offer an economical alternative. The patented fiber structure of the Quallofil® stuffing assures
excellent warmth and softness, while the Premium Microfiber outer cover still protects you from all allergens.
Washable Decorative Comforter Covers & Pillow Shams
To add color to one of our allergen-proof comforters, cover it with one of these lovely
230-thread count Cambric Cotton covers. Only the cover will then need periodic
washing. Easy-on / easy-off zippers
(86” x 64”) #DCT
go one full width and length of the
(86” x 86”) #DCFQ $89.95
comforter or pillow. Available in three
(86” x 102”) #DCK
dual (top/bottom) color combinations:
Dark Grey/Brick Red, Navy/Periwinkle, Long King (96” x 104”) #DCLK $105.95
and Khaki/Ivory.
Standard Sham
#SHMS $29.95
Made in USA.
Queen Sham
#SHMQ $34.95
King Sham
#SHMK $39.95
must be washed
in hot water weekly
for dust mite control,
but are difficult to
remove and replace. We
offer two solutions to this
problem: an Easy On Easy Off
Washable Bedskirt that tucks under
the mattress for easy removal and
washing, and a Microfiber Bedskirt that
completely covers the box spring, but is
constructed from Mission: Allergy barrier
fabric and therefore does not require washing.
Easy Care Bedskirts
Easy On Easy Off Washable Bedskirts
These bedskirts are held in place by an eightinch strip of fabric that is tucked into place.
They are therefore easy to remove, wash and
re-insert. Fourteen inches from seam to bottom.
White or natural. Polyester/cotton blend. Made
in USA.
Twin/Long Twin/Full
Queen/King/Cal King
MISSION: ALLERGY® Premium Microfiber
Allergen-Proof Mattress Pads Constructed like a
fitted sheet. Fits mattresses up to 18” deep. Made in USA.
(12” x 18”)
(39” x 75”)
Standard (20” x 26”)
(54” x 75”)
(20” x 30”)
(60” x 80”)
#MPQ $149.95
(20” x 36”)
(78” x 80”)
Pillows, Comforters & Mattress Pads
MISSION: ALLERGY® Premium Microfiber
Allergen-Proof Pillows 100% polyester. Made in USA.
MISSION: ALLERGY Microfiber® Bedskirts
This traditional-style bedskirt completely covers
the box spring for a secure fit. However, because
it is constructed from our exclusive barrier
fabrics, it cannot be colonized by mites, and
thus does not require frequent washing.
Fourteen inches from seam to bottom. White
only. 100% polyester microfiber. Made in USA.
Twin (39” x 75”)
Full (54” x 75”)
Queen (60” x 80”)
King (78” x 80”)
Cal King (72” x 84”)
#SDCK $99.95
These pillows, comforters and mattress pads are available
exclusively from MISSION:ALLERGY®. Do not confuse them with
other “hypoallergenic” items, even those stuffed with Sensuelle® or
Quallofil®. The term hypoallergenic refers only to the fact that the
interior stuffing does not itself cause allergy_it can still become
colonized with dust mites! Our pillows, comforters and mattress
pads have an allergen-barrier exterior, and thus cannot become
colonized with mites. They therefore do NOT require frequent
hot water washing.
MISSION: ALLERGY® Microfiber Allergen-Proof
Comforter Covers. If you already have a comforter to which
you are attached, one option is to simply place it within a cover
made from our allergen-proof Premium Microfiber fabric.
A decorative comforter cover may then be used on top of the
barrier encasing, with only the decorative cover needing hot
water washing. Our microfiber encasings are imperceptible in
use, and do not give the comforter a stiff feeling. Made in USA.
(86” X 64”) #CCT
Full/Queen (86” X 86”)
(86” X 102”) #CCK
Long King (96” X 107”) #CCLK
See our
Website for
Comforter Clips. Easy-to-use snap-on style.
Keeps comforter secure and neat inside your comforter cover.
(pkg. of 4)
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Washable Blankets & More
Our MISSION: ALLERGY® genuine Polartec®
blankets provide warmth without weight.
Air pockets in the fleece on either side of
an insulating core trap body heat, creating
thermal insulation. These blankets are not
only extremely soft and comfortable, but
they are also able to withstand the
repeated hot water washing and machine
drying necessary to kill dust mites and
remove all allergens. Quick drying and nonpilling. Available in four luxurious Polartec®
fabrics and several fashion colors, tastefully
finished with color coordinated blanketstitch edging.
We now also feature a natural cotton
blanket made of certified organic cotton.
Comfort Velour Blanket
Luxury Soft Blanket
This warm, oversized blanket with a densely woven velour
finish is brushed and napped on both sides. Ideal for those who
want warmth without bulk. Shown in ivory. Available in solid
colors: ivory, beige, taupe and denim. See color chart.
100% polyester. Made in USA.
The luxurious feel of cashmere in an ultra–lightweight yet
ultra–warm blanket. A favorite in all seasons, plush and cozy
for snuggling. Shown in denim. Available in solid colors: ivory,
beige, taupe and denim. See color chart. 100% polyester
microfiber. Made in USA.
Twin (96”x 60”)
Twin (84”x 60”)
Full/Queen (96” x 80”)
Full/Queen (90” x 80”)
King (96”x 100”)
King (96”x 100”)
Simplynatural ™ Tencel Lyocell©
Sheets and Pillow Cases
Made from 300 thread-count Tencel lyocell, a high
strength natural fiber regenerated from eucalyptus trees,
these luxurious sheets have a soft, silky feeling. The unique
combination of softness, strength, breathability and drapability make lyocell the ideal fiber for sheets-- softer, yet
more durable than cotton. You will love them! Set includes
one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases (one
with Twin). Fit mattresses up to 18” deep. Pillowcases are
20” x 30”, except King 20” x 40”. Soft white, striped
pattern. Made in India.
(39” x 76”)
(54” x 76”)
(60” x 80”)
(78” x 80”)
Extra pillowcase:
Standard (20” x 30”)
#PCNS $16.95 ea.
#PCNK $21.95 ea.
(20” x 40”)
“I am always on the lookout for products that will make my life less itchy, sneezy and
wheezy… My Mission: Allergy blanket was snuggly soft. (After washing) it didn’t stretch
or get misshapen, and was as soft as ever. It seems this blanket can withstand the hot
water washings and drying necessary to kill dust mites… I love this blanket!
I can’t imagine a night without it.”
Brooke Sander
MA Report newsletter,
Allergy & Asthma Network / Mothers of Asthmatics*
Organic Cotton Blanket
These blankets have the luxurious texture, look, and feel of
shearling lambswool, yet are machine washable. Choose
heavyweight for winter use, midweight for year ‘round comfort.
Shown in taupe. Midweight in solid colors; Heavyweight is
heather tones. 100% polyester.
Made in USA.
Made of Certified Organic Cotton, these lightweight blankets
are naturally soft, comfortable, and attractive, ideal for summer
use. Pre-shrunk and machine washable. Available in only the
natural beige color of cotton; no dyes whatsoever are added.
100% organic cotton. Made in USA.
Twin (84” x 60”)
Lap (67” x 46”)
Full/Queen (90” x 80”) #BMSFQ $99.95
#BHSFQ $119.95
Twin (90” x 70”)
King (90” x 100”)
Full/Queen (90” x 90”) #BOCFQ
Heavyweight colors
Midweight colors
Oatmeal Heather
King (90” x 110”)
Blue Heather
MISSION: ALLERGY® Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion
Fun for kids, this comfy, round cushion is great for reading, watching TV, or
just lounging. The inner allergen-barrier lining prevents the passage of mite
or dander allergens, and the removable cotton outer cover is easy to wash.
Can also be used as a mite- and flea-proof pet bed. Cushion, allergen-barrier
lining, and outer cover included. Specify periwinkle blue, cream, or plum
washable outer cover. (Additional heavy item shipping charge, $9.95)
Extra washable outer cover:
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Washable Blankets & More
Midweight and Heavyweight Shearling Blankets
Home Cleaning
"I use your Self-Help Guide because I can rely on it to be accurate and
balanced, and to provide quality products to my patients. The information
about allergy is useful and not distorted by a sales pitch, as it is with some
other companies. Your company sells only products that have been shown
to be effective."
Andrew Saxon, MD
Chief, Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy
UCLA School of Medicine*
*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes only; statements do not constitute
an endorsement by the institution. The above physicians do not receive compensation
from Mission: Allergy, Inc.
Nilfisk® Family Vac
Electrolux Oxygen 3 Vacuum Cleaners
Manufactured by the company that produces vacuums for NASA,
pharmaceutical clean rooms, and asbestos abatement projects, the
Nilfisk® Family Vac brings industrial technology to a home
canister vacuum cleaner ideal for the allergic family. Its three-stage
filter system ends with a true HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of
particles as small as 0.3 microns. Powerful 1100-Watt motor
produces unusually high suction power (102” of waterlift) and airflow (85 cubic feet/minute), yet operates at only 59 decibels, much
quieter than most vacuum cleaners. Large, impact-resistant tank
holds 1.3-gallon disposable bags, and features heavy-duty wheels
and an extra long 30’ cord. Comes with 5 bags, crevice cone, dust
brush, floor tool and upholstery nozzle. Two-year warranty.
#VNFAM list price $695 $549.95
Available in upright and canister models, these vacuums are top
rated for low particle emissions by a leading consumer’s
magazine. Both attractive and functional, they feature a powerful
12 amp motor, a sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.5% of
ultra-fine particles as small as 0.3 microns, and dust collection bags
that allow safer emptying. An optimum sensor system ensures peak
efficiency by automatically monitoring the cleaner’s performance and
indicating when bag or filter needs changing. Two-year warranty.
Optional Turbo Nozzle is recommended for low to medium pile
carpeting. Its air-driven rotating brush works off the suction of the
vacuum cleaner to loosen dirt and comb pile. #VNTN
Optional Power Nozzle is recommended for medium to deep pile
carpeting and has an electrically driven brush that works off its own
motor to loosen dirt and comb pile.
Nilfisk® Vac Bags for the Family Vac
The Upright EL5035A has an exclusive electronic height
adjustment that lets you adjust the nozzle to the correct height for
any type of floor, at the touch of a button. Accessories--including
upholstery and dusting brushes and crevice tool--are conveniently
stored behind a touch-release cover in a hidden compartment.
The Ultra Canister EL7020A model includes a full-featured power
nozzle to clean all types of carpets and hard floor surfaces, fingertip controls, dusting brush and crevice tool, and a convenient
automatic cord rewind function.
#VNFAMB $16.95 for 5
HEPA Filter Replacement Cartridge for Family Vac
(replace every 5 years)
3M™ Filtrete™ Vacuum Filter Bags
In a university study, these triple layer bags ranked
highest in air-flow and allergen containment. They
trap over 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, yet
last two to three times longer than regular bags.
$10.95 for 4 bags
Call (or see our website) for model availability.
Vacuum Bags for Oxygen 3 Upright capture ultra-fine particles,
$9.95 for 4,
plus a motor filter.
+1 motor filter
S-bag Clinic Bags for Oxygen 3 Canisters, with high-tech 3-layer
filtration system.
$9.95 for 4
HEPA H12 Filter fits Oxygen 3 canisters and uprights, retains
99.5% of dust and other particles.
Vacuum Belt for Oxygen 3 Upright
$12.95 for 2
Vacuum Belt for Oxygen 3 Canister
$ 6.99 for 2
Wipe dust off of hard surfaces without it becoming airborne. The
microfiber construction of the cloth contains millions of wedge-shaped
sections that catch and retain dust particles, without the need for
cleaning sprays or chemical treatment of the cloth. Simply wash the cloth
to remove dust and reuse. Package includes one general purpose
cleaning cloth suitable for use on all surfaces, and one fine-nap cloth for
cleaning electronic equipment, screens and lenses. 100% polyester
microfiber. 16” x 16”; 12” x 12”. Imported.
Package of two cloths
#DC $13.95
The microfiber construction
of the cloth contains
millions of wedge-shaped
sections that catch and
retain dust particles.
Capture® Carpet Cleaner
Rapid Test for Dust Mite Allergen
Multiplex Test
for Indoor
Obtain precise
measurements of
the levels of eight indoor
allergens in your bed or carpet dust.
Kit contains an easy to use DUSTREAMTM
dust-collection device, and a postpaid mailer
to send the sample to Indoor Biotechnologies,
Inc., the premier lab for analysis of indoor
allergen levels. You will receive a written
report with the levels of 3 dust mite allergens,
plus dog, cat, cockroach, mouse and rat
allergen levels—with explanations of levels
capable of causing allergy symptoms—for a
complete allergen analysis of your home.
#MT $159.95
See information and pricing at top of page.
Made from super-soft microfiber fabric
with over 220,000 fibers per square inch,
they fit over your hands like a mitten. Use
one on each hand for double-fast cleaning!
Retain dust without chemicals or sprays. Just
wash to re-use repeatedly. Made in USA.
Sold in packs of two or four.
#DCM2 $10.95
Package of 2
Package of 4
#DCM4 $19.95
Dust Mask
3MTM mask
prevents the
inhalation of
small allergen particles.
Lightweight and comfortable, the rubber
face seal, adjustable nose clip and two
adjustable straps assure a correct fit, so that
allergen cannot leak in around the edges of
the mask. One-way exhalation valve
prevents buildup of moisture. (Not for use
#DM $9.95
with gases or vapors.)
Eye Goggles
Protect your eyes from allergens and other
small particles. Soft foam gives a tight but
comfortable fit. Anti-fog lens. Lightweight.
Made by Uvex®.
#EG $18.95
Dust Mask
facemask blocks
95% of allergen
particles as small
as 0.3microns.
Ultra-lightweight for superior comfort, it has
an adjustable nose clip, two elastic straps,
and a one-way exhalation valve to prevent
moisture buildup. Discard after 5 days of
use. (Not for use with gases or vapors.)
#DMAZ $9.95, set of 3
Remove water and prevent mold growth in
the shower, with a squeegee that is nice to
look at. These are so attractive that they are
in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Design
Collection, and have been called “functional
art” by The New York Times.
Contemporary Aqua
Classic White-chrome trim #QECH $19.95
Classic White-brass trim
#QEBR $19.95
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Home Cleaning
Allows you to measure the amount of dust
mite allergen in your home. Dust mites are
invisible, but this easy test will tell you in ten
minutes whether there is a low, medium or
high level of mite allergen in samples of
carpet or bedding dust, allowing you to take
corrective action. Kit contains everything
needed to perform 2 tests: contact-free dust
collector system, testing solution, 2 test
cassettes with built-in color charts, and
complete, easy to follow instructions. This
kit uses test reagents developed at the
University of Virginia, and is the most
accurate allergen test kit available for
home use.
#RT $29.95
This dry treatment has been shown to
remove significant amounts of dust mite
allergen from carpets. Capture® cleans without water, unlike wet carpet cleaners, which
leave a damp residue that actually promotes
dust mite growth. When rubbed into the
carpet, these porous, microscopic particles
work like tiny sponges, absorbing dirt, dust
and allergen, which are then vacuumed with
the Capture® particles from the carpet. Kit
includes 24oz. Soil Release Pre-Mist, 4lb. pail
of Capture® Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner, and
cleaning brush.
#CCC $29.95
Air Control
“I always recommend Mission: Allergy products to my patients. Their educational
material is second to none, and helps my patients to better understand allergy and
reduce allergen exposure, and their mite-barrier encasings and other products are
of the highest quality.”
James P. Rosen, MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
University of Connecticut School of Medicine*
*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes only; statements do not constitute
an endorsement by the institution. The above physicians do not receive compensation
from Mission: Allergy, Inc.
Delonghi® Model DE-400P
Removes up to 40 pints of water per day from the air, to lower mite
and mold growth. It also features a built-in pump that if desired
immediately removes water from the collection tank. The water is
pumped through the supplied 16-foot hose up to a height of 15 feet,
allowing continuous action by the dehumidifier. Other dehumidifiers
can remove a maximum of 25 pints per day, but will shut themselves
off once the tank is full, so that unless you can frequently empty the
water collection tank, they will not remove humidity up to their listed
capacity. With the model DE400P, the automatic draining action of the
pump allows the unit to function continuously, actually removing up to 40
pints of water from the air daily. Lateral intake and outflow grilles allow the unit
to be placed directly against a wall, if desired. Quiet operation. Fully portable with
Easy-Roll casters and convenient hand grip. Energy Star rated—meets strict energy
efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy. Adjustable electronic humidistat with easy to read LCD digital display and easy to use electronic
controls. For rooms up to 2,200 sq.ft. 15.5”W x 14.5”D x 23”H; 48 lbs.
Combine attractive
appearance with high
performance. Their
contemporary design, with
no unsightly parts visible
from any side, and their
low noise levels, due to
extra insulation, make
them appropriate for use in
the living area of the home,
rather than just in basements.
Rounded corners, with no
sharp edges, make them safe
for homes with children. Water
removed from the air goes into
a fully enclosed tank. Works at
temperatures between 44˚ and
90˚, for use in basements or
living areas, during both summer
and fall, when dust mites and
mold peak. Features variable
dryness control, automatic
shutoff, top-mounted controls,
and non-marring rubber wheels.
One-year warranty.
(Additional heavy item shipping charge, $9.95)
Air Dryr® Space Dryers
Damp Check Moisture Absorber
Eliminate mold growth in closets and other
small spaces up to 10x10x10 feet. Works by a
silent convection method, and is not hot to
the touch. Damp air is drawn in through the
base of the unit, and dry, heated air is released
through the top perforations. The Air Dryr®
has been shown to render mold spores
non-viable. Electrical cost is equivalent to that
of a light bulb.
13.5”W x 4.5”H; 3.5lbs.
#DAD $62.95
Absorbs moisture from the air without
electricity. The concentrated pellets in the
dome attract water vapor, which collects in
the bottom container for easy removal. The
pellets attract more moisture and last longer
than the flakes in competitive products. Ideal
for closets, boats, campers and all areas up to
1000 cubic feet.
Moisture Absorber Refills-pack of 4
#DDCRF $4.99
BreathXchange® Air Warming Mask
Keep your lungs safe from the cold with the BreathXchange®
respiratory heat exchange mask. These high quality masks use QXtec thermal conversion technology to retain your nasal
and bronchial heat in cold temperatures. When you exhale, the module captures the heat and moisture in your breath;
when you inhale, the module adds the warmth and moisture back into the inspired fresh air. No batteries or
electronics are used. Your air passages will stay warm even when you’re facing the cold—important for those
with sensitive airways.
The Half Mask (pictured) covers the nose and mouth, and is ideal for most Small-Medium
cold weather activities. Available in black in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.
The Full Mask is a Balaclava that covers the head as well as the nose and mouth, making it ideal for prolonged outdoor
exposures or very low temperatures. Black; one size fits most.
The Face Shield is a lighter weight model, ideal for fast paced fall or winter activities such as walking, jogging, soccer,
football or field hockey. Black; one size fits most.
Slant Fin® Humidifiers
Slant Fin® Model #GF200
Dual germicidal features (UV light and boiling).
2 gallon capacity for one day running time.
14”L x 7”W x 11”H; 6.2lbs. #HSF200 $119.95
AllergyZoneTM Central Heating
and Air-Conditioning Filters
Clean the air passing through your central
air system. Current residential air filters
range from MERV 1 to MERV 12 on the
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating,
Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
scale. The AllergyZone ™ XL1500 Ultra filters
are MERV 12—the highest of any pleated filter
available for home use—yet have high airflow
and high particle retention capacity. The filter
media will not absorb water, and will therefore not support bacterial or mold growth.
Replace every three months. Available sizes:
14”x25”; 16”x20”; 16”x25”; 20”x20”;
#AL (specify dimensions)
1-pack (three-month supply)
2-pack (six-month supply)
4-pack (twelve-month supply)
3MTM FiltreteTM
Vent Filter
Slant Fin® Model #GF350
Same germicidal features as GF200, but with
3.5 gallon capacity for two day running time.
14”L x 13”W x 14”H; 9.6lbs. #HSF350 $159.95
dander, pollen, and smoke
particulates 20 times more
effectively than ordinary
air-conditioner filters. The
electrostatically charged fibers trap allergen
particles as small as 3 microns, while allowing
the free flow of air. Lasts approximately two
months. Measures 14” x 24”; simply cut to
size with scissors for easy installation.
May also be used as a heating vent filter.
#ACF $7.95
Extech® Temperature/
Humidity Gauge
Monitors indoor humidity for dust mite and
mold control. Large, easy to read displays
show percent relative humidity, temperature
and time. Memory with reset function stores
minimum and maximum measurements
for humidity and temperature. Gauge is
approximately 3”x 4”, and comes with
built-in stand, bracket for optional wall
mounting, and AAA battery. #GE $28.95
Window Screen Pollen Filter
Fits between window and windowsill to
allow the entry of fresh air into the home,
while trapping 96% of pollen. Designed for
double hung windows (see photo). The sturdy,
rustproof aluminum frame holds a replaceable filter cartridge. Also keeps out insects,
rain and wind, while minimizing noise.
Seven-inch high model adjusts from 20” to
36” wide; eleven-inch high model adjusts
from 25” to 44” wide.
Seven inch high screen
Replacement filter (7 in.) #WSRF7
Eleven inch high screen #WS11
Replacement filter (11 in.) #WSRF11
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Air Control
Add moisture to the air without the risk of
mold and microorganisms. Care must be
taken with any humidifier to not overhumidify the air. But other humidifiers can
actually allow mold and bacteria to grow in
them, and then spray those organisms into
the air. Slant/Fin humidifiers are unique in
having a dual germicidal process using both
ultra-violet light and boiling, to create a mist
99.999% free of mold, mold spores and
bacteria. Units feature a stainless steel hot
water reservoir and variable humidity
control. Three-year warranty.
Air Cleaners
“I have purchased several products, including air purifiers, from Mission: Allergy.
I have found the staff to be extremely informative, courteous, and patient,
and the products and steps they have advised have helped to reduce my
symptoms considerably.”
N.W. Somerville, MA
Blueair® 501 HEPA
Air Cleaner
Clean Air Delivery Rate:
377 cubic feet per minute
for dust
388 cubic feet per minute
for smoke
378 cubic feet per minute
for pollen
The Blueair® 501 is the
ultimate consumer air cleaner,
rated #1 in its category by the
Association of Home Appliance
Manufacturers (see www.cadr.org).
The Blueair® 501 has the highest
CADR of all units tested, cleaning twice the
amount of air per minute as the average air cleaner. No other air
cleaner delivers as much clean air. To minimize drafts, the Blueair®
501 disperses clean air on three sides through an area six times
larger than the average air cleaner. Also an energy-saver, the 501
uses the energy of a 15W bulb on the lowest speed and a 70W bulb
on the highest speed. This means that the Blueair® 501 will cost
$600 less to operate over five years* and will still clean more air
than any other air-cleaner.
Produced in Sweden by Blueair®, Europe’s leading manufacturer of
air-cleaners, the 501’s elegant contemporary design
has received several European design awards, including the
prestigious “Excellent Swedish Design” award. The Blueair® 501
is also featured in the permanent collection of the National
Museum of Stockholm.
The Blueair® 501 is constructed almost entirely of galvanized steel,
the material used in high-quality telecom equipment. The fan is
made by EBM, the largest fan and blower company in the world
and supplier to many major manufacturers of medical equipment.
The 501 can operate at an unbelievably quiet 30
decibels. This unit is extremely well built and carries a ten year
limited warranty. With four speeds, the 501 is capable of
cleaning the air in a 24’ x 24’ (580 square foot) room.
Contains three HEPA filters. 19.7”W x 13.4”D x 25.6”H; 35 lbs.
Limited ten-year warranty.
(Additional heavy item shipping charge, $9.95)
Replacement filters, set of three #ABL501RF
Smoke-Stop filters, set of three #ABL501RFS
$79.95 set of 3
$149.95 set of 3
*Comparison based on using 70W vs. 200W at $.012 KWh for 720 hours
for 60 months.
Also available:
Blueair® 601 (rooms to 680 square feet)
Blueair® 402 (rooms to 360 square feet)
Blueair® 201 (rooms to 200 square feet)
Whirlpool® AP510
HEPA Air Cleaner
Clean Air Delivery Rate:
330 cubic feet per minute
for dust
330 cubic feet per minute
for smoke
288 cubic feet per minute
for pollen
The new whirlpool AP510-30L is an
exceptional value in mid priced air cleaners, with a top
Clean Air Delivery Rate previously available only in the most
expensive units. It effectively purifies air in rooms as large as
22’x23’ (approx. 510 square feet). It is also uniquely quiet for its
price class: 40 decibels at low speed and 45 at high speed (check
www.whispure.com to hear sound level comparisons). Easy-to-use
electronic controls include 4 speeds, lock to prevent accidental
changing of settings, sleep mode to automatically adjust speed for
eight hours, and filter-change indicator. Attractive design with built in
handle compliments any décor, and is easily moved from room to
room. 20”W x 10”D x 24”H; 21 lbs.
Five year warranty.
Replacement HEPA filter, one
Replacement carbon pre-filter, four
Blueair® ECO10
Clean Air Delivery Rate:
195 cubic feet per minute
for dust
190 cubic feet per minute
for smoke
200 cubic feet per minute
for pollen
The new Blueair® ECO10 uses
up to 95% less energy than
other air cleaners in its class,
for energy savings up to $190
per year. With an ultra-efficient
fan motor, two speeds, effective
pre-filters, and a main filter unit
that can be vacuumed to
prolong service life, the Blueair ®
ECO10 costs far less to run than other brands. Like its siblings, it
has patented HEPA SilentTM technology and whisper-silent operation.
The Blueair® ECO10 is capable of cleaning a room approximately
15' x 20' (298 square foot room.) Contains three HEPA filters. See
our website for more information.
Lifetime warranty.
(Additional heavy item shipping charge, $9.95)
“Mission: Allergy literature contains very useful, informative and factual
information that I use when I discuss avoidance measures with my patients
who suffer from respiratory allergies, and also provides an excellent
resource for reliable products that are appropriate for allergic patients."
Richard R. Rosenthal, M.D.
Chief: Allergy Section
INOVA Fairfax Hospital*
*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes only; statements do not constitute
an endorsement by the institution. The above physicians do not receive compensation
from Mission: Allergy, Inc.
How to Choose an Air Cleaner
What HEPA means and doesn’t mean.
The filter is one of the key components of an air cleaner. Filter types are defined
by the size and number of microscopic particles that they remove from the air
passing through them. Microscopic particles are measured in microns. The
period at the end of this sentence is approximately 400 microns in size. Pollen
grains are 30 microns, dust mite waste particles are about 20 microns, and cat
allergen particles vary from about 1 to 20 microns in size.
Clinically proven better sleep for allergy
sufferers. The PureNight® Pure Air System takes a
different approach from that of other air cleaners.
Rather than attempting to remove most of the particles
from an entire room, it removes essentially all of the
particles from the air you breathe at night. Using
“laminar flow” technology, the PureNight® bathes you
in an envelope of 99% pure allergen-free air. Although
there is no practical way to eliminate all of your
allergen exposure over the 24-hour day, you can
eliminate allergen exposure during the third of your
life that you spend in bed.
The system consists of a 6 1/2 inch tall HEPA filtration
unit that slides inconspicuously beneath your bed and
is connected by a vertical column to a horizontal
Laminar Arm that extends over the head of the bed.
Purified air from that arm flows in a “laminar”
(non-turbulent) pattern over the head of the sleeper. In
the morning, you can remove the laminar arm, attach
the supplied daytime cap, and turn the unit into an
all-day room air purifier.
The PureNight® assembles easily without tools, thanks
to precise interlock connections. Use the quiet low
speed during sleep, and the high speed for daytime
operation. The HEPA filter should be changed once a
year, the prefilter every 3 months. The PureNight is
unique…in design and effectiveness.
Limited 5 year warranty.
#APN $499.95 Special Introductory price $449.99
(Additional heavy item shipping charge, $9.95)
Replacement filters (one HEPA, four pre-filters)
What CADR means.
The Clean Air Delivery Rate is a measure of the amount of particle-free air being
delivered into the room. It is the best measure of the true cleaning capacity of
the air cleaner, since it reflects both the effectiveness of the filter and the amount
of air going through the filter. The higher the clean air delivery rate, the larger
the size room that can be effectively cleaned of airborne particles. Clean air
delivery rates are measured using procedures standardized by the Association of
Home Appliance Manufactures (AHAM). This allows the capacities of various
air cleaners to be compared. Please note that most air cleaners have more than
one fan speed, and that the advertised clean air delivery rate applies to the
highest speed.
How to choose the right size unit.
Air cleaners are usually advertised with the room size for which they are
recommended. Keep in mind however, that this recommendation is based on
the unit’s ability to provide five or six air changes per hour in a room of that size.
That rate is sufficient to decrease particle levels in the room by about 70%. A
larger unit in the same size room can produce eight or more air changes per
hour, decreasing levels by 90% or more. This is the correct target in medical
situations. Remember also that these figures are based on using the machine at
its highest speed. This is also the noisiest speed. For less disturbance (and longer
motor life) you may want to run the unit at less than its maximum blower speed,
especially when you are in the room.
What is a laminar flow air system?
This alternative approach works by creating a small zone of totally particlefree air, for example around the head of a bed or around a working desk area.
A typical room air cleaner is constantly mixing purified air with the room air,
creating turbulent flow. A laminar flow system produces layered, nonturbulent air flow limited to a small area. This option may be considered as
a supplement to, or in place of, a whole room air cleaner.
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Air Cleaners
PureNight® Pure Air System
A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter removes 99.97% of all particles as
small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through it. But note that these
percentages refer to the air that passes through the filter, not necessarily to all of
the air in the room. Many advertisements give the misleading impression that
any HEPA filter will clean the air in a room of more than 99% of its particles. The
reality is that the amount of cleaning of the air in the room depends not just on
the filter, but on the amount of air moving through the filter. This is expressed as
the “clean air delivery rate”, or CADR. Both the EPA and the American Lung
Association recognize CADR as the appropriate test of air cleaner effectiveness.
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Mission: Allergy
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Allergy-Free Bedroom
Window Shades
Humidity Gauge
Air Cleaner
Patient’s Name: ______________________________________________________
■ Wipe smooth furniture weekly with a dust trapping cloth.
■ Wash sheets and pillow cases in hot water every 1-2 weeks.
Date: ___________________
■ Wash blankets in hot water every 1-2 weeks, or use an allergen-barrier comforter or blanket.
■ Encase pillows in allergen-proof covers , or replace with allergen-barrier pillow.
■ Encase mattress and boxspring in allergen-proof covers.
■ Remove bedroom carpet.
(pages 13, 14, 15)
(pages 11, 12)
(page 11)
■ Remove upholstered furniture, stuffed toys and throw pillows. Keep clothing in a closet with the door closed.
■ Remove curtains, using window shades or blinds instead.
■ Dehumidify to under 50% by using an air conditioner, possibly supplemented with a dehumidifier.
9 10
(pages 18,19)
■ Use a dust mask during allergen exposure. (page 17)
■ Use allergen containment vacuum or vacuum bag. (page 16)
■ Remove the pet from the home.
■ Remove the pet from the bedroom, and bathe it twice weekly.
■ Use a HEPA air cleaner
(page 20)
____________________________________________________________, MD
Toll Free: 1-877-NOALLER(GY) 1-877-662-5537
Mission: Allergy
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