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Smart AC 200W with USB
Item no. 2402
By Wagan Tech
Thank you for purchasing Smart AC 200 Watt with USB by Wagan Tech. With
normal care and proper treatment it will provide years of reliable service. Please
read all operating instructions carefully before use.
Read, understand and comply with these instructions before using this inverter.
Keep this User’s Guide for future reference.
This inverter is powered from a 12 volt DC source and provides 200 Watts AC
60Hz through two North American standard outlets. The AC waveform is a
modified sine wave (MSW) which approximates the sine wave of household
electrical service. This inverter powers AC appliances up to 200 watts. An attached
DC power cord connects to a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket. The cigarette lighter
plug is removable to reveal an airline power plug. There is a USB power port that
can be used to charge cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. Safety features include
automatic shutdown in the event of overheat, overload, under-voltage and overvoltage conditions.
The 12 volt supply must provide between 10 to 14.5 volts DC
Make sure the inverter is connected to the correct voltage and polarity.
Unplug or disconnect the inverter when it is not in use.
Unplug the inverter when starting the vehicle's engine.
Keep at least one inch of clearance around the inverter for air flow.
Keep the inverter and all cords dry.
Secure the Inverter to keep it from changing position while the vehicle is
Know the wattage requirements of your appliances. The appliance’s total
wattage can not exceed 200 watts.
Do not connect the inverters AC output to another AC power source. Damage
will result, voiding the inverter's warranty.
Do not use an extension cord between the DC power source and the DC input
of the inverter. An extension cord can create a voltage drop that can reduce
efficiency and output.
User’s Manual
Smart AC 200W with USB
USER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.
Keep the inverter away from children.
Do not operate the inverter with wet hands because of an electrical
shock hazard.
This device produces voltage similar to wall outlets at home and
should be treated with the same caution.
By Wagan Tech
When the inverter is powered, the USB Power Port provides 5 volts DC up to 0.5
Amps for charging cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. The user supplies the
charging/power adapter cord.
Follow the above instructions to power the inverter.
Connect the device to the adapter cord
Plug the USB connector into the USB Port
Turn on the device
The cigarette lighter Adapter (DC plug) is fused at 20 amps. The plug allows the
Inverter to be easily connected to a cigarette lighter socket or accessory socket in a
vehicle. Removing the accessory socket plug allows the inverter to be powered
from an airline power receptacle.
After use, turn off the device and turn off the inverter.
Disconnect the USB connector from the inverter.
Disconnect the inverter from its power source.
Insert the DC plug into the vehicles accessory socket
Turn the ignition switch to the accessory position, if necessary.
Insert appliance plug(s) into AC socket(s) at the front of the inverter.
Turn on the power switch that is located on the front of the Inverter
The green LED will light to confirm that AC output is present.
After use, turn OFF the inverter and disconnect the plug from the
accessory socket.
If you use a battery charger to recharge your battery, be sure to disconnect the
inverter first. Failure to disconnect the Inverter prior to connecting a charger may
result in an input voltage spike that can damage the Inverter.
Powering this inverter with greater than 15 volts DC can damage the inverter and
void the warranty.
Do not use an extension cord between the DC power source and the DC input of
the Inverter. An extension cord on the DC input can create a voltage drop that can
reduce efficiency and output.
Do not open the case of the inverter. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
This inverter has features that will prevent your battery from being completely
discharged. An automatic shutdown will initiate when the battery voltage is 10.5
volts. If this occurs we recommend operating your engine for 10-20 minutes to
recharge the vehicle's battery.
Do not let the cord of the inverter or any appliance cord get wet. Do not operate
this Inverter in or around water. Water can damage the Inverter. Water damage is
not covered under warranty.
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Smart AC 200W with USB
USER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.
Little maintenance is required to keep your inverter operating properly.
Periodically clean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth to prevent
accumulation of dust and dirt.
Operating a TV Monitor or TV/DVD or TV/VCR Combination
Picture tube type TVs and Monitors have a high initial surge of power when they
are turned on. If the device does not start up on the first try, switch the device on
every 2-3 seconds until the screen comes on. Some screens may take 2-5 tries before
If the inverter does not appear to be functioning, check the following possible
(1) Poor contacts - Clean contact parts thoroughly.
(2) DC receptacle has no power - Check fuse in the lighter socket circuit. Replace
any blown fuse with same type and rating.
By Wagan Tech
Output voltage: 115VAC MSW Frequency: 60Hz
ITEM 2402
DC Input Voltage
12V (10-15V)
USB Output Voltage
USB Output Current
Output Wave Form
Modified Sine wave (MSW)
Output Power
200 Watts
Surge Power Capacity
500 Watts
Over 90%
No load Current
0.15amps DC
Battery low Shutdown
DC 8.5_ +O.5V
Thermal Shutdown
(Automatic Recovery)
55 deg +/- 5 deg C
Fuse in Cigarette Lighter Adapter plug
(3} Battery voltage is too low - Start the engine or recharge the battery. Replace
battery if needed.
(4) Shuts down on overload. - Reduce the wattage of the load.
(5) Thermal shutdown. - Under heavy loads for extended periods of time, the
inverter will shut down to prevent damage from excess heat. Reduce the load and
allow the inverter to cool before restarting the inverter.
Power Switch
Dimensions ( L x W x H )
Net weight
112x90x41 mm
4.375x3.55x1.65 in.
850 Grams
29.8 Oz
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USER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.
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damaged by accident, in shipment, unreasonable use, misuse, neglect, improper service, commercial use, repairs
by unauthorized personnel or other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty
is effective only if the product is purchased and operated in the USA and Canada and does not extend to any
units which have been used in violation of written instructions furnished.
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Warranty Performance: During the above one (1) Year warranty period, a product with a defect will be replaced
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