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All you need to know to get going.
Thanks for choosing Sprint. This booklet introduces you to the basics
of getting started with Sprint and your MOTOROLA PHOTON™ Q 4G LTE.
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new phone, take advantage of exclusive Ready Now resources
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Note: Available applications and services are subject to change at any time.
Using This Guide
Get Ready − page 1 − Find out
what you need to do before you use
your phone the first time, including
inserting a battery and activating Sprint
service on your phone.
Use Your Phone − page 10 − Take
advantage of your phone’s features
and Sprint services, from the basics
(making calls) to the more advanced
(using Facebook, Navigation, and more).
Android™ Basics − page 4 − Learn
some basics about how to move
around on your phone, use the home
screen, and enter text. If you’re familiar
with Android phones, you can probably
skip these pages (although a refresher
course never hurt anyone).
Tools & Resources − page 35 −
Find useful tips for your phone and
discover resources and other helpful
Sprint information. For additional
information including the full User
Guide, videos, tutorials, and community
forums, visit
Using This Guide
This Get Started guide is designed to help you set up and use your new
MOTOROLA PHOTON Q 4G LTE. It’s divided into four sections to help you find
the information you need quickly and easily.
Power Key
Press = sleep
Hold = power
Micro USB
Micro HDMI
Before you start: Visit to
learn about transferring contacts, calendars,
and more from your old phone.
Charge the Battery
1. Insert the small end of the USB cord into
the charger/accessory jack on the left side
of your phone.
2. Insert the larger end of the USB cord into the
AC adapter.
3. Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet and
charge for at least three hours.
Turn the Phone On
►► Press and hold the
Power/Screen Lock
button to turn your
phone on.
Screen Lock
Turn the Screen On and Off
•To quickly turn the display screen off, press the
Power/Screen Lock button on top of the phone.
•To turn the screen on and display the unlock
screen, press the Power/Screen Lock button.
Unlock the Screen
►► Touch (
) and drag it to the right to unlock the
Turn the Phone Off
•Press and hold the power button on top of the
phone and then touch Power off > OK to turn
the phone off.
visit for more information to get your phone up and running
Get Ready
Get Your Phone Ready
Activate Your Phone
Activate Your Phone
If you purchased your phone at a
Sprint Store, it is probably activated
and ready to use.
If you received your phone in the mail,
and it is a new Sprint account or a new
phone number, your phone is designed
to activate automatically when you first
turn it on. To confirm your activation,
make a phone call.
If you received your phone in the mail
and it is going to be activated on an
existing number (you’re swapping
phones), go to and
follow the instructions. When you have
finished, make a phone call to confirm
your activation.
If your phone is still not activated or you do not
have access to the Internet, contact Sprint
Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 for
Setup Application
Complete the Setup Application
*You do not need to sign up for a Google
Account to use your phone; however, to access
music, movies, books, Android apps and much
more on Google Play™, you must link your
phone to a Google Account.
Get Ready
The setup application helps you set up various
options and applications, including setting up
your Google™ Account.*
After activation and any required updates, your
phone should power off and then back on again.
After the restart, you’ll see a Welcome screen. You
can then complete the Setup steps.
1. After restart, touch Start to begin.
•Got Google? – Create or sign in to your
Google Account.
•Backup and restore – Choose whether or not
to back up data with your Google Account.
2. Touch Done when you have finished.
visit for more information to get your phone up and running
Android™ Basics: Getting Around Your Phone
Move Around Your Phone’s Menus
and Screens Using Gestures
Your phone’s touchscreen lets you control
everything through various types of touches, or
Touch: When you want to press onscreen
buttons, select items such as application and
settings icons, or type, simply touch the screen
with your finger. A light touch works best.
Touch and hold: To open the available options for
an item (for example, options for a contact),
simply touch and hold the item.
Drag: To scroll through a list or move slowly, drag
across the touchscreen horizontally or vertically.
For example, touch People and then drag the list
up or down.
Flick: To scroll quickly through a list, flick across
the touchscreen (drag quickly and release). When
you’re flicking through a long list, touch the
screen to stop scrolling.
Tip: When you drag or flick a list, a scroll bar may
appear. Drag the scroll bar to move quickly to a
specific letter (A-Z).
Zoom: “Pinch” the screen using your thumb and
forefinger to zoom out or zoom in when viewing a
picture or a Web page. (Move fingers inward to
zoom out and outward to zoom in.) You can also
double-touch the screen to zoom in and then
double-touch again to zoom out.
Home Screen
Notifications Panel
When you see a notification icon on the left side
of the status bar, flick the status bar down to
display the notifications panel. Touch a
notification to open the related application, such
as messaging, call list, or event.
to display your Home screen.
Note: Your Home screen is at the far left and you
can only go right from the Home screen.
Status Bar
Drag status bar down for details.
Touch one to expand or collapse.
Take appropriate actions.
Touch and hold for app info.
Flick left or right to dismiss.
To close the panel, drag the bottom
bar up.
Add and customize Widgets.
Flick left to access Quick Settings.
Flick right to open or create
more pages.
Touch to open.
8:00 AM
1 new message
Active Smart Actions
Favorites Tray
Touch Apps
to see all
your apps & widgets.
Back , Home
Recent Apps
Abe Baudo
Status & notification icons.
Clear all notifications.
December 21, 2012
8:00 AM
Flick to clear.
Notification details.
Drag down to open.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Android Basics
Your Home Screen
Your Home Screen
Add Pages to the Home Screen
To create more pages for additional shortcuts and
widgets, flick left in the Home screen until you see
the Add a page screen and then select Blank
page or Start with a template.
•To display the main Home screen, touch
from any screen.
•To rearrange or remove pages, touch Manage
pages at the bottom of the Add a page screen.
Add Items to Your Home Screen
•Widget: Touch , touch the WIDGETS tab at
the top, and then touch and hold a widget (or
flick left to see more widgets).
•Shortcut: Touch , touch the APPS tab and
touch and hold an app and then drag it to the
spot on one of the Home screens.
•Wallpaper: Touch and hold a blank spot on
the Home screen. Select a wallpaper source
from Gallery, ID wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, or
other Wallpapers.
Note: Touching
from the main Home screen
brings up a thumbnail view of all home screens.
Touch a thumbnail to display a screen.
Buttons and Keys
Open Applications
On the bottom of the touchscreen, you’ll find a
row of three static keys that let you perform
specific functions.
Home Key
•Back Key (
) – Touch to return to the
previous screen view.
•If an application is on one of your pages, just
touch it to open it.
Android Basics
Buttons and Keys
•If an application is not available from your
(if you’re not already
Home screen, touch
on the Home screen), touch
to display the
applications list, and then touch the application
from the alphabetical list. You may have to
drag left or right to find the application you’re
looking for.
•Home Key (
) – Touch to return to the main
Home screen.
•Recent Apps Key (
) – Touch to view
recently viewed apps.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Touchscreen Keyboards
Your phone lets you choose between two onscreen
keyboards: Android keyboard and Swype.
Note: You can also type on your phone’s physical
QWERTY keyboard.
Language and Keyboard Settings
You can change your text entry options through the
Language & input settings menu. These may
include selecting touchscreen keyboard options
(Android keyboard or Swype), Language, Spell
checker, and Personal dictionary.
►► Touch
> Settings > Language & input
and then touch an option.
•To select a keyboard type, select Android keyboard
•To change Swype settings, touch
next to
•To change the language for your keyboard,
touch Input languages.
•To edit your word suggestion dictionary for the
Android keyboard, touch Personal dictionary.
•To change your Android keyboard settings,
next to Android keyboard.
Android Keyboard
Use the Android keyboard to enter text one letter
at a time.
Text Area
Touch to open
Voice Key
Touch for numbers & symbols.
Typing: Swype Keyboard
Swype™ lets you enter a word with one
continuous motion. To enter a word, just drag
your finger over the letters.
•To enter the small number or symbol at the
top of a key, touch and hold the key.
•To enter several symbols, touch
•To enter apostrophes in common words
(like “I’ll”), drag through the apostrophe key.
•To correct a word, double-tap it. Swype
shows a small menu of other word options.
Swype might also show a menu if it can’t
guess your word.
•If Swype doesn’t know a word, touch individual
letters to enter it. Swype remembers, so next
time you can just drag over the letters.
q w e r
aa s d
z x c
y u
g h
o p
Android Basics
Swype keyboard
To enter a word, just
trace a path through
the letters.
To capitalize, go above
the keypad.
For double letters,
circle the letter.
v b n
n m
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone: Voicemail
Set Up Your Voicemail
Retrieve Your Voicemail
All unanswered calls are automatically transferred
to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or
turned off. You should set up your voicemail and
personal greeting as soon as your phone is
►► Touch
1. Touch
to display the phone dialpad,
and then touch and hold 1 .
2. Follow the voice prompts to create your
password and record your name and greeting.
Sprint strongly recommends setting a voicemail
password. Without a password, anyone who has
access to your phone can access your
and then touch and hold
From any other phone:
1. Dial your wireless phone number.
2. When your voicemail answers, press
Visual Voicemail
You can also use your phone’s Visual Voicemail
application, which lets you see and choose which
messages you want to listen to.
►► Touch
> Voicemail.
Make Phone Calls
1. Touch
to display the phone dialpad.
2. Touch the digits of the number you want to call
on the dialpad. Touch
to delete one or
more digits.
3. As you enter digits, any matches with numbers
already in People will appear. Touch an entry to
call the matching number or continue entering
the rest of the phone number.
4. Touch
to place the call.
Recent Calls List
Touch an entry to call.
Select phone numbers
from your People list.
Open options, like Settings.
Search Results
Delete digits you entered.
Enter a phone number
& touch here to call it.
Voice Commands
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Make a Phone Call
Answer Calls
Answer an Incoming Call
In-Call Options
to the right to answer the call.
Call Timer
Note: While on a call and holding the phone near
your face to speak, the touchscreen automatically
deactivates to avoid accidental screen presses.
When you move the phone away from your face,
the touchscreen automatically reactivates.
Hang Up
Add call
Conference Call
Your phone’s People application lets you access and manage contacts from a variety of
sources, including Gmail, Exchange, and old-fashioned contacts entered by hand.
View Contacts
297 contacts
Set up my profile
Create & view groups
of contacts.
Abe Baudo
Allie Smyth
Touch to view contact
information, call, send a
text message, & more.
Use Your Phone
1. Touch
> People.
2. Scroll through the list to view your contacts.
Tip: Touch a letter on the right side to move
directly to contacts beginning with that letter.
Anna Medina
Astrid Fanning
Avery Durning
Barry Smyth
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Touch a letter to jump to
contact names that start
with that letter.
Search your People.
Switch to dialer.
Add a contact.
Open settings, accounts,
or share.
Add a New Contact
Edit Contacts
1. Touch
> People > .
2. Add as much or as little information as you want.
•To add information in a field, touch the field to
display the touchscreen keyboard.
1. Touch
> People.
2. Touch a contact to open it, and then touch
> Edit.
•Touch a field to add or edit information.
•To assign a number or address type (such as
HOME, MOBILE, WORK, etc.), touch the label
next to the Phone or Address field.
3. Touch SAVE when you’re finished.
Note: To delete a contact, touch > Delete >
•To assign a picture, touch the icon next to the
name, and choose either Take photo or Select
existing photo.
Sync Contacts
3. Touch SAVE when you’re finished.
Note: If you have contacts associated with your
Gmail account, they are automatically synced
with your phone.
When you change one of your contacts on your
phone, your phone automatically updates your
Gmail account.
Send a Message
Read and Reply to Messages
1. Touch
> Text Messaging > .
2. Enter a phone number or email address, or
search for and select a contact.
►► Touch
•To insert pictures or other files, touch
then select a file.
4. When you are finished, touch Send.
Note: For information on taking pictures and
recording videos with your phone, see
“Camera & Camcorder” on page 23.
Text and MMS Options
You have the option of changing your text and
MMS settings such as notifications, signatures,
message limits, and many more.
►► Touch
> Settings.
> Text Messaging
•To reply to a text, open it and enter your reply
in the text box at the bottom.
•To forward a text message, touch and hold
the message to bring up an options menu,
, and select or enter a recipient.
Be a hero. Don’t drive distracted.
> Text Messaging >
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
3. Type your message.
•To open a message, touch it. Touching a text
message opens the message and all its
Email Setup
You can link multiple email accounts to your MOTOROLA PHOTON Q 4G LTE, including
Exchange server accounts. You can set up email accounts through the setup application or
directly through the settings menu or email application.
Set Up a Gmail™ Account
You likely signed into your Gmail account when
you first turned your phone on. If not, you can
add it or another account at any time.
1. Touch
> Settings > Add account.
2. Touch Google.
3. Follow the instructions to set up or sign in to a
Gmail account.
Note: Although you need a Gmail account to
use certain features and services such as
Google Play™, you do not have to use Gmail
as the default account for your phone.
Note: When setting up a new Google Account,
you will be prompted to add a secondary email
address. Enter a second Gmail address or any
other email address from which you currently
send and receive email. This address is used to
authenticate your account should you ever
encounter problems or forget your password. It is
strongly encouraged for Android users so you
can regain access to Google services and
purchases on your phone.
Email Setup
Set Up an Email Account
Set Up a Microsoft Exchange Account
1. Touch
> Settings > Add account.
2. Touch Email.
3. Follow the instructions to sign in to your email
•If you’re adding an account from a common
email provider, such as Windows Live Hotmail
or Yahoo Mail, enter your email address and
password and touch Next. Your email should
be set up automatically.
Use the Corporate option to set up Exchange
server work email accounts. Contact your IT
administrator for account sign-in requirements.
1. Touch
> Settings > Add account.
2. Touch Corporate.
3. Enter the Exchange server account details and
then touch Next.
•Contact your Exchange Server administrator
for required sign-in information.
4. Select the type of information you want to
synchronize and touch Finish setup.
Note: You can remove accounts by touching
> Settings. Choose the account you want to
remove and touch > Remove account.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
•If you’re adding an account from a less
common provider, or if you have additional
settings to configure, tap Manual setup.
Follow the instructions to provide the required
Using Email
Access Email Messages
Send an Email Message
1. Touch
1. Touch
2. From the inbox, touch the message you want
to view.
2. Touch
3. Enter an email address
or contact name.
4. Enter a subject and
a message.
•To add attachments,
or >
Attach picture or
Attach video,
and select an
> Email or Gmail.
•If necessary, touch the email account you
want to use.
> Email or Gmail.
•If necessary, touch the email account you
want to use.
5. Touch Send or
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
When you’re in range of an available Wi-Fi
network you can use your phone’s Wi-Fi feature
to access the Internet and other data services.
1. Touch
Tip: To toggle Wi-Fi on and off easily, you can
place a widget on one of your Home screens.
and touch the WIDGETS tab.
Touch and hold Power control and drag it to
the screen you want.
> Settings.
Use Your Phone
2. Touch Wi-Fi ON/OFF icon to ON to turn
Wi-Fi on.
3. Touch Wi-Fi to display a list of available
4. Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect. If necessary,
enter the security key and touch Connect.
•When you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network,
you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon ( ) in the status bar.
Note: When you’re not using Wi-Fi, turn Wi-Fi off
on the Wireless & networks settings page to
extend battery life.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Find sports scores, news, and weather. Shop online. Tabbed browsing lets you browse
the Web just the way you want to.
Go Online
►► Touch
> Chrome.
•To go to a specific website, touch the
address bar and enter the Web address.
•To access and manage bookmarks, touch
> Bookmarks in the browser options
menu or
next to the address bar and
Google Play™
Google Play is a digital content experience from Google where you can find and enjoy your
favorite music, movies, books, Android apps and games and much more from your Android
phone or on the web, and all your content is instantly available across your devices.
1. Touch
> Play Store.
2. The first time you visit the Google Play Store
app, touch Accept to accept the Terms of
3. To find what you want quickly:
•Browse through featured apps and games.
Scroll through the options or browse by
categories within Apps, Games, Music,
Books, Magazines, and Movies & TV.
5. Touch Download (for free applications) or the
price button (for paid applications).
Note: You must have a Google (Gmail™) Account
set up on your phone to purchase and download
applications from Google Play.
Opening Installed Applications and
►► Touch
> . Locate the downloaded item
and touch it to launch. You can also launch
from Play Store > > My Apps.
•Search for an app or game. Touch
on the
Google Play home screen, enter the name or
keyword, and then touch
on the keyboard.
4. Touch an app or game to read a description
and user reviews.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Download Applications and Games
Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter
Use your favorite social networking tools straight from your phone.
Set Up Social Networking Accounts
1. Touch
> Play Store.
2. Search for Facebook and follow the instructions
to download and install the Facebook for
Android app.
Note: Perform the same steps to download the
Twitter app.
Access Your Accounts
1. Touch
> Facebook or Twitter.
2. Enter your required sign-in information .
3. Send status updates, share pictures, read
updates, and more.
Put Your Social Networking Accounts on
Your Home Screen
Make accessing your Facebook page and Twitter
feeds even easier by placing a widget on one of
your Home screens.
1. Touch
and touch the WIDGETS tab.
2. Touch and hold the Facebook or Twitter icon
and drag to your preferred screen.
Camera & Camcorder
Record a Video
1. Rotate the phone counter-clockwise (optional)
and then press and hold the Camera button
on the right side of the phone.
1. While in Camera, touch
to change to the
2. Rotate the phone counter-clockwise (videos are
captured in widescreen mode) and frame your
subject in the screen.
3. Touch
to begin recording. Touch
to stop.
2. Touch and release
or press the Camera
button to take the picture.
See your
last photo.
Drag to
Zoom in/out.
Adjust camera
Switch between front
& back cameras.
Drag to switch to
Watch your
last video.
Adjust camcorder
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Take a Picture
Switch between front
& back cameras.
Switch to
Camera & Camcorder
Camera & Camcorder Settings
Share Pictures and Videos
From the camera or camcorder screen, touch
on the left side of the screen to open the
Settings menu. There are also effects options
on the left side of the screen.
1. Touch
View Pictures and Videos
1. Touch
> Gallery.
2. Touch Albums and then select a folder to
display pictures or videos.
•Touch a picture or video to display it full size.
•For video playback, touch the play
> Gallery.
2. Touch an album to display the thumbnails.
3. Touch and hold a thumbnail and then touch .
– or –
Touch the thumbnail to open it and then touch
the share icon ( ).
4. Choose a share method, such as Bluetooth,
Email, Text, Facebook, Picasa, or others.
5. Compose your message and then touch Send.
Pair and Connect With a Bluetooth
Share Contacts, Files, or Pictures Using
1. Touch
1. Open the application containing the file you
want to share (for example, touch
2. Locate the file you want to share.
•You can send pictures and videos directly
from the camera or from Gallery, Calendar
events, People, music tracks, and voice
recordings. Not all devices will be able to
receive all file types.
> Settings > Bluetooth.
•If Bluetooth is not turned on, touch the
Bluetooth ON/OFF icon to ON to turn it on.
2. Select an available device and follow the
prompts to pair the devices. You may be
required to enter a passcode (often 0000) to
complete pairing.
3. Once you’re paired, your connection should
launch. You’ll see
in the status bar.
3. Depending on the application, touch
Bluetooth or touch > Share > Bluetooth.
4. Touch the name of the device to which you’re
sending the file. (If prompted, touch Turn on to
turn Bluetooth on.)
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Google Mobile™ Services
Your MOTOROLA PHOTON Q 4G LTE provides easy
access to a variety of Google services including
Gmail™, Google Talk™, Google Maps™, Google
Maps with Navigation (Beta), and YouTube™.
•Gmail – The Google mail service. Your Gmail
account lets you access many Google-related
services as well as Google Play. (See “Set Up
a Gmail Account” on page 17.)
•Google Talk – Instant messaging service from
Google. Touch
> Talk to begin using
the service. (If you’re signed in to Gmail, you
are already signed in to Google Talk.)
•Google Maps and Google Maps with
Navigation – The Google location services let
you track your current location, view real-time
traffic situations, and receive detailed directions
to your destination. They also provide search
tools where you can locate places of interest or
an address on a vector or aerial map, or view
locations in street level. Touch
Maps or Navigation to begin using the
•YouTube – View and share videos on one of
the Web’s most popular video sites. Touch
> YouTube to browse through and
view available videos. Sign in with your Gmail
account to upload your own videos.
GPS Navigation
Choose a mapping and navigation solution that’s right for you.
Launch TeleNav GPS Navigator
Google Maps™
1. Touch
►► Touch
> Sprint Zone.
2. When using Sprint Zone for the first time a Privacy
Statement will appear. Touch OK to accept.
3. Touch Sprint Suggests > Telenav GPS
Navigator and follow the directions to download
from the Google Play Store app.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to access,
launch, and use navigation.
Note: Before using any navigation programs,
make sure your phone is set to allow location
detection, and then select which sources you
want to use.
> Settings > Location access and tap
the switch to the ON position. Select Wi-Fi &
mobile network location and/or GPS satellites for
location sources. Follow any applicable prompts.
> Maps.
Select a map or
navigation view.
Center the map on my
Highland Park
Use Your Phone
Des Plaines
Chicago, IL
Oak Parkk
3EARCH maps.
La Grange
Oak Lawn
Find nearby 0LACES.
Blue Island
Orland Park
ey Park
visit for guides, tutorials and more
h and
Add ,AYERS of information
to map view.
Touch for options like,
Sprint Hotspot
Connect up to five Wi-Fi-capable devices to the Internet using your MOTOROLA PHOTON Q 4G LTE
as a mobile hotspot.
Set Up and Activate Your Mobile Hotspot
Note: Add-on to service plan required to access
hotspot functionality.
Note: Risks can be associated with connecting
to the public Internet. Your phone allows you to
create a mobile hotspot. It is recommended that
you use a password or other possible steps to
protect against unauthorized access.
1. Touch
> Settings > Tethering &
Mobile Hotspot > Mobile Hotspot settings
and touch the check mark next to Mobile
Hotspot to turn on the hotspot.
2. Touch Configure Mobile Hotspot and enter
your settings.
•Network SSID – Enter a unique name for
your hotspot.
•Security – Select the type of security you
want, and then enter a unique password.
Other users can access your mobile hotspot
only if they enter the correct password.
•Broadcast Channel – Select a channel that
minimizes potential interference. You may
need to try different channels.
3. Touch Save to save your settings.
Connect a Device to the Mobile Hotspot
1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device (for example, a
laptop computer).
2. Select the Network SSID for your mobile
hotspot and enter the password if prompted.
3. When “Connected” appears on your device,
launch your Web browser to confirm you have
an Internet connection.
Music on Google Play
Open Your Google Play Music App
Music Player
> Play Music and follow the
•Music is stored in categories PLAYLISTS,
GENRES. Touch a category, and then touch
the song or playlist you want to play. Touch
to randomly play all songs.
*You will need to load music onto your phone or
the microSD card before you can listen to your
songs. See “Getting Music” on the next page.
Last added
Allie’s mix
Allie live shows
Flick left or right for songs,
playlists & more.
Use Your Phone
►► Touch
road trip
summer songs
workout 1
Touch for
visit for guides, tutorials and more
During a song:
Open details & settings.
Song Title
Touch to skip or hold to scan.
Music on Google Play
Getting Music
Before you can listen to your music, you need to
load songs into your phone. Here’s one way to
do it:
1. Use the supplied USB cable to connect your
phone to an available USB port on your
2. Drag down the notifications bar and make sure
your phone’s USB connection is set to Media
device (MTP).
3. On your computer, locate the new removable
disk, open it, and open or create a Music folder.
•You may see two removable disk drives, one
for your phone’s internal storage and one for
the microSD card. You can store music in
either location.
4. Copy music files from your computer to the
music folder, follow the procedures to safely
remove the drive, and then disconnect the
phone from the USB cable.
Note: These instructions for loading music are
for transferring music from a Windows computer
only. To view instructions for transferring music
from a Macintosh computer, please refer to the
User Guide on
Purchasing Music On Google Play
In addition to loading songs on to your phone,
with music on Google Play, you can store up to
20,000 of your songs in the cloud for free and
discover new artists, browse millions of tracks
and share the music you buy with your friends
on Google+™.
Sprint Applications
Download Sprint Applications
1. Touch
> Sprint Zone.
2. From the Sprint Zone Web page, scroll up or
down and touch an item to check your
account, read the latest news about your
phone, load an application, and more.
Sprint TV & Movies
Note: The Sprint TV & Movies application does not
come preinstalled on your phone. You will need to
download it from the Sprint Zone as described
1. Touch
> Sprint TV & Movies.
2. In the top bar, touch Home, Live TV, On
Demand, Movies, or Shop to find what you
want to watch.
•For quick access, touch a featured item in the
center of the screen or select a live option in
the bottom bar.
Visit for more
information on channels and pricing.
Live TV and video on demand. Complete
episodes and clips of your favorite primetime
shows and movies. Over 50 channels of news,
entertainment, weather, sports, and streaming
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
Access additional exclusive Sprint features right from your phone.
Sprint Applications
NASCAR Mobile ‘13
Sprint ID
Keep up to date with your favorite drivers and
all the news and live feeds from the world of
Sprint ID lets you instantly personalize your
phone with mobile ID packs featuring apps,
ringtones, wallpapers, widgets, and more,
customized to suit your lifestyle.
1. Download the NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile app
following the instructions in “Download Sprint
Applications” on the previous page.
2. Touch
3. Select your favorite driver to get started.
4. Browse the NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile home
page and view stats and schedules, news,
and more.
Tip: For additional Sprint applications and
features, select the Sprint Suggests on the
Sprint Zone home page.
1. Touch
> Sprint ID.
2. From the Choose your ID screen, touch an ID
pack to apply it, or touch Get New ID Packs to
search for new ID packs.
•To download a new ID pack, browse through
the selection and touch an ID pack to see its
details. Touch Install and follow the prompts
to download the pack.
•Once it has been downloaded, drag the
Notifications bar down and touch Install.
Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service
Activate Sprint Worldwide Service
International Data Roaming
Before using your phone in global roaming
mode, you must activate Sprint Worldwide
Service. You can do this online or over the phone.
To use Sprint Worldwide Data Services, you will
need to have these services activated on your
Activating Online:
►► To activate, call Sprint Worldwide Customer
►► Chat with or email an international support rep
by visiting and clicking
the Chat with us or Email us link on the right
side of the screen.
Activating Over the Phone
Support at 1-888-226-7212, option 2.
Note: Prior to using your Sprint Worldwide GSM/
UMTS Data Services, you must establish and
utilize your CDMA data services domestically on
the Sprint Network.
►► Call Sprint Worldwide Customer support at
1-888-226-7212, option 2.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Phone
With Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service, you can make and receive calls, check your email and
browse the Web wherever you travel within Sprint's international roaming coverage area.
Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service
Turn on Global Roaming Mode
To roam globally, make sure your phone’s global
roaming options are set.
►► Touch
> Settings > More... > Mobile
networks > Network Mode.
•Select Sprint Only, CDMA/4G, CDMA, GSM/
UMTS, or Automatic (Recommended).
Getting Help
Please call the following numbers if you need
assistance with Sprint Worldwide service.
While in the United States:
•Call 1-888-226-7212, option 2.
While traveling outside the United States:
•In GSM mode: touch and hold 0+ and then
dial 1-817-698-4199, option 3.
•In CDMA mode: enter the international access
code and then dial 1-817-698-4199, option 3.
For more information about international
roaming, visit
Tools & Resources: Settings
Explore ways to customize your phone, set permissions, update your phone, and more
in the Settings menu.
1. Touch
> Settings.
2. Select the settings category you want to change.
Categories include:
•Airplane mode
•Tethering & Mobile Hotspot
•Data usage
•Location access
•Security & Screen Lock
•Language & input
•Add account
•Activate Device
•System Update
•Date & time
•Developer options
•About phone
Tools & Resources
Accessing Settings
For detailed information about settings, please
see the User Guide at
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Battery-Saving Tips
Manage the Display Brightness and
Screen Timeout
Manage Your Phone’s Wireless Functions
►► Touch
Disable the Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and
GPS functions of the phone when you’re not
using them.
Use the Apps Menu to Stop Applications
►► Touch
> Settings > Display >
Brightness or Sleep to modify your settings.
1. Touch
> Settings > Apps.
2. Select the app you wish to stop under the
RUNNING tab and touch Stop.
> Settings and disable any
functions under WIRELESS & NETWORKS that
are not in use.
— or —
►► Add the Power control widget to your Home
screen which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS,
Background data sync, and Display brightness.
(See “Add Items to Your Home Screen” on
page 6 for more information about adding
For more useful tips about battery care and safety,
see the User Guide at
Manage Your Account
•Make a payment, see your bills, enroll in online
•Check minute usage and account balance.
•See or modify the details of your Sprint service
•Get detailed instructions and download
From Any Other Phone
Tools & Resources
to check minute
usage and account balance.
to add a new
line of service, upgrade your phone, purchase
accessories, or access other account services.
•Sprint Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-211-4727
From Your Sprint Phone
to access a
summary of your Sprint service plan or get
answers to other questions.
•Business Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-788-4727
to make a
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Resources For Your Phone
•This Get Started Guide to get you up and
•Ready Now – Visit for
additional help to get started on your new
phone. You’ll find more information on basic
setup, activation, maximizing your phone’s
performance, and personalization. Plus, you can
even schedule a personalized one-on-one
Ready Now appointment at a Sprint Store near
•Online Support – For ongoing help over the
life of your phone, visit
to find videos, tutorials, troubleshooting tips,
and the complete User Guide for your
•Community – Visit to
join the discussion about all things Sprint.
Here people help each other make the most of
their wireless services with tips, forums, blogs,
and the latest news.
•On Your Phone – Touch
Sprint Zone
to access account services,
Sprint news, phone information, suggested
applications, troubleshooting, and more.
So where is my user guide?
We took the full printed user guide out of the box
and put it, along with expanded support
resources, online for you. Less paper, more and
better information. Just visit
from any computer to access your complete user
guide and the rest of our support materials.
What else has Sprint been doing?
Plenty. To find out just what we’ve been up to,
use your phone to scan the QR code below or
visit for more information.
To scan the code, download and
install a QR code reader from the
Google Play Store app, launch
the reader, and aim your phone’s
camera at the image.
At Sprint, environmental responsibility is more
than talk. We’re continuously working to reduce
our carbon footprint and decrease our use of
natural resources.
This guide is printed with soy inks and
contains 30% post consumer paper.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
The services described in this guide may require a subscription to a service plan and/or may incur additional charges.
Not all services will work on all devices. Sprint coverage is not available in all markets. See
for more details.
Portions of this guide are reproductions of work created and shared by Google and used according to terms
described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Important Privacy Message. This device is capable of determining its/your geographical location. To set controls for
> Settings > Location access. Select
access and use of your location information by others, touch
Wi-Fi & mobile network location and/or GPS satellites for location sources. Follow any applicable prompts. These
settings for the use of location information can be turned on and off. For some applications and services you select, a
device must be turned on and set to allow collection of location information in order to function.
Please be advised that if you use a third-party application, the application may collect your personal information
or require Sprint to disclose your customer information, including location information (when applicable), to the
application provider or some other third party. Sprint’s policies do not apply to these third-party applications. Please
carefully review the application’s terms of use and/or the application provider’s policies for more information about
how the application will collect, access, use or disclose your information before using a third-party application. Terms
of use and other policies usually are available on the application provider’s website.
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